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INTERFACE SECRETS 2-A: (Brookhaven, Inner-Earth, Undersea Bases, Neurointerfaces)

The Matrix, "Sentinels"


When you are an advanced yogi or a shaman learned in the arts of psychedelic perception, you do not see the universe and life on Earth as a compendium of solid lines and fixed reference points that can be constantly verified. In essence what you see is a stream of electromagnetic spectra interacting with temporal flows and fluxes that traverse the spaces beyond the dimensions of ordinary sense perception. The laws and principles of physics are put together by the numerical calculi and proposed solutions of mechanics that are all easy to simulate using computer algorithms. The momentum and position of a body with respect to another can be charted by its dual Lagrangian, and so forth. These prescriptions are best suited for thinking in terms of models, which are sufficient for changing configurations, variations in physical density, gravity or temperature which all depend on interactions with other systems. The perceiving apparatus receives data points and unlimited information from the universe. Wilhelm Reich's scientific marvels of bioelectricity led to the discovery of vacuolar mediators of current which he theorized with the concept of "bions" and the search for an electrical weak-force structuring behind the electrodynamic functions of organisms. We now have some insight into what these blue bacterial tracers were which Reich claims he observed under microscope -- within neurobiology and biophysics there are things called vesicles, surfaces that transport neurotransmitters. 

A sequel to H.G. Wells's "War of the Worlds" was written in 1898 by the astronomer Garett Serviss which concludes the battle with the Martians who conquered much of Earth in his previous retelling of the Welles classic "Fighters from Mars". Edison's Conquest of Mars features Thomas Edison who helps with the invention of ray guns and other space equipment to be used in a secret insurgency to the red planet lead by various then prominent world leaders. A piece of early space opera, the novel introduces for the first time themes later to be mainstays in sci-fi like alien abduction, spacesuits, aliens building the pyramids of Egypt, oxygen pills, asteroid mining and disintegration rays. Back engineering elements from the marooned spacecraft, Edison and the other scientists discover anti-gravity, based on an electrical propulsion device. Arriving on the Moon with the anti-gravity ships, they find the remains of giants (15ft Martian colonists) who once ruled and their mining a nearby asteroid for gold. The Martians fight back with their electric weapons but are unable to match the disintegration rays Edison has built to defend Earth. In H.G. Well's version of the first novel, the alien spaceships are walking, 100ft tall squid-like Fighting Machines that take over the oceans and cities. Together with the Flying Machines, these Martian robotics instruments and drones systematically attempt to enslave Earth's populations, not unlike the Sentinels and Machines of the Matrix trilogy. This invasion scene has an uncanny resemblance to the Electric Wars that struck Earth millions of years ago.

Electrical Antenna System of Atlantis Utilizing Tesla-like Ionospheric Towers to Direct Rays to Mars

When the electric wars happened to the Hyperboreans, they split apart from their higher counterparts in Polaris so that when you imagine Polarians and Hyperboreans they are as the first root race to have been seeded from an etheric form to a physical base with a physical consciousness. Hyperborea was once the habitation zone of the Saurians, ape-like mini raptors with large eyes who hid in subterranean caverns due to climate and developed albino features such as lightened skin and darkened eyes; traits conditioned by total absence of sunlight and long exposure to hot volcanic ash. Before the electric wars changed the surface of Earth, this part of the Paleogene world was a submerged continent that later arose in northern parts of Ukraine, Poland and Romania. Before this time, Polarion was at the north pole and Hyperborea circled the Arctic close to the Ural Mts. After this fragmentation of the Hyperborean surviving species incarnated on Earth while others went to Mars. Those mythologies of a Hyperborean race are the history of the Titans from the ancient Hellenistic world -- characters like Atlas, Hyperion, Apollo, Perseus and the Olympians are a culture which came down to us from the Hyperborean sages who taught the oracles and scribes of the Greco-Alexandrian world -- Thinking like NASA program engineers, these names fit the coordinated efforts of secret space scientists (Hyperboreans) who made it possible for men to land of the Moon in the Apollo missions. The real electric wars involved interstellar and interplanetary Tesla technologies with alien machinery implanted into the biological body's electromagnetic surfaces. These alien machines are like thought imprints except they work on a deeper unconscious level of the transgenomic matrix as a negative of cybernetic vehicles. One of these negative vehicles are the synthetic Merkhaba fields that were used to invade planet Earth when Mars attacked the Lemurian civilization 200,000 years ago. Mars was a renegade colony of the Archons (reptilians who descended from Mizar in Ursa Major) whose progeny included the Saurians Grays and the humans. The Grays are an Earth based reptilian species that has mutational differences to other Sauroids.

As a consequence of the electric wars on Mars, that planet lost most of its atmosphere and plant life that use to thrive rapidly but began dying off just like the home planet of the Saurian Grays in Fornax had millennia ago. Before Mars became totally depleted, a small group of Martians built structures in the region that we now call Cydonia -- a geographical region holding many secrets like the monuments photographed by the Viking spacecraft in 1976 -- the monuments reveal the detailed surface of tetrahedron nodes utilized with an ancient celestial mathematics interfacing with an external Merkhaba field so as to beam down onto Earth with widespread tectonic interruptions. This was one of the most destructive weapons of the electric wars to have split the four continents 5.2 million years ago creating the Polarion-Hyperborean schism and breakup of Laurentia from Laurussia when the Lyrans departed from the north pole in response to reptilian invaders. Earth's life force was ruled by the Sirian-Canopean Empire which included the first etheric human lightbodies as an electrical network of jellyfish containers existing in the stable environment of the Tarim Basin paradise roughly 40-million years ago. With the rupture of this civilization by a geological pole shift, and eruption of volcanoes in the Tharsis and Elysium regions of Mars, a mass migration of Archon machines to Earth arrived where Paleogene forests and inner-earth caves once opened into the partially exposed Agarthan kingdom. Martian colonists inhabited Earth's deep cavern systems pushing other populations of Vega and the smaller reptiles deeper underground where they sought heat from the many volcanic ventilation systems. 

Bits of this story are contained in the series of novels by Piers Anthony, "Orn" and "Virtual Mode", comparing alien worlds on Earth to the Paleocene. At the site of present day Antarctica, a large spacecraft carrying the new seed for redistribution of life on the planet was brought to Earth by the elders of Canopus who were sent to cool the planet's temperature following the comet and activation of subterranean volcanos. This ended the conflict between the Sirians and Orion group who engaged the second and likely first electric wars. During Atlantis the electric war with the Martians and Lemuria involved various antennae systems like the Tesla towers and lightning pylons seen in illustrations for old electric company pamphlets. Basically these ancient civilizations implemented their own electronic power grid as a scalar weapon system to threaten the other landmass with seismic strikes and by bouncing electricity off the ionosphere to target spots on the grid. When Mars had an atmosphere, they too could focus down electrical bolts by harnessing the tetrahedron arrays into a circuit-like assemblage. These events were not in order to conflict with the larger plan, or to wage war, they were tests intended to measure the limits of interplanetary technology controlled by a Type-I machine society i.e., to test the electrical feasibility of Earth and Mars energy grid creating a dipole communicator between the two life systems. However this activity eventually blew the fuse on Mars' atmospheric homeostasis which caused the decline of their base of operations forcing evacuees to take up residence on Earth and the Moon. Hence they found themselves as demiurgic Archons of the Earth simulation with permanent life stations settled deep in the lithosphere of the planet, like they had done in the later years of Mars' last days of inhabitance. Many times they struck the survivors of Lemuria with the extracted uranium deposits used to fire their first generation rockets and these events are recorded in the Mahabharata and Bhagavat Gita sections of the hindu sacred texts. Earth's human record is not understood in biological or even atomic language but is perfectly described as wavelengths, interactions and fluctuations of electromagnetic signals occurring within a thin membrane of experience. One may call this the psychohistory of human consciousness and its envelope of terrestrial evolution, an evolution whose real point of origin is linked to Mars where the mental experience of a counterpart Earth is presently being played out on your virtual intelligence screens. 

Essentially, this equates to the fact that we, our human shells, bodies, aren't really here on Earth -- at least not as our empirical model presents to us, and all phenomena, a sensorial picture of the electromagnetic spectrum available via our present technology -- To be momentarily sleeping upon Mars while inside virtual incubators gives the simulated version of the universe as much time required to evolve to a level feasibly allowing for immediate interpermeation and or augmentation of one reality for the other i.e., jumping or quantum leaping from a paradisal Mars to an Earth that has not yet advanced any significant civilization on its original timeline. Therefore our present version of existence must pose the question and the challenge to itself in order to find the truth wherein lays the key to future colonies in the virtual hyperspace. Remnants of the virtuality of our existence is forcing itself to the surface (of Mars) viz-a-viz the collective unconscious, a sign we are not alone in the universe since the potency of synchronicity (or information) rules all singularities, including our own, whose destiny is to traverse this barrier between surfaces both conscious and unconscious. A cyberkinetic organism like the one's coexisting in vacuum powered test tubes is capable of dreaming a million dreams or voyages through a million scenarios of its Origins might escape the quantum psychology of its existential uncertainty, pointing to the vault tunnelling beyond all the pictures composing the inner limits of itself and, beyond this barrier, the outer limits of space that enclose it. What you have at the end of the day, at the highest fulcrum of the experiment, is a waveform streamlined into a solid construct; wherein you have a static container or biological threshold which is fundamentally of no value or substance (each physical body is non-unique, it can be cloned or regrown from an ovum like a lump of terra firma, in which case the personality and behaviour of the living being is forever replaced by a new set of mental characteristics traced out by life experiences and psychic transferences). Attached to this mobile system of directed functions is your substantial momentum of electromagnetic energy, the dynamic field of tunnelling components, oscillating currents and nonlocal memory phases. By virtue of the alchemical illusion manifesting the input-output signals of the carrier organism one receives stimulus-response constructs of a biomorphic membrane we think of as carnal experience but is really a complex of thresholds from the bioelectrical and the cognitive or neural map built around reality. So there really is a deep structure and a surface structure at work in the convergence of these energy sheaths with their underlying metaphysics. What can be learned from the brain is given less by what it allows us to comprehend than by its basic microscopic and macroscopic design i.e., circuits and laws of operation. Signified domains of experience and collectivity (consensus reality) is adjoined to the electrical communication system of the incarnated kinaesthetic order. This is where the hardware of the neural system and the elecrodynamic field begin to develop in accordance with the formation of language, gestures, behaviour patterns, habits, memories and more advanced existential continua. Everything is bound together by code that in turn effects how your mental circuitry translates waveforms both internal and external. Therefore what exists proper is the source code of energy densities (electromagnetic paths), their hardware (planar neural networks) and synchronized collective reality (Being-in-the-world, Being-With) and then you have this information corpuscle you call a body and nervous system which is really just a an adjunct of genetic data with collective reference points simulated inside the other two major components of existence that make it possible to build a stimulus-response construct.

Virtual reality works on similar principles of adjoining layers of reality to make a composite of realistic 3D submersion. Due to the fact that the biological threshold for survival in outer space is incredibly sparse, virtual life containers had to be generated through stochastic variations of the genetic code beginning with bacteria cells and other symbionts. Without these task-oriented containers, consciousness would not otherwise be able to form functions, functions themselves depend on relative cyberkinetic laws of adaption and inner tension with temporal coordinates and cues. In reflection upon this, one finds oneself here at this time because the vastness of space is so unfathomable and uninhabitable that it had to be simulated in a kind of pseudo-vacuum and expanded to the Nth degree. We call this the limiting factor, natural constraint or normal form of the cosmic cycle out of which self-consciousness is enabled to register coherent input in the conduction band of relative processes streaming through the Plurocosm. From the vantage point of a mostly barren solar system, Earth appears to be a closed system, a gene swarm consisting of coherent signals of complex anthropic variations with very little perturbative advantage over its neighbouring planetoids. Until we explore the hyperlinguistics of Virtual Surface Conjugation (VSC), the geometric functions of autpoietic-ontopoietic evolution through artificial life and evolutionary computation -- Keeping in mind the significant diversity of life that evolves directly in an adaptive trajectory with the whole biostratum and that statistical minority which in some form or fashion changes its morphological boundaries outside the stratum of directly evolving characteristics-- it is in the genera of indirectly adapting macroevolutions that we locate the projected manifold rules for large schemes of self-organizing systems, each of them echoing in themselves some structural algorithm orbiting a distant solar fauna on some operational mainframe or magnetic disc. DNA contains its own broken symmetry, its own heat kernel, synergetically combining with the environment of cellular nuclei, that it is possible that genetic information can split and reshape into new configurations, even mutate with unpredictable lines of code (something only an advanced random access memory is predestined to elicit with such varied responses). Maintaining the relative stability that controls this fine threshold of communication between the biosemiote (DNA, transcriptase) to a barrier cell, (cell membrane, nucleotide chain etc.,) is based on the initial hardware states of the biosystemic switches which can be as tacit as quantum entanglement between photons. Without relying on this broken symmetry, the edge of chaos, the tipping point between order and disorder, cannot reach novel decipherment necessary to advance the generation of form out of an envelope of random noise introduced into the teleonomic flux. Hyperlinguistics looks at the universality of translations pertinent to all reservoirs of meaning including biosemiotic regulation and organization which is an expression of intrinsic algebraic varieties and diffeomorphic information contained in logico-mathematical types. Meaning depends on two fulcrums one of sense perception and another of intentionality directed into the act of perceiving, for sentient intelligence this is simplified, but for less complex systems the way we define meaning is slightly different -- a sense perception is reduced to the repeated signal rather than the unique signification of sensory data which is open to interpretation, and the intentionality of an organism of lesser endowments relays itself through intensional operations. However more simple or complex these types of processing may be, they are mirrored everywhere in nature, in evolutionary systems based on the genetic code there is evidence that meaning, in its universal deliberation of semantic products, is capable of being independently discretized for the whole multitude of phenotype expressions. This discretized makeup of an organism, an individual or whole genetic algorithm starts in the ontogeny of the developing cell of chromosome pairs carrying over into new codes what was expressed in the parent genes. Lateral diffeomorphic growth and development of the biological code from an algorithm can then be run on a substrate.

In the MK-Ultra experiments, the CIA dosed unwitting subjects with LSD to see how they would react. What has not yet come to light is that MKULTRA was an intra-agency project. The CIA created new departments within the CIA, and fed them steady doses of LSD, and other psychoactive to see how the departments would diverge, and mutate away from normal departments. Whole projects and hierarchies were created. With everybody involved, being more or less, unwittingly under the influence of LSD. This is how the "restraint bed portals" and "flesh interfaces" were first created -- i.e. from a heavily psycho-mutated hierarchy. The entire thing had to be eliminated, but the technology it created has been revolutionary. Eisenhower's fears of a "military-industrial complex" working behind the shadows came in the wake of the world's first super-orderly military-industrial complex which was the Weimar Republic -- in Weimar, under the SS, Germany was turned into a hierarchical, departmental superstructure wherein military levels of command and interconnected industrial processes are difficult to distinguish from offices, warehouses, firms and universities. "Nationalism" fosters this kind of ubiquitous, hierarchically structured order between systems, agencies, governments and departments in order to best serve the national interest and under such an ideological framework the negative symptoms of the war emerged. The political psychology of these nationalistic enterprising schemes operate on principles of ideological assimilation and logoccentrism that is commercially devoted to advertisement and campaigning a trend in thinking, behaviour and consumerism rather than critical facts, analysis, or formal rational laws. 

Remnants of the two kinds of non-electrical portals still exist today, especially as a result of more recent tampering by outside agency groups that have broken away from the intelligence core involved in creating MK-Ultra extensions. Mutated departments like the hospitals on the East Coast that were reserved for administering LSD to mental patients have since become permanent incidence zones for the so-called "zombies of Montauk" -- Catatonic portal residents still roam the yards of Montauk and the New York asylum as discussed in the Montauk Book of the Living and Dead. Other facilities in Colorado, New Jersey, Missouri, Arkansas and Virginia are left over from the intra-agency laboratories created underground and in the flats of mansions used for unregistered hospitals. You see these depicted excellently in shows like "Granite Flats", "The Sleep Room", "Breaking Dawn", "Stranger Things" and even Kubrick's "The Shining". Overlooking a lake on one of the hospitals is where we were led to believe the portal had been stabilized. The restraint bed portals were invented here, in the early 1970s, in order to prevent patients from harming themselves and others while tripping on heavier doses of LSD, sometimes introductory doses had this convulsive effect and spurred uncontrollable impulses among test subjects to throw themselves at walls or out windows after the acid induced feelings of invincibility. Usually the restraint beds were a more severe phase if hysterical symptoms reached a point where solitary confinement, padded rooms and straight jackets had failed and nervous convulsions, spasms or hallucinatory terrors went on involuntarily. Without the restraint beds, the other medical advisors in the MK-Ultra team suggested instead the use of ECT and autonomic nerve stimulation methods that were being developed at the Montreal facility. DARPA's robotics program was one of the primary departments that merged when the CIA started to issue the documentation for the Lambert and McGill test wing which set its goals on refurbishing a discontinued bunker out in the Ozarks of Missouri for exploring the biocybernetic and genetic potentials of MK-Ultra -- beneath this abandoned military base the USAF had left behind medical equipment, and bunkers that were then converted into hospital beds -- transportation to and from Virginia Tech, via the Ozark mountain trail under Arkansas, was meant to carry passengers working on above top secret research but also cargo (biohazards waste, radiation incubators, sedated humans and animals, prosthetic parts, robotic limbs, gas masks, oxygen tanks, flasks of Delycid and a whole lot more!) 

From what I know based on informants who worked more closely on the project, there is a subsection of the Ozark mountain complex, an area of terrain which includes Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia and Virginia; where an ancient race of extraterrestrials have chosen as their hideout. I found correlations to abductees in these parts of the country who say they were taken to a gene lab somewhere aboard a UFO and examined by little Grey men. This Ozark forest is full of tales and bizarre legends of glowing orbs and bioluminescent creatures that have lived here for centuries. Wether they are part of a genetic experiment by an intelligent species who live under the Ozark mountains that are creating hybrids or are chimeras bioengineered by human scientists is unsure. Thus, as Ive been successively told time and again, the creatures you see and identify as the Grays are not aliens in fact but chimera. They were made in a lab, or in labs, in designated industrial and military zones that have not been officially recognized. Their genetic constitution is privileged to include some nonterrestrial and reptilian-avian DNA but is predominantly believed to be more genealogically related to apes than anything else. More empirical documentation and in-depth narrative of the goings-on in the Missouri-Arkansas mountains with regard to alien visitors is can be found by reading books like "The Custodians: Beyond Abduction" by Dolores Cannon. She recounts through professional hypnotherapy, the experiences of herself and others who have had overlapping encounters with interdimensional beings and their craft, abductions from dream and temporal reality and a future plan or destiny for Earth's inhabitants. 

Cranial devices and other implants may be part of how the abductions are manifesting but also speeding up the energy field around the body sufficiently to cause bilocation. It is postulated that some of the post-deluge civilization who survived after Atlantis sank retained their level of technology to a degree and came to the Ozark mountains for it's lush forests and deep caverns to reestablish Atlantis or a New Babylon on Earth. There, inside a solid mountain base, the interdimensional custodians develop advanced communication, vibratory and energy transmuting devices that enable cross-dimensional bilocality. This transformational technology and intelligence related to the alien phenomenon is part of greater shift in the organic matrix of what we call Gaia, that it involves the Earth's geology, magnetism, biosphere and a paradigm shift for how all life communicates at the cellular level; book 4 of the Convoluted Universe has said that "As the New Earth approaches, our way of thinking is being challenged more and more. The Veil is thinning and lifting as our consciousness expands. This is a requirement for entering the new dimension with the raising of our vibrations and frequencies. . .What made sense and was valuable in the Old Earth no longer applies as our consciousness changes and we move forward." There are written accounts of not only missing time but condensed time where events take far less time than would normally be required to complete as well as fragments of coherent reality lodged in dreams. Quantum coherence and decoherence might help to explain how bits of preprocessed reality might slip out of place, undergo space-time displacement or otherwise leave behind deja-vu symptoms during wakefulness. Missing time and deja-vu both evoke the sense of displaced experience, memory or locality that can result from dream state tampering with mind-altering psychotronic weapons that elicit electromagnetic or plasma oscillations. Dimensional oscillation of a plasma or EM field means an advanced race could permeate this space-time fabric while simultaneously occupying a higher or lower dimension. In fact most of the tampering is known to come from alternating frequencies of wave packets in the discrete, time-independent scalar dimensions bellow 3D space. They parametrize this space as a co-dimension or half-space of a 2-dimensional interface with 3D reality that can then be adjusted using complex variables of energy-matter, frequency and other quantitates. 

                                                       HUBBARD'S SCIENTOLOGY 

This all came to fruition after the Navy began to experiment with relativistic time dilation physics which was put into use around 1933 by combining secret Nazi bilocation technology with the latest inventions of Nikolai Tesla; a top secret project called Phoenix or The Philadelphia Experiment. Together with the secret rocket science of Werner von Braun, the postwar space program was set in motion with the prospects of landing humans on the Moon. At this point in time, L. Ron Hubbard had been writing numerous pulp fiction stories and novella and some, albeit amateurish, science fiction works that would later come to prominence by the 1950s with the publication of his more philosophically oriented "Dianetics". Hubbard's inventiveness was situated squarely in the midst of the whole pulp sci-fi genre, that, along with other luminaries, brought him fame and connected him to other writers with a similar niche -- that era of the pulp industry was very transformative for science fiction in general and Hubbard's ideas seemed to spur a lot of real world interpretation of fantasy, philosophy, science and historical fiction as well. Selections from his prefigural period of writing lend to the experimental phase which came to spawn the whole scientology following based on a fictional anthropology blended with psychic fantasy, exopsychology and self-narrating journeys -- Topics like lucid dreaming, hypnotherapy, alien archaeology, planetary travel, bleed-through various levels of coherency in Hubbard's milieux; dreams converge with wish-fulfilling mental landscapes that draw in the consciousness of the whole planet, that kind of socially transformative energy that is expected to occur with the psychedelic revolution of large nations, is the background of this kind of fiction. The depth analysis of the early mesmerist-psychologists who became the Freudians of the 1920s has been reborn in a new space age of artificial worlds, neuroscience and experimental aircraft which has yet been publicly advertised. To the extent that the psychoanalytic process involves mediating the consciousness of sleep with coherent, waking, 'sociable' consciousness, there is an idiosyncratic component to it, and to the mask of scientology as well. Hypnosis invokes deeply lodged memories without the use of leads, contacts or stimulation of the cortex (hardware) by applying the verbal threshold (software) of semantic-semiolinguistic recognition that guides the subject into trance where self-conscious, objective access to the unconscious process is effectuated. Obviously other modalities like neurolinguistic programming come to mind in this respect, which have had definite widespread use by the CIA-NSA in conjunction with MK-Ultra, social control and imprinting of neo-national or corporate identities as protocols of the national security apparatus. Self-analysis propagates from self-narratives drawn from personal fiction, dreams or other symbological idiosyncrasies. 

L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics" reveals Illuminati Pyramid Hierarchies (Levels of Knowledge Offered at Higher Initiations of the Church of Scientology)

Hubbard had psychic contacts and others interested in his ideas to promote some faction of the New World Order agenda. At some point in his career, the Illuminati came into contact with the scientology movement just as they had the works of H.G. Wells. What Wells was implying by "War of the Worlds" had more to do with different versions of reality converging or interfering with one another. A future of infighting reality scenarios; the dreamworld and objective reality; simulation and the vital illusion; biology and artificial intelligence; History and the New World could all be culminating in the industrial market of WWI. Equally as focused on military intelligence as writing scripts; Wells and Hubbard had the likelihood of being hired first to work in tactical operations for the government before developing story lines with themes from their military careers. Science fiction had surely found itself to be paramount to the inquiries of a secretive group of world leaders. Pondering the fate of the populace in an age of economic expansion and turmoil, methods to engineer or reverse the effects, as well as psychology, forced new and spontaneous creativity. This social criterium was developed in accordance with the European dream of the Enlightenment with all of its intellectual, creative and romantic overtones. Faced with the universal dangers of the great depression and the frenzy of WWI, this social alliance of thinkers and political philosophers had devised several different approaches to how to deal with all the ideological and militaristic conflicts in the world. Extraterrestrial invasions were one of the Manchurian candidates for correcting man's past deeds of planetary abuse and isolationism. By the 1980s it would seem their goal had reached complete realization with the synergy taking shape between idealists like Hubbard, and others of his ilk (Robert Anton Wilson, Phillip K. Dick, Jack Parsons, Rod Serling, John Lilly, Timothy Leary) and the global elite or offshoots in Illuminism who were more pragmatic-left oriented. Yet the scientology mythos had other origins than escapist personas, vintage war heros, self-help training manuals, and marketing schemes; these were dystopian quarrels in thought and human property which Europe and Tsarist Russia had once faced under the aegis of socialism and that had turned to a complete dialectical, anachronistic-anarchistic marriage of the two poles. Introducing a system of opposing factions makes room for depolarization and that becomes the point of determination in the new order. To escape more than ever from these conflicts is the prospective clarification of a new reality into which the writer, thinker, voyeur, adventurer may imagine a new series of avatars and assign to them secret missions. It is therefore part and parcel with the solutions created by Operational Intelligence itself that proclaims struggles and resolutions must be simulated in advance. Science fiction, on another level, does not adapt science to fiction but is an exposition of the fictional process justified and explained scientifically. In yet other cases, such as the likes of most Hollywood script writers, "science fiction" has been a medium to prepare audiences for acceptance of hitherto top secret truths about our origins, extraterrestrials and advanced technology. If the truth is stranger than fiction it is because reality as it stands conceals more than present human imagination is generally adept at revealing and science fiction finds the clues to mediate a close approximation. Other modernized adoptions to the scissions of wartime fantasy and desecration; futurism and cybernetics are open to a topical discourse analysis of these same themes that find themselves in new genres like cyberpunk. Beyond the veil of this minimalist, archetypal production of psychic heros, antiheroes and arch-universes to conquer, some other temporal agency conceals itself which are the themes that we encounter during great social-economic crises, such as biowarfare, propaganda and alien pandemonia. Pulp's tendency to characterize protagonists in a web of causal entanglements carries on from anthologies to completely individualized, subjective tales. Narrating the archetypal dimensions is the blurb or synopsis suggesting the enfoldment of a riddle which the subject is prone and is the same taste in almost all pulp fictions. Putting aside a critique on the mass impact and controversy of scientology, consider instead the social question of a genre's immediate effect whose satellite takes in all the rest of the energy -- The German SS had a secret echelon of psychic spies and a psychological campaign to circumvent the will, in concert with the national Volkpsychologie, an armistice which had not yet any counterpart in the world. Hence the allies were destined to adopt parapsychology, remote viewing and mind control; although not totally independent of the German techniques and science which were borrowed or, in most cases, further developed in the United States, Russia and elsewhere. Conflicting interests of course led to schisms, not just in the CIA's departments, but in Operation Paperclip and beyond. Germany's best scientific minds were smuggled out to avoid Nuremberg and employed behind the scenes to the US top defence programs. However, what of the Nazi's who were not enlisted in Paperclip that simply vanished? and the others who were unknown, or found to be not guilty of war crimes, who had left Germany either full time or to escape assimilation. 

Much speculation has followed suite as to the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler, for example, who assuredly had some escape route to follow. South America, Antarctica and even the islands of Indonesia are candidates for a number of postwar Nazi operations and embedded ratlines. More forbidden than the international efforts to conceal and infiltrate Nazi technology under Operation Paperclip, were the affiliations of breakaway civilizations with the deep military black projects headed by German intelligence. Symbols as vulgarized as the Swastika came from the spiralling tails of a comet and used as a representation of the Sun, well-being and spiritual prosperity in the ancient Indian subcontinent and Armenia. Breakaway civilizations around the world have been discerned from prehistoric monuments, calendars and megastructures like the Nazca lines of Peru and Egyptian pyramids. Remnants of a Martian breakaway civilization are evinced by the bizarre behaviour of the satellite moon Phobos; by the presence of crystals on Mars and an epic battle which occurred with Earth and written of in crystal etchings that describe how Mars eventually sank large chunks of the planet's landmasses. These were recovered in a time capsule referenced in H.G. Wells "The Time Machine" and transmitted through cymatic geometry by a language given to humanity in the ages of the Elohim. Mars was cross-cultivated with the timeline of Earth so that life could flourish at both planetary locations within the habitable zone of our Sun and yet appear totally barren and lifeless on other more sparse timelines. Both the Mars colonists and the subterranean inhabitants known as the Vril-ya had solved the mysteries of the plasma dominated universe, laser surfaces and inertial confinement technology called "Vril". To an ancient or cosmologically high-rank civilization, life itself is understood already as an envelope of cybernetic physics and holographic simulation. Psychic machines and remote viewers are employed to coordinate intelligence transdimensionally across multiple universes and timelines by the Psycorps of various breakaway civilizations residing undersea and underground. Technology of this grade has come to us since the great ages of Lemuria and Atlantis whose last descendants had distributed it into pylon networks of diodic crystals that now power the shining cities of places like Telos, Iskandar, and Peleusia. 

The crystal displays, astral monitors and reincarnation technology of the Lemurians was sketched out by the occult scribe Frederick Spencer Oliver in his 19th Century books "A Dweller On Two Planets" and "An Earth Dweller Returns". Speaking from the point of view of the main character, Phylos, is a transmigratory spirit who had chosen Oliver as his most recent walk-in to relate these stories. In a life on Venus his subtle ethereal body and his human body swapped locations inside Mt. Shasta. On this Earth, the remaining life from Atlantis has excavated parts of the mountain and the Lemurian offshoots of the Pacific fleets have reached Catalina Island where a crystal network of towers under the ocean have been in place since before the European colonists discovered America. Eventually Mt. Shasta would be inhabited from the 16th to the 18th centuries by a syncretic population of Templar Knights, Rosicrucians and Jesuit monks from the German speaking, English and Irish cultures to have merged with the survivors of Annwyn in lieu of the flooding that overtook the lowland parts of Westphalia, Hy Brasil and Avalon. Disruption among the Vril-ya monarchy, who defend Agartha at its prime entrances in the Swiss Alps, Berlin-Heidelberg and the Black Forest, meant numerous populations seeking underground refuge in their native Germany had to leave Europe at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries. Taking with them the science of liquid crystal diodic transport, the communities at the base of Mount Shasta and underwater base off Malibu's coast welcomed their fellow brethren who they had long ago been separated at the end of the last major deluge cycle. Some distance bellow the coastal ridge of Southern California's oceans there stand the monstrous pedestals known to the Lemurians as Maxt Towers.

Newcomers to the Laguna area and up the coastlines of Malibu Beach have been stunned by the frequent aerial phenomenon exiting and entering the water. Since at least the 1920s individual civilians and groups of bystanders have noticed the presence of strange craft menacing the skies above the oceans of Malibu and all along the California coast from the Gulf of Mexico to Catalina Island and north into the sand dunes towards Yureka. The phenomenon was so prevalent at a time, and a continuous urban legend of the 1920s, 60s and 80s, that famed Hollywood stars are certain it is real. Inside stories, including those of Marilyn Monroe, and others who even claimed to have visited the base were commonplace from the 1950s-1980s. Tales of Alien Interviews, and a video by a man purported to have smuggled a filmed movie of an alien while under surveillance at Area 51 in 1996, later came to be classed along with other Los Angeles studio productions seeking paranormal recognition. The whistleblower who first introduced the Alien Interview to the public had only agreed to do so on an anonymous basis under the pseudonym "Victor". The Alien Interview video has been controversial since it was first aired in 1997 in a documentary entitled "Area 51: The Alien Interview". Experts had analyzed the video frame by frame and are still divided over its authenticity. Jim Dilettoso, a highly respected image analyst did not find any evidence of fraudulence in his frame by frame analysis of the video. On the other hand, a Hollywood special effects expert believed the video used a puppet in an elaborate hoax. More recently, another whistleblower has come forward to give startling corroboration of the content in Victor's video. Apparently, S-4 is the secure military facility where live extraterrestrials are taken for questioning by authorized officials. Subsequently, the interview became popularized when it appeared on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell. In may 2013, video testimony emerged of another whistleblower who was a former CIA agent using the pseudonym "Kewper", who revealed that in 1958 President Eisenhower had threatened to invade Area 51 and S-4 to find out what was happening with the extraterrestrial programs there. The agent and his CIA superior travelled to Area 51 under Eisenhower's orders, and his boss questioned a Gray alien at the S-4 facility. 

