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Totalitarianism and Technological Rationalism
Totalitarian regimes almost always operate under a constant ideology that speculatively concerns the factical nature of human existence, of what is politically absolute in man, which then turns into plenary power i.e., a power that is totalistic and hence utopic in it's calculability with respect to the invented natures of man. The ideology of the Nazi's encompassed all of the contrary and disparate epistemologies; it was a combination of industrious atheism, apophatic theology and an anti-mercantilist economic notion. All of them financed and fuelled by the emerging atmosphere of leftist cultural politics, fundamentalist philosophy and fashionist banking. They derived their ideology just as much from the world of academia as from the ideas of organized religion, philosophy, occultism and spiritualism. Today the academic world, with the coercive aid of corporate magistracy, has denigrated the natural and human sciences to the hamper of a profitless set of discourses -- pushed aside as an interference from the broad investment to enhance corporate employment and civil servantry. Animated by blind positivism they remain content to gorge upon a foundation of artificial reasons that have been manufactured out of the joint-corporate order that produces it's own continuum of social meaning, their own secular interpretation of value, and of actual grounds, truth and facticity entirely void of any rationality. If rationality is the distinguishing characteristic of human beings then it is not set upon the antimonies that systematize knowledge by it's own man-made instruments. Rationality is not instrumental and does not have ablative concerns, it is not a being-for it is a being-with; an endowment which allows for the questioning of 'why?' and 'how?' or, for non-animals, temporal awareness of past causes that encompass two dimensions of awareness. With only a single dimension of awareness the animal can only be concerned with itself, absorbed in the present moment driven by instinct to hound and feed, to seek out prey and consume whatever is available. To compare this on the level of anthropology -- we know that it was the tool (technology) that could only exist in the first instance to fortify the means of survival and for elevating man from nature . Taken by itself the tool has no reason internal to itself or for itself and has the negative function of being directed at the progressive 'now moment' without a past or a future.

The Ethico-Thermal Problematic of Sapience in Technologized Society
Rational science (the natural sciences and human sciences) did not diverge beyond the principles inherent to human existence i.e., the principle of reason that we use to establish what is or is not truthfully grounded. Only at the point in which the sciences must base their principles on a hermeneutic of technology, with technology conceived as 'rational', does the calculations and results of a science drop their adherence to the laws of nature. Such interpretations can only hold meaningful ground for us insofar as we remain as social animals existing merely as theory, grammar, belief and hence as a positivism unhindered by rational skepticism. Rational anthropology is a priori to the mode in which concrete knowledge about human nature is obtained and measured against the anthropic laws of rational cosmology. The incorruptible laws of thermophysics, the rational laws of entropy, cannot be surmounted by any technological rationality for every technological reason is grounded under or is subordinate to the natural laws of foundational and statistical thermodynamics. When they diverge or over-extend themselves from natural laws the shared state of reason understandable to humans becomes one of techno-science and thus a codified instrument of technology. It's own teleological process to enslave the very thing it was designed to serve: man, becomes an irrational cybernetical animal, an anthropic machination, devoted to the progressive logic of unreason and of techno-social economy. He falls victim to an existential suicide as the machine economy slowly devours it's idol masters first from within and then from without.

The political animals of today are incapable of exercising reason: Having regressed back to the ancient mode of political and technological survival, these people are barely able to sense what is true at this point in history. Aristotle's definition of man as Homo Politikon is what anthroposophy would call ‘sapience’ from the specie Homo Sapien. A post-evolutionary ''scientized" animal, the sapient creature, is reduced to his ancient mode of existence: an Aristotelian political animal. The shear impotency the new political animal displays to common sense is, without doubt, attributable to the infinite tolerance he has grown to rationability. Science and technology, being the great tools that they are, have mistakenly been applied in technocracy to redefine their own designers constitution as an animal -- not by designating him as such politically from what we understand in evolutionary biology -- On the contrary, the animalization of man, his political inclinations etc., are mere accidentals of scientific realism and human logic used to determine universal beliefs resulting in the various degenerations and mutations of the atheistic faith. Thus he has degenerated into one of many statistical resultants, one of many beasts in the zoography of cybernetic life-forms that now flourish in the virtual world of commercial existence. His psychophysical states no longer correspond with the thermal laws they are subject to, no longer does he follow the syntax of the natural rules inscribed in balances between differences [i.e., he has extricated the complexity of reason, has exorcized himself of his own heteronimity by falling into technological irrationalism.] As such the political animal is a creature plagued by homothecy (both postmodern and medieval homothecy), an indifference that has neutralized the concrete distinctions and significations between true and false, good and bad, of what is rational in the absolute sense.

 Homothecy and the homogenization of information via globalization goes hand-in-hand with cultural relativism and the global equalization of all value -- the age of reason becomes the information age and if we are to accept Shannon’s axiom of information then we could just as well define it as ‘the age of entropy’. -- It is a state or condition built around and in contradistinction to the natural thermal laws both engineered and elicited in order to control him by altering the psychophysical foundations of his rarified humanity. Cultural homothecy, technological homothecy, social homothecy, moral homothecy, and spiritual homothecy; the essence of denatured sapient existence is the same through all contemporary fields. From the political to polity to police: the irrational logic of political society surmounts allegories and unscrupulous categories of judgment to determine what it cognizes as true. It confuses the essence of natural science with manufactured technological rationalism and it confuses natural rationality with social and political logic. A recalcitrant, obstinate, totalitarian social ethic develops amongst the masses of political power. "People" exist outside reason; no longer do they adhere to natural forces, except superstitious forces inform them of their degree of safety and security because they have abandoned any true or practical understanding about the dynamical foundations of life. We can infer directly from science the known connection between progressive technological change and the recent rise in epidemic human narcissistic disturbance amongst the masses.

The ersatz physics, the standard "model" of physics, and other corporately funded contrivances of leftist science, is fraudulence is not natural science. Theoretical, fabricated, non-empirical science will not reference actuality or the true state of reality, matter, as it is in itself. Mathesis absurdum, constructivistic mathematical models, after a certain point in recent days, have ceased to lend themselves to natural empirical laws of absoluteness and although we may invoke their confirming power, by proxy, they always collapse into invalidity. The real natural sciences remain mathematically intact and embalmed in their facticity i.e., the laws of Netownian gravitation, the laws of thermophysics, nonlinear dynamics and classical quantum mechanics.

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