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New Age Order Revolution New Age Revolution.

Mass political arbitration the result of dispute  compromises the solution for furthering the spread of legal corruption. History always repeats itself and yet it is ignored by those who have taken a position of amnesia on the matter to the debasement of values lowering the standard of what defines the human potential. Is it not merely the potential for humanity to exist at all?  Certainly it is no more the potential to become 'superhuman' but the potential to be human, that is why it is called the "human" potential. Sadly, orthodox corporate culture has permeated into every living thing with it's magical, unconscious and farcical devices. This has postponed global communicational development where they would have learned how to manage the deeper subjective world, confirming a shared inner experience, with the practical objective necessity with respect to material conditions. In the contemporary context of communicationology, in the global scheme of things, they have a much greater responsibility to be accountable for all life experience and the entirety of information exposure. Accelerating modernization is placing this adaptive principle on us just as we have become agents of the system collectively changing the world through new policy  in institutions, fashion and society. There is a tendency today for personal self typologization (i.e., not to act as observers of the changing world scene these typologized agents filter in only that which can serve the fortification of the typological personality.  This is so that it may, in turn, better serve it's social-economic use value to specific functions in the expansion of homogeneous social capital. Authentic global communication demands more openness, it demands the expansion, not of homogeneous social capital, but of human knowledge  the broadening of horizons outgrowing cultural bad taste. However this openness cannot be deliberated as a moral principle; it must come naturally or be brought about by processes that enter into a natural relation system of combining ethics.

Cultural and economic criticism today: no intelligent person wishes to elaborate any critique of vandalism, that would be an embarrassing venture. Smear campaigns; society to perpetuate the status quo in it's chronic state of stasis and status. By sublimating the political cult of progress they have taken the objective of 'change' and cultivated it superstitiously.
Impervious to truth, they have been using the old repetoire of "tricks for preserving and situating the new utopia inside the mundane pleasures of consumer euphoria." The system incorporates the progressively manufactured "individual" into the colony of socially collectivized droneage. Thus the new progressive individualism mass-produces the psychology of the old hegemonic order into the new hegemon (the progressive individual; the Anglo-American entrepreneur, the dandy, and the corporate whore.) Two-way hegemony exists today you have the American corporate-trade arbitrator who will interact with a foreign ("developing") culture or power who honestly wishes to absorb their culture and tradition but becomes hegemonized by the people of that culture i.e., the hegemon and the hegemonizer  (Cultural imperialism has the reverse effect in a symbolic-exchange based global atmosphere.)  But this global atmosphere, at this point in time, is akin to a kind of global sanitorium that is it's superior duty to purge itself of it's humanity with respect to the corporate system of evolving by technical sophistication. Given that the bulk of 'social' space between actors is done through exchanges, trades, and eco-processes, there is little room for substantial social substance to be communicated between them. Socialization between actors are interactions  but we are looking for social interactions that cannot be reduced to the scientific definition of social interactions found in sociobiology  i.e., social interactions that are sufficiently complex in content that it reveals something genuine which is ordinarily dormant in the human potential. Mostly, however, this space has become collectively forbidden and ignored as the content has no ideological, cultural, or political application the natural evolution towards radical culture the depth that is the natural play of creative forces (all of which it must deny itself access as it goes against the economic program for our progressivistic evolution has been factualized and corporately designed in the genetic space of the market system) the principles and aesthetics of species cryogeny (cryogenesis) becomes the ultimate fantasy of a social utopia; to prioritize social survival as superior to the human soul. His body must be immortalized as legal tenure even if it results in sacrificing his spiritual importance. The annulment and anesthetizing of the world that we are witnessing bears only a resemblance to utopia when we reference it (u-topia: to be nowhere.)

The furtherance of this state or condition is driven to the compulsory realization of utmost world security (market securities profiles: the idle aesthetic eccentricities of the Wall St. banker) an idealizing of material sanctity of ownership, wealth; the obsessive hobby to reorganize what one owns and thus the reorganization of political economies and the world exterior to insider trading firms.

A culturally intransigent corporate platform based on socioeconomic classifications of consumption has standardized rules upon marketing innovations that do not service the good of humanity. Network hierarchies based in these classifications have fostered the ennobling of corporate positions, lending to mass sanctimonia, psychological sterility, self-desirable charity, virtuous dogmatism, infinite self-entitlement, and egoistic self-sacredness. A salient political power has existed since the ancient aristocracies of Greece. Salient power is transparent to the powers that it subordinately controls by expressive force and coercion. Expressive force is one of the great propaganda apparatus' of this transparent corporate platform. 