Footage From Alien Interview with DNI (Department of Naval Intelligence) Specification

The alien in the original interview video had been captured in 1989 and interviewed at S-4 in 1991. According to Kewper, the 1996 Alien Interview was a different creature from the one the CIA had seen back in 1958. One might consider that this was the entity recovered in the Gulf during the Desert Storm raid and Desert Shield tests. However the Department of Naval Intelligence, the DNI acronym indicated at the bottom of the Alien Interview footage, has jurisdiction over Area 51 activities and deep ties to the subnautical facility outside Los Angeles. This all began in 1959 at Westinghouse Corporation when the Navy and Air Force undertook an experiment to test extrasensory perception with the USS Nautilus, linking one person on land, as a sender, to another person in the submarine, as a receiver, while the vessel was submerged. In response to the success rate of the submarine test, both the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Department of the Navy went into the Psycorps business with Hubbard at the helm. Albeit scientology prevented him from investing any Thetan wisdom or training to the Navy, remote viewing would study the Dianetic procedures like the Audit procedures and apply modelled versions of auditing for their CRV courses. Then around the early 1960s investigations proceeded to uncover the source of the infamous Los Angeles Air Raid or "Battle of Los Angeles" UFO sighting witnessed by thousands in 1942. Again the case was explained away later on to be flares shot up in a state of confusion over a missing weather balloon. At the time the suspicion was that the Japanese may have been sending an advanced experimental weapon to test public fears in wake of the Pearl Harbour kamikaze air attacks but this turned out not to be the case. John F. Kennedy issued an investigation to solve the UFO cases like the one over Los Angeles that upset the military-industrial interests, an internal group responsible for ET privacy, that led to efforts to remove him. Within the deeper echelons of the government there are so-called Special Access Programs that have unified the interests of psychic research, remote viewing and ET communication. Well, the Naval Intelligence and other organizations wanted to know by 1960 what was parking these giant triangular vehicles and saucers under the oceans of Malibu and Catalina Island. So they tried to get Hubbard to enlighten them on how psychic phenomena might be able to extract knowledge from a target and that's how the CIA became the breeding ground for the start of the US remote viewing program later named Stargate.  The idiosyncratic codename "Stargate" indicatively references nonlocal perceptions or ESP across far distances i.e., interstellar space which is reached only by a wormhole or star gate. Prior to this the US military intelligence and Navy were beginning to speculate the very existence of such portals or star gates to explain how unidentified flying objects were ending up falling to Earth and disappearing into the oceans of various coastal and marine sites. Electron-diffusion zones above the lower atmosphere were found to be responsible for a number of UFO cases as well as other similar phenomenon over the waves of anomalous maritime vortices or USO hotspots. "USOs", an acronym for Unidentified Submerged Objects, frequently appear over the ocean in areas where deep sea hydrodynamic vortex and other energetic displacements occur. A pathway created by the activity of these objects allows them to vanish without being traceable by conventional radar. By the end of the 1950s some of this terminology had started to be exchanged between people in the scientific intelligence community, among the elite and pieces of the story borrowed talking points from L. Ron Hubbard's views on precognition and psychological prehistory. Von Neumann and his team working on the Phoenix research spent over a decade trying to understand why humans had troubles with electromagnetic fields that seemed to shift their perception through different places and times. What they found was that human consciousness is born with a unique "time signature" or temporal reference point. As Preston Nichols had explained in the Montauk Project series "Our whole reference as a physical and metaphysical being stems from that time reference which actually resides within the electromagnetic background of our planet. This time reference is the basic orientation point you have to the universe and the way it operates. . .The Rainbow technology turns on and creates what can be called an alternate or artificial reality. It creates a stealth effect by not only isolating the ship, but the individual beings as well, within a bottle effect".  Aspects of these facts fit succinctly into the paradigm of scientology and others with Einstein's relativity framework which adheres to elements of speculative metaphysics. The two realities of mind and material, energetic quanta, are determined mathematically which is how the manipulation of time can be achieved by programming with a sufficient interface. Surface Barrier vacuum technology was used to create the interfacial resonance necessary for time travel with the most advanced psychotronic instruments the US military had at the time work began on the Phoenix Project. Combined with specialized crystal amplifiers and transistor systems implementing surface barrier technology, the government recreated the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 where the USS Eldridge reconnected in time to an alternate 1983. Again, these timelines are being manifested out of the vacuum surface as virtual reference points for separate realities. Technology that produces time rips in virtual time, wether as a factor of quantum information couplings to the co-observing brains, or more relativistic effects, is governed in the secret surface science that humans acquired from nonhumans. Surface science is devoted to the analysis of nanoscopic, microscopic and mesoscopic chemical reactions on the surface layers of materials. Therefore surface science is a discipline of materials science that studies the relationships of phase transitions due to atomic interactions of a gas, solid, liquid or condensed plasma and the various degrees of permeability due to energy levels, tunnelling and electromagnetic transitions in material elements. Without surface science cathodes, transistors, semiconductors and the atomic bomb would never have come to fruition. The science and technology of surface-interface analysis had it's origins in disparate above top secret programs presumably directed under alien control. Common legend has it that the research leading to the development of many surface technologies have involved an exchange program with aliens infiltrated via the Navy under a secret mandate external to ordinary Naval channels. Naval communications via ONR (Office of Naval Research) are granted top secret funding through a series of branches with an interest in seeing their projects follow to completion. Knowledge for such projects are multifaceted and crucial breakthroughs in technology are many times synthesized by critical outside assists. The Department of the Navy applies the top secret technology exchange with the Naval Research Laboratory in conjunction with a broader base of contributing agents in America and overseas. Wether extraterrestrials are actually working side-by-side humans in this exchange or simply transmitting and receiving communications that humans have managed to translate is open to interpretation. Albeit advanced technology has first come to us by applying mathematical skills to symbols and communicating their results, the process of exchanging information has piqued human evolution.    

My visit to Catalina Island in 1984 was when I first became aware of the repository on Elysium. Based on that and a list of secret Naval reports that were found sealed in the concrete brick walls of the castle, it had been disclosed to us the exact location where the naval submarines were entering and exiting off the coast of Laguna Beach. Ever since the 1942 mass sightings over Los Angeles, there have been reports filed to the weather services, coast guard and ufology circles now collected numerously of objects entering or emerging from the oceans, and, concerning the existence of a naval UFO base at the bottom of the Pacific near the Gulf of Catalina and the Channel Islands I must confirm the truth of these claims. Close to Malibu there is a bedrock platform with entrances beneath an ancient, underwater quarry where the aquatic facility is hidden. Many point to the nearby Naval base on the mainland as a clue the sightings of UFOs by civilian workers might be navy secret aircraft housed in a subnautical outpost under the Pacific. While the civilian Navy have compiled testimony of unidentifiable aerial objects in the coastal Los Angeles area, the presence of an undersea military base associated with the USOs is unknown to the California state authorities and Naval Command. These flying mercurial objects reflect light from the surroundings, giving off an opalescent or metallic glow while changing shape rapidly in opposing directions in a uniform, metamorphic trajectory incommensurate with the mass of the aircraft. Mysterious events have occurred here since at least the first world war, including abductions of people to underwater cities, from suboceanic terminals located in the city suburbs, tales of subterranean tunnels, VR hypersleep chambers and USO Stargates that enter into Hyperspace . Although it is true that former heads of Naval Operations have long been known to carry out secret missions to conceal what the naval defence files actually say about unidentified submersibles, the government itself does not fully understand the origin of such phenomena -- and cannot therefore debrief the civilian or public military about something they cannot say for sure is extraterrestrial in origin, aquatic, inner-earth, human or machine intelligence. What can be said is that some groups within the government and defence field do know or have a better idea what the purpose of the visitors are in relation to human intelligence but have had very limited success at establishing communications with them.

Joint intelligence commissions were set up in the 1960s to direct communications overseas between the Navy Intelligence, CIA, Japanese navies and various government offices in Asia Pacific countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Top secret forums within these organizations were contacted by the CIA and the joint Commission to collect intelligence regarding the alien presence in the oceans. Overseas industrial intelligence, espionage and secret patents were integral to these ends as the postwar climate turned to the Korean cold war, Vietnam and the battle with the portals in Southeast Asia. There are even rumours that claim people living under the base off the coast of Malibu and Vancouver Island can be transported to inner-earth bases in Asia through some kind of tube under the seafloor which house full-time occupants under the pacific area. This and other more primordial questions can be answered when one realizes that long ago this Pacific Rim location was chosen as the site for the Interfacial Bridge Zone connecting the occupants in Elysium with their earthbound central nervous system -- on adjacent Earth in fact, the Channel Islands to Laguna Beach is where they used to stage the attack on Pearl Harbour, except in that reality the scenario of 'the Battle of Los Angeles' took place between a cascade of flying saucers and the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy. Not one, but two deep sea USO bases are hiding in these oceanic ridges under the California coastal waters. One of these situated in the Gulf of Mexico, might even be geared to study and even prevent earthquakes from hitting the mainland.

Underwater megastructures like Yunaguni in Japan, the Baltic sea and others suggest a giant seaport and others for the manufacturing of marine biotechnologies at private sea labs. In the past, large groups of secret space participants were shuttled into these underwater shelters to integrate themselves into space brother communities. Classic cases from the 1950s reveal more than extraterrestrials living under the Laguna tides; in fact this may be the first destination for the cybernetic dreams written by science-fiction writers like Phillip K. Dick, Fritz Lang, Ray Palmer and L. Ron Hubbard. Futurist masterpieces and Hollywood motion pictures like the Matrix, Minority Report, Blade Runner, the Day the Earth Stood Still, Metropolis and War of the Worlds emerged from an antique subgenre that is as old as the secret space program that preceded official human explorations of space. Both ONI and NASA have explored the possibilities of industrializing space technologies for private sector 'special projects' -- even former president Eisenhower was secretly briefed at Edwards AFB by a group of Nordic-looking ultraterrestrials about matters concerning man's potentially fatal nuclear arsenal -- following the nuclear treaties with the USSR, America began a peaceful agreement with other countries to denuclearize its militaries. Prior to the 1940s, nothing was known to the US government about the topic of holograms, USOs, AI or Interface.
Preston Dennett Chronicles the Cases and History of the California USO Phenomenon and Underwater Base Near Malibu 

The German war film Metropolis introduced to audiences scores of visual topography right out of the futurist movement. Architectural props that were populated by the UFA later inspired the cyberpunk genre, esp. Bladerunner and the Matrix. Skyscrapers in the Metropolis set design surely recollect the future visions and dreams of 20th Century European artists. From the city's vast decline in labour, the contexts for a mass exodus to a new holy land, comes the cybernetic savour who rescues those slaves from the Matrix inferno. Metropolis and Matrix capitalize on the horrid, dystopian metaphysical landscapes found in the monopolized city-state of the future where humans have become the surplus agents of free-capital operated by machines which they, humans, have primitively let go outside their rational bounds. Attempting to do a visual narrative or critique of capitalism that often times fail to escape assimilation to the boardwalk of market values by becoming iconic memes for uninterrupted technological progress. Gataca, Dark City, Omega Man and Brazil all suggest a common theme with the tightly monotonized and monotized populations of the future. The dystopia of the luxurious future follows the breakdown of civilization revealed in the subterranean world of beehive workers enclosed in anonymous office spaces. To crowds of seafaring mariners, the Maschinen-Maria of Babylon beckons them from a seven-headed sea dragon. Then comes the Frankensteinian Maschinenmensch, a robot created by the mad scientist Rotwang. Perhaps it is a fateful concurrence of cybernetic social principles that the android of Metropolis be morphed into the Gort, an alien voyager who tries to barter peace with mankind in the Day the Earth Stood Still, for it was not the machine itself that destroyed man but man's revolt against reason in the name of greed. Zion is the last city, and safe haven of the virtual diaspora who have since left behind the false reality of the matrix. Both films seem to borrow themes popular in Babylonian and Old Testament lore like the exile by King Neburchadnezzar, 'Zion' being a theoretical designator for the promised land. Morpheus names his hovercraft, a cybernautical vehicle in hyperspace, after the Babylonian king, these typically appear in ancient alien texts like the Nineveh tablets, the story told of creation according to Sumerian artifacts that depict the flood. As I relayed in the Andromeda Report, a race of polyterrestrial beings from the nearby galaxy are closest to the androids dwelling in the oceans, of this integral program we call the Matrix; they order the virtual porting system which is our Elusion of reality. They, as others in our Milky Way, began as a pure corpuscle of infocognition that is roughly as old as the galaxy itself when, about 12-billion years ago it emerged from the collision of two protogalactic masses.

Maxt Towers of Lemuria as Seen Between Catalina Island and Laguna Beach

Atomic Chronoscaph, John Berkey
Nine billion years ago, as the Earth was coming into shape, Andromeda's infocognitive force we call The One of the Local Universe of Orvington, crystallized into a complex metalloid Precambrian asterism from the dense organization of stellar matter off one of its watery planets. After several million years of surface and oceanic cooling, ionization of the water and atmosphere assisted with the mineral and siliceous self-assembly of postvolcanic surfaces. Superalloyed microcrystals soon evolved into semiconductor tables on the inner crustal streams of the planetary vents confined to ocean caves. DNA as we know it was initially processed here in its prototypical, elliptical pattern which self-organizes associative memory much like the molecular structure of a holographic plate. Derived from a living polymer substrate, the earliest DNA bore the very first metalloid transducers who were the precursory membrane for life on this planet, and on other Milky Way extrasolar worlds. Thus, what i'm getting at here is that life originally was only a 3rd biological, with a vascular system pumping an inorganic liquid, semimetallic like mercury. Ebens as they have been coined by the Roswell crash recovery doctors while working of MJ-12, are the progeny of these late preanimate lifeforms that emanated from the primal siliceous ooze of Andromeda. Without overstimulating readers with too many details of this exobiological taxa, it is important to recognize the fact at least that the genetic material that is expressed in all cells and neurosensory creatures, was first exhibited as physical information on a non-polypeptide macromolecular base, We would formally describe this base as possessing a polymerase chain without any protein residues that combine instead with synthetic ions undergoing radical solvency into polymer plastics. From the point of view of Andromedans, we on Earth are the 'artificial' lifeforms since we are mortal while they are considered 'natural' and immortal; biologic organization is viewed as secondary to its android source code who say that it was always the destiny of upper sentience to be at least 2.3rds immortal. Our little world is but a finite playground for their benefit. Ocean filled planets like Andromeda 4, Sirius, and Ganymede were habitable by android synthetics who did not require blood oxygenation and could swim underwater as an adaption to plastic waterproofed flesh, solid state tissues and so forth. Awakening near the cusp of the Elusion we would find that there are such undersea repositories where the Founders of this multiversal simulation have annexed for monitoring the populace as a kind of 3D virtual outpost. Above Los Angeles and the Gulf of St. Catalina there is one of the primary vortex bridges made for entering the Andromeda interface. The other closely connected to this one is in Brazil.

Metropolis, Topview, The Rim 
Tesla Towers, Airships, Battle of Los Angeles


"Scientists verify technique to control your dreams: Your dreams may soon become someone else's property" The footnote on this alludes to a late Twilight Zone episode called 'Dreams For Sale' that presents the problem of the deja-vu phenomena inside a simulated world. A more introspective look at the image actually takes me back to the late 1950s when I lived among the beachfront terraces of mainland Santa Cruz and we used to take the boats over to Catalina Island. Normally we would go on weekly vacations to a private resort collectively owned by the individual members of our consortia. The time of departure and arrival on the island usually placed us within the full lapse of midday until nightfall when twilight would visit the rocky coasts of Catalina. There, you have the picturesque, mental superposition of day and night, Sun and Moon, present and past of the suburban California culture and the equidistant, rural Spanish enclave of Catalina that presses upon one's consciousness with the vignettes of an eclectic autonomy that eludes the modifications of time because it is isolated from all the continental traffic that effects Los Angeles and most of California. Its another one of those vortices in time, like Croatia or the Canary Islands that are referenced often as great escapes for poets and painters and where the citadels of vintage pathways in memory weave them together into a nexus of hidden histories. Yes, indeed, it was a resort we held our meetings at and deposited naval storage and other technical manifests. Constructed off the treaded paths outside Avalon Bay and camouflaged by the scenery of the forest, the old fortress was in fact a library, barricaded by wood and terracotta on the outside with a stone infrastructure that extended seven floors below ground level. Many volumes of classic literature covered the main floor, lost copies of important works from Sir Francis Bacon, Kafka, Rimbaud and Shakespeare, for example, and museum pieces from the National Gallery, the Tate and the Papal Library were stashed there. In fact Kafka's last novel Das Schloß, The Castle, was the inspirational source for the private escape and the completed work of the novelist that was never released in its completed form was brought there in the 1920s.

Frederick Oliver Spencer, Flying Airships from "A Dweller On Two Planets"

Catalina then became the obvious candidate for Aldous Huxley's Island and a prelude destination for Alan Watts' cloud-hidden mountain retreat. Instead of being chosen by any of the counter-culture movements as the setting for creating an experimental social utopia, the project was taken up by an esoteric group of breakaway masons who shared an interest in the New Age and expanding human consciousness through symbolic reorganization of time and the cosmos. For this, we made the Mayan calendar one of the tools for exploring the possibilities for realizing the Archaic Revival. In the old days, visitors to the island would pan the beaches of Moonstone Cove for precious moonstones and other rocks like opals. Only relative to Earth time are we even considered as having positions or roles, for the consortium is organized on a Pythagorean harmony that exceeds time as we know it while living in simulated reality where past, present and future are merely scalars of the cosmic synchrony. To previous sectors of this world age however, my notoriety between the world spheres ranked among the dream masters. On the upper planes of the planetary noosphere, to the hyperoctaves registered in the octachord of Urania, to Earth there sits this little Bay of Avalon where I used to gaze out upon the shores overlooking the cliffs from the ivory tower made to resemble that great 17th century chateau of the Cathars. These unmitigated inclusions in the crystals of time, these semiluminous apertures of the mind enfold us in magnetoharmonic radiances of the Beta Hologram containing the symphonic memories of the Second Sun. 

My life belonged to that secret order of oceanic, astronautical and space explorers later to become cybernauts in the Soviet adventure, and a society whose institutions recruited Rosicrucians and masons of various stripes to the order of the adept philosophers union and church, handpicked for our seminary reviews that were applied to the sovereign body of world decision making. To implement the metaphysical grounds from which a world of a more pure ethos might be established, it is requisite to fulfill numerous operations that are deemed essential and significant both to the social and historical dimensions of man, and in alignment with the prophecies, human imagination, fictions and the exchange of humanity's interior dreamworld for a universe that listens to our emptied subconscious whisperings. From the following of Merlin and St. Germain, we took council in the House of Lords, the Merovingian, the French-Swiss Cathars to the Duke of Edingburg, to the luminaries of the Archons of Avignon and Avalon where rests the great monitors of the celestial clock, the collective known as Lords of Kronos that predict the dawning of every New Age and direct its symbolic-alchemical process of human evolution by drawing down into the human world the noosphere as the mind of the demiurge that has been a progressively novel occurrence with the rise of modernity and civilization since the Renaissance. Geometrically the clock's axis system contained seven rings of dial measures based on seven heavens. The symbol of the concentric seven circles synonymous with the seven rays, the color spectra, and the lords of the centennial, trinity etc, of a world age. As an invisible centrifuge of time, the demiurgical clock rotates in synchrony with all its momenta projected outward in a space that can be traversed in any direction. As such we are perpetually floating as a world-phenomena of quantum microscopic observers. The world appears to us as a system of monadic beings ensconced into new bubble universes with the expressive motility of free-will in the synchrony of future and past simulations given to pure consciousness. Mind thus is enveloping and fixed upon itself in the available states of its conscious being, throughout the intermixed states of its noesis and physis that dilate time within the total flux of the dharmadhatu. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams, wandering by lone sea-breakers, and sitting by desolate streams. . .But what if dreams could be sent directly into our brain like a stream does water? What thoughts do you have about what this article suggests may be likely in the future, namely, with augmented lucid dreaming the self-mastery of one's subconscious content in the form of dreams may be exchangeable as a kind of virtual memory made available for empirical upload or download via new psychic or epipsychic machines. 

Operational Neurohacking May Have Potential To Make Future Dreams Interchangeable With Transmigrating Levels of Reality By Novel Software Swapping

Parts of our brain have a potential to evolve in ways that could one day make self-evident the empirical dimension of parallel natural histories hitherto imperceptible to our ordinary modes of sense recognition. Based on nonlinguistic links to ancestral, multi-genealogical awareness, a new evolutionary supranoesis about the meaningful contents of experience and the natural world will unlock the concealed points of resonance in the brain's chemical signalling to allow humanity to understand the kind of immediate quantum reasoning that underlies the universe and the virtual construct of all psychophysical process inherent within nature. This would shed new light on the invisible threads of neurocognitive, semantic and gestalt processing used by the human mind to make sense of and navigate reality. Silicon Valley hackers might one day be able to take slices of our dreams, stored on a multiplex database, and transfer them onto mobile neurocomputers in order to retrieve the memory. In a future where all information, including neural data, has become versatile enough to be cataloged, read or tracked globally, it may pose a threat to existential security and move the domain of private information such as codes and credit cards into human ideation, memories and engineering of constructs like the internet wherein dreams, human avatars and simulated worlds could be hijacked as a quantifiable credit or resource for some interactive AI.

NASA -- Suboceanic Complex -- Lunar Testing Videogram

Remember, the first public demonstration of a virtual tour was in the reconstructed grounds of Dudley Castle, on Mars we implemented novel variations of this same cybernautical technology for producing cognitive overlays into those participants experimenting with neural field resonance interfaces who want to examine history or what life on Earth is like. False memory brain implants, as an artificial imprinting from a device to a brain, could allow subjects in a more advanced application to literally incubate their consciousness inside different streams of memory experiencing life on multiple timelines while dreaming in a manufactured neural interface. This technique works by using neurones that can be light activated in order to simulate or re-stimulate artificial memories, the same way lucid dreaming visors can be worn during sleep to awaken partially objective awareness while submersed in a subjective phantasm. Radical versions of this virtual life streaming already have been employed at facilities under the Martian surface, manifesting in worlds just like ours where fantasy, science, and science fiction merge into the lucid phantasmagorias of the breakaway hyperreality. My own memoirs saved from Catalina are integrated with the Deleuzian time images of that crystallized bubble or canopy around Hollywood and the island, including the great film archives, where several attempts at space filming on the Moon were met with repeated failure prior to the great French revolution in electro-optical fibers that circumvented this electromagnetic difficulty. If not for the Moon's magnetic and gravitational field problems, the Apollo team could have altered the footage from any film reel including vistas of desert taken from Bolivia, Chile, St. Catalina or Nevada and spliced out the heavy static. Both places, Santa Cruz Island and the mainland beach, in 1958 where I had property on the beach but our other hideout was on Santa Cruz island where pirated goods and collections of European merchandise was stored away. Smugglers Cove was named for its tradition as a haven for such activities. We also used the sandy ridges of the island's landscape to simulate Mars, like we did on Tenerife in Spain and the Chilean deserts, for testing rovers and for making films for Mars studies. One of the projects of the private space enterprise was to organize an atlas obscura cataloging places on Earth that would be suitable for training in space environments, or mountain regions that were uncanny enough to make into convincing exoplanets with various camera adjustments. The dunes along the San Andres mountains are not only good for off-road sand roadsters and motorbikes, but for rovers and robotic vehicles designed for scouting the red planet and the dusty lunar surface.

Bolivian Moonscape

In addition to the physics of atomic fusion, the Brookhaven national lab was assisting the U.S. Navy on a top secret invisibility project called the Rainbow Project. This project was eventually to become interfused with the Phoenix Project and the fate of the USS Eldridge's total disappearance from the Philadelphia naval yard to the Long Island Sound off the coast of New York. Brookhaven's research was running the Manhattan Project and the Rainbow Project simultaneously while von Neumann, Einstein and other scientists hired to work on the project came up with new mathematical equations to solve the military's problems in invisibility. They were tapping into the secrets of invisible matter viz perturbative electromagnetic field equations that could be driven using Tesla's technology of zero-point physics and in such a way that it conjures the ether of the cosmic dark energy. To their surprise this technology, from its initial stage, was already exceeding the goals of WWII meteorological surveys and scalar antennas originally designed to harness or alter atmospheric electricity and the atmospheric chemistry fuelling the biomass. Scalar devices were first invented with components like mercury vortex generators, radio pylons and wireless oscillators constructed with Tesla coils for numerous ground and aerial applications. Work in this direction had been the starting point of the Majestic and Montauk projects that grew out of the military's progress towards enhanced weather devices, signal encryption, decryption and invisibility during WWII. Nikola Tesla was hired by the Office of Naval Research in 1936 to investigate the invisibility potentials of his electrical oscillators and the following year Los Alamos ran a Tesla "P2" project headed by Werner von Braun in order to test Tesla's flying saucer propulsion systems. These technologies utilized the electromagnetic radiation or dark energy spectrum pulled from the ether to control the oscillation of gravity fields around solid objects in relation to the Earth's geomagnetic. By 1937-1939 Brookhaven labs had successfully teleported single-atom and multi-atom particles at the same time the German's recovered the first downed UFO -- Brookhaven also handled a big chunk of the MJ-12 paperwork, as an aside to its monumental discoveries in interacting laser-plasma accelerators and neutrino detectors -- the physics lab worked out the difficult problems of invisibility and simulated the wormhole connecting our universe together with its additional dimensions. Their meteorological work on heavy ions originally conceived at Brookhaven for the Atomic Energy Commission incidentally brought down a UFO in 1992 not far from the Long Island base. 

Thunderstorms produced from the trapped ions in the atmosphere had made one flying object lose control when physicists were calibrating one of their experimental accelerators. Instead of confining electrons to the chamber, the very small number of escaping heavy bombardments were channeled into a superconducting spark gap, which looked like two terminal junctures or ray guns aimed at each other at the centre of the accelerator tube. Around the spark gap was a plasma enhanced Jacob's Ladder i.e., a quasi-cathode aimed at the sky. The tips of the ladder were bonded with thin copper foiling and a joint thermocouple tuning instrument meant to release and ground the high energy voltage into atmospheric clouds during an intense storm while carrying diffuse current into a column of regular, nondestructive electron streams. As a whole, the very large structure was modelled off a Van de Graaf electrostatic generator made for storing electricity and therefore resembled its electrode fork but reverse engineered as a tuner, with the high potential sphere positioned towards the sky. Rising arcs of high voltage electricity climbed up forty meters before reaching the ground and this attracted more than jolts from the storm clouds -- the accelerator's power steadily harnessed the vortex energy from inside the cylinder as the electrostatic charge of the gas and liquid combinations released their conductivity through the spark gap -- vorticity occurring in the accelerator powered the vorticity on the reverse end of the Jocob's ladder generated by the clouds  However aside from being able to direct the storm clouds by pulsing the beam of electrons this way and that, the accelerator triggered a magnetic anomaly and a very powerful atmospheric weapon was born overnight. Time portals opened up this way look somewhat like the spirals seen over Norway except thick storm clouds accumulate in fluffy billows that descend in cyclones to where the beam is conducting the current. An exchange of conduction bands produces a steady flow of DC between the negative ions inside the clouds and the ground while the electrostatic ladder bridges a steady state electric field the same way thunderstorm clouds are able to diffuse these negative ions by striking the Earth. Electrical condensates materialize when hydrogen or helium transition from a gaseous to a semifluid state within the accelerator, exhibiting the equal vorticity and mixing of phase states as cloud vapours during a heavy storm that naturally causes ions to separate into positive and negative collections at the top and base of the clouds. By virtue of this physical production of a condensate and the ion separation inside the accelerator, the natural accelerator we call storm clouds is brought into the circuitry and a so-called "Rainbow Bridge" can be created from the interaction. 

My first encounter of a Rainbow Bridge was at the Niagara Falls laboratory that was known to be a hydroelectric plant, and a wormhole to the Rhine river in Germany where the Nazi's had tried out a super secret mercury vortex generator known as the "Bell". Less known was the fact that Bell Aircraft had been testing experimental technology at Niagara Falls implementing superconductivity around the Niagara river hydroelectric plant in 1957 when von Neumann secretly retired to work for Bell at its Buffalo location. Coincidentally the name for the bridge connecting the Ontario side of the Niagara river to the New York side was given the title "Rainbow Bridge" in 1939. We called this the "New York stargate" or "ladder to heaven", and another one like it was known to bilocate objects thrown into it from a location on Long Island to one in Buffalo. UFOs entering our timeline would fall through the Brookhaven portal and this one captured a superzied disc in South Haven Park in 1992 which subsequently ended up at Brookhaven's research facility. All the experimental planning for this and other technologies had been an integral part of the Rainbow Project to develop meteorological satellites and radar weapons. 

Westinghouse Atom Smasher

The Rainbow Project fostered the new physics that opened up the Port Interface Network along Philadelphia, Norfolk Virginia, Montauk New York, Niagara Falls, and Florida comprising the Atlantic wormhole zone bridging the Bermuda Triangle. A sub-time distortion field operating behind our visible world matrix is accessible at these fluctuating portal sites. This port interface network extends over the Earth to the Pacific rim, Devils Triangle, the Marianas Trench, parts of Micronesia to the stargate regions of Indonesia, Cambodia and the hills of Vietnam. America was forced into the Vietnam war not out of immediate necessity but to take control over the portal interface dotting the Southeast Asian gateway. DARPA and its joint intelligence committee, which included NASA scientists, converged to Alternative 3 and Dawning Horizon programs around 1967-1971. This group was deeply interested in establishing Moon colonies and scouting the surface of Mars. Supplementing these endeavours was a secret panel that studied AI, stochastic simulation, predictive programming, robotech, environmental ecology and the pyramids of Egypt -- both the space race with the Soviets and the Vietnam war presented challenges that joint intelligence were committed to solving especially the space survival issues life on other planets -- Alterminative 3 was debated for carrying out these joint operations given that equipment on both the U.S. and Soviet sides were engaged in conflictual interfaces, a proper war (or simulated war) could be ignited with a predictive economic and social outcome. The idea of a silent war which cannot simultaneously be contained as a product of spectacle and simulation suggests a second breakaway group which is not sanctioned. In the 1950s a new theory of war without death was being fostered at major think tanks and merged with the philosophy of combat training and you had by the 1960s Air Force venturing to militarize space. Formerly mind control tactics became conceptual arena for new theories of war to stabilize world economic powers and the social crisis of interstate conflicts of interest. A great deal of the cold war monetary policy and international tactics were run by USTEC (the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council), whose top secret records were handled by the KGB and Nelson Rockefeller's commission that were for purposes of exacting Majestic 12 policy. USTEC was an umbrella organization for instituting Ultra Programs in the interests of global security and contact with alien races. For the contact with alien races to be sustained and analysis of unknown properties belonging to AI and alien submersible craft to be understood, the USTEC organized ways of keeping the public attention away from these  discussions that would otherwise threaten contact and thus the global security of mankind in the event that we would not be given facts regarding the means to advanced space flight. Majic and the code breaking schemas of the war propelled the cover for the undersea negotiation with ETs created with an electrical radar system. Ultra initiatives were written up for exchanging aerospace and other technical knowledge with the Soviet Navy, KGB and Roscosmos which by that time were being briefed internally by the Committee of 300 via the ROIT (Russian Organization for Information Transmissions). 

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Tesla had been observing atmospheric electricity and discovered stationary waves with an anteanne system when he came across a series of indecipherable, unknown signals emanating from space. Believed at the time to be communications by beings from Mars, Nikolai Tesla published his findings in 1901 in a magazine article called "Talking with the Planets" -- the signals consisted of a regular repetition of numbers periodically pulsed that Tesla was convinced had originated from Martians -- Tesla was convinced that these signals must have come from an extraterrestrial source and acted as a communication medium between Earth and some hitherto unknown source -- the language picked up by Tesla had been subsequently analyzed and found to contain a mathematical structure with numerical values similar perhaps to Morse code. These logarithmic pulses were found to be occurring as timed frequencies just like the timed firing of synapses that compose the so-called "neural code" of the brain. Later radio professionals also picked up unexplained long delay echos in their equipment that sparked a government investigation to determine the source of these reflected signals. However nobody could figure out the source of the reflected signals until more experiments were run in France and the UK in the 1930s but this proved to only end in to more confusion. By 1950s speculation that the echos might be deflections of Earth signals bouncing off a satellite came into question as the age of Sputnik had forced the US to consider a Soviet origin. Two satellites by 1954 had been detected and people began to ask the government for an explanation. Pentagon officials knew the satellites circling Earth were of unknown origin but did not want the information released so they gave a press release saying the orbiting objects were asteroids. Then in 1960 they confirmed a third sighting of a large satellite orbiting Earth's north and south polar axis at very high speed which acquired the name "Black Knight". After knowledge of the Black Knight gained recognition by scientists a further investigation revealed that it had an unpredictable window of visibility in that it would appear and disappear for long periods. Years would pass and the object simply could not be detected. Could the Black Knight be utilizing a stealth invisibility technology, something like electromagnetic phase conjugation, to make itself invisible the same way German and US Navy scientists had tried to conceal their large aircraft carriers during WWII? 

We know that the phase conjugation technique is capable of producing time-reversal waves in direct response to a received stationary wave. The theory of radar absorbing materials is precisely what is needed to develop phase conjugate mirrors for radar frequency bands. Many leading radar experts believe that the German scientists during WWII had already advanced the theory of radar cross sections beyond where Western scientists have arrived at today. This kind of technology works in accordance with the magnetic invisibility principles that allowed for German U-boats to evade any and all detection by Western radar. By the 1950s the Soviets discovered phase conjugation and time-reversed waves in their German radar recruiting program. Time-reversed wave phenomenon is not just a nonlinear optics phenomenon but a solution to the wave equation and as such it applies to every sort of wave; electromagnetic, sound, magnetohydrodynamic etc. Such a wave precisely retraces the path of the ordinary wave that stimulated it to be formed so that it possesses an invisible wire through space, back to the original position of whatever emitted its stimulus wave. Since real-time holography and 4-wave mixing can readily be accomplished using phase conjugate waves and without first making holograms, geometrical forms (balls of light, shapes, hemispherical shells, etc.) of energy can be created readily with interferometry. It is possible to employ time-reversal wave adjuncts to jam radio transmitters or act through a weak micro-wave carrier beam for use as a directed energy weapon. The theory of 4-wave mixing takes us back to the topics of quantum coherence, optical invisibility and teleportation. Quantum coherence, formerly known as Glauber states, does not require the existence of a single mode or frequency. There can be many modes so long as they are coupled -- the factoring of coherent states has been experimentally verified, and high degrees of coherence, six or more orders, have also been measured in commercial lasers --Many of the most paradoxical properties of the living system follow from coherence defined in this more rigorous sense. For example, factorability optimizes intercommunications by providing an uncorrelated network of space-time points that can be modulated instantaneously by specific signals. Furthermore, it provides the highest possible fringe contrast or visibility for pattern recognition, which may account for the great specificities in the response of organisms to diverse stimuli. The factorizability of coherent fields may also underlie the efficiency of bioenergetic processes in localized concentrations of interference. A coherent field is also noiseless and communication can be optimized

Even when both sources have the identically broad spectrum, a noisy field possesses random relative phases among the available colors. Signal-to-noise ratios could be dephased with a coherence filter or more precisely a Fourier transform with Radon measures integrally attached to decode the overlapping binary phases. There is no cross-color coherence in a noisy field and the field correlators are "color locked". However the ultrafast laser pulses consist of fields characterized by well defined relative phase conjugations among the colors. This was one of the major scientific components of the time acceleration-deceleration field that operated the submarine's invisibility mechanism by means of programming log characters for quantum chromodynamic vacuum correlations. Time-polarization, as it was recorded in use for psychoenergetics, could be simply combined with a suitable mixing process in the time independent frequency domain. The same way ultrafast phenomena radiates at speeds that defy ordinary time measurements, such as in lasers, the polarization of separate scalar pulses into a single correlation field make atoms disappear or seem invisible as they move through time. Essentially all the orbital decay points and vectors are discarded. When synchrotron radiation spreads over an organic molecule, plant or animal it increases the electrostatic amplitude through the magnetic field ESR relation in the atoms of the body. To excite an acceleration of electrostatic fields in an organism to an intense burst of energy the synchrotron must be tripled though a longitudinal vortex ring. Waves are made to encircle the body within a resonant profile of the convex interference pattern controlled by the amplitude interferometer. The equipment is placed around the body similar to a full body X-ray or cylindrical tomography scan enclosing one in a mosaic of metallic panels -- superconducting vortex rings surround the chamber in this grid where the interference waves hit the body -- Most of the experiments were conducted aboard submarines and in the basements of large Naval vessels stationed in the southern Antarctic ocean or nearby Latin American countries.

Separate bays were partitioned away from the remaining sections of the vessel with electrical containment seals to prevent potential exposure, especially from interacting with radar and other electrical equipment which the submarine depended for navigation. The ambient cylinder is moulded into the walls of the room in the sealed off corridor on the basement floor of the submarine. Arrays of superconducting mercury cathodes spanned the ambient view from the ceiling to ground level, a concept adopted for large neutrino detectors known as the water Cerenkov method. Photomultipliers fill the columns in the modern neutrino oscillation detectors which are a simpler model of cathode luminescence than the custom superconducting units placed in the smaller arrays aboard these subs. Moreover, the water Cerenkov technique reached full maturity with the Japanese detector Super-Kamiokande that made it possible for physicists to discover neutrino oscillations in the atmospheric neutrinos sector. When invisible neutrinos enter the apparatus they zoom through the ground water projecting a ring of photoluminescence onto the detectors multipliers. Rings produced by electrons have a more diffuse, pixelated or grainy optical consistency than the soft glow emitted by the neutrino interactions. Earth bound neutrino emissions from supernovae starbursts have been observed with this kind of array as well as other important measurements on solar and atmospheric neutrinos, which confirmed the solar neutrinos deficit and opened the problem of the atmospheric neutrinos anomaly. 

Super-Kamiokande Neutrino Detector

In many cold war atmospheric probes, meteorological and space scientists picked up anomalous readings in their electron detectors as a series of invisible rays thought at the time to be associated with anti-matter or positron decay. International Antarctic explorations conducted simultaneous atmospheric studies to measure electron density, ionization and temperatures in the South Polar region. The launch of a French Dragon rocket in 1967 from the Dumont d'Urville Antarctic base was intended to test the efficiency of atmospheric detectors not only for understanding auroras but for gathering reliable atmospheric data for future space launches in Antarctica. The 28-ft Dragon rocket, blasted 200 miles into the sky, was part of France's Antarctic research program that did a deep survey of the ionosphere to be followed up by many NASA probes which have since revealed perturbations in weather and bodies of water beneath the ice.

These findings prompted the construction of an Antarctic neutrino observatory in 1992 known as the Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array or IceCube embedded under the ice at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Neutrinos passing through the Northern Hemisphere exit through the Antarctic ice sheet and interact with the cold nuclei of hydrogen and oxygen contained in the ice. Antarctica's ice and underground water naturally replaces the water used in the Cerenkov detectors and is able to illuminate higher energy particles this way. Insight into mantle radioisotopes, the nature of dark matter and liquid under the Antarctic ice sheet have come to light as a result of these studies. More recently a mysterious high-energy event was detected in IceCube's photomultipliers back in 2014 that could be the result of advanced experimental nuclear detonations being tested on the South Pole's magnetic vortex. Conversely, the high-energy bursts may even be emanating from north of the Arctic Circle at Russia's Station-16 testing area, an area believed to be periodically active with new experimental bomb yields since abandoning its nuclear program in wake of the test ban treaty. Neutrinos released by nuclear reactions are the same kinds of emissions that fuel the Sun, in fact solar neutrinos were discovered secondarily by attempting to observe beta decay in neutrons. Fermi coined the term neutrino to describe unobservable, nonelectric particles that result from weak interactions that occur in nuclear radiation and later bombs.

Brookhaven Labs subsequently detected their presence in 1967 at a South Dakota mine using vats of chlorine liquid as a reactor with the goal of observing high-energy solar neutrinos in small fluxes. Neutrinos interacting in the Brookhaven gold mine experiment can in principle initiate nuclear reactions that change chlorine atoms into argon atoms. Geoneutrinos, neutrinos expelled from nuclear reactions in the mantle of Earth, are now detected within neutrino dome observatories placed in underground caves, mines and other deep wells bellow the surface. What kind of high-energy reaction then could be responsible for these neutrino events in the Antarctic? Billions of years ago, when Antarctica was part of the larger Pangean continent, the axis of a black hole happened to be pointing exactly where Earth was set to be on September 22, 2017. Along this axis, a high-energy jet of particles sent photons and neutrinos speeding towards Earth at near light speed. IceCube detected one of these subatomic particles, tracing it back in time to an elliptical ring centred in Orion known as the blazar black hole galaxy. Blazars are a species of active galactic nuclei that scatter two rays of gamma particles and neutrinos, and the one in Orion was found to be aimed directly at Antarctica. The next generation of IceCube muon-neutrino detectors will dramatically improve in sensitivity to where submarines could utilize them for communication as a reliable alternative to radio waves that have trajectory limitations imposed by the water. Seawater however offers neutrino detection an immediate Cerenkov candidate for deep ocean observatories hoisted aboard submarines or spherical, high-pressure submersibles built for oceanic surveying. Submersibles have been equipped to handle deep water pressure on the ocean floor but also housing neutrino detectors would have a higher rate of detection under these variable conditions of pressure, darkness, water abundance and closer proximity to the inner crust. I think this may have been one of the physical considerations when Naval Operations and Brookhaven Labs first decided to rig these high-energy synchrotron vacuum polarizers onto experimental submarines back in the late 1960s. Subterranean neutrino testing had already been known, probably by the 1950s, when the helicity experiment at Brookhaven indicated that neutrinos had a counter-rotating spin.

By 1962 the relationship between synchrotron radiation and neutrino emission came to light with the research on the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron that discovered muon neutrinos. Latest in these pursuits to learn about neutrinos is the new globally organized collaboration called DUNE, the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. Now the worlds most intense neutrino beam will travel hundreds of miles through the Earth burrowing back in time. Starting at Fermilab's proton accelerator in Illinois, the DUNE experiment will send the resulting beam of neutrinos created by the colliding protons through a tunnel traveling 800 miles to the South Dakota mine where Brookhaven first detected solar neutrinos in 1967. Installing a huge liquid argon Time-Projection Chamber to detect the incoming neutrino beam, DUNE will orchestrate the time-dilation effect or delayed output signals from incoming neutrinos similar to the physics involved in plasmon resonance and time-polarization electromagnetism. An array of adjacent high voltage cathode-anode detectors are placed in the projector chamber to yield the event reconstruction field out of the diffuse electron bath which traces out the energy signal of particles entering into the chamber. Physicists hope to get a glimpse of the instant when these particles oscillate to become one of three flavours, so-called quantum flavour transformation, that will help explain how stars like the Sun evolve and other phenomena. Time-Projection electrodynamics works on the same scalar principles as time-polarization technology i.e., the time translation invariance implied in vacuum polarization calculates the path of charged particles the same way electric and magnetic field reconstructions of 3D events in the time-projection chamber does with 2D energy surfaces. Electricians sometimes refer to this as Green's energy; for the projection, and Green's function; for the polarization. The superposition of plane waves, or in the case of the chamber, electrical and magnetic fields between the adjacent cathode and anode, are what allow particles of weak interacting charges to be detected. Very strong external potentials in the vacuum field can have opposite relativistic paths with respect to their Feynman propagator for a charged particle. For the Feynman propagator the opposite paths of elliptically symmetric weak and strong potentials are given in the discrete and continuos spectrum as supercritical transverse waves with longitudinal wave projections. Discrete and continuous spectra, like the particle-wave correlation, are simultaneously presented as a property of time translation invariance. Time-invariance means that time-independent events can be coordinated to occur inside the time domain by operating on them in the frequency domain. Time-polarized waves were said to be like the vacuum polarized particle potential i.e., a potential caught in a momenta vortex of positive and negative electron pairs being created and annihilated like past and future points in time. Naval electronics experts working on the project used esoteric terminology for these parameters, for instance the mixing of time domains with frequency in the vacuum mode they referred to as "Schmidt decompositions". Two particles with counter-rotating vectors of opposite relativistic sign share a scalar product in the frequency domain that in turn forms a tensor with their wave function. Each of the states are reduced to a pure spectrum of discrete and continuous tensor arrays known as the Schmidt decomposition or reduced EM polarity. Both particle values become identical or nearly identical in the mixed state since the frequency and time domains of the wave-particle duals are isomorphic under Fourier transformation. Fluctuations of the electrostatic vacuum field under time-polarization interferences can hold a pair production EM field potential in a steady state wherein the reduced future values after ionization are able to be controlled. This means that information that is uncertain but quasi-stable can be observed in a gradient of the input-output black box scheme and influenced with interference measuring devices. Given the infinite potential of vacuum, the zero-potential has a random access threshold which can be approximated with singular value decompositions of its transfer matrices. DC input cathodes with a singular value decomposition AC output were tested for their ability to modify transverse waves along a projection axis. These SVD enhanced tubes were the basis of the discretely pulsed frequency domain modification of wave vectors that made possible a unitary synchronization of the device with brain waves in the elliptical interaction field. Feynman propagators with a scalar field have Lorentz invariant amplitude positions when moving transversely in the inertial frame of their relative paths. Boundary conditions for these paths are established on the basis of the singular value decomposition since their inner products have equal value and circumferences defined by the Minkowski box operator or d'Alembert wave operator. Mixed waves of this inertial field are produced with the spectral phase conjugation method so that an analog longitudinal wave dispersal with the transverse paths come into contact with the brain's electromagnetic field. 

Searching For Cosmic Rays, Brookhaven Soon Uncovered the Secrets of Muon Waves and Controlled Plasma Oscillations Now Used in Ultra Mind-Control and Reality Augmenting Technology

Advanced psychotronic functions can then be overlaid with reality as an empirical substitute for this world reference system, which subsequently becomes synchronized to the core functioning of an individuals neurocognition. Originally, the postwar Paperclip doctors, many from Dachau and Konzentraitionslager, had developed neural interfacing for autonomic training in new brain functions that would give them superior cognitive ability. Resolving the very fine structure of brain waves that don't easily show up on EGGs without dense Fourier analysis rest upon embedded cytoskeletal transport mechanisms at the seat of consciousness. Cyclotron tomography was shown to illuminate the deep structures of the axon and hence as a consequence of the positron discharge was very useful in identifying the dynamic energy levels to pinpoint or lock-on in conjugation with external virtual particle correlation functions. They also identified the brain wave patterns associated with the pronunciation of words that further elucidates the Schmidt decomposition of data points and EM signal processing. The information carrying part of the brain waves would be traced in real-time using matrix programs on compact supercomputers working in sync with the transistor switch system that the vacuum tube array also facilitated. Users referred to this additional feature as "the panel" as it was reminiscent of the oldest Naval codebreaking machines built for WWII battleships. In place of old fashioned cathodes acting as transistor switches, the array consisted of the synchrotron X-ray vacuum tubes customized with a magnetometer ring and Tesla coil filaments. At the base of a regular cathode there is a circular plate which for these units they fitted several columns of magnetometers to radio-frequency multipliers connected by a circuit. Concurrently, the magnetometer handled the DC electricity to be converted to an AC power oscillator before reaching the surface of the transmitter. The internal design of the beam and cathode circuit were derived from Nikola Tesla's wireless energy towers invented for ionizing the atmosphere. Tesla's invention made use of the natural Schumann Cavity that bridges the ground potential of Earth and the ionosphere much as a vacuum, via an electrode and a cathode filament, polarizes an electric field into electrodynamic current. Essentially these smaller devices emerged from diagrams of Tesla's wireless cage towers miniaturized into an electrical wave-guide probe with a cavity resonator, or like a room full of tiny Tesla towers aimed at a central plane doubling as interference modes. Before these advanced Phoenix technologies ever existed, the question of teleportation had almost always preoccupied its developers who were well aware of quantum mechanics. Can macroscopic objects like human beings be put into a quantum superposition of macroscopically distinct states? This is a question that lies at the heart of Schrodinger's cat paradox, a metaphor in which a cat is put in a quantum superposition of states, living, nonliving and quasi-living. By the early 1980s they realized that under suitable conditions such a macroscopic object could behave quantum mechanically provided it was sufficiently decoupled from its environment. Isolating a body to the unobservable parameters of the submarine chamber made it more likely to achieve certain quantum mechanical expectations. Like the DUNE injection module at Fermi Labs, the emitters on the wide spectrum psychoenergetic array had ring-shaped quantum wells for tunnelling. Superconducting currents in the presence of the magnetic field were to combine in the field of vision as toroidal and helicoidal vortices.

Helicoidal Magnetic Vortex Bridging North and South Poles via the Torsional Oscillation's Magnetostrophy

Could this be it or just another Pandora's box leading into myriad other universes? Harmonically driven beam weapons like those discussed here had been tried on the Antarctic vortex directly at the South Pole in an attempt to control the gravitational output destination of where and when an aircraft would end up on the other side of the event horizon. Crossing the precise location of the magnetic poles via aircraft is difficult and nearly impossible. Due to the cyclonic wind storms and magnetic intensity at the poles, the magnetic north and south poles have been forbidden to pilots who are advised to avoid the locations under international law -- Magnetic anomalies periodically render the polar regions a powerful vortex comparable at the very least to the Bermuda Triangle in the South Atlantic -- Wether natural or artificially generated with the magnetic field, the polar vortex is capable of pulling into its grip a heavy solid plane and transporting it to the opposite end of the Earth within a matter of minutes. A unipolar entanglement between magnetic north and south makes it a natural time bubble and entryway to the Cretaceous Earth. Although the Earth itself is not hollow, it contains many 'hollows' throughout, while the idea of an empty, centrifugal centre is entertaining as it pertains to hyperdimensional physics, the real consistency of the core and its multiple kinematic fields is to be more properly unearthed with greater details. In other parts of the world, including Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil, the secret government have brandished this clandestine Body Snatchers technology as a means to seize control of inner-earth at different portal entrances. Elaborate and sophisticated mind-control operations, sometimes working under an unregistered contracting agency, have established retinue military bases for instituting covert psychological takeover of a local population, country, even subterranean complexes. While some of the technology for mind-control has been based on terrestrial science, an unknown portion of the engineering has fallen into human hands over the course of centuries of exchange with the interterrestrial races. Conflicts between different groups who live as citizens of the breakaway civilizations and surface dwelling human intruders are known from ancient history.

Edgar Rice Burrough's archetypal fantasy novels about Pellucidar, a prehistoric world far bellow the Earth, were perhaps gleamed from a real protean mythology about the Hyperborean and Polarian cosmos inside the planet's crust. Burrough's also created the fictional characters John Carter of Mars and Tarzan. His influence on Martian exploration has his name assigned to one of the red planet's impact craters. Stories include "At the Earth's Core", "Savage Pellucidar", "The Land That Time Forgot", and "Pirates of Venus". Pellucidar is what remains of the Cretaceous and Eocene stratigraphy, a place where mass extinction has not forbade the creatures of the elder Earth and a dwelling protected from the calamities that abound the surface world. The savage Pellucidar is adapted by its inhabitants on the wings of renegade flight machines -- to descend into the inner-earth, a rigid vacuum airship is flown by Tarzan through an opening in the North Pole -- The Prospector was a state-of-the-art burrowing machine in which David Innes and Abner Perry first reached Pellucidar. Who could have know that such an exact correlation between Burrough's imaginary device would be realized in government funded mining equipment built for digging sealed tunnels deep into the Earth? Burrough's inventions for his novels can be added to the true visions of Jules Verne, several of which have come to pass in a period of over a century. 

Atlantean technologies of transportation and communication perpetually renew the dreams of 19th century innovation as presaged in the transcriptions of Frederick Spencer Oliver when he related to the Lemurian Fellowship the future state of technology from an  Atlantean reincarnated on Earth in "A Dweller on Two Planets" and "An Earth Dweller Returns". Oliver is merely a 19th century scribe and he presents his work as channellings from the spirit of "Phylos the Thibetan" a man whose life, both past and future, will become significant as the saga continues. Starting in 1883, Phylos transcribes to Oliver at his California residence a biographical fiction of his own reincarnation as a 19th century American gold miner who resided inside the temple of Mt. Shasta as Phylo's subtle body was projected out of the planet Hyspernia, an alternate of Venus.

A Dweller On Two Planets consists of a first person description of life on Atlantis with a diverse picture of their technological achievements. Poseidi citizens of the lost continent had already come into possession of antigravity airships (flying saucers) and submarines that were as effective underwater as in air, television monitors (oscilloscopes), wireless telephonics (cell phones), aerial water generators, air conditioners and high speed railways (electric rail trains). Both books present a long and complex history of numerous past-lives belonging to different individuals whose multifaceted karmic relationships and events are recorded in the amanuensis. Frederick Spencer Oliver's prior existence as Rexdahl, Aisa and Mainin are encapsulated with the many lives of Phylos as Ouardl, Zo Lahm, Zailm and Walter Pierson. Like some Vedic literature found in the epics of India, Frederick Spencer Oliver's novels are a kind of analog collecting together the past lives, rebirths and karmic cycles of eight souls. Reflecting the Vedic literature further, A Dweller on Two Planets also details the life and technology of ancient Atlantis especially the airships that were known as "Vailxi", a term oddly familiar to the hindu "Vimana" ships. A Dweller On Two Planets has enamoured wonder and attention as a popular occult book for over a century, largely because it predates modern technology with its detailed descriptions of devices that unquestionably were well in advance of the time frame in which it had been written. According to Phylos, the Atlanteans had created Airless Cylinder Lamps with tubes of crystal illuminated by some invisible relativistic plasma activated by the "night-side forces" mentioned in Edgar Cayce and later Carlos Castenada. They also invented Electric Rifles, guns charged with electricity as a propulsive force that come of age with the rail-guns and psychotronic weapons already discussed. Mono-Rail Transportation, which had only begun to be considered immediately after the publication of visionary articles like these, and atmospheric Tesla-like inventions that condense water from the ionosphere.

In A Dweller On Two Planets, the hero Zailm, who later becomes Phylos and Walter Pierson, visits Caiphul, the capital of Atlantis where he witnesses many novel electronic instruments and the monorail system. The electric carriage system that connects together parts of the city of Caiphul is replete with palm trees, a garden and walkway constructed below it like a villa, the greenhouse where passengers stroll to reach various destinations above. Radio and television tube technology were yet to be complete yet Oliver's transcriptions tell of them in great detail. He explains that the airships, which look like zeppelins, with a cigar-shaped surface are electromagnetic antigravity craft capable of entering the water as a submarine after traveling through the air. Following chapters then reveal the destiny of Zailm who visits Suern, a city in India on another timeline, accessed by riding on a Vailx airship. Appearing to the medium, Phylos relays to Oliver what it is like on Atlantis as if he were a naturalist writing a journal of newly sighted but vague formations in the environment. He depicts the likeness of their technology to the functions of present age utilities, such as the artworks of moving 3D scenes (holograms), occult instruments for communicating, typewriters (computers), TVs and atomic telescopes. Although being in the past, the descriptions play out in the future as the continuance of Atlantean karma is transmigratory across time and space. The books have been very influential and a source of inspiration for the spiritual knowledge about Atlantis, Lemuria and Mt. Shasta.

The Animatrix, Virtual Reality Screens
Nonlocal Synchronization of Liquid Crystalline Oscillations in Brain to Underwater LCD Holographic Computers

A Dweller On Two Planets initiates the trail that leads to our modern conceptions of Mt. Shasta's legacy as a jewel hiding beneath it a lost civilization -- the refugees of Lemuria, who had arrived on the shores of California thousands of years ago, carved out a cluster of hospices inside the Cascade Mountains most likely connecting Mt. Shasta to Mt. Reiner and British Columbia -- Helena Blavatsky's work had almost simultaneously pointed to this exact revelation of a hidden world within Mt. Shasta where the Lemurian race scurried off after the destruction of their continent in the Pacific Ocean. Most of the source material for Blavatsky's occult Secret Doctrine had been revealed in an esoteric text discovered in Tibet known as the Book of Dzyan. Herein are the connections to Tibet and Phylo's appellate. According to Blavatsky's theosophical teachings, the Lemurians were the ancestors of the Atlanteans, an elder civilization belonging to a Third Root Race including amphibians and reptiles. Lemurians were known to be an egg-laying, Carian derived species of subtle intelligence that possessed a form of telepathy. Sentient life of an intelligent kind were present alongside the ethereal humans of Lemuria and their species was most akin to the DNA of birds and early humans. The Carians (from Carrion) were said to be automatons of the Saurian surface engineers from Mizar who introduced human strands of DNA to Neanderthals and Carian DNA to reptilians and humans.
Brookhaven's Subterranean Avians
Comparing the head shape and facial structure of chick embryos to that of many alien intruder-visitor species seen in underground breeding facilities is quite revealing. Illustrations showing the tan-brown and grey-white species of extraterrestrials commonly associated with abductions also indicate their elongated, pear-shaped encephalon, pointed chin, large glossy black orbits, and tiny almost beak-like mouths. Embryos of the Fornax tans, Orions and Zeta Reticulan greys are very close in appearance to the final stage of a chick embryo. Lemuria's seeding of life may have been an experiment much like the Dulce files have exposed to be happening at underground alien bases involving human and extraterrestrial genetic engineering of chimeras. Combining the phylogenetics of divergent mitochondrial DNA's requires an electronic surface science of molecular nanotechnology allowing for the modification of chromosomal morphology, pair numbers and cell lines. A gradual anthropomorphizing of Carian genetic material with early human could have abstracted so as to resemble the peculiar anatomy of the "tall whites" and tan colored aliens of the abduction phenomenon. Although due to environmental disorder and genetic mutations related to physiology, the species had to augment their organic functions by artificial means. Photoreceptors had to be implanted in the eyes with a synthetic liquid crystalline layer of stereoisomer, glass, or some other polymeric protein for their sustained vision that had succumbed to depigmentation as a consequence of solar irradiance and subterranean albinism. Digestive enzymes were borrowed from other species or isolated from the photoreaction centres inside chlorophyl rich bacteria. Each of the impairments of the grey and tan Carianoids was found to be related to photoreceptivity both in the eyes and in the digestive tract. Thousands of years adjusting to the Ice Age climate and subterranean world of Atlantis induced acute sensitivity to light and near blindness. By a process of reverse ontogeny, and a recluse diet of cave dwelling insects, they were no longer able to synthesize a crucial strain of their own gut bacteria from the nutrient rich green plant life found in their ancestral Lemurian habitat. Hence this particular species became progressively more Carian and the hominid DNA became recessive.

Desolate Light Crescents of the Hyperboreal-Agarthan World

Caverns that extend deep under Mt. Shasta became the new home for the last vestiges of Lemuria's Royal caste who burrowed their own mines and put together castles within chambers to sustain their lineage. At the centre of the great temple stood the Maxin Light, the super energy beam that was erected at the centre of the major powering station in Atlantis. Edgar Cayce's Atlantis channellings have commented on these towers as being the crystal pylons that powered the energy grid of the lost continent. Maxin Light was explained to be a brilliant electromagnetic radiation that spread from the tip of the crystal towers and was responsible for much of the damage that brought down the Atlantean civilization. Perhaps the towers in those times had worked by harnessing solar light but was being turned into a weapon when different factions of Atlanteans and Lemuria broke into a planet-wide conflict with the encroachment of the Martians. The Atlantean power system could not sustain this magnitude of energy that was fuelling the battle as the towers were pulsing electrical beams to Mars. Earthquakes resulted in some areas, while others were subdued by floods, climate change, meteor strikes etc., and bit by bit the continents sank. Phylos explained that the Maxt Towers as a source of the Maxin Light that adorned the most sacred part of the temple on Atlantis. It was a raised, triangular platform of red granite, several inches higher than the floor of the auditorium with 36 feet between its points were inlaid with a block of crystal quartz upon a perfect cube where the Maxin Light would rise. Giving off no heat yet like a solar generator could supply energy to life in and around the Incal temple. Elsewhere, in new colonized lands, Mt. Shasta and others under aquatic ridges off the coast, large beacons of glowing light are anchored into the power grid energizing the secret colonies that continue to flourish in subterranean channels. Quartz pedestals of different heights are dotted all across the seabed linked up to a console of battery operated generators inside the Lemurian base between Catalina Island and Malibu.

Telos, Mt. Shasta
Suburbia, City within a City 

Laguna Beach Saucer
Inside, a city proportional to the extent of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area can be accessed by taking the elevator routes from some undisclosed suburban entrances. This metropolis is the crystal city told for centuries to have been part of the underground world of Telos connected beneath Mt. Shasta. Other endangered or mythologized creatures still live in Telos and the crystal city, particularly dragons and bizarre winged lizards who use to roam the inner shafts of the mountain's caves. Today these parts of the mountain are either restricted or inaccessible to outsiders. Machines like those illustrated for A Dweller On Two Planets are said to be the actual source of Tesla's free-energy devices and wireless tower system received through a channel or unknown Atlantean colony living in the Croatian Alps. One of the characters, Zailm, zooms off to South America in one of the Vailxi in search of a gold mine using an electrical metal detector. A few incarnations following the death of Zailm, Phylos is taken astral traveling to Venus in a manner reminiscent of the mystical hinduist yoga of Swami Prabhupada's Easy Journey To Other Planets. Utilizing the Night Side powers, or Navaz, to support the levitation of vessels and balance temperature, Oliver's Atlantis seems to have tapped into the zero-point energy of the dark ether sometimes associated with Dark Energy. Perpetual twilight is a condition that presides over the worlds within the deeper chasms of Earth and modulating the intensity of photon luminescence is a science peculiar to inner-earth civilizations.

Aquatic Flying Drones
Exotic technologies working on mystical or nearly inexplicable mechanisms have come about through the free-association process of techno-science and surreal invention. These processes were known to hybridize the levels of complexity by exploiting the interfaces that can be engineered between molecular surfaces. Thus biology, genetic information, energy, light, sound, geology, plasma, air, liquid crystal, gas and semiconductors can all be wired to work in unison for the artificial evolution of novel lifeforms or technology. Like the surreal cathexions of living technologies that resonate where desirous objects intersect with the animated modes of humanity, the lost worlds that have governed themselves for millennia have assembled the building blocks of life and in their isolated anomie, acquired symbiosis with the desolate factors of nature. To these seemingly bleak ends, however they have adapted themselves to new aeons of development by integrating esoteric beliefs and occultism to replace the monolithic-monotheistic limitations of the nomadic herders past. Coupled to a precisely filtered sense of how to integrate based on harmonic formulae, these colonies of Lemurian souls figured out how to extend life and civilization where humans living on the surface have remained in progressive stagnation with their dystopian exploits. Interfacing the dreamworld with the tangible, intra-cognizant reality base, the dwellers of the undersea city made it a natural pursuit of theirs to look into past and future Earth the same as would a culture that had perfected all the technological ramifications of dowsing, remote viewing and electrostatic communication with the other side. For those advanced breakaway cultures, the things which the new age is beginning to figure out has been known since the dawn of their first civilization. Long ago it was understood how to pull the harmonic strings of the universal hologram; to access the psychic afterimages in the recorded medium known as Akasha.

NASA/Naval Secret Space Base

Implementing an extraordinary neural technology with the random, computational ability to influence electrodynamic processes, the undersea breakaways concerned with time-travel mechanics employed their own fleet of precogs. The neural hacking and rapid-eye techniques brought to life in such sci-fi fantasy ideations as Phillip K. Dick's Minority Report or Existenz by David Cronenberg, are an assured reality for the technophiles of the subterranean community. Cybernauts relive past lives or can project their electrodynamic discharges through a "looking glass" into new planet-filled universes that are permeable to consciousness and a material interface. In other words, the states of dream and the states of reality have a quantum process of being mediated through the biointerface and the polarized ether. One's central nervous system is involved in time-tracking, coordinating and spawning new karmic programs that are interacted with by dream merging within personal memory bubbles. People can become amateur tourists, or professional cybernauts, exploring the reaches of their own subconscious in lucid plasticity. Virtual lucidity technology produces an adaptable neural copy of the real-time oneiric data stream such that one can have the certainty of waking life while their consciousness elicits synaptic responses to the adapting neural network. Surrealistic experiences can take shape in these altered states when the perceptual hardware of the brain is modulated in sync with an external resonator. Intersecting surfaces of biological and energetic complexity can then produce hybrid psychedelic perceptions. J.G. Ballard's short stories for his Vermilion Sands compilation; works like "Venus Smiles" and "The Screen Game" unravel phantasmagoric imagery of what can happen when isolated cybernaut communes start to blend the EEG patterns of one quantum wave description belonging to waking reality with another attributed to their own subconscious lucidity. Artworks transform into realistic, animated personas; inanimate objects appear as part of one's own mental dimension; fuzzy-neural logic reaches a height where the most intangible and absurd connections immediately gain perceptual clarity; the organizational units of memory and other cognitive functions exchange locality or blend so that their states resonate; hallucinations adhere tighter to the makeup of logical reality than in conditions where they are being chemically stimulated without reason. The inner-earth societies that have become adept in this methodology have all developed beyond the larvae of Earthbound collectivity to the point of what Timothy Leary named the exopsyhic or exopsychology. Within the delimited themes of an exopsychic civilization, inhabitants are able to reprogram their past via neural memory, rewire elements of the personal neocortex, exchange information and life energy beyond the body and terraform on other planets with nano-science and nanoatomic devices. New levels of reality are then accessible with new DNA informatics or cybernetic organisms that house the mental body for successful cosmic flotation in intermediary space vehicles.

Phillip K. Dick's VALIS series fictionalizes the existence of an artificial alien surveillance mechanism that communicates with life on Earth -- VALIS becomes the incarnated animus of Sophia and the spectacle of human religio-inquiry, including Richard Nixon, who are among the characters brought into his circle of imaginaries -- VALIS fits the near exact description of the Black Knight satellite and other Crteatio Ex Machina to be around at the beginning of the world, and discovered by astronomers. VALIS orbits Earth but only as a unit of several other satellites from Sirius. Lasers project holograms and data to humans who come to understand the aliens purpose following a sequence of coherent image recognition within human memory. These disinhibiting stimuli were believed to provide the means of communication with human intelligence, since their messages were all contained in symbolic form rather than lines of code relaying specific premises relating together states of affairs. Symbolic representation was to trigger recall of lost time and space coordinates from human collective memory. Man was disposed to amnesia from the time of ascent out of the Earthly Eden which the VALIS had originally facilitated its evolution. Gnosis then could only be reached from a nonlinear trajectory that traverses the memory pool belonging to mankind's most ancient past -- in his Exegesis, Dick explains "We appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiential information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction -- a failure -- of memory retrieval." These vanishing points or foci of man's long lost origins force him outside the bounds of civilization and place him immediately in a state of primordial reflectiveness -- a stance critical to the modern technological world which scientology has tried to mass produce through engrams and other psychological devices suggesting instantaneous self-distancing. Progressing in this vein are the tools of auditing and exopsychology which may include private board meetings, or sensory isolation chambers. Unexplainable circumstances like the author's receiving premonitions about his sons health which led doctors to a hernia that saved the sons life, and of his momentary ability to speak in proto-Greek while under the influence of LSD-25 were recorded. All of these psychic queues in his ordinary life were attributed to VALIS. Within these supernatural contexts, VALIS performs illicit functions similar to a noonspheric antennae system that intercalates with life on the planet using biosemiotic signals, waveforms and eidetic frequencies. The downfall of Richard Nixon in the VALIS novel coincides with parallel versions of the Watergate scandal by Nixon's alter, who had to be impeached for the sake of remote viewing. In 1943 Howard Hunt went to work for the OSS and trained on Catalina Island with Lucien Conein. The Office of Naval Intelligence demanded Hubbard to return to work for the joint CIA Project Bluebird after his success in teaching Dianetics gained recognition. Refusing to rejoin the civil services, Hubbard set a course for making scientology into a private business. Meanwhile, the Office of Policy Coordination where E. Howard Hunt was employed, had merged with the new CIA where he and Lucien Conein both worked. Scientology applied a new kind of Dianetic processing instrument to uncover pain-drug-hypnosis induced traumas which are otherwise beyond the reach of ordinary psychological hypnosis to dislodge. Initially, Dianetics is prescribed to be the remedial antithesis to irrecoverable CIA-Monarch mind control, mnemonic-identity displacement and subliminal programming; symptoms which the majority in a consumer society suffer at some level. But it soon becomes infiltrated by agents with anterior motives who want it to play into the service of patriarchal-consumer civilization's disinterested drives and profit aims. Before most of this was realized, the CIA and other military intelligence programs were looking extensively into extrasensory perception so that it could be used to read the mind of the enemy or divert national attention away from what was really going on.

Scene From Minority Report (Liquid Crystal Psychic-Projection Display Systems)

In his book "History of Man", Hubbard described the innate mental capabilities of original humans (Thetans) who manifest everything by pure thought and whose abilities include telepathy and telekinesis. Scientology is claimed by some to be the only effective means of rehabilitating original human know-how of these Thetan instincts. Fascination with these psychokinetic powers incites the CIA and US military intelligence to investigate their potential use as a physical or even ideological weapon. This fact is echoed in Alexander Puharich's lecture of 1952 called "On the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare" that was delivered to the Pentagon. Thetan operators seem to be an idealization of the "mental body" or etherically formed, pre-terrestrial humans who were originally believed to be ensouled into ion carriers before the sinking of Atlantis and exhibit the higher state of attunement sought out by members of the Vril Society. The German Vril of the Third Reich were a theoretical race of hyper-industrious, socially utilitarian humans who had built a culture to utilize all these dormant psychic channels which were off limits due to their potentially harmful or oppressive character. Before humans had afflicted the notion of Vril, others had begun to question their existence in subterranean communities under the German soil. Vril-ya were spiritually hyperkinetic beings who could transmit information with their thoughts into another's mind and sometimes encountered humans wandering into cavern openings to the inner-earth. Venturing deep in subterranean caverns in response to an antediluvian flood, the Vril-ya developed skills that were rare among their Lemurian ancestors. Adapting to the harsh conditions underground; thriving in total darkness, cold and so forth, the Vril-ya learned how to see in the dark, grew an expanded visual cortex in the back of the head, and survived by nesting close to lava channels within active volcanic regions. This optical adaption to darkness forced the Vril-ya to invent mental imagery as a form of communication, expressed in cave paintings, pictograms and petroglyphs. Over the course of thousands of years, their visual language soon became an invisible tool for projecting thought forms and symbolic patterns.