Neocosmopolitanism (neo-liberal: conservative cosmopolitanism, neo-conservative: liberal cosmopolitanism) elitite glamor, glamorizing; symbolic wealth, symbolic power, empty of Realpolitik; empty of wealth, empty of power. (Progressivity of mini-telecommunication revolutions, progressivity of mini-PC revolutions, gimmicks, gadgets, gadfly's and gewgaws. Sleekness, sophistication; the objects of status hide their true primitivism. Enterprising consumerists, and their world as a whole, are totally somnolent: unaware of the primitive need to have this over-extended metric of sophistication hoping that it will replace natural evolution with a man-made process whereby it's sapience could be in control of it's own evolution. In this it is somnolent to it's own self-destructiveness, it is somnolent as well to ancient logocentrism that is at the core of this obsession. Somnolent to it's mental limitations that it has no epistemologically valid grasp of it's goals, somnolent to the irreversible consequences of linear progress, somnolent to the futility of forceful action against its mistakes and somnolent to it's own salience.

The consumer-model culture in the West that was founded on the movement of late capitalism is likely to continue the refinement of all these product trends until it wastes away all resemblance to real utility leading the naive into the new currency of fashionism and the superstition that it is correct (politically correct superstitions.) Following trends and progress on the basis of the ideology of progress, even as the old technological platform over-refines itself to the point of erosion: wastefully regressing back to a far more primitive mode of utility. The mentally destabilized majorities that they have deceptively employed as members of a social community of experts, having instituted dependencies upon the fabric of that community, will not succeed in this endeavour. Success, instead, is due to us in our precise adaption to, and adoption of, non-reactionary democratic socialist methods to convert their weakly dogmatic commercial class into an irreligious mob of collective drones  united as they are by the ideals of personal achievement yet divided by hierarchic social criteria. Our flexibility has made it possible for us to deflate this over-extended conversion. Having control of the ego means we can revert from being academicians, social democrats, technocrats and culturaphants back to natural anarcho-cynics. This gives us an advantaged overview. Where artificial cahoots and syndications between corporate entities, insatiably greedy corporatists, their equally fecundent commercial lobbyists and political puppets; world leaders will hold very little if no solidarity in their adherence to them. 

It is enough to hand a people over to apolitical self-government for a certain length of time for that people to be turned into a disorganized mob of social suppressors. From that moment on we get internecine strife which soon develops into civil feudalism in the midst of which states are left asunder and various nationalisms spread like wildfire. We are naturally anarchistic as a specie and can absolve a state of memeticism as fast as we can purge ourselves of that retched self-entrenchment into democratic socialism, itself a viral state of compromised humanity into which the corporeal souls have greater difficulty breaking free. The corporate (corporeal) souls today define reason, truth, facticity, language and knowing as primal, materialistic social meaning. Any threat or failure of pure reason to elevate them out of their mental prisons can be brushed-off by them when they invoke power from the brutish consensus of their established falsehoods.

Once the anarchistic tendency is intelligently exracted into the attitude of social democracy, the system's default capacity to cope with it's own chaotic downfall will be lessened to the point of total collapse. This is how the last living of the world intelligentsia have become victorious; outdoing the faux-intelligence of the elite, of the educated, of the opportunists and their unwitting and disgruntled pons. Similar to an alien invasion we have infiltrated human governments from long distances through their political classes; entrusting them to information and knowledge we were told to keep secret under superstitious concerns, and by maintaining trilateral relations with perceived enemies, have secured a foothold approximation of their powers and capabilities. While the human technocratic elite have infiltrated their political classes with the glory and privilege of advanced technologies that they have been subliminally told will enhance their species level of sophistication. Personal identity has blended so perfectly with the logic template of digital microprocessors that any knowledge about it's essentially archaic nature will be unitelligible. While they have been busy attempting to divert the attention of politically active intellectuals through the new global mass media from focusing their efforts on productive powers we have acted as supporters to their cause and a source of inspiration, and collectively co-opting those attempts into a legion of change. At first we actively protested against the politico-economic regimes of the past decade and a half. Those regimes and their agents have become so devoted to investigating the affairs of the diplomacy, the affairs of the day, of outside governments, that they will have no idea that their detraction from everyday political life is part of the scheme propagated by the spectacle - a reactive and hostile meme war has ensued in the public domain, political totalism had temporarily decentralized the power amongst the people. The seeds of feudalism had removed them from their true center of power, their own self-governing body - the potential for true communication, openness and responsibility has yet to reappear and the overall internal attitudes and environment are still far from decency. This was a meme war that could only have been created during a state of war (propagandistic war, pragmatic combat simulations, missile tests, repeated insurgencies, profane media war reporting, coup's and the resulting class struggle.)

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