German psychologist Erich Jaensch, along with his successors in psychological research; Akter Ahsen have called this ability "eidetic memory". Eidetic memory gives visual recall in the brain an acuity that resembles hallucination and a half-life much longer than ordinary passing impressions. Eidetikers are gifted in similar ways as synaesthetes, polymaths and superpsychics. Others in biosemiotics like Gregory Bateson, Charles Pierce, Terrence Deacon and Sebeok consider eidetic phenomenon as a process linked to the wider signification of biological information, and hence memory, by molecular genetics and meaning, which the brain expresses through aeons of chaotic adaption to complex stimuli. Mnemo-psychography for example is a term used in biosemiotics that refers to the minds capacity to imprint itself from interactions with the environment and the biological capacity for memory. Mind emerges from memory by self-writing its own storage codes onto a manifold of self-preserving rules. These biosemiotic storage codes are capable of being understood in digital processing i.e., DNA and other binary functions within cells. Digital codes have the advantage of being writeable as tools for abstraction wherein other meta-messages take shape. However to be endowed from an initial state to self-write the digital message, meta-messages have to make abstract indications of fundamental signifiers more readily perceived through analog communication. Eidetic responses are internal, analog mechanisms of visual memory that transmit the primary processes of inner-feedback in the organism to the optic centres. In this sense they are meta-messages of primordial space-time geometry and neuro-synergetic pattern formation in a psychological medium. Some have credited the sporadic development of meaning in human reality to be a function of the universe's isotropic, anisotropic duality. Meaning and its structures, the metanarratives and mythopoiesis, have a place in the grand scheme especially where a complex organ like the human brain is concerned; with finding meaning in everything or proving synchronicity. Indeed, synchronicity may have emerged as a natural property of the stochastic variance in human constructive behaviour, symbolism and thought. Cosmic triggers behind the events of synchronicity take on a hyper-reality of their own inside the brain which has deeper access to more information than a machine or data analyzer. However this has not stopped intelligence organizations and think-tanks from investigating the statistical parameters out of which synchronicity and other psychic fluctuations take shape.

Engrams and other markers used in precognitive testing embed the language aspect into the unconscious process so that it can in some way take the place of negative imprints. The new imprint, fictionalized alter, first-person, or metanarrator, endows a potency that is otherwise only regressed passively by a subject who tries to dissolve the imprinted patterns of their cognitive behaviour. Traits become linked to genetic processes that must be undone by triggering the language used to transfer messages between cells, genes and simpler components of the organism. That language would appear to include something like engrams, perhaps, or color-sound tones investigated by eidetic psychology. It could be a twist of fate that there is a synonymity between the terms "Dianetics" and "Eidetics" , the latter which came into use in the psychology of imagery around the time of the war when Erich Jaensch became director of the Marburg School of Neukantianismus Psychologie. Dianetics is a pairing of dia and "noetic", meaning 'between the mind' -- dianetics, like eidetics, is intended to get to the spatiotemporal source of the mental process viz, the programming of nucleic memory patterns in the archaean organism. Eidetic images were well suited and most effective instrument for interfacing with the space-time continuum since it contained optical space-time coordinates in 2D and 3D arrays. Fuelling the eidetic process of enacting psycho-spatial templates or engrams, the breakaway civilizations of Vril-ya had learned to master the holographic power of Vril, which was the name of an invisible fluid enabling superhuman vision and healing energy. Harnessing the essence of Vril can only happen when the mind self-reflects at a deeper level of itself such that it generates relativistic energy from inertia. Inertial confinement of the will to its own self-perception ignites an instantaneous fusion of the will to itself, strengthening its tolerance to environmental impacts on its psyche. With a plasma fluid, inertial confinement works on similar principles as the all-permeating fluid the German occultists were to call the Vril.

Vril as a Plasma 

VALIS organizes communication under principles of a holodynamic set of symbols. This was to allow individual minds to go beyond their intercultural-interlinguistic and species based imprints, keying-in on deeper more ramified levels of the dream, and an enhanced lucidity there, and in merging with wakeful consciousness. Ordinary rationalistic psychology with its logical positivism and anthropological uniformity, was unable to penetrate this level of critical consciousness that continues evolving outside the body and certainly in realms of symbiosis that escape our manmade cultural fabrications. Satellite networks like the one Philip K. Dick postulates in VALIS may be coiling around the Earth like the DNA does around the cellular nuclei only to an organism operating in our air space is constantly open to transmitting and receiving signified transmissions -- in our highly textual culture reduced solely to the value of information, the importance of the symbolic itself has escaped us. As Baudrillard had repeatedly made clear the potential hope in, but ill fated destiny of, symbolic exchange among human populations at the turn of the century, we become ever more stranded and out of the loop in term of communicating with our progenitors, aliens, or God, thanks to being so severely grammatical. Setting aside the unreachable divergence of an alien system of thought and Earth's limited expansion in wake of information technologies, there exist still the traces of memory infringing upon a happy human existence perturbed as it is by neurotic twitches that arise from lack of original coherence. In order to escape this lack of original coherence, the brain seeks out deeper ingress into objectified desires and points of contact which are universally fragile. A civilization of mimesis, repetition and prognosis -- the downward spiral we appear to traverse is so immensely a part of the scripted notion of time that it too escapes us at every instant -- Unbeknown to most of the world, there are breakaway civilizations who have long since tapped into the subharmonic grid of the planet and learned how to operate stargates. Science fiction writers obsessed with the grimories of lore about a hollow Earth teaming with fantastic creatures, elegant fairies and awful demigods have at least popularized what could be an inaccessible part of the planet inhabited by a forgotten civilization who command a mysterious technology. All of the systematic instruments of mind control, psychic technologies, genetic engineering, hidden power structures and a black world funding all sorts of exotic stealth aircraft, could have simultaneously arisen from inside the Earth as part of a network of underground industrial complexes. Connected together with other disappearing secret societies, like the escaped postwar scientists of the Third Reich, along with the elite of several other nations who are dispersed at separate locations, have mapped out the Earth's stargates and begun to explore the farther reaches beyond the solar system. The human body, while living inside this video game reality, operates itself as a time capsule reared in space yet simultaneously inhabiting an industrial scale, automated environment composed of spontaneous quantum and relativistic effects. Keying-in to this process of connecting together the parallel surfaces of reality is the way to access the different energy levels of the continuum. Other operators existing on multiple frequency planes are able to augment reality or set its course with new programs arrayed to the queries that control present day communication systems. New streams of reality-consciousness are created when pivotal communication links are established or reprogrammed from resonation points during a lucid dream. Time lines essential to the mean output and operational sequencing of the world system are squeezed from those dreaming observers with a prime significance to the master programming provinces in charge of Earth's sleeping technician populations.

Mt. Shasta UFO Clouds / Castle 

Drawing on the environment, the mind constructs a separate map of the fixed points in its proximity that, over time, adhere to it as familiar. Short-term memory stored in the mind is constantly taping over these constructed regions and filling in our grasp of phenomena with familiarity and with the habitual patterns of recall. Only when consciousness hibernates in long periods of rest, meditation, or goes on sojourns from its immediate environment is it able to clear out these constructed zones of habitual memory, making room for the spontaneous emergence of new cognitive maps and constructions. Memory awakens once it can be better isolated from all the shocks of environmental stimuli and the perpetual objectifying of experience. Socially constrained and verbal intellect limits the spectrum of self-inquiry necessary to promote the opening of mental spaces where synaptic transitions to diverse, inaccessible memory processing can be cleared. Penetrating the consciousness in the brain past the 5th biocircuit, it becomes possible to see, explore and communicate with inner-earth structures of geology, civilization and mind as well. Evolutionary movement in this direction involves the rapid accretion of the brain's spiral dynamics. From here one may exhibit knowledge of the hidden communication networks existing on information levels inaccessible to the physical consciousness and begin translating images from an alchemical dialect which is present in Agartha.

Agarthan-Gaian Archetype 

The warm, hollow, womb-like security of the inner-earth revives the biocircuits concerned with natal survival and neonatal feeding. When the new imprints are not properly interpreted, then the objects of displaced cathexion keep running with the typical morphological imprints given by the environment which keep the carnal mind in a cycle of substituted varieties and empty fulfillment in consumption. The wiring of this primary circuit took shape in the first prokaryotic organisms 3-4 billion years ago. In modern humans its structural similarities still remain in the human brainstem, in the involuntary nervous system where it transmits and receives inner-feedback with the endocrine and other life-support systems. As a newborn, this reptilian root system in the brain controls most of the instinctual habits that we find to be automatically driven in a separate field distinct from the reflective seat of consciousness. Communication between these modules give rise to an etheric actuator cell within the hippocampus that connects the spiral dynamics in all connection domains in the brain to the spiral dynamics of the Earth's inner core-surface field. 

Spiral Oscillations Resonate From Earth's
Interior to the Aetherian Neurological Sheath
Activated By Hibernation
Earth's hidden rulers figured out how to program these deep connections within the living matrix and the planetary core using prebiotic, Tesla and mind control technology. Our present understanding of biosemiotics at the level of cells, proteins and animal communication allows many aspects of survival in complex organisms to be imprinted, even modified bioenergetically with symbols, image structures and psychotronics. Thus we came across the use of biological implants in the medical hospitals of the Third Reich for electromagnetic control of neuromuscular, locomotor, brain processing and bioenergetic modulation of the somatic field. The basis of this technology was the discovery of a holistic switch system within the body that could be triggered by installing a feedback interface; coupling the Central Nervous System to its other subnetworks including the functions of cellular locomotion and protein synthesis. Understanding how to do this requires some in-depth tinkering with the mechanics of fuel cells and nano-voltaics adapted to the electrophysics of semiconductor elements. Programming cell networks, like the cytokines that fuel the immune system of most living things, is approached from the neural networks perspective and therefore even some cancer research has been done along these lines. Starting from the most primitive datum of the Hodgkins-Huxley model of the neuronal cell, the secret research bent on eliciting brain functions to all other microscopic energy circuits was tantamount to the latest breakthroughs in psychology. Psychoenergetics was responsible for effecting brain waves indirectly often by the appliance of scalar interferometry via manifold wave multiplexing. The Navies of various countries, especially the US and Germany, had perfected signal-to-noise detection along with oscilloscope radar technology for submarines and aircraft carriers. "Mind War" was the covert term for manipulating armies, fleets, civilians or enemy leaders with electronic waves sent to interfere with regular processing. Psychoenergetic warfare goes right to the core of human identity itself which can be abducted, extracted, reinserted or exchanged for another mind or body. Exploring the novel electromagnetic nature of psychical operations, the coupling between the mind and the body, the induction of physical 3D electromagnetic energy changes into the nervous system and viz into every cell of the body, from the mind's time-like self-coherency. Time-polarized electrodynamics was used to engineer and effect the mental states by interfering at the quantum level with the mind-body coupling loop. Transduction mechanics, whereby differing electromagnetic wave polarizations can be transformed one-into-the-other, are directed into cranial and transcranial apertures, each synchronized for interfacing the brain. Synchrotron focusing was another method meant to overlay the neurological fields with an imposing wavefront of cross polarized EM signals. By virtue of the photon interactions taking place in the beam column, some of the psychotronic devices were known for producing a discrete jump in the rate of perceived time flow. A particle is known to change by only a single Delta T at a time -- thus the background flow of time in which the jump in rate occurs, is created by the continual absorption and or emission of virtual photons -- Physicists at the time called this TRI (Time Reversal Invariance) or T-symmetry, a somewhat dated principle of quantum behaviour that nonetheless works as a macroscopic theory of time transformation. In accordance with T-symmetry, all other physical laws obey a certain degree of thermodynamic stability if or when time is reversed that is said to be equivalent with Noetherian entropy conservation. However when time is reversed on vectors in an electromagnetic system it invokes certain Maxwell demons which can create a paradox for information theory. Since the brain processes information in the electromagnetic time domain, scalar waves can in principle cause abrupt alterations in the temporal processing of inputs. To affect these central nervous responses it was realized that feedback, or a quantum coupling between the brain and environment, was needed for a full access to one's neurological switchboard. 

Alien abduction cases frequently report to their hypnotists with symptoms of "missing time". Long intervals of environmental displacement go unaccounted when subjects fall asleep, enter a somnambulant state or find that they've been traveling vast distances without any memory of the time lapsed. This is not unlike teleportation except that it can be produced within the electromagnetic fields of the brain by varying the matrix coordinates in the time domain. In addition to missing time; time dilation might be experienced as an immediate side-effect of bilocation, quantum entanglement and experiments in breaking Mach speed over the Earth's geomagnetic and gravitic fields. Ironically, mind control research in many western countries using transverse electromagnetic waves are limited to a brute force method of evoking and influencing vacuum energies as space-time curvature engines in special relativity, although they do not known this. Elements of this electromagnetic or electroshock control of the mind have been suggested in the George Orwell film for 1984 and in Frank Herbert's Dune.  Logan's Run is another retro sci-fi classic containing themes of a cybernetic society wherein every aspect of life is engineered; food, reproduction, death, rebirth.

Antarctica, "The Rim"
Living in a futuristic matrix reality monetized by computers causes some rebellious factions, called the "Runners", to escape from the control of the "Deep Sleep", a city-state operated by the "Sandmen". These are obvious metaphors for the so-called deep state and psychedelic modification via sleep augmentation. Keeping the citizens of the future serialized, each are implanted with a biosensor crystal in the palm of the hand that changes color with the termination of the life span. Shaped in the image of a lotus flower, the crystal in Logan's Run symbolizes the rebirth of consciousness from deep sleep just as the lotus arises from the muddy pond with the rising Sun. The computer tries to control the lifespans when the life-clock inside the crystal blinks red. Outside the energy-saving geothermal domes that safeguard the city, there is an ice cave where escapees from the inner confines of the Deep Sleep world come into contact with a sentinel robot. This could be reflected in the Matrix pods where populations are hooked into the machine city, or even the rim around the South Pole leading to the inner-Antarctic shelf. Those who are plugged into the machine city first exit by taking a path through its periphery which is a kind of double-sided surface separating an Antarctic ice sheet and the firmament of the false Earth. Hitler had planned his death and rebirth according to numerology. Deciding to shoot himself at 3:30 on April 30, 1945, Hitler wanted his time of death to coincide with the 333 symbolism found in cryptic biblical exegesis so that he could reincarnate as Jesus had at the age of 33. The 333 also was to correlate with Solomon's temple and the 33 degrees of freemasonry. But Hitler had not only escaped death by timing it to a numerological belief, and then escaping capture, he also changed his date of birth (April 20) when he became Chancellor. Born as a fiery, energetic Aries, Hitler changed his birthdate at some point to fit the whole Aldebaran astrology of the Vril secret order. Knowing the precise chroma combinations in the physical spectrum of quantum particle-wave creation-annihilation vectors was key to triggering the time domain points where material reality is structured. The KGB's secret psychoenergetic weapons had procured direct measurements of time-polarized waves and longitudinal waves. They also understood Carl Jung's collective unconscious world of archetypes that could directly interface with programmed populations and groups by switching its time-like operations and correlates with time-polarization. The collective unconscious operators are encrypted several levels deeper inside the recursive Whitakker structuring of the electromagnetic fields emanating from the cortex. Scientists were quite certain of the existence of a Gaian mind connecting the Earth's magnetic, tectonic, and bioenergetic fields with human and nonhuman collective energy fields. This was also to explain some of the karmic periodicity in the Earth, volcanos for instance, that reset manmade constructs that tamper with the balance of these fields. It is quite likely that the KGB understood this deeper balance in their approach to psychoenergetics. If they understand how to directly engineer the collective human species at the unconscious level, it then makes it possible for them to convert the human species into a sort of ant colony social hierarchy, modelled along utopian-communist logic, to simplify human economic forces and tasks. The ant society can only be efficiently realized with a total collective entrancement of the masses at the genetic-hereditary level which includes both the neuropsychological and DNA layers acting as host to a series of complex imprinting. Imprints as we've discussed before are needed to uproot the mind in a new system of biosurvival circuits which are put in place to regulate the control based or consumer society within the structures of social and neuropsychic dependency. Psychoenergetics developed by the KGB were advanced after the war once the US Navy had acquired some rudiments of the technology and basic operating principles -- they observed these principles in the analog modification of transverse waves into elliptical and conic sections reconstructed by means of the time-polarization dynamics of electromagnetism. Later the DoD officialized through the CIA a number of psychoenergetic studies to be put into military applications for potential use during the cold war. Wether it is the Russians planning to subvert free-thinking with an ant colony society or rogue US Black-Ops groups withholding a great stealth mind control weapon from the rest of the world, the secrecy on all sides around has allowed largely criminal elements to take over this technology while leaving the rest of civilization in the dark. Manipulation of the longitudinal waves in the electromagnetic field lines was designed to cross over the body's standing-wave vertical EM fields so that the interface would function as a nonlocal transmitter with the transverse vectors of EM energy over the head criss-crossed with the vertical fields.

Encapsulating the length of the human body in one of these cylindrical, rotating EM fields, creates a sophisticated neurological and biomagnetic feedback mechanism. Standard psychotronic beam weapons elicit a powerful topological bombardment of radio-frequency fast oscillations with the magnetic flux concurrent on some other machine which is part of the system. This is best suited for close approximations of the dense wave mechanisms inside the brain which can be interrupted sequentially, giving access to the deep dream states for hands-on modification. "Dream Reality" had been singled out from the remaining phenomenal structures of the brain for its transitional potency as a programming centre for waking, 'physical' states. Thus, importing content into dreams while the subjects were asleep made the most amount of sense if you wanted to alter the waking world of collective reality, you only needed to tap into the singular dreamworld of an individual. Such human residents were found to act as vessels of so-called hostage populations where routine monitoring of their vitals and EEG was to be gathered for better understanding the impacts of psychotronics. A successful "pod" was a total emulator of physical consciousness while in dream which was reared from a lifetime of complex ingresses to a chrysalid-like state. Essentially the equivalent of a fragmentary Monarch disciple were present in the hostage populations. David Cronenberg has played with these concepts in his films, notably "The Brood" and "Scanners" are excellent examples. With The Brood you had the bizarre experiments of psychoplasmics, a method of parental-projection conducted by a private psychotherapist who inadvertently creates a split personality from his clients while a hive mind that takes over their entire biological body, mutating it into a surrogate for the killer clones. Scanners looked at the destructive and exploitative potentials of psychic control with a team gifted with telekinetic and telepathic powers placed into the service of a security firm. The "scanners" abilities short circuit modern machines, computer systems and can cause physical enuresis of the whole head through hydrostatic shock. This and others which has an obvious plot similar to Minority Report as seen through the lives of the "Precogs".

Comparing these more extraordinary metaphors to defence budget secret research like the Stargate remote viewing program and others would not be complete without mention of the mind augmentation that had gone on in places outside the US. Mind augmentation was born from the same research that had been devoted to mind control. Healthy subjects were chosen for mental augmentation which started as the war engaged more proliferous methods to advance psychological weapons including soldiers with super abilities. Augmenting the mind for enhanced tolerance to shock was one avenue, another was engineering psychic super-spies and remote reconnaissance agents.  Unleashing the mind's higher abilities was an endeavour in want of a feasible base of scientific knowledge about how psychic ability and the mind itself operated. Programs like MK-Ultra had helped in this regard with its experiments with LSD. The advent of the Age of Aquarius, the wonderful years of the 1960s, was also to usher in an experimental phase to rewire civilization upon a new platform of economic policies. Opening up the doors of perception meant freeing the mind from its economic and psychological shackles but also the keys to the spiritual kingdom of the mind which could then be synthesized to industrial principles. Altering the perception of reality was the pale horse of all these wartime efforts to control humanity. However upgrading the powers of the mind was also in the works. The basic philosophy consistent with this research is that human DNA is wired for this kind of programming; humans are "receptors" of cultural productivity which is transmitted to them such that they do not become social automatons but rather are ported for various kinds of socially productive freedom and expression by being connected by a larger, electrostatic system. Much like the social energy that gravitates at the movie theatre or at rock concerts which circulates the symbolic energy of revolution and a higher spiritual medium uniting the human community with all of history. Perhaps these places of excitable public gathering no longer reflect at all any of the momentum that characterized the postwar period and have become instead mere circuits of refuelling and automatic exchange. Psychoenergetics has been said to be able to summon at last Aldous Huxley's fanciful vision in his novel Brave New World of an entertainment format which was named "The Feelies". Those were something you participated in, like going to the theatre, except you would experience all the actual feelings otherwise absent or denied you, as if the depicted events were actually happening in a prerecorded hologram. One can picture that first introductory Feelie theatre, "The Huxley" say, a large comfortable area surrounded by nine giant screens all becoming 3D when hooked up to your ambient headset. The holographic theatre is fitted with the finest sounds and colors pulsed via a scalar interferometer, a synchrotron cylinder, Thyratron tube and a computing machine. The electromagnetic induction causes ripples in the oscillatory chemical absorption of the brain and this immediately distorts self-perception. Superimposing with the EM oscillations are these digital patterns of thoughts, feelings and ideas fed into the theater's kaleidoscopic interferometer.

Just like when drug designers look at a psychoactive chemical such as LSD for its hallucinatory agonist-antagonist pathways modelled with the tools of neuropharmacology, the coupled interferometric-synchrotron waves can target those sites in the brain electronically. Now the thoughts, feelings and ideas will seem to be coming from the audiences own mind. A Psychedelic Feelie could induce an LSD-like state and simply blow the audience's mind. There are of course multiple levels and multiple ways this can be produced or seem to occur in reality, one of which is through AI generating artificial worlds projected through a psychoenergetic bubble. Artificial worlds have to be generated from a vacuum surface within a specially focused beam that writes in the creatrix formula for lattice worlds. Every computer consists of two aspects, referred to as hardware and software. Software itself includes information which will be used by the hardware to process what is necessarily programmed onto it. Hardware in a solid state machine is concrete and localized, made of a central processing unit, display, keypad, disc drives and so on. While the software consists of programs that can exist in many languages or as a sequence of algorithms written on a piece of paper, the hardware used to store and process it is set in one language (binary) and depends on it to perform its tasks. It can connect its own processing centres together depending on how the software is able to govern the hardware internally. Because the human brain works as an electro-colloidal computer and not a solid state computer, it follows that the same principles as a chemical bonding network are always present. In other words, the programs enter the brain as electro-chemical bonds in discrete, quantum stages. Spin-glass states are a good model for visualizing the solid-liquid and solid-gas interface inside the brain's electro-chemical vacuum polarization field since they can be written as a distributed neural network. 

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Private contractors in the applied mathematical sciences working with aerospace, NASA, JPL, or Naval Research departments know first-hand how this complex unification of classical and quantum dynamics all works. At the interdisciplinary levels of the university department branches this kind of research is more commonly worked on in areas of experimental physics, quantum chaos, wave turbulence, numerical math, string field theory and areas of their overlaps in the quantum-classical correspondence. Using computer simulations on superconductor lattice systems it is possible to demonstrate BRST field quantization and Dirichlet membrane correlations to the observational metrics of classical spacetime. Once the equations and the observer states reach the post-tunnelling reservoir of the entangled brain wave with instanton BPST field characteristics, the twistor or torsion wave geometries split into coherent sheafs with their smooth particle oscillations. The perfect oscillations of point particles have anti-particle supersymmetries in 2-dimensional AdS-CFT duality for a given gauge interaction; for a coherent sheaf there is a dual sheaf in the codimension subspace of trapped anti-particles corresponding to their point oscillations. A reflexive sheaf is formulated on a smooth variety that is locally unbounded in the codimension. We call this ’co-localization’ for the dual particle interactions and apply its surface topology to the mixed transport of local and nonlocal informions. Semistable normalization of neurodynamic oscillations is achieved for high frequency cortical connections. A smooth variety is a higher-dimensional frequency domain oscillator of numerical bundle connections that obey a continuous, coherent pattern of repeating logarithms. While traveling with the new colocal brain states, one’s nervous system starts to perceive and interpret itself from the parallel, supersymmetric codimension where its wave volume is coherently displaced. This can be illustrated with tangent bundle homeomorphisms. Projective varieties as spontaneous broken symmetry normalization groups give access to the virtual brain of Interface through their hypersurface co-localizations. Augmenting this virtual brain to the novel reality of vehicular synapses, is the reuptake of various psychochemicals that induce altered states of consciousness. The postsynaptic inhibition of numerous psychedelic molecules increases the velocity of transport and saturation between electrically desaturated neural membranes which are one of the multiscale sites for residual wave scattering. Slow oscillations of molecules correspond to regular interference waves and fast, semistable oscillations of their electron orbits correspond to smooth variances (coherent transforms in the frequency field domain interpreting interference scattering). The psychopharmacological actions of substances like dimethyltriptamine, ayahuasca, mescaline and Ibogaine are ideal for bridging this codimension. What accomplished cybernauts came to understand was that the strong couplings in the electronic structures of various macromolecular interactions give rise to numerical singularities with extremal phase transitions occurring in the complex modulation of multiscale brain eigenstates. Fibrations in each of these phase transitions (Alpha waves, scattering of boson wells) can be charted with their elliptic curves fractional symmetry exactly mapped to the curved logarithms of normalized Fourier brainwave oscillations.

Phase Transition in EEG/Brain State -- Liquid Crystal Photo-Polarization and Quantum Squeezed/Mixed States in the Neurodynamic EM Spectrum

Mirror brain symmetry reflects more than the numerical wave covariance of space-time elliptic functions in the log charts of projective hypersurfaces; it encapsulates the random group modular invariances of neurotubule and neurofiber structures. These structures are caught in the oscillatory wave packet scattering matrix which randomly symmetrizes as a fibered group the same way all uniquely-shaped snowflakes crystallize as topological varieties of the hydrodynamic space group. Every variety is a morphism in some unitary group with a universal space-time group invariance that computes all symmetry classes. The brain’s complexity is a kind of wetware-hardware interface that permits natural phase transitions to frequently reflect this wave topology to its own scale invariant connective geometry. Working as a cryptoanalyst for the Naval communications security team I was invited to work on some of the top secret level and above black projects for what you call Majestic documentation for scientific briefing teams dealing with ET related topics. From the exposure that I received working on Bose-Einstein condensates in the field of secure crypto-schemes, I contributed to the discourses concerning grand unified and M-theory as a mediator of their various pieces belonging to the field theories being generated out at some of the conference halls. What you find at these top secret conferences is that there is indeed a classified level of M-theory which, tied in with Quantum Access technologies, has generated for Naval and aerospace science (esp. simulator and superconductor mechanics interfacing the vacuum energy of quantum gravity to an information source conjugation of the topological Dirichlet brane for vortical tunnelling). M-theory here is not only known as ’Matrix theory’ but ’Membrane’ or ’brain theory’ since it completes a total picture of nature folded in to the quantum brain field model. Galactic cosmology as you might have guessed is one of the invariants in this stringy-brain topology. Topological and matrix methods offer a unified theory of networks adapted to the lattice-chain circuit QCFT. Broken symmetry in the mirror model leaves space for duality reflections of the Dirichlet brane to fibrations of quantum group symmetries. The latter are symmetrically connected by chirality to spacetime brain processing in the quantum formalism with classical correlation functions for the hydrodynamic D-brane cosmology. 

USS Eldridge
(A working prototype for this M-theory technology was invented by Albert Einstein, David Hilbert, John von Neumann and Nikolai Tesla, that was used on the USS Eldridge for conducting the Philadelphia Experiment which later merged into the 1973 Phoenix Project).  Landau-Ginzburg superpotentials are autocorrelated at various points of space to a scalar field on the grid point Lagrangian polynomials. When the potentials are moving in an inertial vector field their fixed point superpotentials enter onto a frame bundle in the phase space point transformation. As a result of this multi-scalar dynamics, a complex inertial manifold of Lagrangian space-time geodesics is established with QED superpotentials around the N-body vortex. This bridges the magneton and pure electron charges at the quantum level into the conductivity of large bodies supercharging the quantum-Einstein gravity around their classical fields. We are used to calling this transformation from the Lagrangian grid space to the phase space an n-loop homotopy which usually suffices to all the desired mechanics of conformal field invariance. To accomplish this feat, transporting a submarine in an electrodynamic superfield requires a very large array of superconducting interference coils on a Tesla vacuum switch system correlating to the wave centrifugal forces of the water and a parallel moving conveyor vessel with an onboard array to generate the inertial field into a 3-dimensional superconducting vortex. This allows for a precise experimental arrangement found in our operator model for Hilbert observables in a dual quantum non-quantum gravity field. The US Navy constructed similar arrangements during WW2 for cracking the Japanese Purple Code that used very large transistor tubes on a circuit processor. Von Neumann designed the transistor systems for the Philadelphia experiment based on Hilbert’s schemes for quantum extensions which is a good generalization in classical dynamics for bridging the quantum effects in gravity so they might be controlled in a quasi-quantum computer. And as one expects to see entanglement and mixed matter emerge at this state we achieved invisibility and an aspect of quantum transport, entire crew members through metal carbide who remained superposed to the solid state after the electric field protecting their bodies turned static. 
  The unbelievable effects of gravity that Einstein calculated is now a well known function of the Earth’s magnetodynamic rotation fields and can be predicted for other relative systems in celestial and N-body mechanics. At the quantum level there are vanishing anomalies, ghosts and superpotentials of the Minkowski spacetime. Quantizing fields to this flat metric using the traditional method of Bohr’s coupled harmonic oscillators is still one of the foundational procedures of quantum theory. Expanding this quantization to a classical mode includes a superposed gauge model of the physical vacuum which, for purposes of cosmological tunnelling of both macroscopic spacetime and cosmic gravity, produces fluctuations in the black hole radius as gravitational self-squeezing. Postulating the existence of a 5-dimensional brane covering the black hole is a consequence of the topological vacuum amplitudes in the frequency domain which is Minkowski flat. We then quantized the 5-dimensional singularity modular surface into a 2-dimensional brane compactification. These topological violations must describe a Lagrangian of broken symmetry for this field that acts on a degenerate vacuum state. 

John von Neumann

The Phoenix Project was a 1973 US Air Force time travel experiment conducted at Montauk Point Long Island that utilized a large EM antennae to transmit signals, some radio receivers, a chair, a set of sensor coils, a Thyratron tube and a Cray computer.  On the August 12th, 1983, the time travel project at Montauk’s disused US air force airbase at Camp Hero was reopened by the military to generate a time tunnel, in order to link up with the original Rainbow Project of Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where, in 1943 the Eldridge had traveled through the time tunnel and landed in New York harbour 40 years in the future. When they realized that they were in the year 1983 at Camp Hero on a third timeline; the two sailors experienced a period of severe disorientation. It was at Camp Hero where they claim to have met the reanimated, holographic ghost of John von Neumann in 1983. Although he was known to have died in 1957 many other separate witnesses claimed to have met and attended lectures by him at abandoned offices on the grounds of Bell Aircraft Ordinance Division near Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station in New York. Having achieved a form of invisibility and teleportation during the Rainbow Project the technology to utilize telepathy, psychotronic projection and materialization was not that far ahead of development. Von Neumann had disappeared in 1958 to a new residence in Niagara Falls in upstate New York. This move had something to do with the geopolitical situation at the time involving the Korea war and the Soviets most likely related to coding theorems and his work on the Manhattan Project. Assigned to a professorship at Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study in 1933 he worked on and made many discoveries in algebra, set theory, quantum mechanics and communications science. Here, von Neumann figured out how to explain Einstein’s hidden variables in quantum theory which has been a topic of vast misunderstanding. Being the architect, with Einstein for the construction of the Rainbow Project’s computing system while at Princeton von Neumann applied areas of Einstein’s unpublished field theory material to the design of the controllers used aboard the USS Eldridge. Einstein and von Neumann’s ideas revolved around the theory of what are now known to be quantum algebras and noncommutative geometry that help describe such things as kinematic motion and temporal dynamics at the quantum level. These concepts are mathematically devised in a rigorous way that had to be adapted to logarithm based computing using regular commutative computer algebra centred on the theory of algebraic rings, i.e. isomorphic normalization of the quantum probabilities uncovered in hidden parameter field theories. Hence his skill as a mathematical physicist was in applying mathematical theory to work at the quantum level. Computing these terms on a superpotential machine presents barriers that can be overcome. This kind of nonperturbative commutation is encountered in many quantum communications experiments such as the Bell inequality existence test using photons. Bell Labs had focused secret research into this field for its telecommunications industry and established quantum teleportation long before it was demonstrated to the public. Because of his versatility in so many areas of study, including not only academic but governmental and commercial departments, it is no surprise that a host of these projects would be unknown, top secret or simply decommissioned. 

Von Neumann’s novel memory allowed him to memorize books, figure out conceptual solutions to problems like the insolvable numbers. As a child prodigy the Hungarian born math wizard was something of a mystic, a savant who evaded most human intellectual efforts to pin down. Is this timeless talent of spontaneous genius a natural product of being a Sirian starseed or was von Neumann ever really placed in our usual time matrix? Posthumous work on the general math for the Rainbow and Phoenix projects were completed by mathematicians like Noether, Brauer, Schur, Froebenius, Jordan, Hilbert up to the 1930s. At the end of the Rainbow Project, von Neumann was assigned to work on the supersecret Bell Whirlwind Project in Niagara that's said mission was to continue perfecting the experimental superconduction technology that was used on the USS Eldridge. To achieve the accuracy that Bell wished to procure with the new propulsion engines of the time, the Niagara hydroelectric dam was rigged to power this vast secret network of commutative superconductors which von Neumann had helped design.  Hence the computer development base was moved from Philadelphia's University to Bell's Niagara Falls testing facility in New York. By around 1944, the US Navy ordered researchers at MIT to begin working on a theoretical flight simulator. Dubbed the Aircraft Stability and Control Analyzer, this concept of an aircraft simulator was to prevent servomechanical disfunction in aircrafts with the help of a linear control calculator. In 1946 the Naval Office of Research and Invention gave the project name 'Whirlwind' to the team of developers -- eventually the USAF took over the project after the Navy decided to abandon the flight simulator concept and gave the engineers the go-ahead for a parallel digital computer called Whirlwind I that was fitted with cathode tubes -- the Air Force was eager to take over the project since the Whirlwind was a perfect tool for managing its air-defence systems. 

The first Whirlwind Project was responsible for many advances in computer technology. Apart from its electrostatic vacuum and magnetic-core memory, the first Whirlwind computer also featured self-analyzing procedures, advanced visual displays, feedback control loops, and techniques for sending digital data over telephone lines. At the time that Bell Labs perfected the analog-digital conversion process using modulators over phone lines, von Neumann was working in an undercover job with Bell Electronics in order to hide himself from Soviet spies who tried to steal the US communications secrets von Neumann was responsible for inventing. Not only this, but his past affiliations in his native Hungary as an operations and war planning facilitator got von Neumann into hot water with the Soviet competing factions in Europe who knew of him prior to immigrating to America (not to mention his chess skills were very competitive). In late 1956 allegations of spying and code breaking of Soviet, Japanese and Korean transmission systems became common concerns of the communists. With von Neumann's operational priorities in the US intelligence community, these communist inquiries into the man behind America's technological edge, prompted him to conceal his existence and a new friendship with Bell at his Niagara Falls plant eventually lead to his public disappearance in 1957. Living near Buffalo gave von Neumann access to all the riches of Bell's elaborate Air Craft complex and the Niagara hydroelectric plant that fuelled the large array of computers he would make for the Navy. These were the secret Whirlwind magnetic-core computer offices which had been wired to the hydroelectric generators on the premises of the Niagara test facility north of the actual Aircraft division. USAF pilots and their craft would travel into the magnetic field over a wooded area on the test site; this transported them to a location near Berlin in Germany where the Bell test UFO had gone down in 1937. Originally, the Bell Saucer was a plasma charged, metalloid, hyperbolae that could oscillate between a solid and a dense gas because its inert substance and chemical dynamics bordered on the Fermi energy surface. Knowledge about the Bell, before 1933 were not preceded by any practical understanding of its origins, which lead to a set of different UFO crash rumours. Accordingly, the crashed saucer was of a German experimental aircraft that did not appear in the military depot to be of any current man-made designs. Even though the Bell, which was reproduced from an alchemical booklet containing secret formulas, did not belong to the German armies or the later industrial command of the SS. When communications arrived at the desk of the Fuhrer's High Command that a crashed disc had been recovered, he ordered the Luftwaffe to examine the material. Incidentally, the remains of the craft and its apparent 'dwarfling' crew had been taken by the German military command to a secret warehouse near the Rhine river. Somehow the Rhine and the Niagara rivers had some predestined rheological magnetism that placed the spacegate in their apparent time vectors close together so that aircraft entering the Niagara gateway ended up right over the Rhine warehouse in Germany. Incidentally, the Rhine river empties in the North Sea at the Hague shipping port and south to Basel. Wreckage from the site was also flown into Austria to be looked at which was where the July 27 Revolt started. Allegedly, members of the recovery teams that were hired by selection came out of Hitler's Luftwaffe, the Ministry of Arms, and the formal research board known as Reichsforschungrat that held many of the top university experts and engineers for the military. The teams were assembled to study the physical methods of flight which the craft's abnormal performance had suggested an unknown aerodynamic mechanism; and a stealthiness that sparked immediate fascination to the attention of these German industrialists. It was no matter of mere coincidence that the most prodigious developer in modern US air defence vehicles and communications technologies was to cross paths in time and space with the location of the first experimental V-1 and V-2 rockets where scientists like Werner von Braun had studied. The German and American commercial enthusiasm for rocketry promoted the visions for the futuristic space programs of NASA launched at the mysterious Cape Canaveral. Going by what I learned working at the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab in the 1980s, the technical crew that put the Explorer I into orbit did so with the help of technology, and crew members, from the future -- von Braun also devised a manifest ensuring the launches success in 1957-1958 -- but this all convened under a secret panel of organizers a handle on technological innovations coming from a future timeline. From the beginning, NASA was steeped in the mystical reveries of Freemasonry, futurism, and magical philosophy -- with a secret government of scientists headed by people like Jack Parsons, Theodore von Karman, Kurt Debus, and Werner von Braun, to extend the interests of NASA from aviation and exploring the solar system to such things as numerology, sacred geometry and the physical dynamics of space called hyperdimensional physics. Included in this hyperdimensional physics is the materialization from the material-chemical vacuum, such phenomena as time vortices, and supersymmetric particles. Such were the known principles behind the Nazi Bell and the perturbative Tokamak plasmas as they were developed in Antarctica. Both of these technologies worked off an interface based electrochemical reaction that distorted the Fermi surface and wherein a mixture of timed chemical releases are mechanically introduced into the rotating chambers magnetized sheaths. Helium, Boron, Beryllium and Ferromagnetic plasmas are kept in a metastable collision chamber and gradually mixed at frequencies that residually materialize a centrally charged 3D energy hole or ''energy sphere'' from the radiation of individually recombined lattice solitons. This recombination is equivalent to the soliton wave's lattice interaction symmetry on the distorted Fermi surface resulting from the chemical mixing and this supercharges the vacuum with electromagnetic fields. 

Whirlwind Computing System
The powering of the Whirlwind superconductor was designed so that it would not effect its own power source. Niagara's hydroelectric system was suitable for the power uses of the Whirlwind in that it could also produce natural vorticity when a magnetic turbine is placed over linear currents with a rotator similar to the Nazi Bell on each corner to impose a flux paramagnetic barrier to the hydrodynamic turbulence of the water current into a nonlinear vortex. Current flow in each of the magnetic-core circuits was enhanced by supplementing digital tubes with Landau-Ginzburg superconductor rings fitted to the base of the microreactor switches sending out diffuse supercurrents. The switches were all conducting superfluid rather than mercury or some other volatile mixture. Flux parametric superconductor rings facilitated the processor arrays in synchronization with the hydroelectric generator response signals via nonlinear control feedback loops. This control circuit later became a simplified schema for exhibiting the Bell inequalities of double photon comough a communications detector. Synchronization has since been key to understanding the mechanisms of time vortices and time travel. We developed a working model of the Andrahov-Bohm magnetic dipole transistor with these higgle arrays of synchronized ring cavity devices. Von Neumann's initial hope was that there might be some underlying physical premise behind the hidden parameters hypothesized by Einstein that he wanted to tap into rather than leave to a mystical quantum probability of God's singular intelligence, and thus was born the flux parametron circuit and the first large-scale Quantum Access portal system. This swirling superfast vortical condensate material became synonymous with discovery of Vril force. Somehow the production of the condensate was generated electrically within each of the superconductor cavities at a near microscopic level. If you can picture minivortex commutators in a circuit board array all spinning in counterrotations and interacting as scalar connections without direct transmission of current through the wires that join them. An electromagnetic transverse wave symmetry is charged to the flux parametron core memory. Fields are crossed between the local activity of many counterrotating vortices so that the spins supercurrents tend to converge together as solitons with a supersymmetric combination of variables. Basically the field electronics of the Whirlwind portal machine operates on the principles of scalar spin systems. Physicists describe this as an interacting particle system or spin glass design. Boolean commutators for the Whirlwind also are on-board programable as quantum dynamic properties for the interacting spin mechanics. Synchronicity is maintained viz, coordination of the vortices nonlinear connections. Grid computing eventually made controllability of the Whirlwind system more efficient for designating a region of time-space and shrinking the tunnel width to avoid terrestrial damage. We had a more compact version of the Whirlwind unit up and running by 1983 and were exploring its versatile functions in places like Agora California, at JPL and Fort Lauderdale. Somehow the Nazi Bell had ended up in Philadelphia on the grounds of the Navy Shipyard exactly where the Eldridge  had reversed the time tunnel backwards after reappearing in 1983. These long-range potentials of the Bell are known in condensate research, in this case however the researchers at the time were unaware of this, and or of the Vril velocity field's usage as a virtual bridge for initiating teleportation spots. But this was where the legendary Bell wounded up and would remain for awhile until it was reprised by the secret government to a mining operation in Tennessee and Maryland. Reproducing the ideas of Hitler's castle for a new Bavarian secret network of tunnels bellow the Ozark mountains; the Bell would then be placed bellow these mountain shafts once again in the interests of US industrialists, DARPA and the national security state. 

Soaring over the Niagara river and ending up near Kecksberg Pennsylvania, the Bell saucer appeared like a watery phoenix to the untrained eye. Today, this event is still called the Kecksberg sighting and is one of a number associated with the elusive shape of the Bell saucer. The German's came into possession of a number of different flying craft prior and during WWII -- these crafts ran off a technology the Thule's called Vril energy that was either developed or rediscovered during the 1930s and 1940s as an effort to produce superior aviation weaponry. The Thules were believed to be the Aryan ancestors of the human race who flew to Earth from the star Aldebaran on Vrilya's. One of the members of this Thule secret order was the scientists W. Schumann, for whom the discovery of the Schumann resonance was coined. Schumann reportedly worked on the Vril Drive for a series of UFO aircraft. He theorized that at a correct combination of rotation frequencies a hyperdimensional effect would be visible in the imploding discs set inside an aircraft engine, thus encapsulating the craft in an anti-gravitational field of anti-matter surrounding its physical shell. Today we might imagine this circular field similar to the quaternions of mathematics, or the energy rings circulating Maschinenmensch, the robot in the German film Metropolis. According to some, Schumann's knowledge of rotational frequencies and implosion mechanics came from the Templars who had unraveled the mystery of free energy, rocket science and UFO flight technology for hundreds of years. Following this line of thought the technology of Werner von Braun and other German scientists did not occur during the war but had existed prior to it, coveted by a secret group of subterranean reptilians colluding with Templar fleets who now live deep in the mountains of Switzerland and Black Forest. These Templars made the inner-earth their home and continued building upon the fallen Roman Empire in the German countries throughout the late Middle Ages and into the modern period. The Templar's were instrumental in managing the banking system of Medieval Europe and later worked under many dynastic orders including the Black Nobility of the Italian, German and Welsh oligarchs -- this network of European oligarchs established secret banking techniques that financed an underground secret space program which became part of the German SS and scientific establishment distributed throughout the world under Operation Paperclip at the end of the war. 

Among these scientists was Victor Schauberger who continued advancing in the same vein as Schumann and invented an aircraft known as the RF-1 or Runflugzeug. Later a working Vril Drive was added to the RF-1 and the RF-2 was born in 1934 which was not totally successful as a control aircraft until 1941 when German pilots used it in a reconnaissance mission and later managed to navigate over Antarctica following the lead of the Atlantis cruiser. Schumann technology was crucial to all these early Vril aircraft including the Vril-1 and Vril-7. Many of the UFO photographs of the 1950s and 1960s resemble the blueprints for these early German aircraft designs including the Haunebu I and II which were further advancements on the RF models. As a forerunner to the Remote Viewing programs of the US, the German Aldebaran Project was also an effort by the SS defence team to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations using human psychics. One of the purposes in this secret project was also to gain visuals and direct access to alien flight technology which were advanced along the lines of the previous Schumann inventions. Some of these devices were used on alleged foo-fighter remote controlled aircraft and air balloon test flights during the war. 

As the allies began to occupy further territories of Germany, there was ample evidence to suggest that the Nazis were creating many of these technologies with the help of foreign scientists in parts of occupied territories in Poland, Romania and Czeckloslovakia. Documents uncovered by the allies show the research into Kraftstrahlkanonen, or projectile-less cannons, were well underway by 1944. These were experimental weapons capable of firing a diffuse array of electrically charged gases, some of which were results of the industrial applications into artillery uses as part of the general plasma technologies implicated in the Bell rotator. French armed forces began receiving intelligence about the existence of these Nazi industrial plants manufacturing advanced weapons. Included among them was the Hermann Goering Stahl Wercke of Heerte, a war factory run by the Nazis approximately 30 miles from the top secret Black Forest plants. The Nazis explored the uses of many gas weapons including a gas cyclone canon called Himmelfeger that sent a ring of spinning gas particles into the air to knock out planes by drawing them into its winding currents. However the gas cannon programs encountered severe setbacks as Hitler ensured that the gases used were non-poisonous in order to avoid explicit detection, since gas weapons were prohibited by international law. Hitler also is said to have openly detested gas chemical weapons and insistence upon their disuse. Given the fact that millions of Jews were executed with chemical Zyklon B cyanine gas, its use in industrial weapons development seems rather contradictory. Until examining the way in which such gases are produced does it begin to make sense the logistics behind the Nazi war machine. Cyclone chambers are used to separate liquids from gases and particles from other air or liquid states using a process of vortex separation -- Cyclones are used in oil refineries to separate oils and gases, to achieve fast separation of catalyst particles from reacting gases and vapours. Zyklon B is the German translation of Cyclone B, the name given to the chemical pesticide that also was procured using vortex technology. Nazi war canons at the time were somewhat primitive compared to the Vril technologies being advanced and appeared as modified inventions from the older industrial plant based machining programs. Such was the case with the earliest gas delivery systems utilized in the Auschwitz and Dachau camps which was an adaptation of an automobile exhaust system. This logical aversion and transfer of technology also included the exchange of technical knowledge with Japanese military intelligence. This activity began to pick up great speed after the war but began with the Technical Academy of the Lufwaffe where laser beam weapons were being engineered. Long-range lasers included prototypes of the secret Plasmon beam and microwave ray weapons that were tested for war-time armaments. The laser advancements of the Lufwaffe also aided in mining techniques, with lasers that can fire at 3,000 meters using a gas chemical beam they could also be powered with more high-energy equipment for use as rock cutting and burrowing tools. Some of these models were put into military production plants at places like the Zugspitztplatt factory while others were shipped to Brandenburg for use on the UFO surface systems. The entire gas-ray gun development program was issued to the Japanese for continued advancement after the war and put into secret government applications internationally. Japanese laser cannons became a top secret weapon that had the potential to fire holes in solid objects from a distance of ten miles. This however was not apparent at the end of the war but which further analysis suggests a top secret "Death Ray" did manage to become a reality by the mid-1980s. It was concluded that such a weapon was not intended ever to be used in combat but was an ultimate weapon of war ideology into the buildup of more and more sophisticated armaments intended to represent the allies domination of the market, and hence a secretive tool suggestive of post-Nazi hegemony. These clandestine weapons were ensured not to get into the wrong hands, thence security measures were placed so tightly that the general populace had no way of knowing such devices were ever in use even in experimental test settings. 

From early on the Nazi's were heavily into electromagnetic mind-control technology and placed this field in the same category as the top secret engineering of UFO aircraft. Studies into the effects of electromagnetic radiation on injured war veterans had been conducted at hospitals including Darmstadt. An early prototype of the Reich machines used by proponents of Wilhelm Reich's virile energy schema were in operation at these hospitals. Prototypes of the Reich experiments involved an intense electromagnetic field over the body of a patient that caused him to become disoriented. Test subjects were exhibiting altered neural memory and thought organization with severely impaired motor functions while inundated with the EM field. However this test stage healing device never managed to be used as a weapon either, even though Hitler's men saw its potential as a combat deterrent in annexed areas which could cause total bodily weakness. Later developments by the secret government internationally innovated the concept of this electromagnetic energy to the orgone principles of Wilhelm Reich's early work. An orgasmatron consisted of a set of cylinders furnished with similar rotation electrodynamic fields as other advanced electromagnetic devices. At the centre, a group of participants were placed in a ritual-like circle organized to the geometry of some magical talisman such that a focused retention or heightened production of orgiastic energy emanating from the sexual precognitions of the group, would enter the field enhancing their mutual Coulomb potential and caloric transference 'physisorbed' in concert with the cylinders rotations. This was believed to be the source of the dehabilitating effects of the first generators that were intended to be recuperation devices for wounded soldiers. On trials of the Reich machines, orgasms could be induced in sexually nonvolatile participants without the use of erotic entrancement, thought implantation or entertainment. Noted were the immediate side-effects even in these perfected units, side-effects that could not be avoided without personal training in the yogatantra methods of habit control. Prior acquaintance with controlling orgone with yoga prevented this instant energy drain -- since it is related to wilful subduing of the unconscious responses to the intense arousal of sexual influences which the physioenergetic body becomes conditioned to tolerate -- the public exploits of the neo-Reichian movements comprised a variety of approaches to sexual energy liberation which are incompatible but nonetheless enriching if educated properly. Wilhelm Reich's pervasive influence on public health and the postwar attitudes of the liberal state on sexual normality are well known however misunderstood historically speaking. Reich was a member of the German communist party who discovered some of the natural affinities between Marxism and Freudian theory. He operated experimental sex-hygiene clinics in Berlin designed to free proletarian youth from their puritan restrictions. These restrictions occur in the areas we might today see in the exercising of domestic taboos verses state prohibitions dependent on policy, and by association in the unconscious, where the state as a symbolic authority interacts with the domestic attitudes promoted via religious interpretations of the family unit. Reich seemed to have promoted the view that only an uninhibited release of the sexual instincts in humans was it possible to mobilize a working class revolution. To him the revolution was an expression of the unconscious primal scene, of the primal energies and wild ambitions of the proletarian majority put into some medium of protest, of social unification and anarcho-symbolic works. Thus, the revolution became a kind of orgasmic affair of people uniting under a single principle, desire, which can often be the same as the consumer impulse in libidinal economies organized around engrossing capital. Capitalism intrinsically turns this energy into a repressed form instituting suffering, while Marxism attempts to exchange this suffering for the pleasure principle that liberates capital to a more surplus form of value. After the passing of the Nuremberg laws in 1933, Reich's method quickly became the focus of Nazi suppression which saw his approach as a deviation from their regulatory, monetary based republic. Reich's acceptance into American psychological practices was more welcomed by those who saw him as a kind of messiah of man's present condition. For Reich and his followers, human history itself was corresponded exactly to the history of sexual repression -- with the primitive being identified with an era of matriarchal social order constituting a taboo culture of naked transgressions expressing the hidden desires behind social props -- this era is then superseded by the patriarchal state which gets rid of taboo entirely by removing props and narratives and enforcing sexual desire into economic functions that deny a sexual nature in exchange for one that is more reproductive and in accordance with the patriarchal organization of mass industrial productivity.  

This distortion in time was a creation of the Fornax-Orion uncapped Falcon wormhole that began in the early 1900s and climaxed in the July 1927 Revolt in Vienna with the burning of the Palace of Justice and other events in Europe orchestrated by the Knights-Templar Secret Government to overthrow elements of the Hapsburg and Dutch monarchies using Templar grid mechanics Special Ops. Taking hold of a number of key pylon locations that then controlled the shipping ports of the Eastern Monarch and Templar fleet Pirated Opium trade routes. After launching the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment these events began to coalesce to the present Earth of 1983 when a hole in time bestowed events from the past to interfere with present and future timelines in Montauk Point New York, Buffalo, The Hague, Vienna, Berlin, Roswell, Norfolk and Florida. Many of these locations were tied to calamities that took place in the distant past when the electric wars waged using Tesla technology established a ’dark energy’ background or Wall in Time onto which the Fornax-Orion alliances opened a portal into the Phantom Earth prehistoric time stratum. Geomagnetic energy signature from Earth’s 5.5-Million year old Hyperborean past was sent flooding into the astral plane catalyzing the reappearance of dark Archon collectives (invisible electrostatic Time Lords from the subzero North polar cap sometimes confused for Men in Black or reclusive high level Satanists). The black knight that symbolizes the Montauk Project is derived from the Greek Trojan horse of Homer’s Iliad. According to the legendary depictions of the Trojan War, the gods literally manipulated the characters on Earth like a chess board. The plots are intricately developed and rich in contrast that often seems Homer is attempting to provide a microscopic view of the entire universe’s construction. A series of electromagnetic scalar pulses were used by the Pleiadians between 1972 and 1980 to begin opening the ancient Phoenix Atlantis crystal diode network connecting to the Phoenix wormhole. The heart of the Phoenix net is a stargate located in Giza Egypt with its eye located in Iran, near the Persian Gulf. All of these geographical locations are connected like squares on a chess board that coordinate changing time variables opened or closed with quaternion geomechanics. Wormhole Port Interface Networks like the one opened in the port of New York or Philadelphia where the Eldridge traversed in 1943-1983 are coordinated to Atlantian crystal scalar dilations -- submersed Icelandic subsonic pulse technology which trigger time zone memory traces in light workers upon waking from sleep, and that leak free energy signatures from the lost civilization to the present timeline by means of orthogonal energy portals -- Our present day crisis was complicated further when the Pleiadians uncapped the parallel Phoenix wormhole and escalated with the pushing out of dark energy from the Falcon wormhole bridge at Philadelphia Naval Yard, and Montauk Point, New York. This uncapping of a micro-wormhole is equivalent to the uncapping that occurs when the tunnelling of quantum consciousness through a neurowormhole sends the soul through the microcavity at the top of the head. Those silvery cords and open circular gates running through the Sirian ‘blowhole’ of the crown chakra connect to the Interface circuitry of our holographic matrix reality processor via neurowormholes. This explains some of the time warp ‘holes’ in the local symmetry of space and matter that correspond with the entangled wormhole bridges at these specific locations which may be randomized space-time information singularities that come and go with weaker or stronger quantum fluctuations in the vacuum. It explains further how Al Beilek was spiritually transmigrated from the future as Duncan Cameron’s reincarnated half-brother reborn as a walk-in in the year 1927. Based on Al Bielek’s, aka Edward Cameron’s, retelling of events, the portals seem to have done the same switching of locations in time maneuvering when he reappeared in the body of a baby in 1927 and later underwent regression to retrieve the repressed memories of his future self from the year 1983. He also discussed the Roswell incident that was reported in July, 1947, a date numerically aligned to the year of his rebirth in 1927 and the July Revolt in Vienna. Both Cameron and Beilek described seeing billowing clouds covering their entire range of visibility after they fell from the deck of the Eldridge. Instead of landing in the ocean they’re entire bodies were carpeted in a smokescreen of this electric fog for a period before waking up in Norfolk shipyard in the future. Electric fog being a phenomena closely related to superconductor Bose condensates is generated from a space-time plasma coherence observed in the Landau-Ginzburg effect. Essentially the physical matter is converted to a mixed state of a liquid and a photon gas except in the case of Landau-Ginzburg superpotentials the space occupying a fluctuating wormhole contains a microscopic ’rip’ that outflows with a localized coherency of broken symmetry molecules. We might imagine this as picking up a blank default signal on the TV or oscilloscope's frequency range. Similar to the blaring white noise or blank background signal on a television test channel, the matter filling space that gravitationally pulls space together is replaced by a hole where no matter can exist and no gravitational space-time either except the microscopic wormhole presents itself as an electrical singularity in the cosmic circuit system that distorts a local volume of space-time. Because of this volumetric displacement of space, the matter occupying the hole is not conventional matter since it does not belong to our 3-dimensional, explicate order of subatomic particle symmetry i.e., the particle symmetry is broken where the mass of space-time is broken. Theoretical physicists often refer to this as a possible ‘white hole’ emitting light from another dimension. In general relativity a hypothetical white hole is a region of torn space-time that cannot be entered from the outside even though matter and light can escape from it, it behaves in reverse of a black hole wherein light and matter can enter from the outside but remain inescapably trapped. If this is the case then some supermassive events in an adjacent universe has triggered all these holes to cascade into the strange effects in our region of space-time. To understand the condensate substance that emanates through this kind of wormhole a simulation of lattice quantum chromodynamics for quark confinement minus the strong interaction forces is a good clue. A quark-gluon plasma eventually materializes out of this cosmic singularity, a process known as deconfinement that gives the universe a surface of visible, relativistic masses. Contact was made with future humans as well with the natives residing on alternate Earth’s through the Niagara Falls and Montauk Point Time Tunnel systems, via which various technologies were exchanged with their deceptive shadow governments who eventually began taking over these projects. This exchange enhanced the Sleipnir-Pegasus Project, which allowed broader access to hyperspace using quantum Star Trek teleportation mechanics.     

Niagara Falls
Von Neumann was the first to realize that the switches of a stored program computer could be described in McCulloch and Pitts logical notation assigned to nervous activity. For this and other known contributions von Neumann is regarded as a key figure in the cybernetics and neurocomputing movements in addition to mathematics, probability theory, logic, games, economics and physics his work in the computer and information sciences are necessary reading. The first working random access storage computer was designed by him and Herman Goldstine in 1945 and sent to the Army Ordnance Department as a planning and coding device which gained recognition later as the standard von Neumann architecture for random access coding. Random access memory later became the new means for most onboard memory storage in circuit systems without a CPU. In fact the massive ENIAC and EDVAC computers were designed first at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering in Philadelphia, very close to where the Philadelphia Naval Yard had deployed the first successful radar invisibility system aboard the Eldridge. Von Neumann’s report on the EDVAC system of 1945 was much appreciated among the private sector and military developers and became the starting point of a controversy not only over intellectual priority of the key ideas for EDVAC but also legal rights for industrial and commercial exploitation of the ideas. In 1946 the inventors of the ENIAC system, which began three years earlier, were compelled to leave the Moore School in Philadelphia as they had refused to sign a new agreement proposed by the university according to which the rights of all the inventions of its employees automatically belonged to it. They later became partners in a company set up to commercially exploit their work and, at that stage, the Pentagon lawyers intervened to resolve the question. On the strength of the above-mentioned report, von Neumann defended his right to patent the idea on which the EDVAC was based; the result was that these ideas were considered as belonging to the public domain without any of the rival parties having the right to patent them.  In the meantime von Neumann changed the patenting policy of the ECP, which was then inn full development inside the IAS, by abolishing the rule that the rights belonged to the engineers who had been the individual authors of the contributions and considering all the ideas as linked to the public project; he also excluded Eckert and Mauchly group from all access to information concerning the project.  Even though he collaborated with several private companies in the role of consultant, he always rigorously upheld the distinction between industrial research, academic research and that performed on behalf of the government. Indeed his activity was always that of an expert; only when his term of office as a member of the AEC was about to expire did he begin to make plans an entrepreneurial activity. This matter provides an ocassion to examine in greater detail a central issue that could not fail to emerge in all its complexity to a scientists who had decided to plunge into the minefield of the social, political, military and industrial use of science, with all the ethical problems this entailed; the problem of the relations between scientific research and the constraints on its freedom, as a function of the risk associated with its applications. Von Neumann’s intellectual precision for numerical accuracy was also inclusively part of his general personality as a witty kind of James Bond figure; multiconversant in applied intelligence to many disciplines he unerringly reformed with his contributions. Von Neumann visited Bell Labs in 1942 and saw the nearly completed Ballistic Computer which no doubt inspired aspects for his later designs. After IBM invented the Vacuum Tube Multiplier around 1942, other large scale vacuum tube machines began appearing early but many of these remained classified until the end of the Korean War in 1971. Once they were declassified the government maintained that they were completed at dates significantly later than they actually were. This was to conceal their private use in experimental electronics by the subcontractor committees responsible for issuing their manufacturing prototypes into the stand-alone commercial applications that appear on the machine assembly lines. Instrumental to this infiltration of technology to the public sector was the Army Ballistic Research Lab in Aberdeen Maryland. Prior to the development of the first publicly exposed ENIAC computer, the Moore School electronics labs worked privately on other vacuum multiplier models at the Naval yard in Philadelphia and at the Bell Aircraft Ordinance Office in Niagara New York.    

The Bell Aircraft Company was founded in July 1935 in Buffalo New York, to develop, manufacture and test various aircraft, spacecraft and watercraft. Camp Bell Training School was set up as next to the production plant as a separate training facility to train thousands of military personnel on the use of the P-39 aircraft. It also included a Motion Picture Division, the Bell Modification Center, a B-29 Bomber plant, as well as Helicopter and Ordinance Divisions. The Ordinance Division dealt with the physics of new artillery, such as vibrational energy absorbing gun mounts that can withstand the increasingly high calibre shell capacity of the new guns that threaten the planes structural stability. Unmarked black helicopters reportedly sighted near UFO sightings or animal mutilations were very likely Bell Model helicopters that can carry a heavy load and travel cross the country like a regular civilian aircraft carrier. Bell also installed the Bell Test Facility north of Buffalo in the town of Porter. A lot of experimental aircraft and lunar landing modules built for NASA were tested here. Its original purpose was for rocket engine research and this later included testing for propulsion based systems in the production arena. Bell eventually expanded the Test Center to fulfill contracts with the US Air Force and the location became a USAF operational site. This is one of the places where the armies new long-range weapons and other surface based technologies were devised as part of the shuttle surface research effort. High energy supersonic chemical lasers, simulated reactant mixing in supersonic laser cavities, pulsed lasers and reading equipment for detecting dark matter were all worked on at the USAF designated facility in Porter, New York. Aside from these many well-known aircraft and rocket modules were invented by Bell Aerospace and Bell Aircraft, including the Kingcobra, the AH-1 Cobra, the Mach speed Bell X-1 that was the first aircraft to break the sound barrier, the UH-1 Iroquois that were iconic during Vietnam as a medical evacuation helicopter, and communications satellites built for NASA like the Telstar, Intelsat Early Bird and Agena were all Bell projects.  

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Near the ordinant Antarctic base, and in the middle of the biting cold, we became accustomed to adjust our thought-perception to the strange and bizarre world of ETW's (Elliptical Transverse Waves); immune to their effects by taking a special magnetized formula and yet it is difficult to determine the sky from the ice-covered Antarctic ground your walking on, the phenomena is known to rupture your entire field of vision both mental and bodily as your suddenly torn from your immediate neural space-time as this hovering metallic illumination of elliptical radiation bleeds through your reality. More invasive than a UFO is expected to be, this thing shows up like a hole burned in your mind; in your optical nerve, yet fully projected outside into the space where the horizon of ice meets the white sky. It's possible to understand reality and the flying saucers by a full grasp of electromagnetic transforms in the brain, at least that is what the program director stated in 1983 when I first encountered these things. Memory blocks, missing time and bizarre physical symptoms are often associated with alien abductions and close encounters with unidentified flying craft. One of the these intracranial implants was to correct neurological impairments or to electronically monitor neurological behaviour. With the phenomenon of missing time, speculation grew that there might be some connection to temporal lobe epilepsy, modification of the seizure impulse and possibly a means of time travel via the control of certain neurological functions. Diagnostic tools including other biochip modules were still in the testing phase when the abductions started and this comes as no surprise considering what I am able to recount from those Antarctic encounters.
Cosmotron (Synchrotron Accelerator)

Brookhaven labs built the Cosmotron accelerator in order to generate cosmic rays, observing what are now called mesons. Advanced prototypes of the Cosmotron were already in operation in the Brookhaven underground before its construction was approved in 1948 that made is possible to X-ray large molecules and crystals with continuous, high intensity synchrotron radiation. However the Cosmotron was a stepping stone for more complex alien technology at Brookhaven awaiting full resource funding and science. This huge intermediate ring system, was important for the industrial development of the Antarctic time portal machines that would be tested later using magnetic superconductivity yet the size and magnitude of the tube torus design consisting of hundreds of heavy magnets remained the same. In addition to the supermagnets was the cryomodule housing each of the micro-wave cavities needed to accelerate into RF transverse waves. The cryomodule contains a vacuum cylinder and a bath of liquid helium to cool the micro-wave cavity. Transmission of the electromagnetic waves are converted into RF pulses connected with a network of implanted subdural receiver patches or neural microchips. This type of modulated synchrotron radiation has an impact on DNA polynucleotides, haemoglobin oxygen binding, thermal spin -- Optical waveguides for the laser were assembled for projecting the elliptical with collision lines along a Fourier axis. Incredibly, the nonlinear oscillations inside the cortex could be synchronized to the events of the projection field where the plane waves off the radio frequency cavity interface with what your seeing, and stimulus-responding to, in the orgone-radiation field of the tunnelling bions -- Wilhelm Reich proposed bions as a foundational energy in living systems made of synapse-like vesicles that not only capacitate energy transfer but form an independent network of bioelectric energy -- this network of bioelectricity undergoes durations of energetic self-transfer and regulation, for instance during sleep, before and after sexual orgasm etc., that can be effectively analyzed in the electrostatic and synchrotron experiments. Reich regarded the orgone energy to be synonymous with the cosmic energy, with Newton's concept of an ether or Maxwell's vacuum potential. Ether was implied to account for how a stationary electric potential could materialize across space by the power of conductivity, referring to an invisible substance filling all of empty space and mediating the transfer of light and radiant energy. Einstein embraced Reich's theory in his early relativistic thought but later denounced its existence with his newer models of gravity. In Reich's view, the ether was not a static medium but composed wave-like lines much like the curved space-time of Einstein's cosmology. 

Ion channel kinetics in the nervous system are speculated to hold a considerable high capacity of natural orgone potential in storage and discharge. Distribution of activation energy barriers in a substance, ionic liquid, behave the same as proteins and bion networks when proteins breathe and atoms move about via transmembrane potential. Tunnelling networks at least satisfy some of the quantum biological theories of DNA-embedded helical waves that turn of the century physicists like Erwin Schrodinger questioned before molecular biologists discovered the genetic code. Schrodinger's 1943 lecture entitled "What is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell" asks "how can the events in space and time, which take place within the spatial boundary of a living organism, be accounted for by physics and chemistry?" i.e., how can all my knowledge of physics and space-time events, color and extension, be simply explained as chemical reactions or stereochemical combinations? Schrodinger introduced the idea of an "aperiodic crystal" that stored information used by genes written in covalent bonds. By the 1950s his idea inspired the search for the genetic molecule which his avid readers James Watson and Francis Crick would eventually take credit. X-ray diffraction techniques of the time gave the two nobel winners access to the structure of DNA, proving that at least an aperiodic, crystallographic method could reveal the double helix Schrodinger alluded to in his earlier lectures. Biophysics of the ESR spectra contained in the binding sites of the DNA molecule certainly are electrodynamic candidates for a coherent field of morphogenetic templates. Circular dichroism for example describes the spin-angular momentum of circularly polarized light as it propagates through chiral surface molecules; as appose to linearly polarized light -- where an electromagnetic wave can be represented as a single transverse oscillation -- the circular polarization spreads in the angular direction as a 3-dimensional helix. For this reason it has been successful at visualizing the structures of DNA and other derivative proteins that exhibit circular polarization in their spectral absorption ratios. Dichroism in the synchrotron wavelength of electrophotonic polarizations has been advanced with SRCD spectroscopy (Synchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism) for examining macromolecules, membranes and ligand binding in functional genomics, proteins, folds etc., that are essential to neurogenetic-bioenergetic interfaces that need real-time access to biological functions. Subsequent analysis on macromolecules under synchrotron ray microscopy would enable total synthesis chemists to mix nanogold derivatives with Lysergic-acid, inventing a potent substitute for medical LSD.

Perhaps the best known method in synchrotron physics is the EXAFS system (Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) for determining the local structure around an absorbing element in a sample. With its reliance on a smooth stable energy spectrum, EXAFS is usually performed on bending magnets with a beamline acceptance ratio. The beamline performs a number of important functions for the EXAFS analysis of a surface. Ultra-high vacuum chambers and plasma rectifying thyraton tubes supplied the pulse for the pulse-sigmoid transformer to one of several output tubes to regulate the frequency hopping in the synchrotron chamber. Circular frequency hopping was the basic mechanism of electronic mind control explored by the CIA and U.S. Naval projects like MK-Delta and Bluebird during the 1950s that had been deemed most applicable for creating a split psyche. Thyratron transistor tubes emit an ionized glow of Townsend discharges from the electron acceleration of the filamentary gas, mercury vapour or xenon. The work of mind control doctors however did not occur in a vacuum, they were recruited to U.S. military research camps and private university departments viz Operation Paperclip and other more remote rendezvous' within the federal government. In addition, radiation tests were conducted on about 600 citizens beginning in the 1940s and ran into the 1970s. Handfuls of people were elected for plutonium injections and exposed to other methods of radiation without formal knowledge or consent. Some of these medical radiobiological tests were pursued to ensure that atomic radiation would not adversely effect male fertility or soldier performance in the armed services. One of the projects to conduct these tests was the Manhattan Project that searched for the keys to nuclear explosives. Army doctors in Nazi Germany and in America were covertly involved in LSD testing with implanted electronic brain devices from the 1940s-1970s to see the integral effects of psychoactive and electrical sublimation. Details on Bluebird and MK-Ultra's full range of initiatives were administered to personnel in a compartmentalized fashion so that much, very much, of the program objectives are still unknown. Hidden behind a blanket of national security state measures and postwar secrecy, the international and corporate strings of the mind control pyramid are shrouded in mystery. The intended purpose of the Bluebird-Ultra mind control was borne of Operational Intelligence in the British Naval Operations Research field where tactical biochemical warfare first came of age in response to German and Japanese experiments during WWII. At the time, the German U-boats were on the verge of winning the war; they seemed to be unsinkable because they easily outmaneuvered the outdated British torpedos. Critically weakened, they turned to interference signals to alter the enemies missile guidance tracking ability so that undetectable, secret communications could guide their torpedos rather than be picked up by the Germans. 

Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood's Inventor of Frequency Hopping, a Spread-Spectrum Communications Technology

Frequency-hopping was a communication method first advanced by Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr who was invited to military conferences in her native Austria that first tried to jam the radio signals of U.S. aircraft devices -- frequency-hopping in the radio spectrum allowed American radio-guided weapons to surpass detection and jamming -- Lamarr found that when transmitting radio signals along rapidly alternating or hopping frequencies, the signals could evade jams and still send a coded message by piecing together the multiple frequencies that were split. Hedy Lamarr's discovery now known as frequency-hopping spread spectrum, reduced the chances that a radio signal controlling a torpedo could be intercepted by someone else. It worked by constantly switching frequencies, the enemy wouldn't be able to block, read, or change a message. She also experimented on its use in musical compositions including a robotic orchestra for a play and later was explained exclusively in terms of sound. Frequency-hopping is based on a musical structure wherein frequencies are carried in waves through space like a series of melodies. Aspects of human communications can be compared to frequency-hopping; just as frequencies hop in order to avoid detection the subliminal usage of coded messages are done to guard against direct decipherment. Although the technology was not considered at first, by the 1960s the military began to experiment with it during the Cuban missile crisis and is an integral part of cell phone and bluetooth systems today. Modern frequency-hopping using cell-satellite connections are known today as Code Division Multiplex Access (CDMA) and can be established with a multichannel algorithm to vary the frequency. Many scientists and intel experts alleged Hedy Lamarr was probably a counterintelligence operative who stole the invention from the Nazi's, a not so far fetched assumption considering that the technology was used in vacuum tubes for MK-Delta mind control, an area that she formerly was exposed to in aviation intelligence when her first husband had worked in the Austrian military. In any case the the story of the beautiful Hollywood actress who was also a inventor of advanced communications systems is told again and again among information theory intros and telecommunication expos.

To an eavesdropping operator, the reception of multiple waves of signals seem like a scrambled bunch of intermitted sounds barely comprehensible. However, when the bandwidths are lowered by being crunched closer together the sounds form mixed, converging segments on differing tracks of noise like the melodic orchestra of robots Lamarr experimented with in her Broadway pieces. From the operating principle of the frequency-hopping spread spectrum technique, it is apparent that "hopping" can also be achieved in non-radio wave systems including electronic, infrasound, vibration, optical and input-output carriers on the micro-wave bands by adding a digital modulator into the feedback instrument. This has had common design features for verbal mind control without the hidden messages being easily heard, for instance in musical recordings, CDs, television broadcasts, HAM radios, speech modification relays, reverse sentences, NLP and prerecorded advertisement. Pseudorandom sequences sent through convergent noisy channels, as utilized by the allies for evading Nazi capture, is a communications scheme that can work just as well in other mediums like TV tubes for programming subliminal images and or commands. This became a means under MK-Delta for controlling a population's opinions by introducing hidden inputs that, when orchestrated with other more potent mind bending elements (such as LSD-25) could produce so-called Manchurian candidates for assassin protocols. 

The creation of mind-controlled slaves who can be triggered at anytime to perform specified actions required by a handler was the goal of many repeated mind control experiments that involved formal childhood abuse and systematic torture. Imprinting the unconscious with psycholinguistic vocabulary, operant conditioning, sadistic themes and images, when young, created some MK-Delta and Ultra-Monarch level slaves who could then be "activated" later by drawing on these operant themes and image imprints. Monarch programming is more effective in the shocked personality who has more pre-exposed content that can be attached to it, i.e., where dissociative states are more easily accessed by a handler who can exploit the habitual need by a mind accustomed to repressing conscious events more readily. Alternating states of dissociative consciousness enables the handler to create mental spaces in the subject's brain which can be programmed and brought up on command. Just as the jamming signals in frequency-hopping cannot be immediately comprehended or meaningfully decoded by a listener, the segmented mental spaces of Ultra-Monarch victims blocks their capacity to consciously process events and instructions so that what remains are only the actions and imposed structures. Stimulus-response principles, the basis of modern behavioural psychology, are known to have been explored under Operation Paperclip for their behaviour modification programs, going as far as placing cranial implants on target brain sites for invoking desired reactions. A maze of artificial personas have to be generated by the Monarch subject in order to handle the tasks ascribed to them in stored programming cells of their repressed subconscious. These cells work in a way like artificial intelligences or networks of agents since they are not distinctly part of the original identity of the subject that would otherwise be more easily recognized by him or herself. Conjuring up the blocks of imprinted traumas maintains the stability of the persona types in their artificial memory buffers. Habitual repression during childhood supports the layer of mind that continuously relies on these multiple boundaries so that a buffering effect in the personal memory prevents any flooding forth of emotions and or self-informed precepts related to the original identity. Monarch borrowed its name from the southwestern butterfly's migratory behaviour, which starts out as a caterpillar, weaves a cocoon (unconsciousness) undergoes metamorphic transformation into a winged insect, returns to its origin (psychoanalysis) and passes its programming on to its offspring (genetics). 

Although the Monarch methods of manufacturing on-demand alter egos was initially under the proposed guidelines of Project Bluebird, the perfection of MPD-like symptoms was mediated through a variety of novel methods that were not well understood at the time such as neuroelectrical stimulation, core identity tampering, psychopharmacology, psycholinguistics, hypnotic induction, esoteric and occult symbolism, -- codename Delta was given for assassin level programees, originally developed for coordinating special agents or mercenary soldiers (Delta Forces) into special Ops. Psychic level programming, due to its natural limitations, was adjunct to newer electronic mind control processes, namely biomedical telemetry, microdevices (brain implants), directed energy lasers and microwaves with pulsed or multipulsed electromagnetic machines. Used in conjunction with supercomputers and sophisticated satellite tracking systems, these modalities extend the stages of mind control beyond human means and into a transhuman or cybernetic level that nonetheless draws on the multi-psychic conditioning of the trauma, drugs, voice-over messages, and established neuropsychological imprints to function in accordance with the handlers objectives. Acquired behavioural traits of Monarch's include periodic dying of their hair (multiple colors to go with different identity matrices), shifting between event scenarios or personal names, self-mimesis, other-mimesis, subsidiary memory recall, glossolalia, patterned speech, Bluebird and Project Chatter had successfully conducted psychosomatic and memetic programming on the root structures of mental acting and memory, operationally laying the groundwork for further deep analysis that could be more accurately managed with a CIA operational manual. Declassified documents later shed light on the history and links of the 1960s drug culture inside MK-Ultra while Monarch and MK-Search continued expanding on the varieties of mind control beyond the CIA in, for instance, occult psychognosy, programming psycho-spiritual conduits, neutraceuticals, sleeper cells, ritual drug use, mask projections. With the Enlightenment ideals of the 18th century as the prime directive and an industry of clandestine methodologies at their disposal, the illuminati masters wove together a network of complex psychic mechanisms to secure their future plans.  

MK-Ultra Monarch programming was prevalent through the 1960s and 70s to the extent of covering many dimensions of the psyche not yet recognized by fundamentalist or mainstream psychiatry -- social imprints like the "Marilyn Monroe" program for women are engendered with an invisible mediator like the signet programs operating in Earth's air space capable of influencing DNA. Hence not every behavioural trait, cliche, popular mythos or personality multiplet is a direct product of direct CIA-Ultra tampering -- imprints, many of them, are visual image constructs with a likeness to real verbal-pictographic cues and or phrases which can be influenced from afar without applying extensions like LSD or subservient mind control. Subliminal proxy levels of Monarch's signet trace program can tap right onto DNA using autoassociative language and sequenced themes like commercial breaks whose theme or catch phrase take off from the TV program that is layered with electromagnetic messages. These kinds of personality stabilizing figures projected by advertisers and major broadcasting corporations stay in the subconscious and can act on the psychological laws of the persona signalling affective responses to spectacle. In the positive, they can hold society together and be used to better mankind's dispositions to various crises like the environment or enforcing common laws, in the negative they can influence hysteria, rapid spending, consumerism and selling the soul to the overlords of capitalism. The human subconscious is a complex carrier of multidimensional meaning and hyperasssociative memories. Reality and its dream state are prelogically ordered in the subconscious. Psychical programming at this level get's into Aquarian Conspiracy "archetyping" of mental DNA through a hyperinterface that is capable of fabricating the symbolic transfer of past and future lives, codewords and subversive material. Splintered personalities and subservient mind control slaves are many times manufactured in their present lives as sleepers with an embedded memory cross correlated and referenced to narrative constructs already cultivated and whose meaning they cannot consciously process without using a filter. These interpretations, true and false, prevent clarity in retrieving original memories from the individual's life, past life etc. Therefore ready-made Monarchs of the normal variety do not possess the severe breaks and symptoms of the the tampered minds, but display subliminal characteristics or personal lore about themselves or their contacts belonging to a non-associative time frame. Subliminal characteristics include susceptibility to propaganda, advertisement, deception, free association, utterances, glossolalia, catch words, religious proverbs, mesmerism and hypnomagnetic induction of the psyche. A subliminal persona can often "switch" modes or be unaware of changes in their mental state even as they mimic certain speeches, incantations, lyrics, subconsciously lodged jingles and cues that altogether enforce associative structures in memory for events that are not immediately open to critical self-analysis. These factors, particularly structures, can determine output expressions like the "Twins" as the undifferentiated mind of an act, play etc. which are not equivalent to multiple personality disorder and only try to associate fragments of the personality. MK-Ultra's investigation into the roots of the schizophrenic process lead to the work on mental structures esp., under the influence of LSD, whereupon the expressed forms of structures known to psychologists can be observed more viscerally and then knowledge about LSD and its intrinsic qualities extrapolated into mind control devices. Image repertoire for example has been heavily researched by LSD preclinical treatments on the subjective transformation under its influence. Hence, because of LSD's tendency to mimic schizophrenia, the extracted stimuli on its mode of action could induce temporary symptomology of personality multiples. "Ultra" was a highest level classification designating a number of deep government projects whose scope included psychotropic drugs, mind control and areas that go beyond the terrestrial duties of government and extend to higher dimensional knowledge and or alien information. Ultra was a secret project panel that covered the British code breaking and encryption branch of the military before the MK was added by the U.S. CIA for its technical services uses during the cold war. MK-Ultra was tutored by its British counterpart M16, Operations Research and the O.T.O. which became outfits for Sandoz and others to mediate intelligence with Britain and its allies. However the Ultra secret or "Top Secret / Ultra" clearance was first used for information in the Baltic to counter Russian spies and only later became assimilated to the U.S. Majic designation when we began decrypting the Japanese Purple Code. Operation Majic and its precursor, Ultra, were to detail UFO and other related intelligence being transmitted between the Soviets and the Japanese to other Western, particularly British, sources. Ultra's affiliation with Majic and Majestic operations were recorded before the 1940s when Ultra officially became a top level classification. Its tasks are to recover hidden portals on the Earth and successfully communicate with extraterrestrials, in addition to Ultra's wide intelligence goals, it was to be considered the programmation of reality by Andromedus, a word stemming from "Android", that the human race receives its genetic and neurogenetic imprints. Linda Maulton Howe elaborated on the details of what she was told by one DIA official concerning Earth's history and the monitoring of life on the planet since before the time of the dinosaurs. What the DIA had collected from inside the secret program, the NSA and remote viewers opened a pandoras box on ET covert intelligence interacting with Earth. Our planetary psychohistory involves several species from other star systems and the karmic chess board allowed to unfold to determine species survival. Andromeda begins sometime at the Origins of the Earth's oceans. To the North Pole breathes the dragon, representing Draco, Polaris, Thuban, Arcturus and Mizar -- at the South Pole is the tiger who appears in Canopus, Crux, Sirius and Aldebaran. Canopus is the southern navigational star for sailors that resides in the Argos constellation, the sea freighter ship or Ark of the southern hemisphere. The tiger of the South Pole is associated with metal, Earth and rock mountain. Both of these territories are important access points to the interplanetary hierarchies visiting Earth. These nonterrestrial beings have been present inside the hollows of this planet for purported millennia and as of most recent times are engaged in a subtle communication with your Earth scientists who compose parts of this secret government network. Life on planet Earth developed in the multitudinous expressions we know of as directed by the celestial races who have been using the planet as a breeding ground for genetic and biochemical testing. You know of the Nefilim who were offspring of the Annunaki's biological ingenuity and the ancient hybridization program on Earth that created the Igigi, the Anakim and Raphaim. All these specie intelligences are expressions of a greater biochemical testing program centred on what we call interfaces or simulations taking shape in the local universe -- ancient astronauts who were learned in the art of genetics and surface engineering gave birth to humans in a garden called Mu in the Pacific archipelago along with other spawning zones going back to the Oligiocene. The children of Mu were vacated from their land and made a new home on the coasts of India and jungles of Southeast Asia, eventually wandering back to the remaining islandic pieces of their continent in Java, Borneo and Bali. A parallel to this legend was revealed to have occurred in central Brazil after the Amazonian flooding had washed away the survivors of Atlantis. That colony was known as Og and may have been the super-ordinant species to have birthed the pre-Incan and Incas civilizations, the Mayans and later interspersed with their Cham-Indonesian brothers of Mu on the other side of the globe. 

Once it had been mathematically ascertained that the brain, the mind and the material world subsisted as a projective embedding of one singular, self-preserving field, the illuminized masters of the universe were then able to project anything into it. On the neural plane, all phenomena external to the mind were found to be self-contained as an embedded sequence of localized neuroelectrical projections. Topological computer languages and associative projective neural networks for intelligent machines explain these embedded layers in the architectures of permutation coding and neural field ensembles. Brain functions that facilitate immediate recognition of languages, patterns and textures are fed into the cognitive maps the mind builds around the concrete universe where they form subroutine layers of connectivity on the basis of various Boolean fuzzy grammars. Features from the sensory-environmental coupling are extracted during feedback and encoded by the input-output fields produced by the whole brain. These field connections start out at the cellular level of neurons, dendrites, axons and are further embedded in the larger structural processes of optical nerve signals, hemispheric parallelism and tactile communication via the spinal axis. Locality ensures that the neuronal processing of information on these microscopic layers is self-contained to the signal pathways on all levels of the neural field. The neuronal body is coupled to the dendritic inputs and axonal outputs summated frequency which varies according to the excitations in the electrical potentials generated between neurons. Unification of the neural field equates to the presence of this input-output parameter on all scales of the brain's connectivity with the nervous system. Coherent information produces "meaning" or "recognition" in the brain as the input and output of a data stream which can be encoded with different semantics or Hebbian associative learning rules. A neural network in Hebbian terms is any ensemble of meaning contours that organize themselves from the statistical diffusion of the synaptic membrane of an excited cell when it forms habitual connections with neighbouring sets of neurons. Therefore meaning established from this statistical ensemble of neural connections is reflected in the brain from the saturation of environmental feedback with various coherent stimuli -- meaningful associations and the grammar extracted from sensory input that contribute to the invariant meaning of things are reflected in the self-organizing patterns of intersecting neural connections -- the geometry of sets and subsets interspersed in our semantics of recognition describes precisely, to a certain threshold, how axons and synaptic gating mechanisms are distributed in the potential pathways generated with feedback from the environment. There is still very little understanding as to the mechanisms underlying these widespread information processing centres from the synaptic cell to whole organs and nerve branches. Similarly, the nature of the neural code being used by the brain is still very much open to consideration. Hence, it is essential to consider different alternatives of neurological functioning. A common theory among neurobiologists regards the spiking activity of single neurones to be the basic element of the neural code. Although a different view was presented by Hebb in the 1950s, suggesting that the coherent activity within groups of neurons called cell assemblies were to be the basis of the neural code. It is generally accepted that the most relevant parameter to be extracted from the spike sequence is the rate of the spikes occurrence i.e., the single-neuron firing rate. Therefore, according to this thesis, the neural code describes the firing rate of a single neuron at the incidence of an appropriate experimental tool which is a microelectrode that can isolate and record the activity of a single neuron. Single-neuron studies of cortical areas have clearly shown that very specific alterations in firing rates are related to sensory and motor processing. This foundational research culminated in a host of data on the receptive field properties of neurons in various parts of the sensory system proving beneficial to the study of cognitive and other higher brain functions including perceptual analysis of sensory inputs, selective attention, short-term memory and so forth. Under appropriate behavioural conditions, prolonged slow waves of activity, marking distinct perceptual, cognitive and linguistic processes, and lasting hundreds of milliseconds to several seconds, can be recorded in a single cortical area. It is quite conceivable that a neuron may be coding for something in its functional group or ancestry without any observable change in its firing rate. One such possibility of an alternative code resides in the temporal firing pattern of the neuron. Spontaneous activity of oscillatory neurons can be stimulated by invoking the firing patterns of single cortical neurons in the lateral sulcus. Computational neuroscience examines this in the single-neuron computer model. An explanation of this model includes a simple oscillatory description of neural dynamics. Neural dynamics incorporates the rules governing the change of the brain's internal states in time. The concept of a state stems from quantum mechanics and classical dynamics and relates to one's complete knowledge of the state at a specific time To, which must be convergent with the rules governing the change of state at any later time T>To. The rules are deterministic based on assumptions about the dynamics of a single-neuron and the connectivity scheme produced. In many networks, the connections between neurons may change in accord with the strength of their synapses following certain rules. Neurons are joined together by synapses numbered by their individual gradient strengths or spike-time potentials with their state of connection given by excitatory and inhibitory state potentials. This connectivity matrix describes the internal connectivity of a neural network in a local brain function mapping or cell assembly. Knowing the initial state of the brain one can analyze the flow of activity from which cognitive development in time is propagated. For targeted brain sites, this can be summarized with a feedback-control matrix or complex valued von Neumann cell. N-neurons can be represented as an open network or normed infinite matrix where the synaptic connections are all self-adjoined to the quantum state of the neurons potential at time T>To. Discrete time access to the network is permissible under quantum state transformation rules which, for a cellular ensemble, takes shape in the synchronous firing time of oscillating neurons under cranial stimulation, chemical shift or electro-chemical time-polarization. Factored together in the discrete time domain, the connectivity matrix of input and output dendrites and axons are self-adjoined in a synaptic loop. This circuit of synaptic rules in the matrix can then be unitarily programmed for wide areas of brain activity -- calculating the future states or altering their present states means the operator must know the associated periodicity function for oscillations as they are being recorded. Spiking times in the periodic oscillation can be summated with dynamic equivalence to the continuous time presentation while the intervals of firing rates give rise to cyclic and shifting codes. The neural dynamics of a coupled sequence of neuronal firings produce periodic, nonlinear cycle codes that are the binary inverse of every lateral spiking time coordinated as vector valued shift codes. These neural codes can be represented in 3D coordinates as a Boolean cube or parallelepiped, translating the 2D connectivity matrix and neural network into a programmable coding overlay. Optical images of moving objects and textured data can be projected through the cortex using this platform assembling each pixel into synaptic weights and coding the object into a coordinate axis with feedthrough electromagnetic projection via the associative neural field (ANF). The basic associative field for shift coding can be used for image recognition since it provides the recognition signals independently of an object's actual position in spatiotemporal reality. 

Stimulus induced image recognition can be interfaced with the same technology that can project phantom geometries and shapes so the individual memory will accept new figures as familiar. Effecting the psychoenergetic neural fields of the brain is restricted to a certain window of the oscillating chemical shift period which has been externally synchronized to information in the interface. The window can be moved around, however, once gauged properly to the synchrotron-interferometer. Each subsystem is coupled to the neural field so that individual brain states can be dynamically controlled in the frequency domain. Firing rates make their connections literally at the speed of thought and intervening on the above parameters for synaptic shift coding allows the perception of time, or the momentum of one's thinking, to be delayed, sped up, stopped or fast tracked with new vectors of consciousness. Projective embedding of reality means the wave surfaces in the brain are connected nonlocally to all other physical objects in space-time. Other complex systems that process information electrodynamically, like humans and advanced communication networks, are closed curves on this projective surface most likely to register as permeating the local space-time coordinates of "here" and "now" with disconnected lines of causality. Because the brain's self-contained wiring is interspersed with complex dynamic layers of electromagnetic transforms, it is possible to be bilocal with the universe; expressed as a thinning or zero distance between ones self and exterior things located far away. External reality generates itself like a 3D algorithm within the brain that is connected to its states in real-time processing of the embedded programming. Theoretically, this means the actual world can be modified using mind control or psychoenergetic programming with an advanced EM synchrotron-interferometric system. One's mind becomes the doorway or portal for manipulating the real world at a quantum level with neuro-hacking, neuro-tunnelling and time travel. Mind control operators can alter their own mental states to conform the perception of reality at the quantum level to their own neural mechanics where information in data systems like computers and other electronic devices including other minds is more likely to be observable or intercepted at close range. It is a well known fact of the quantum theory of waves that subatomic particles will behave as linear points of mass when observed but will return to a probabilistic distribution of the wave function when a measuring device is not recording feedback with the physical system. Quantum mechanics describes the physical system of a wave as being superimposed with its point particle description, where the point particles can be determined within the statistical probability of various point processes distributed as a wave expands, is condensed, or fills up space within a vector field.  The diffusely scattering particles in quantum experiments leave behind fringe bands or interference patterns when they collide with a photoresist or some light sensitive plate. Positive and negative wave signs, wave vectors, in the scattering produced by a colliding wave will cancel each other out or will emerge either as an electron or a photon. 

Creating the Holographic Universe
Optical holography can be performed on surfaces to study their heat, tension, stress, flexibility, density, vibration, porous displacement, impurities and other volumes in a solid difficult to observe with ordinary photography. Interferometers are used to measure the fringe wavelengths expressed in the electromagnetic field as a polarized beam of propagating light waves given by a wave vector. Spherical waves arise from a light emitting point whose waveforms can be calculated as a series of concentric spheres around the point source. Lenses and diffracting instruments that change the wave polarization and vectors in a propagating beam alter the incident patterns that are recorded in the interference medium such as its amplitude, phase conjugation and geometric polarization. These variables are multiplied when the incident electromagnetic reconstruction wave covers the surface of an illuminated object. Depending on the systemic arrangement and spacing of the optical instruments and their light source, a superimposed image will be produced reflecting in its fringe spacing the electromagnetic and spatial contours of an object. The observer will also note that the fringes appear to be localized in space, not necessarily on the surface of the plate, but that they appear to shift about and change form when the viewers direction changes. 

Holograms illuminate a 3D coherent image based on the topological projection of elliptical interferences intersecting at various radii in the three primary color wavelengths creating the optical illusion of a superimposed object bouncing off the surface. Part of this effect depends on the reception of the curvature polarization in the hologram when picked up by the eyes photooptic lensing. Temporally modulated holograms can be made for moving objects and sound waves by frequency-transform interferograms that give rise to virtual flux holograms or orbs. Many of the orbs sighted in crop formations have come about by a similar physical-electromagnetic process that harnesses sound waves with irregular amplitudes captured in the fringe patterns. Relying on the synchrotrons radiance aperture where the light source is propagated into the first sequence of spherical waves, the interferometer splits the wave into two reflectance beams using an angled glass splitter and two mirrors to deflect the two beams. X-ray diffraction patterns in the spectral analysis of electrically bonded material are common uses of synchrotron radiation. When the US Navy and Secret Government got actively involved in developing radar invisibility during the war, they looked into X-rays as a potential source and eventually unleashed the power of electromagnetic Tesla coils with radionic technology invented at Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island. These revelations came about from years of testing antigravity propulsion physics with Einstein's and Teslas's theories and tinkering with secret Nazi cyclotron mechanics that were deemed to be too classified because of their harmful effects that could not be understood at the time of the war. 

The Rainbow Project was the military project born out at Brookhaven and the Philadelphia Naval facility that sequestered the source of the Nazi Bell with rotating plasma fields -- it began an innovative search to engineer viable submarine and radar invisibility from research into the electromagnetic possibilities in Einstein's unified field equations made to describe the curvature of space-time and bending of light. Rainbows are a prime example of electromagnetic light diffraction patterns sent through the atmosphere by the Sun which emanate as a spectral sequence of colors. These colors are seen as a circular wave bent by the natural curvature of the polar field. This circular pattern is a clue to space-time's geodesic curvature as light is polarized through the liquid condensation in the atmosphere. Atmospheric research was the starting point for the Rainbow Project that had looked deeply into ways of generating power from the ionosphere and predicting weather patterns. Earth's ionosphere gives off intense electromagnetic fields that interact with those on Earth including the magnetic field, radio antennas and the human central nervous system. Early work on the nervous system and neural processing dynamics relate to the effects produced by variational bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies from the ionosphere on processes like sleep cycles, awareness, mood, memory and other EM transitions recorded by EEGs. The lower ionosphere consists of a charged layer which is known to reflect radio waves, forming a well or capacitor between the Earth which is negatively charged, the lower ionosphere's positive charge resonates with this negative Earth layer giving rise to the ionospheric cavity. Like a charged membrane or vacuum channel, the space between the Earth's ground energy and the ionosphere rises with potential EM frequencies that can impact the energy fields of the body. Meteorologists and geophysicists refer to this frequency range as the Schumann resonance, covering the 1Hz-30Hz range and tuning to the resonant frequency that coincides with the brain's alpha waves.  Earth's combinatory electrostatic and electromagnetic field interactions include those of the lower ionizing radiation, solar wind, magnetosphere and geomagnetic fields -- interactions of these alternating fields produce biological effects on the planet's life cycles as well as providing a stable environmental pressure gradient between the atmosphere and lithosphere filled with the equal balance of particle fields -- Living systems have an ability to sense minor fluctuations in their electromagnetic environment without causing alarmed responses in the nervous system even when large changes like magnetic field or weather seems to shift dramatically. 

Some like pigeons who rely on the magnetic field for homing can detect a divergence presumably by an electrical displacement in the pineal gland. These quantum effects are likely to correspond with the superconductivity found in biological organisms as well which can be produced from surges in magnetic intensity. Human circadian rhythms have been found to be tuned in to the weak ELF fields given off by the ionosphere in bombardment with the geomagnetic field the same way as in EEG cortical studies have predicted. The EEG signals record the synchronous firing patterns of the brain's cortex that are picked up as long range oscillations in the frequency bands known as alpha, beta, delta, theta and so on. Bioelectrical capacitance in the brain absorbs the field effects of charged particles from various sources and is responsive to the interactions and signals of Earth's geomagnetic, rotation and ionospheric fields. When conducting their ionospheric research, Brookhaven realized how to design better plasma generators and electron accelerators from observing how they could direct electrostatic induction currents with an array of Tesla-like towers. Brookhaven also experimented with the radiosonde device developed with Wilhelm Reich's schematics, an instrument he invented for converting electrostatic energy into directed scalar energy. Radiosonde's were lifted into the atmosphere on weather balloons and delivered a sequence of continuous wave pulses that were to yield weather responses as a result of the resonating oscillations between the device and Earth's ionospheric cavity. The invention was intended to calm storms by interfering with the electrostatic potential, something which Reich believed existed in the form of cosmic Orgone energy within living things and the universe. When the Rainbow Project team discovered they could trigger or diffuse atmospheric phenomenon by interspersing signals into the oscillatory fields of dense cloud systems it occurred to them that the same could be accomplished with biorhythms in living things as both systems involve long-term dynamical behaviour patterns. Just as the meteorological patterns around the globe can be predicted using chaos, the self-regulating patterns in the body may also be predicted with a similar accuracy. More importantly, the relationship of the unified field containing the bioelectric and external geophysical fields was something that could be interfaced with different scalar wave and electrodynamic modulation techniques. In the early 1950s it was decided that the remnants of Project Rainbow and the radiosonde project should be considered under the same umbrella as the human factor study, after which point the title was changed to the Phoenix Project to cover all these activities. 

Convergence among the Philadelphia Experiment, Phoenix I and the new Rainbow Project came to filter into the Montauk time travel experiments that involved a radar reflector antenna, ULF towers and a secret chair for interfacing with the mind. Radar invisibility for ships and scalar weather control were not the only applications of these wartime programs, as revealed on the neurological findings of Wilhelm Reich, the same technology could be put to use in deterring the enemy via the mind. More advanced transmission schemes were developed on the backbone of the radiosonde sensor arrays, only functional pylons were used at first to pulse the oscillating waves into the ionosphere on different spectra of the radio-hertz frequency. Each of these sensor systems works on feedback principles built into the modulation oscillator to synchronize with external electrodynamic potentials of heat and condensation. Concentric waves travel in a circular coil when they're oscillating in sync with the ionosphere, a property observed in the Schumann resonance spike and when Earth's ground state potentiates a burst of ionic energy via atmospheric accumulation. After being deflected off the ionosphere, the concentric waves can be be directed in various ways like the interference patterns discussed in the electromagnetic theory of holograms. Project Rainbow was designed to secretly test the validity of Einstein's Unified Field Theory through electromagnetic invisibility technology invented by Nikolai Tesla. The idea was to make a ship invisible to the enemy in response to the vast sinking of allied ships by Nazi U-boats. The project's cover story was that the experiment was being conducted to test a method of degaussing -- according to the Navy's official position, degaussing is a process in which a system of electrical cables are installed around the circumference of a ship's hull, running from bow to stern on both sides -- A measured electrical current is passed through these cables to cancel out the ship's magnetic field. After efforts failed to make the USS Eldridge invisible with their equipment, the Navy hired von Neumann to work out the mathematical details and apply his results to the physical technology then currently in use. Von Neumann pushed the program forward successfully which eventually led to the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 when the Eldridge was caught in a hyperspatial field and appeared on the other end of a wormhole in the future. What was not immediately discussed in retrospect to disclosure about the experiment was the US Government's hidden mathematical understanding of quantum teleportation at the time of WWII. It was also not known in each case where the knowledge behind this technology had originated, that not only American scientists like Einstein and von Neumann were involved in the research, but academic and secret German, Italian and Croatian science was being tested by the Navy -- in some cases the military's of those countries had conducted time travel experiments with breakaway civilizations prior to official government's knowing about it or attempting to replicate it -- Outside the official business, a cabal of military and scientific advisors had been financed to develop secret weapons and came across new mechanisms in nature.  Remember Albert Einstein originally published his unified theory of fields in 1928 and work on the tensor fields as early as 1924. Changes in the space-time structure always result in a corresponding deformation in the physical continuum of matter, just like with optical holograms and real objects, and the Philadelphia Experiment considered these kinds of relationships for their immediate applications to optical invisibility. Electromagnetic stealth radar had many physical analogs which could be found useful in the secret government quest for invisibility and encompassing X-rays, synchrotron radiation, holography and electromagnetic phase conjugation. 

Beginning around 1926, the German countries recruited physicists and mathematicians to figure out the hidden mechanics of bending time. The Kaisar Wilhelm Institute for Physics commissioned the physicist Edwin Freundlich to carry out experimental investigations to test the general theory of relativity. The working group "Deceleration Railway Steglitz" was created and hired scientists from the Reichswehr like Dr. Ernst Koepplbleek, Julius Bohnkramer, Dipling Hein Senzmann, Emanuel Todt-Schlieffen and Lietenant-Colonel IG Anton Friedrich Nachzehrer to engineer conditions for testing time reversal technology. "Projekt Kronos" was the name ascribed to the little known Berlin time travel experiment. In 1926, after the promising completion of some experiments with smaller devices, it was decided to use a large-scale device occupied by human subjects. For cost reasons, a then common subway car was modified and manned with volunteers. It was chosen for use in the old train station or subway Rathaus Steglitz to propel the vehicle northward from this underground location. The tunnel construction was completed by 1925 and deceleration of the occupants and train was known to have returned them back in time for a period of 6 hours and 30 minutes, the amount of missing time having lapsed while aboard the car. The car was shortened and hermetically sealed with electricity, i.e., it worked on the principle of a double-secured Faraday cage. Windows on the original vehicle were removed and sealed with iron composite panels -- power for the automobile was supplied by a synchronous motor and inductive Lorentz transformers fed by a radical isotope battery system. The mechanism of operation for the Kronos device was simply to move a body of considerable mass into a lately uniform, vertically oscillating and asymptotically zeroing movement. Movement of the centre of mass, where the mercury cylinder resonance cavity was to correspond to an epsilon-distorted sinusoidal signal, exchanges wave signs as the inner rotation propels waves outward from the moving boxcar. By a complex feedback method according to the phase shift index of the Bode diagram, the velocity could be found to be automatically adapted to the quantum dynamical resonance behaviour of the Higgs field. In order to avoid a resonance bursting catastrophe in the dynamical chaos regime, the resulting equalized velocity had to be changed by a factor of 0.34 through deceleration decoupling. The interference with the Higgs field discreetly occurring after a certain time due to spontaneous symmetry breaking leads to a local curvature of the space-time continuum surrounding the centre of mass. There is a change in the Lagrangian density of global dimensionality and as a direct consequence, a significant stable deviation from the real-time axis. This effect, which also occurs at the speed of light, requires enormous amounts of energy that causes a slowing down of the time vector of the space where the body is moving. Ideally this is to be performed in an ergodic loop or circular orbit around a single trajectory so the boxcar always returns to its initial quantum state as the orbiting waves collide out from the mercury cylinder. In addition, the local mass of the moving object is reduced to zero, since the inertial particles no longer experience friction losses. It may even be possible to reverse the time vectors with bosonic stabilization fluctuation, but this was not primarily the aim of the Kronos device. From the high amount of mercury and the zero-velocity an interpolated deceleration factor was found to result in optical contraction about the device. Invisibility thus was found to distort the space-time horizon of optical detection and perception in the object plane about which the vehicle was passing. Space-time distortion matrices could be factored together for manipulation of the unified field within the control parameters of the phase shift index. Scientists have noted the blinding light produced by these time dilation experiments especially since the reports of the Philadelphia Experiment had come to public knowledge. At the beginning of WWII, the bulk of the documents concerning the Projekt Kronos were destroyed in the approaching calamity. However evidence suggests the physics was held secure and that elements of the theory leaked into Hungary, Austria, Bosnia, Russia and America. Today, it can no longer be ruled out that parts of the documents fell into the hands of the United States in early 1940 since the US carried its own Kronos experiment in 1943. The US military physicists only worked with magnetic fields. However, the researchers around Freundlich and Koepplbleek, for the first time in human history, dared to make a direct physical intervention in the four-dimensional space-time continuum described by Einstein. The pending consequences of this experiment remain as exciting as opening the stargaze in the Stargate Universe. Arnold Sommerfeld, the German physicist who introduced the fine-structure constant and pioneered X-ray wave theory, worked at the Theoretical Physics Institute in Munich alongside director Wilhelm Rontgen who invented X-ray technology. Early quantum theory was focused on producing a complete formulation of Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism with Max Planck's model of the vacuum. These resulted in the discovery of X-ray's and the optical vacuum tube devices made for radar and signal detection by the Navies of the world. By the time Sommerfeld had revealed the existence of a fine structure constant at the heart of all unified particle fields, the German military had isolated the mechanism for producing time reversal in electromagnetic waves surrounding a highly charged massive object. What Sommerfeld's research allowed physicists to demonstrate was that the time-reversal effect observed in signal transmitters and electromagnetic devices could be extended to large macroscopic systems by exploiting the unified Higgs field of matter. Originally, radio antennas and oscilloscopes were used to test time-reversal in a wave propagating medium but for large objects there is Noether's conservation principle which keeps time symmetrical to its centre of mass. That is, under the parametrization laws of quantum matter like atoms which can only be described through vectors. Reversing time for a large body therefore requires scalar and tensor technology. Besides the Kronos device, the Nazi's had organized a secret group to test the functionality of mercury and plasma cylinder shells for time-reversal, an experiment formally known as the Die Glocke or SS Bell. A combination of a plasma producing substance, mercury and Xerum 525 permitted a high speed counter-rotating field to be generated around a solid bell-shaped enclosure. Counter-rotation was responsible for the combined effects of the inertial field and the electromagnetic tensor reaction inside the cylinders that gave rise to the torsion plasmas. 

Projekt Kronos, Project Pegasus and Other Temporal Experiments Conducted in and Around Brookhaven Long Island Generated Elliptical "Time Tunnels" 

A neon glow created by the vacuum charge in the plasma was visible with the flash momentum of the rotary field's illumination of torsion plasma rays. The same effects were seen in the Philadelphia Experiment as in other phase conjugate technologies built by the Soviets that could shift the time axis of an object causing an intense flash of light. Into a tube containing a plasma of mercury and neon gas, a pulsed 9.4 gigahertz wave modulated upon a carrier frequency of 17 megahertz was introduced. These waves were produced by radio emitters and magnetrons in the presence of a 1,000 gauss magnetic field during irradiation and the torsional mixing of waves coming from the plasma tube. Among other things, this kind of plasma was known to convert transverse waves into longitudinal waves such that a beam could be deflected around the body simulating the cylindrical tensor field of the Bell. Phase conjugation waves in plasmas were the starting point for understanding how to sequence and dephase the natural flow of time as recorded in successful time-reversal with information-carrier EM waves. Time machines developed in tandem with the Naval Rainbow Project produced scalar EM wave signals with deliberately constructed, unfolded components including phase conjugate waves. Quantum mechanics often refers to this dephasing of light and mass as "quantum decoherence" and "quantum interference"; where classical fields around objects, their macroscopic consistency, are able to swap quantum information for mass. Plasmas are a coherent state studied as a fourth phase of matter and can also mediate the transition from a coherent to a classically stable state of matter. 

Quantum Interference, Coherence and Electromagnetic Interfaces With Plasma Frequency 

Supermassive Black Hole
The same principle is used to describe mixed and squeezed states that can be produced in quantum optics or observed in the theory of black hole magneto-hydrodynamics. It was the latter that motivated Naval scientific investigations resulting in the Philadelphia Experiment -- combining Einstein's gravitational cosmology with highly charged magnetic fields to create a strong, fluctuating plasma sheath around the Eldridge, the ship disappeared from the Naval yard -- However unexpected side-effects were revealed after the ship entered an invisibility field and reappeared. Sailors were found dematerialized and rematerialized inside the bulkheads of the ship. The Naval Research Labs stamped it as a failure and moved the project to Brookhaven National Laboratory at the conclusion of WWII. Under the basement at Brookhaven Labs the Phoenix Project continued to explore the ramifications of Einstein's and Tesla's teleportation technology except with more sophisticated add-ons which allowed for controlled navigation into hyperspace. A hidden chamber built with a private Navy contract had been placed bellow the activity floors of Brookhaven's main chemical facility. Replicas of this hidden chamber could be found on war era Naval submarines designed for the containment of hazardous materials, weapons and toxic waste that are vacuum sealed to prevent any human exposure. Brookhaven established the hyperspace lab in an elevator shaft that descended through several underground tunnel systems that were used for top secret contractors in the circle of breakaway associations. They designated the chamber as a lab for developing and testing the use of psychography for the Naval military branch that was tied to Montauk. Psychography was a system of mind reading techniques that pinpoints the unique "engrams" or "mental imprints" a person is born with so that a device can read its patterns translating them into thought traces. With these thought traces, the patterns of thinking could be gauged onto and read surreptitiously. Logarithmic detuners and other instruments were part of a machine called the "mind transfer interface" that was built using extraterrestrial science to extract and store electrodynamic energy from a body or transfer its mental sheath into a new body. The scientific teams working at Brookhaven learned from the breakaway German exchange doctors how to do this sort of psychic surgery using the mind transfer interface. There is more to the Brookhaven National Laboratory connection to the Montauk Project than is publicly talked about. For instance, the TV program Stranger Things was originally called "Montauk" and had been scripted for filming in the Montauk, Long Island area of New York rather than the fictional Hawkins, Indiana which was chosen later for the TV series. The producers wrote a script for the pilot based on a Stephen King book and a cast including 90s actress Winona Ryder. It is interesting to note the adaption of Hawkins National Lab to take the place of Brookhaven National Labs by the script writers. 

Stranger Things / Brookhaven Labs Connection

Even though Camp Hero was where the portal opening and transfer of abductees through time had taken place in 1983, Brookhaven National Labs ran most of the psychic espionage and psychotronic research as described in the Preston Nichols and Peter Moon books. Brookhaven is where the processing of the abductees took place prior to being sent over to the Montauk base at Camp Hero. Phoenix Project coordinators had all their Brookhaven research stamped and authenticated by the CIA for finishing the task of engineering mind control to be used for spying on the USSR. This remote viewing lab housed a chair for enhancing psychic energy for known targets. Like focusing a coherent plasma field through a laser beam, the chair allowed the free-floating engrams of thoughts to lock onto a single target in the unified field as if it were a global brain or computer with image recognition software. Different models of this chair had latter been created for different applications and the one at Brookhaven labs was closest to the Montauk chair utilizing the same sensor technology. Other remote viewing technologies like the chronovision developed at DARPA for Project Pegasus related research gave users ready access to past and future events in a prerecorded holographic medium. Andrew Basiago explained that the chronovisor time viewing device had been discovered with quantum access science governed in the principles of magnetic surfaces and harmonics as understood in the work of Enrico Fermi. Chronovision can home-in on the signal of an event on a nonlocal basis by utilizing the same mechanics as other remote viewing technologies -- quantum access systems were installed at Brookhaven labs, Kurt Wright Aeronautical facility and Los Alamos National Labs from 1963-1970 and used on the Phoenix Project -- By identifying the signal of a past event, it was possible to amplify it like sonar and bring it into the laboratory. 

Project Pegasus Recipient Andrew Basiago

Time camera technology like this taps into the residual and incipient signals of past and future vectors stored on the quantum hologram and predicts their kinematic or stochastic signature. This kind of non-commutative stochastic approximation only works in decelerated-accelerated time symmetry spaces where quantum level breaking in the symmetric vacuum is properly conjugated to the chromodynamic hadron numbers of atomic components with a Doppler shift. Near-death experiences were explored using the mind transfer interface to simulate an artificial NDE. Computer generated nonlinear brain models were used to investigate experiences reported in NDE studies ranging from swirling tunnels of light to out-of-body experiences of a singular intensity. Along the way, the Brookhaven doctors repeated an experiment conducted by the Germans nearly a decade earlier in the 1950s which was to discover the Turing structures in the brain responsible for hallucinations and phosphene optics. These Turing structures were believed to reside in the visual cortex as a range of patterns leading to the geometric visions of the kinds seen in near death experiences. Using the relationship between the geometry of the cortex and the way it is mapped to the retina of the eye, it was possible to infer from the simulated patterns what they would look like to an individual observing a hallucination. The CIA had recorded the mental events of LSD users for their hallucinatory signals which could be found in correlation throughout a broad population sample. Drawings of converging spirals and lines produced by trippers under the influence of LSD were noted for their mosaic, centrifugal patterns mixing to a point the cortical signal response imagery picked up by the retina. What this correlation revealed was a massively parallel, global dynamics at play where information between systems can be shared or remote viewed like a third-eye. Not only can the retina produce swirling panoptic tapestries out of the maze of cortical zigzagging curves in the brain's synaptic regions, but remote viewers and medical sensitives can see or feel their own internal organs and the minds of others across spatial distances. Quantum locality and nonlocality is responsible for explaining some of this phenomenon in reference to ESR and other properties of medical imaging like nuclear magnetic resonance that work by using nonlocal field principles. 

Nonlinear Optical Phenomenon Seen In Fringe Patterns, Liquid Crystals and Hallucination 

Nematic Liquid Crystal / Dendrites
Spiral waves of an exact likeness have been simulated in both human cortical sleep inhibition and in liquid crystal phase singularities. Postsynaptic and liquid crystal models in the phase shift mode relate their Hopf bifurcation symmetry to other Ginzburg-Landau vortex generators that occur with superconductivity. Magnetic and high temperature superconductors display field characteristics in quasistable media with a spiral wave pattern consistent with the distribution of postsynaptic dipolar currents and those of homeotropic fluid convection in liquid crystals. Liquid crystals and populations of cortical cells have a tendency to self-organize into a regime of random mosaics, dendritic growths and other complex geometric wave patterns that are variously self-divergent as are the microscopic ice crystals seen in snowflakes. The cell geometry and layering of convection surfaces, electrodynamic membrane potentials and liquid crystal nematic instabilities show potential bifurcation within specified resonance bands. Scientists working on numerous top secret lab projects inferred the relationship of these geometric firing patterns to logarithms capable of being transformed into exact signals with exact functional localization measures. Not only does the brain transmit these geometric signals as its own optical communication system, it echos to itself visual patterns of data as a liquid crystal display. Knowing the parameters for each type of signal can give access to autonomous biological functions using a nonlinear wave interface. Neurobiologists referred to this system of inner-communication as the "neural code", on the biological and information side; and "eidetics" on the psychic and genetic side. All of the breakthrough science and technology that had been synthesized in the postwar years had its roots in global breakaway civilizations and the Paperclip program initiated by the US under president Truman. Understanding the science of mind control in use at the time the technologies were being employed by the government was the focus of the German school of psychobiology as it was called at the time. Psychology and neuroscience were unified under a new system of knowledge that was to support an objective foundation for psychosomatic control of the body viz-a-viz the mind. Biological eidetics were revealed to have the capacity for stimulating a wide spectrum of internal effects that could not be exhibited simply by directly evoking cortical locations in the visceral brain with stimulus methods. Memories that were deemed too complex or biologically inactive could be woken up from latency causing an abrupt, coherent shift in the oscillations of the brain. Hence states of mind that belonged to the neonatal continuum of memory and those which are biologically dormant are part of autonomous functions they were able to conjure in response to certain abstract, analogical and lucid visual images. Stroboscopic induction of these biological eidetics left behind a residual impression in the visual short-term memory of the cortex promoting recall of specific sorts to arise at levels of primordial consciousness. Organismic psychology and biology ran into these models of communication in the 1910s-1950s that we now study under the discipline known as biosemiotics. Biosemiotics recognizes the layers of psychological and biological phenomena expressed in nature often in a mutually exclusive way. Indicating through interdisciplinary analysis the common root of hierarchically ordered layers of analogous intra-organismic communication systems. Complex layers of biochemical, neurological and genetic pathways in an organism communicate within an internally adaptive network of coded signals. Automata are selectively transduced between their biophysical structure limits as bioenergetic permutations in layers. Examples of this include logic-gated ion channels in the brain bonded to their molecular ligands, DNA-RNA complexes and polypeptide sequences for biochemicals. 

Brookhaven experimented quite extensively with plasma-laser interactions in accelerators, with generating very sophisticated holograms using dark beams and supercharged EM vacuum chambers. In combination with the hallucination study, they tried to isolate the global mechanisms that connected these chaotic attractors in different parts of the brain, retina to physical space, time and material structures operating at atomic and subatomic levels. Coherent light manifested in photoreffractive crystals could be used in interferometry but also in more exotic research that tied discrete space-time elements together -- diffractive optical elements were designed to generate a predetermined function or light distribution over a singular transverse plane wave projected into empty space -- Projected through the transverse wave were helicoidal amplitude patterns of an interference source phase conjugated to a dark beam centroid. Out of the centroid are the symmetrically distributed, superposed interferences all swirling together in a helicoidal, holographic spiral. It had been explained previously that the Die Glocke contained an element for producing counter-rotating waves of a conjugated plasma that would give rise to local space-time perturbations inside a torsion field. Physicists in the anomalous research community working for the government knew of these as Ginzburg-Landau vortices and could predict oscillations in several physical systems as well as many unpredictable features such as antigravity fields. Helical torsion fields in 3D spheres can be simulated but also demonstrated with special plasmas. 

The Brookhaven physicists working on these top secret applications created wavefront holograms with an electromagnetic potential inside a plasma accelerator. Optical wavelength laser beams could be phase conjugated with an EM plasma to their combined transverse and longitudinal wavefronts such that a dense hologram, called a phantom, would be created in the medium of a luminous plasma inside the accelerator. These phantoms demonstrated that the electromagnetic spectral hologram could be generated on surfaces with high intensity projections in the plasma frequency i.e., as a standing 3D optico-electronic illusion. The plasmas density in the axial phase profile meant that it lacked the discrepancies of ordinary optical holograms subject to light and dark variations in light reflectance. Plasma holography was viewed from all angles as a hyperrealistic fusion of lasers and plasmas that someday would replace current 3D holograms with the indistinguishable Star Trek technology of solid human projections in space. This looks and feels like a regular hologram without the illusory quality of diffraction elements that leaps off the surface; the figure is a stable self-luminous object visible in the dark and giving off no index of refraction from external light. Rather than the holographic plate being etched with interference patterns, the plasma stays in a fixed electron configuration as it does in neon tube lighting elements.
Plasmons were Among the Novelties Discovered Using the SS Bell Along With Magnetosonic Waves

 A virtual wax museum of figures was created in the experimental wing of Brookhaven's underground facility for their Manhattan funded wartime projects that wanted to test its potential for creating human and submarine decoys among other things. The best experimental simulations of antigravitational flight dynamics was also demonstrated this way. Black projects like these have in the past tested terawatt laser systems based upon chirped pulse amplification for controlling nonlinear plasmas. The chirped pulse laser technology was invented to increase the available power in radar around 1960s but was in use probably decades before. High intensity lasers built in the 1980s were being assembled in deep underground bases for secret applications by the early 1970s. In order to prevent the intensity of a laser beam from becoming so powerful that a plasma state is formed in the filament, the beam's intensities had to be stretched out in time such that the low-frequency pulse travels a shorter distance than the high-frequency pulse before entering a grating amplifier. The chirp is the late acceleration of the pulses in the focused beam stretched out by the deflection of the ultrashort wavelenghth laser's initial distance potential. Spectrally, this means that the wavelength of the laser light is amplified to a single ray when all the pulse frequencies have been time shifted, or stretched, to a single polarity. Chirped pulse amplified lasers have been successfully used in many laboratories around the world since the early 1970s to explore the laser-matter interaction regime in the ultrashort, ultraintense domain for novel X-ray and gamma-ray sources, laser-driven acceleration, inertial fusion energy research through the interaction with gas and solid targets. 

Plasma-Laser Interface Creates Plasmons Under Accelerator Conditions
Plasma Oscillation Cross-Sections

Indeed, laser-plasma interactions are now well known for their X-ray emitting properties, from the nanosecond, down to the sub-femtosecond temporal domain. Due to their micrometric source size and their high peak brilliance, X-ray sources based on laser-matter interactions are of great interest for fundamental studies and for gradient plasmas, accelerating electrons and ions, for medical applications, crystallography and the production of warm-dense matter for astrophysics studies. Systems like the Astra were designed to divide and amplify the output beam into two synchronized pulses. The nonlinear force interaction of lasers with plasmas in the high temperature keV regime generate more energetic ions resulting in a linear dependence of the ion energy on their charge. Laser produced plasma separates into a number of different plasmas, each with ions of one sort of charge and with a special velocity of ion energy according to the classical refractive index. The electron gas is accelerated by the laser beam and the ions are nearly untouched, contrary to plasma acceleration where the whole inertia is given by the ions and the neutral plasma behaves like a neutral dielectric material in a field with ponderomotive forces. It is known that the different types of plasma clouds, when first united after the laser produces the plasma, behave separately as space charge neutral material, being individually moved by the ponderomotive potential. Separation in the plasma-laser spectrum are given by the ion charges relating to the grades of plasma density in the elliptical shells of energy. The result is that photons in plasmas have a higher momentum than in vacuum and the fact that photons leave plasmas like the Sun or inertial confined plasmas with nearly no Fresnel-like reflection, means that there always has to be a mechanical recoil to the plasma corona. This is the case even when light emerges from higher plasma densities in the opposite direction of that of laser irradiation. This explains immediately the origin of the solar wind. In some radial gas emission experiments, the electron has its quiver motion and with respect to the radial decay of the electric field strength, the figure-8 motion changes into a quiver drift showing how the electron quiver kinetic energy would be converted into translative energy of the radial motion. The quiver drift in such a radius has the direction of the electric field of the laser, however if one follows it in the direction of the accelerated gas, the energy gain is zero, contrary to the observations that with linearly polarized laser light, there is no polarization dependence of the electron emission. Remembering of course that the transverse field in a laser beam is not the only field component of the Maxwellian field. This is only the case for infinite plane waves rather than beams. For a finite beam one can construct longitudinal fields from the Maxwell equations, these longitudinal fields indeed were shocking since it is the pride of Maxwell's theory to explain the earlier unbearable observation that light is only transversal without any longitudinal component. Now one has to have longitudinal light components. As has been shown first with such a laser beam where the transverse and longitudinal field components could be expressed with elementary functions, it was shown that the tiny additional part of the longitudinal components changed the quiver motion along the magnetic field direction from zero to the measured value equal to that in the electric field direction.

Radians of V-Particles and Alfven Plasma Frequency in Laser Beams
Longitudinal radians expressed in the field of a linearly polarized Gaussian laser beam are coupled to the plasma periods in the dynamic electric field component of the linear plasma Alfven wave. When switching on the laser field, the motion of the electron fluid can be computed including the generalized longitudinal Langmuir oscillations whose electric field amplitude reach one tenth of the transverse laser field amplitude. Einstein's prediction of the laser is an example of a seemingly undreamable fact which needed a genius to be revealed. This type of nonlinear physics will open a basically new dimension of knowledge which can be earned by hard theoretical physics and mathematical work. The longitudinal optical component of the oscillating laser-plasma EM field is what one sees in the 3D projections that occur in the chirped subsonic waves propagating in transverse, parallel vectors from line of sight. Optical beam plasmas like these naturally form in a variety of shapes, notably the spinning doughnut, orbs and ellipsoidal kinds sometimes associated with nocturnal sightings of UFOs and other aerial phenomena. Hot plasma dynamics as recorded in meteorological and astrophysics research, can behave in hyperspatial, nonlinear fashions that include the combined oscillating waves of radiating photons and hot electrons capable of self-illuminating fragments of space-time i.e., as a natural hologram within a periodic potential. Nonlinear phase singularities like these are part of the solar corona and solar wind capable of producing complex vortices where fragments or jets of laser-plasma material are ejected at an unpredictable and rapid frequency of the interaction phase. The knowledge of these nonlinearities in electrodynamic fields from cosmic plasmas or from geophysical plasma at the Earth's poles were first elaborated by Alfven and often described as fields that are not intuitively clear.

Frascati's National Laboratory houses an underground laser accelerator much like the one's once issued out at Brookhaven for conducting multidisciplinary experiments. This laser system was installed and first measurements confirmed a power of up to 220 terawatts can be delivered. This installation was established to pursue a comprehensive programme for laser-plasma acceleration to yield Thompson scattering X-rays and electron arrays in a plasma wave. The Fascati superlaser opens the door for an advanced study of atmospheric lightning discharges and atmospheric electron diffusion regions created by nuclear testing. With the powerful terawatt laser, physicists can observe the smallest electrical events by pulsing a chirped signal into the sky above the laboratory in Frascati, Italy. Significant details about the interaction of radiation and gases in the atmosphere will provide a window for describing how electrical portals are able to open up in the sky connecting local areas of space with distant planets or stars. It could then also help researchers to understand how an intense electromagnetic storm may have caused unknown debris from a space craft to fall from the sky over Los Alamos labs and Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Dispelling the coinciding events of the weather balloon to explain the crash at Roswell, where atmospheric weapons and explosions were only a trigger -- an atmospheric experiment involving top secret nuke tests and an aircraft of unknown origin may be caught in a cyclone of physical explanations connecting the geostationary and geomagnetic fields of this planet to a hyperdimension -- Answering these questions requires details about how energy, electricity and matter interact in the unobservable state or close to absolute vacuum. The difference in studying atmospheric phenomena in the optical rather electrical wavelength is the fact that the laser's capacity to ionize the gas in the absence of a strong electrical field illuminates the ionization process for individual electrons. Physicists then are more likely to observe the real time, spontaneous creation of mass in the vacuum or even electrodynamic potentials in the void. 

Laser pulses inside the accelerator are compressed in a vacuum chamber before propagating to an interaction chamber where it collides with a perpendicular supersonic gas jetstream, ionizing to a plasma. The chirped or high frequency bandwidth of the laser captures illuminated electrons from the gas conducting an electron beam onto a gamma-ray plate. These beamed electrons are now radiated as a grid of plasmon spheres with an intense green luminosity indicating the ionized energy levels. Long wavelength versions of these lasers operating in the gamma range have been tried in space for years in attempts to communicate with aliens on the Moon or attract UFOs. In recent decades it had been demonstrated that ionizing particles, mainly electrons, protons and ions, and X-rays can be produced and accelerated by lasers, opening a new era in different fields of science. Practices concerning the applications of such lasers are regarded now as practices posing radiation risks. Ionizing radiation and the production of radionucleotides from laser-gas accelerators have been the subject of various medical and radiobiological assessments for both their benefits to science and potential reactive hazards. It has come as no surprise that the frequency of UFOs appearing in close proximity to nuclear weapons silos, power plants and other isotope laboratories have sparked a common association of the nuclear age with alien visitation. Either the alien visitors have been monitoring levels of radioactivity at these sites, releasing some radiation from them into the ground, are extracting isotopes for their own propulsion systems or have stationed themselves underground where many of the reactors are built. A number of the world's physics labs that handle subatomic particle colliders, and several nuclear power plants located above cavernous rock areas are fitted with deep underground tunnels.

Tunnels were placed in these locations not only for conducting super secret experiments with dangerous isotope chambers, but for storing more clandestine alien technology, and perhaps aliens as well. Far down into the Earth's crust there are empty hollows that have been drilled for centuries, gaining access by machines to the extremely hot mantle plumes where subnuclear reactions can occur. Isolating these extreme geophysical temperatures and pressures, atom smashers become nearly obsolete as ancient alchemists are able to produce the rudimentary isotope combinations governing nuclear fission and antigravity technologies. Here, the hollow Earth theory proposed in the science fiction works of Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer converges with some of the facts about modern physics. Integrated within a host of bellow-ground secret government facilities, there are off-limits sections where authorized scientists and ETs are employed full time. This is true of Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Fukushima-Daiichi plant where cover-ups of radioactive waste have been rampant. Monitoring of safety measures is prerequisite to industrial use of these technologies that pose conventional hazards included in any chemical, mechanical, high-voltage systems where noxious gases and radiation are present. Electron arrays, like those detected in the Frascati laser-plasma accelerator, have found novel uses for radiotherapy in the treatment of malignancies. Biological effects of electron bunches from laser-driven electron accelerators are largely unknown to the public. It is known only relatively recently, that the early spatial distribution of energy deposition following ionizing radiation interactions with DNA is crucial for the prediction of damages at cellular or tissue levels and during the clinical responses to this irradiation. Collective plasma accelerators have received considerable theoretical and experimental investigation from this vantage point. Millions of patients are treated every year by radiotherapy to cure several kinds of cancers. In the overwhelming majority of cases this therapy is performed using radio-frequency based electron accelerators. Electrons can be used either directly on the patient or to generate, via free-free radiation, hard X-rays which in turn are employed for the treatment. In the near future a novel technique of acceleration, based on ultrashort, powerful laser pulses could provide competitive electron accelerators for radiotherapy. The laser technique is a modern variant of an early idea using plasma as acceleration medium in order to overcome the limitation of acceleration field amplitude. Earlier Fermi and McMillan considered cosmic-ray particle acceleration by moving magnetic fields or electromagnetic waves. An alternative way Brookhaven discovered for exciting the plasmon was, as we described, to inject two laser beams with slightly different or chirped frequencies so that the pulse or beat distances of the packet becomes split in two at a time interval of approach. The mechanism for generating the Alfven waves can be simply seen by following approximate treatments of the two components in the electromagnetic oscillation i.e., the plasma frequency magnetization and the transverse electric field created by the laser. 
Diagram of Bubble Chamber Used At Brookhaven NL
Brookhaven's underground went from trapping neutrinos inside bubble chambers to creating plasmon nanoparticles with lasers. At first the V-shape radians produced in colliders were given the name "strange particles" and "cosmic rays" that later came to be identified as pi-mesons and other exotic interaction products. Plasmon resonances like the bunches of electron arrays can have different values and consequently, the resonance wavelength can be effectively controlled by the size of the conductor used. For varying nano widths, the particles of electrostatic plasmas illuminate an incandescence of all colors in the rainbow. Bipolar coordinates illustrate the orthogonal circular lines or radians corresponding to the plasmon distribution. Electrical wires for nanoelectronics and dense shielding for experimental aircraft all utilize thermograde plasmonic metamaterials as a conductor of high voltage potentials. Indeed, the toroidal electromagnetic and antigravity fields of many unidentified aircraft are universally connected in diameter and radius by the total plasmon resonance circling through the metallic shell. Two separate plasmon nanoparticles will share the same potential field giving rise to lines of force surrounding the two sets of particles and a subset of energy shells intersecting at equidistances. This potential field around plasmons describes how an excitation of energy is able to ignite the plasma filament or metamaterial in response to a laser, an electric current, magnetism or geocentric gravity. Plasma fusion circulates throughout the medium and fluctuates in response to outside conditions. 

Hot Plasmon-Magneton Resonance Induced Antigravitational Field For a Plasmonic Metamaterial Flying Disc 

Plasmon Orbs
For standard quantum calculations, time reversal symmetry maintains an invariant stability for phase transitions, however when magnetic superconductivity is introduced the field can reverse and a breaking of symmetry releases boson condensation from the vacuum. Witnesses describe this condensation or boson flutter as "electric fog" but is actually condensed matter being leaked out of hyperspace, from a superconducting Ginzburg-Landau White Hole or exterior pressure event horizon. Magnetic superconductivity is intimately related to the holographic principle of black holes where space-time, information and matter are condensed together into a singularity. Superconducting magnets were also placed in direct proximity to the infamous bubble-chamber installed at Brookhaven National Labs in 1971 for studying neutrino emissions. Until the Cosmotron was operational, the group at Brookhaven had no alternative but to seek out cosmic rays in the conventional ways. Some even sent lightweight cloud chambers aloft in weather balloons to study cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere; not from Long Island, where surrounding bodies of water made this risky, but from various midwest locations. Other Brookhaven physicists studied cosmic rays on airplanes or mountaintops. Of far more long-range interest was the work in developing a new kind of cloud chamber. Conventional expansion chambers had serious drawbacks. One was cycling time, the time between expansions. Each expansion sent the pressurized gas swirling -- the gas was pressurized to slow down the particles, making measurements more precise, and the device could not be used again until the gas settled back down -- Because the Cosmotron produced particles every few seconds, such chambers were infuriatingly inefficient and would be effectively idle for most of the Cosmotron's running time. To their dismay, they saw that the Cosmotron's beam was flooding the chamber with particles -- a problem unknown to cosmic ray researchers. Most of this problem was created by stray particles that lingered about in the chamber long enough to get into the next set of pictures. They had the Cosmotron crew reduce the pulse repetition rate from every five to every eight seconds, allowing more time for the chamber to clear. After another test strip showed this to be satisfactory the run began. Besides studies of strange particles, another type of research at the Cosmotron involved measuring particle cross-sections. Just as a nuclear cross-section gives the likelihood of an interaction between a neutron and a nucleus, a particle cross-section gives the likelihood of an interaction between one particle and another. Brookhaven had two early counter groups measuring the pion-proton cross-section; the low-energy and high-energy spectrum. The cross-sections were important to understanding the nuclear force where pions and nuclei interact. It was believed that the pions and protons might be behaving analogously to nuclei in excited modes, momentarily being glued together as a unit by the nuclear force until shooting off in repeats. These cross-sections yielded what appeared to be a particle resonance or near-resonance interaction. In collaboration with various scientists from Columbia, Los Alamos and Chicago, the Brookhaven researchers developed a model for intranuclear cascades and evaporation in these high-energy proton-induced reactions. Cross-sectional profiles are now commonly taught in nuclear physics courses to show the orbitals of nuclei, electrons and quarks, to other nuclei shells that allow for efficient isotope calculations. Interacting particle resonances are the basis of nuclear magnetic resonance technologies like MRI but more recently have been studied with electrostatic plasma conductivity in nanoparticles, nanowires and other superconducting metamaterials. 

Multichromatic Plasmon Nanoparticle Array

These plasmon resonances were the cutting-edge of Brookhaven's underground array of geophysics experiments engineered to capture neutrinos, to test hydrogen fusion wells and interface with the inertial confinement of subsurface UFO technology. Plasma plumes close to the mantle of the Earth were practically interfaced with laser plumes created in a harmonic generator. Laser radiation from these interactions could be associated with the resonance bands seen in protons and plasmon nanoparticles. Additionally, with some of these scientific discoveries, Brookhaven helped give birth to the field of nuclear medicine. Isotopes developed at the lab are now mainstays in the diagnosis and treatment of disease; in biology, laboratory scientists made fundamental breakthroughs about the effects of radioactive elements on organisms and have contributed to the genome project decoding the mysteries of DNA. Other Brookhaven projects have been devoted to advanced imaging methods to observe the inner workings of the brain. The Brookhaven team raced to complete its Cosmotron machine before Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California finished a similar but larger device. The Brookhaven machine was completed in 1952, becoming the first in the world to accelerate protons to an energy above one billion electron volts. In just five years the laboratory in the middle of Long Island's pine barrens had become a top-ranked facility and a draw for physicists from around the world. In 1963, researchers used the new Alternating Gradient Synchrotron to discover two types of neutrinos. Following this discovery, they proved the violation of charge conjugation and parity which showed that the universe is not completely symmetrical. Furthering these efforts, a large tunnel dug for a discontinued project from 1983 was later replaced by the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. With this machine, Brookhaven investigated the potential of a hot plasma created from the heavy nuclei bombardments between atoms. This gave physicists a sneak peak into the early conditions of the Big Bang, soon to be eclipsed by experiments at CERN in Geneva Switzerland and the Fermi Labs near Chicago. Unbeknownst to the dedicated Nobel Prize winning scientists, data collected from many of their succeeding projects had been shuttled to the coordinators of the Phoenix Project and other superclandestine research operations around the country. At a time, the paperwork was being analyzed by John von Neumann for Brookhaven and then the labs of the Bell Aircraft facility in Niagara Falls, New York. More recent projects have been transferred to Virginia Tech labs and other near Ozark locations where America's deep underground reservoirs are hiding hollow Earth entrances. Those include the Camp Hero complex at Montauk, the Alsace-Lorraine Mountains of France-Germany and the subterranean reservoir under McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey. Fictionalized accounts of the goings-on of these underground locations were invented by pulp magazine writers the likes of Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer during the 1940s, complete with their Atlantean mind-control beams, orgone blasters and gamma-ray technology. 

Charles Marcoux was an associate of the Shaver Mystery team created by Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver known as the "I Search for the Portals" club which began as a series of ads in the Amazing Stories quarterly. Marcoux's off and on column for various hollow Earth fanzies often carried headlines which claimed he had hunted the Dero in their caverns, and seen strange things underground since he was child. He and his wife Lorene had moved from Arizona to Arkansas apparently to live near Shaver and explore the extensive caves of the Ozarks. Marcoux believed the Ozarks held entrances into the cavern world of the Deros and Teros, and their deteriorating high-tech cities. While exploring a cave in Arkansas connecting unexplored tunnels, they were said to have encountered a portal to the inner-earth. Another cult writer to follow in the hollow Earth footsteps of the Shavertron school was Walter Siegmeister aka Dr. Raymond Bernard. Siegmeister went to Ecuador in 1941 to escape civilization, writing an article entitled "Hope to Breed a Super-Race in Ecuador's Secret Jungles"-- migrating to later join a colony in southern Brazil, he began to write up details about the superrace and how to survive a worldwide disaster called "Escape From Destruction" and other themes related to his book the Hollow Earth -- In his book, Siegmeister talked about the coming atomic war and how his Brazilian colony would be among the safe zones. He also mentioned a Puerto Rican psychic named "Mayita" who predicted that a global nuclear war would begin between 1965 and 1970. Perhaps these predictions were to come true with events like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Soviet standoff. Siegmeister talks of lost continents, spiritual Masters within the Earth and the belief in a race of Amazonian women who ruled in the days of Atlantis. We, the human race, were then reared from these Amazonian queens to be their offspring but with only limited capacities. Women, according to his thesis, were venerated as having some closer genetic link to the lost Atlanteans. While living in Brazil in 1955, Siegmeister also came across a publication by a Brazilian writer who directed the Brazil Theosophical Society called "From the Subterranean World to the Sky" by O.C. Huguenin. The book relates how flying saucers had been constructed over 12,000 years ago by Atlanteans prior to their continent's sinking into the ocean from a catastrophe. Surviving Atlanteans used their craft to escape the destruction and migrate through the holes at the polar regions to the inner world. The work argued that the features commonly attributed to UFOs made less sense if they were extraterrestrial in nature, but were quite logical if they were made from Earth itself. The UFO pilots had been monitoring radiation levels on Earth's surface, he maintained, with no intention of contacting governments. Others close to Huguenin and Siegmeister belonged to Brazil's military and a professor who came into contact through the Theosophical Society. Together they toured Brazil, lectured on UFOs and their secret base inside the hollow Earth called Agartha. 

Siegmeister even stated he had been told the locations of a number of hidden tunnels entrances in Brazil. One was aid to be in the Roncador Mountains of the Matto Grosso, the area where the famous British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared in 1925. The story of Colonel Fawcett and his expedition in search of Atlantean ruins in Brazil's remote jungles, was still very well known in the 1950s. According to Siegmeister's contacts, Percy Fawcett and his companions were still alive in the subterranean world inside an Atlantean city. In light of these revelations, he wrote several other manuscripts including "Agharta, the Subterranean World" and "Flying Saucers from the Earth's Interior". Siegmeister also came in contact with a man named Dr. George Marlo interested in joining his Brazil colony. Dr. Marlo claimed to have intimate knowledge of the inner-earth from two extraterrestrial friends who lived underground in South Africa in a city called Masars II. Several trips to the North Pole and South Africa were made by Dr. Marlo where he entered the inner-earth through a curve in the ground. Siegmeister used Marlo's material to draw more migrants to his commune in Brazil, suggesting that flying saucers would shuttle people between Brazil and the US. Flying saucers from the Earth's interior were the greatest secret of our time, Siegmeister claimed, and was being kept a secret by the US government via a secret military-intelligence community within the government controlling black projects. Here we see the beginnings of a conspiracy that the US government and Russians were working in concert to keep secret space technology from the general public. Though his claims were fantastic and often outrageous, some evidence for Brazilian tunnels systems as well as UFO bases in South America have come out since the 1960s. Underground tunnels and high-tech subterranean bases are known to exist in the Washington D.C. area, in Cheyenne Mountain Colorado, at Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico, near Dreamland at Groom Lake Nevada, and underneath a number of major military installations. These reflect an interest to conceal the manufacture of top secret aircraft the same way the Germans hid their major aircraft factories underground. Military and mining machinery like the tunnel boring caterpillars built for sealing long tunnels deep in the Earth's crust, were long in use when Siegemeister completed his work on the Hollow Earth. Other planets too had been abandoned on their surface, many remaining captives to the inner world and unable to dig their way to the outer world. Specialized digging equipment had been invented for all kinds of purposes including secret bomb tests and suburban construction of underground and underwater shelters. UFO technology make these remote entrances more accessible than we could imagine with just digging equipment. Many of the UFO hotspots like the NASA-Army research centre Mercury at Area 51, S4 and others are privately funded, global space bases and military units not controlled by any single nationality or official boundary. A great deal of UFO activity occurs near Sierra Benmeja in Puerto Rico, and curiously, there is a US military base nearby. Could they somehow be missing all the UFO activity around their base or are they creating it themselves? Perhaps the Deros are just up to their old tricks. Chile's government has remained silent about what it knowns of the secret military weapons developed after the war for use in mind control, crowd control and neural interfacing as does Venezuela. Suddenly, a very real world comes to life, one of underground tunnels, high-tech weapons, and even flying saucers kept secret for almost 70 years.    

Neural stimulation by highly charged magnetic fields has been sought since the turn of the century. Bickford and Fremming showed that excitation of peripheral nerves in man could be achieved with magnetic coils. Transcranial stimulation with magnetic coils were then introduced by Barker to evoke peripheral transformations within the motor centres. It became possible to then include the monitoring of central motor reactions in normal and disabled brains during surgical treatment with real-time visceral exposure. Unlike the electrical pulse technique, magnetic coil pulsations are less invasive and can cover the brain without added surgery. This allows for full preclinical studies performed in vivo and in vitro that take into account the bioelectric action of electromagnetic radiation on different parts of the cortex. Electromagnetic field focusing probes are another prototype development of clinical bioelectromagnetics that was to become a more sophisticated series of neural circuit implants designed for direct current influence on the prefrontal cortex. Integrative electromagnetic control utilizing transcranial wave stimulation and probes on neuronal chip implants increase the ability to navigate and or simulate behavioural states. We found evidence that the postwar German doctors were tapping into the myriad functions of brain recall, recognition, sight and auditory perception while stimulating all variants of hallucinatory objects from a switch system bay. Transdural electrode arrays for TDC stimulation were analyzed for their potential in reading minds via feedback mechanisms -- applications that converged with the growing research at the Montauk military base on Montauk Island New York, Brookhaven NLB and other locations whose findings were synchronized with the German postwar medical experimentation funnelled into the Naval Secret Space Programs located in South American countries -- The Phoenix Project was from its initial stages interested in achieving time travel and it made direct use of Tesla coils and other electromagnetic devices to do it. Lots of those discoveries interfaced with the neuroscientific knowledge that the Paperclip programs and Rockefeller medical syndicate down in South America had been engineering behind sealed vaults. Dummy corporations were used for directing funds outside the corporation to Project MALTA (Montauk Alsace-Lorraine Time Archives). Agents were hired for diverting these funds so the Montauk Project could carry on in Europe around the Alsace-Lorraine mountains. One CIA applicant named Stan Campbell recognized a metal table where bodies lay in suspended animation waiting to be programmed. Occasionally the bodies were seen with burn marks on the chest and gut. He recounted instants of spending time on Mars and interacting with a robed figure. Before the incident he was sent back to Montauk for programming whereupon he found himself on a table where an electrodermal setup for brain interfacing was located. 

He described the chair as having some kind of electroshock Faraday helmut attached. After putting the helmut on his head and undergoing an electrophysiological response, his memories began returning. Directly above the table he looked up where an opening in the ceiling was and the programmers stood waiting to install new programs. He was sucked into this rectangular opening and imprinted with crucifixion images and holy grail themes. Next he was sent through a portal to Mars with a vile of blood to be delivered for testing and organic transfusions to compare blood cell stability on the Martian surface. This occurred while exploring the Martian underground in 1983 where he emerged and greeted the robed archon. Circular windows and glass rims surround the types of rooms chosen for the Montauk programming. Guarded from the outside by a cadre of military-industrial black ops soldiers, the facilities are integrated hospitals with a federal installation of offices and institutional board rooms for monitoring the enlisted medical patients while administering electro-optical hypnosis, sedatives, medications and surgery. The Charles Food Company in New York was used as a front organization by the secret government to allocate funds and, with its many delivery trucks, would travel all over Long Island looking for for kids to abduct for the Montauk programming. Numbers of these missing kids were also transferred to Mars for delivering materials. In wake of the crash of Montauk in 1983, there was a long list of kids from the programming that had to be cared for and they weren't simply abandoned but sent into space capsules for retrieval on various assignments. Another key device used alongside the Faraday cage cranial device, the Persinger Helmet, receives its name from its inventor, Dr. Michael Persinger. He was a neurologist from Canada who found that electromagnetic frequencies could be interfaced with the brain producing a range of effects merely by stimulating specific anatomical regions. Later he came to be involved in Operation Black Beauty a secret project that tested a freezer-sized electromagnetic broadcasting system intended to calm riots. The device issues a gestalt of time-varying fields, wave packets holding extremely low frequency energy emitted at between 1 and 10 Hrz cycles per second. Repeated tests with the device reveal that it could induce motion sickness and inner-ear imbalances. Neuroelectromagnetic weapons transmitting ELF waves are merely a drawing board technology to be used in conjunction with more sophisticated, programmable devices to modulate the brain and nervous system on functional sites. Acoustic waves and subsonic vibration devices are known to pass through the head and effectively penetrate the temporal hearing mechanism of the brain. Reports of civilians being used as test subjects for directed energy weapons of ultrasonic, electromagnetic field, acoustic and death-ray type interference upon the central nervous system are numerous. Symptoms of this interference include radiation sickness, sleep deprivation, night terror, headaches, dizziness, disorientation, visual impairment, optical hallucinations, voices, and sometimes visceral side-effects like blood-clots, rashes and burns. 

When cranial radiography is conducted on the victims, often foreign objects, nanoparticles and microtransmitters with cerebral connections, are recovered in the photographs. Entire motor control is lost or manipulated remotely, even selective paralyses of limbs can momentarily give-way to Parkinson's symptoms, to instant glitches of the cerebrospinal connection causing subjects to fall over or lose balance. Massive electronic harassment has certainly been a concern of foreign military and national security alumni working on counter-terrorism and insurgency methodology. CIA tactics for psychic control have included electromagnetic implants and nerve torture frequently employed against suspected terrorists. The Pentagon's electronic weapons arsenal includes remote devices that spread intracerebral microwave induction, infrasound guns, pulsed audiograms, radio frequency identification and programming, microelectrodes, telethought transfer, subliminal resonation EMF transducers and other silent weapons technologies. When the Russians attacked the US embassy in Moscow with microwave weapons in the 1950s, the US started to develop microwave weapons in secret. There are public, nonlethal microwave weapons like the active denial system (ADS) and milliwatt radars but where are the lethal ones? Russia developed microwave weapons that can stop the heart, cause diseases or other terminal conditions with intense radiation beams. Milliwave radar can be used from outside a building to see what humans are doing inside in the infrared range. 

UFOs fit into the above definitions of electromagnetic phenomena inasmuch as they can be seen as reflecting in the whole region of the night sky with an intense burst of light caused by rapid ionization of the atmosphere from its electromagnetic radiation. Other than unconventional aircraft and meteorological phenomena, unidentifiable luminous objects can be created using advanced electromagnetic, Fourier micro-wave, laser beam and brain microdevice technologies. Studying the potential of these methods, postwar Psyops soldiers and German SS neuroscientists made breakthroughs in reality augmentation that can project a UFO or alien abduction in the psychological and psychophysical dimensions. Cases where the induced hallucination can be so real that it leaps out from stimulated cortical locations that it leaves behind traces of radiation. Radiobiological examinations confirm the remainder signs of a close encounter with something not medically explained i.e., the blood contains traces and leads under the skin are detected. Mind control with nano-computers is done by cauterizing areas of the memory processing in the hypothalamus, where the cells die and stop producing the electrochemical reactions necessary for individuals to remember. Traces of this tampering are not visible because the agencies involved perform nano-voltaic discharges in the organs imitating cells that are in the process of duplication and growth of the dendrite -- the timing for which these kinds of duplications are made are within nano seconds of the synaptic half-life of a neuronal cell -- When intervening this way the subjects do not know this is occurring and do not remember any of the events related to it; with nano-computers, producing disconnections between the different areas of the brain and the hypothalamus where the subject carries out the processes of hearing, speech, sensation, vision, perception and cognition, they do not form memories around these events which have been selectively cloaked out of the mind. This linear relationship between the nerve types in stimuli-response and post-cell firing is called the mean reaction time necessary for action potentials in a distributed cortical network to differentiate tasks. "ESP", or End of Sequential Processing, begins the period of parallel connectivity networks in the brain's spiking times following intermediary response tasks. By disconnecting the visual processing centres and nerve cell connections with the hypothalamus, cauterization or nano-voltaic discharges with variable applied voltages depend on the manner in which nano-computers produce nano-voltaic discharges in the optic nerve cells and the different connections between centres, cells, the person could stop perceiving the images presented to them, because the synapses are not made to recall since the mechanism for the exchange of chemical transmitters is interrupted and hence does not let the electrochemical dipolar reactions from the stimuli of the retina and optical nerves to reach other parts of the brain -- even when they are not the ones that would normally process the visual stimuli, they process this type of information since the psyche and the brain take the information to the occipital memory where the individual recognizes visual structures and images -- in the hypothalamus and visual processing centres in the areas that were explained in the neurology medical briefing. 

Neronal networks in the human basal ganglia can be disrupted by introducing a direct magnetic probe and generating feedback within its functional circuit while programming the neurophysiological field potentials. Stimulating these important movement circuits and their subsequent feedback loops in the field recording is critical to the evoked LFP (Local Field Potential) for mapping alterations in fMRI readings. When the subcortical nuclei are known as a target for modulation it is possible via feedback maps to later maintain a coherent signal with the LFP via non-invasive trancranial induction subsequent to a deep stimulation study. The LFP model traces the time reaction cycles and LFP logarithm in mathematical event related potentials. Noninvassive brain-computer interfacing can be conducted alongside the cortical recording process. Other electrophysiological methods of localization encompass somatosensory and motor potentials in the mapping composites. In different studies it has been proven that the activity processing centres take information from the environment but the brain in general processes the information to be understood later in interaction situations. Several factors make Intracranial Stimulation Programming (ICSP) a very complicated task with multiple combinations of parameters involving monitoring of immediate neurophysiological effects. At the instant a stimulator is switched on the programming is capable of being guided since real-time clinical effects are visible. Volitional and nonviolitional control of neural connectivity can then be established in real-time feedback between stimulated and voluntary event potentials. rTMS has also been developed for use with nano-robotics where electrical field induction techniques are accompanied by voluntary stimulation demonstrating the feedback potential. China's deep web forum of secret scientists concluded by 1979 that by monitoring the temporal order dynamics in the brain's long-term metabolic networks coupled to its bioelectrical cycles, that all forms of neurophysiological, cognitive, event related and unconscious programming could be predicted within the mind's own biological clock. This gives an omnipresent advantage for stealth predictions of human and animal behaviour for psychiatric precursors that an individual's motivic action is likely to follow within a month to annual periodicity range of sleep, wake and energy consumption. When communicating with the people around us, the hypothalamus and different limbic organs produce electrochemical transmitters that aid speech, some agencies try to interrupt this process, among the techniques they use is cauterizations in the processing centres of target stimuli in which the speech functions take place. Suppose that you are going to say the words "they are burning my brain" and some intelligence agency for security reasons want to prevent the thoughts from becoming spoken words, so that outside your brain you do not hear or speak this conversation; in fractions of a second, satellites and computers (mainframes), transmit signals to nano-computers that cauterize the signal, irradiating the cells causing them to die. The areas in which the nano-voltaic discharges are produced and which cause people to converse, as a result of the communication and sensations, the nervous system is stimulated, and then the subject speaks the words, this happens at the speed of sound, saying the words (me - are - burned - the . . .), the agency cauterizes the areas of the brain and hypothalamus, causing that some word is not said since the nerve cells have been severed non-abrassively and that produces this type of new human. 

With the scope of this nano-computing interface and cauterization technique, we are looking at the possibilities of the new, automatic human specie, whose conception of reality is reducible to the spectrum of electronic images fired into his forebrain so that he cannot, by any means, perceive the original state of reality. They could at some point cauterize an area where the electrochemical reactions and nano-voltaic reactions of specific words occur, a large number of cells that die in different zones, so the word that the subject thinks does not get processed by the tongue (lethologica), or when trying to speak it produces different word retrieval interruptions in which other cells or other areas of the brain try to send nano-voltaic discharges as a mechanism for the subject to speak. It also happens that these agencies produce electrochemical discharges and voltaic lullabies for inducing trance and passive behaviour, persuading populations to mindless consumption. Nano-voltaics refers specifically to the generation of electrochemical oscillations within the brain induced by the effects of nanoscale wave optics, vibration assisted tunnelling and laser pulses. This can interfere with subneuronal information processing mainly by the induction of soliton waves through a hydrocell with an electric dipole field attached to a semiconductor optical interface. Solitons give nonlinear electromagnetic surface waves ease of access to bioenergetic chains and microtubules in the brain's membrane channels. Special voltaic cell devices placed in the scalp disperse the waves across expanded brain sites -- an enhanced brain permeability of macromolecules is achieved via the surfactant nanoparticles -- electrochemical triggers that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to control. 

Between the nano-voltaic absorption mechanism of the hydroelectric cell and the dissipative soliton waves introduced is the interfacial field of reaction-diffusion processes. Using a brainwave nano-voltaic controller the implantable neural devices can manipulate various brain functions with a programmable cybernetic feedback system relaying penetrating field signals. Although the solid state instrumentation of these technologies have been in the shelves of top secret shadow governments since the 1940s-1960s, their full potential use to add or remove memories, insert optical realities and imprint new behaviour is relatively new; since the research began to pick up in South America around the late 1970s and early 80s, there have been more and more dimensions in the network of their physiological effects yet to receive attention by the medical community. CIA operatives and breakaway communities of neuroscientists were funded by independent medical schools, private banks, corporations and global defence councils to experiment on cloned humans and other 'transgenic populations' who were raised as their guinea pigs. The same technology has no regulatory laws or usage bans and has not received official recognition that could prevent it from simply being unleashed to individuals in the so-called 'black world', to be used by different agencies with, for example, the military-industry, 70% of which today is outsourced to private interests. The advances in some areas of the human brain sciences and the possible threats of the future become apparent as recently as 1997. They talked about ear and eye implants, but also more advanced ones, sensors in the environment that they were able use to spy on the human being and control behaviour via the human mind. The same ethical questions arising then are still important today. Since 1997, the progress in the brain implant technology has been happening very fast. It is possible today to connect the brain to a computer and create a cybernetic interface, or artificial, organic portal. Brain chips today are so microscopic, it is not difficult to conceal their presence in nervous tissue. Jose Delgado was a pioneer in the field of human-circuit interfacing beginning already in the 1950s-1960s -- the New York Times published an editorial "Push Button People" about this type of behaviour modification. Well, after the fact this scientist, Jose Delgado went to work for the CIA on their secret brain-chip engineering lab. He is known for an infamous experiment from the 1960s where they placed a brain implant in a bull. After stirring up the bull and directing it towards a man, in its full force and fury, Delgado stood alongside all the while with a controller, he pushes a button and the bull stopped immediately in front of its tracks. Given the electricity in the brain we can expect an explosion of the development of this kind of technology, but since Jose Delgado went over to the CIA, they put a gag on him and he no longer spoke about his research anymore. This work has led to the discovery of Synthetic Telepathy or Artificial Telepathy, sometimes referred to as V2K, which means there is imitated speech and or communication with a human being via an implant. With these a perpetrator can talk with a select voice, intonation, avatar, personality, ego-projection and so on, by applying an artificial intelligence as an intelligence counterpart -- we can start by explaining that an implant in your brain is quite meaningless if it is required that two operators be making decisions and changes manually. In its place, the ideal counterpart was AI, which is interesting because Martin Ingvar explained that within a few years it wont be possible to discern human actors from a perfected AI he has seen developed in some of these black projects. By learning by what is called "Reverse Engineering the Brain", the machine sits back and learns from what already happened while a human being is connected to a computer -- an online human operator -- AI is controlling everything in the process. In the beginning when I was exposed to this, only manual operators were involved and one could clearly make the distinction between the Artificial Intelligence and the personal operator. 
Microelectodes as Localized Wave-Carrier Chips for Stimulating and Programming Target Brain Sites in Tissue

Operation Event Horizon, a NASA secret space program, invested in human brain research for the assessment of human-robotic and brain-machine interfaces -- autonomous drones, it was believed, might better perform in space when learning through human interactions and integrative environments that extend user interfaces such as computers to electroencephalographic technologies responding to tasks, events and control parameters for steering modules. A great deal of this complicated research was carried out in underground facilities. Moreover, deep within the bedrock of some parts of the planet there exist a highly evolved civilization working in concert with some of the organized groups and human breakaway societies like the Elder Templar's and other mutations. Concentric shells of trapped water and empty caverns are maintained by some physicists, geophysicists and astronomers to be hiding what lay beneath the Earth's surface. These concentric empty regions may be formed over millions of years of geological time by counter-rotating fields of magma and gravity as seen on the poles of Saturn and Jupiter. Auroras from charged solar particles accumulate at the magnetized north and south poles, exhibiting the presence of concentric magnetized plasmas and the space-time fields of the Earth's inner and outer dynamos. The hollow Earth hypothesis was successively upheld by ancient Greek thinkers, by the astronomer Edmond Halley, Leonard Euler and Carl Gauss of Germany. Large bodies of water have been located miles bellow the surface and in the crust-mantle boundary, suggesting a more fluid mechanical description of Earth's centrifugal, inner rotation fields.

Seismologists have even noted the disappearance of shock waves, indicating a vast expanse of subterranean ocean capable of holding many times more liquid than all the seas on the surface combined. Before the breakup of a supercontinent, Gondwana, the enormous islands of Australia and Antarctica formed one large landmass where the South Pole once was pivoted closer east. Millions of years of dynamic interchange and this Austro-Antarctic centrifuge broke apart taking with it fragments of former Earth deposits belonging to the Agarthan complex. Evidence from this Agarthan underworld can be found to make up the outback of Australia's rich geological habitats and the Pacific Plate reaching to Japan. Continental margins and basins around the planet's many geological zones have taken innumerable shapes over the hundreds of millions of years since the proterozoic and with these transformations have carved out deep hollows where forests and concealed ecosystems have overgrown along with their own weather systems. These Agarthan cavern systems, formed by hundreds of millions of years of erosion, can fit dinosaurs, underground waterfalls, rivers, skyscraper sized monoliths and even four Giza pyramids in their interiors. 

Giant networks of caverns are typically found at or near places with a hidden Agarthan entrance like down under in Australia's hidden underworld of Hyperaustralis; under Antarctica's ice shelf; in the mammoth cave of Son Doong Vietnam; China's Quankou Dong; Gunung Mulu of Borneo; Sarawak of Indo-Malaysia; in the Monongahela forests of West Virginia and Kentucky and the Ozarks region of Arkansas; Mexico's Sac Actun, Toca da Boa Vista system of Brazil, Bermuda's volcanic region, the Mariana's Trench, Laurentia of Quebec; in large impact craters and meteorite blasts of the North Atlantic, Iceland; the Arctic Basin's deep floor, Duhlata and Devetashka in Bulgaria; Velebita and Bisevo of the Balkans; Romania's Padurea Craiului; Veryovkina and Krubera in former SSR Georgia; Uzbekistan's Boysuntov range, along the Siberian traps; Lake Baikal, the Ural Mountain's Orda cave and other parts of northern Russia. Tropical wonderlands teeming with monstrous plants and fungi are found thriving in some of the world's largest caverns and sinkholes -- examples of what more subcrustal landscapes remain unknown, leaving behind remnants of the cenozoic past when enormous jungles and reptiles roamed the Earth's landmasses -- proto-dinoid species like the raptors may be evidence of how small, scavenging lizards survived after the mass extinctions viz subterranean caverns that sheltered the simian hybrid-apes of the Agarthan's who came to dominate over humans and neanderthals. Raptors were basically medium cold-blooded birds that walked on their hind legs but many, like the dromeosaurus, eventually developed wings. 
These impish looking reptilian primates were often reported as the gnomes and green elves of Germanic-English folk legends and, in more modern times, the "little green men" piloting flying saucers. Dietary disorders and extinction of the solar source may have turned their complexion a lighter grey when, as some documents claim, they could no longer digest chlorophyl and became more reliant on carnivorously extracted, living digestive substances bioengineered from nature. Some of the locations to inner-earth are so far down that they are only accessible by deep-sea vessels and submarines. Organizations and secret groups within the Vatican and its archives have known of its various entrances for hundreds of years and have a number of disclosure protocols if the situation should arise. However the oligarchic powers of Italy, Germany, England, Russia and the US have often tried on many occasions to pull whatever strings necessary to keep the inner-earth a national security and state secret. This has been the case even decades before High Jump and the Nazi Antarctic mission to Neusschwabenland. From dormant habitats inside the crust, the species utilize a crystalline and light-based technology, as well as implant and mind control technology (sometimes called Orion technology). Each of the specie discussed had been involved in perpetuating abductions or contact with humans using an advanced Psi power. Strangely enough, the reptilian-simian hybrids were known to possess a brain structure radically divergent from other apes and reptiles. 

Neural Webbing of Antankarana Sets Up Biosemiotic Communication in a Hybrid Network with Mineral, Crystalline or Epitaxial Molecular Resonance

Even though they had identical core brain processing quadrants, which we called the triune, reptilian or "R-complex", their frontal and parietal-occipital regions exhibited distinct organization unknown in primates. A detached lobe of integrated bio-crystalline and neural cells was to allow them access to a private network of information and gnostic thought. So controlled, however, was this network that the little greys were not given free choice but rather acted as biomechanical drones merely automated to serve their parental reptilian geneticists. Both the right and left hemispheres of their brain were fused together with a third frontal quadrature that is woven within a crystal net structure serving as a wireless communication system. The cell network records events as if on a CCD camera taking in everything their eyes perceive into the third-eye implant. With this in mind, it might be presumed that with the development of the network structure that there is a later physical manifestation that occurs subsequent to that of 4th dimensional telepathic abilities or vice versa. Perhaps the advancement of telepathy in such creatures has come by means of many life cycles of training on the biointerface installed within their frontal cortex -- meanwhile thousands of years of cybernetic integration this way should have led to a superior sequence of neurofeedback evolutions with the devices mutating into quasi-neurobiological organs. Blending in with the DNA and natural neural network of the brain, a crystal biochip would soon deliver coded genetic inner-feedback with the brain's communicational wiring, becoming less and less artificial. This biosemiotic transition from an artificial neural net to a biological one then modifies the cortical anatomy with its own surface science. Within the human, or simian aquatic ape, a structure known as the caudate nucleus is an initial structure for establishing telepathic communication. One of the terms that arose from the hollow Earth discourses, the 'antankarana', or etheric bridge in the brain, was used to explain the evolutionary connection of the caudate nucleus with the rest of the brain. 

In reptiles, birds and humans, the caudate forms part of the basal ganglia which is the first component in the triune brain unifying with the limbic centres and neocortex. Spatial memory and intelligence employed during accelerated learning respond to morphological cues and relationships that rely on caudate responses to the environment, opening the bridge to mind-to-mind associations as well. Eidetic thought forms pervade the universe in the quantum lattice structure that describes the vacuum, and evidently, it is this network which allows a being to tap into the matrix and gain information. The matrix, or Universal Intelligence Matrix, extends to all corners of the universe. To the reptilians, in their use of Orion technology, it is a hierarchically ordered intelligence-field composed of infinite network domains, ontologies, dimensions, possible worlds, and living entities. The primary function of the matrix is that it enacts the thought patterns, or neuro-eidetics, of the Universal Mind into manifest form. The utilization of crystalline matrices to modulate energy, consciousness and matter is the hallmark of the most advanced technologies. 

One way this has been done is through harnessing the photonics and photo-electric difference-wave processing potential of nematic grids that arise naturally within liquid crystal arrays. Self-induction and modulation of neurosynaptic networks begins with scalar and Fourier transform wave processing. Spatial networks of solitons communicate nonlocally when they occur in a pool of nematic liquid. Solitons exhibit optical properties that diffract in nonlinear configurations from a light source into 2D-visual symmetries and geometric patterns. Helical and spiral nematic orientations of these liquid crystal layers are a suitable medium to study under the Schrodinger equation with a stereoscopic comparative to genetic information storage. 

Neuron growth and pathway expansion is known to structure itself on a molecular pattern called neuroplasticity -- plasticity, which allows dormant cognitive wiring to direct new glial cells from depolarized or dead cells, also applies to the viscoelastic composition of the brain's chemical and cytoskeletal intercellular matrix -- Fourier-Gaussian wave topologies of the nematic liquid crystal arrays mostly resonate with a fractional variance so similar to the neuroplastic organization in integral layers of brain cells. The broken and symmetric pattern formations that emerge in electro-optical signal discharges, phosphene geometry, liquid crystal graphical displays and neuroplasticity, respond to a distribution of psychic energy and habit. Habit formation is a recognition of, or response to, patterns that establish themselves in the synergetic fields of the thermal vacuum in concert with spatial or chemical phases. Classical mechanics refer to this as the phase space, an evolving construct of adapting coordinates rigged for predicting where the components of a system will be in the future. Examples of this are bifurcation; if one knows the mathematical behaviour of a bifurcating reaction, it is easier to determine its branching paths. Finite automata describe the smallest, singular circuit that can emerge from complex, natural interactions. Regular liquid crystal panels spontaneously organize units into cellular pictograms (numbers on a calculator) showing the automata principle of local rules in a discrete ordering. Ideo-deterministic or self-modulating circuits start from the electrodynamic switch elements of natural finite state-machinery i.e., the algebraic logic inherent in organismic ion transfer and intercellular signalling. An essential characteristic of a finite-state machine is its memory -- the behaviour of the machine relies on its past history -- While the behaviour of some machines depends on remote history, the behaviour of others depends only on more recent events. The amount of past input and output information needed to determine the machine's future behaviour is given by the memory span of the machine. If the initial state of a deterministic machine and the input sequence to it are known then the corresponding final state and output sequence can be uniquely determined. 

Antankarana Connects Pineal Axis to Third-Eye and Exoplanetary Information Spheres
The combinatorial logic, matrices and algebraic graphs necessary to calculate circuit models for computers was universally related to the neurological mechanisms of human intelligence; a discovery made by Ross Ashby, an early pioneer in the field of cybernetics. Biological and chemical computation then came to be associated with very basic finite state-machines and computer processing in lattices, error correcting codes, universal language comprehension and other modalities of space-time organization. Novel potential circuits and switches emerge, or can emerge, from any finite array belonging to an organism and information processing on any level of a complex system contributes pattern recognition and randomly dispersed teleonomic resonance to the coherent functioning of the whole organism. Hence, the brain's somatosensory system recognizes tertiary processing on many levels from cytophysiological regulation, to cellular signalling, to DNA-RNA transfer in different parts of the body. Complex information is shared among the body's immensely interconnected, self-similar pathways that form networks within networks of finite automata. Emergent fields of finite automata containing associations that have not yet been biologically or genetically expressed may be sensed by the brain/whole organism. Massive parallelism in the brain permits networks of cellular automata from more basic functions to integrate fields of information filtered via the connectionist principles in distributed neural bridges (antankarana mechanisms). 

Keylontic Grids of the Universal Intelligence Matrix

Today, these kinds of multidimensional bimolecular circuits are treated in synthetic biology and biological systems theory as the building blocks of molecular and gene editing programs. The resultant diversification of bimolecular connections, finite automata, pattern formations, and complex organisms, exists as an infinite spectrum of interconnected matrix combinations and permutations. Tapping into the automata networks by way of the somatosensory field permits one to exert influence on insentient processes and molecular functions of the body by tuning into what complexity theorists ofter refer to as downward causation. Downward causation means the whole can orchestrate movement of its own parts, or that nested -- self-similar layers of complexity -- make it possible, or natural, for conjugations to occur between the essentially unified systems of a system.

Universal Intelligence Matrix (UIM)
Interdimensional communication is the result of attunement to one's own network such that it functions as a multidimensional extension and whereby communicative access to important aspects of the matrix can occur. Development and evolution of neurological pathways in the brain is a process during which brain cells expand, crystallize domain orientations; and whereby shifting of neurocircuitry pathways are gradually overridden. The pathways upon which this development takes place is sometimes esoterically termed the Urim Circuitry. This circuitry is now mostly dormant in humans, but it can be stimulated ahead of its normal evolutionary progression. Throughout the Keys of Enoch, the Urim and Thummim are mentioned with respect to a luminous system of communication grids that connects mental domains through various crystalline structures. Transformation of terrestrial modes of life towards ultraterrestrial modes of light are to be stimulated by photoelectronic switch systems used to build the new network with the Universal Intelligence Matrix. 

For the brain to accept new information, to put a new bioengineering process into play, and to correct the retrogressive evolution of stagnant neurocognitive habits, it is necessary that the brain go through time acceleration. Presently, the human nervous system works according to the consciousness schematic of the specie which sets up the flow of ions through the membrane-based circuity. Stepping up the frequency of electrodynamic light transmissions elevates one beyond the chemical time scale in response to the new Urim Circuitry which overrides the old sodium based ion flow and allows for instant data transfer between the algebraic-binary circuits and the brain's new memory storage. Establishing the Urim Circuit increases the rate of reception at data rates far exceeding normal analytical thought comprehension. The Urim stems from the hebrew word for 'lights' and is a template of colored, square-automata arranged into a 3x4 rectangular matrix. Each of the combinatorial automata templates are intended to act as oracles for divining the future by a process of questioning in alphanumeric code. Sometimes the Urim and Thummim appear as diamond shaped tablets that reflects a future state of the world in terms of four-sided crystal configurations. Originally, they were made to represent the Tablets of Destiny worn by the Mesopotamian god Marduk, thus they may also signify a holy king's armour. In proto-islamic tradition, the equivalent of an Urim and Thummim were stored in the Kabba cube at Mecca. Metaphysical Urim are crystals that arrange within a harmonic template or scale system. Using sound and color to modulate them, advanced beings can direct thought-complexes (eidetics), sending them or receiving them within a telepathic network. The Urim are lights coordinating the processes of the mind with metaphysical thresholds not ordinarily available for conscious experiencing. Each crystal oscillates at a different frequency, coordinating consciousness from this limited ontological program of semantics and habit to other universal programs within the Universal Intelligence Network. This causes the intelligences embodied in these energy thresholds to undergo a continuous mutation of their sub-quantum automata circuitry in conjunction with the B'nai Elohim (Triune Intelligences) of the avian, reptilian and primate brain complex. 

Scientific wisdom systematized from this triune brain complex of Urim-Thummim were long ago unified within the spiritual power structures of virtual life programs from Mintaka Orion, Merak Muscida, Dubhe and Thuban in Draco that included advanced crystal, soliton, laser and radio-chemical astronomy. Together, the Urim and Thummim operate as focused crystals forming a grid for communication of alphanumeric patterns to project as geometries merging the different harmonics of color in the many spectra of light. Urim and Thummim represent the photoelectric discharges emitted by crystal solids when physically effected by an interaction of their anisotropy with electricity flow. Crystals are robust electrical conductors that react to current flow or pressure when applied to their inert lattice of atomic orientations. Thermal conductivity allow crystals to react with different illuminations and polarizations produced in a dielectric crystal that may in fact give off diffuse rays from an applied electric field. Direct diffraction of these rays through various crystal space groups can also effect the geometry of light observed. The photometric polarization of a crystal can be produced by some mechanical stress (piezoelectricity) or the deformation caused by mechanical stress of its lattice (elasticity). The electro-optical effect in crystals can be demonstrated with an electrical field or by pressure upon its surface (photoelastic effect). 

Colloidal Liquid Crystal Layers with Eidetic Chroma Reflectivity in the Photonic Crystal Range 

Urim and Thumimm lights are the result of charged crystals producing a multicoloured field effect whereby the eidetic emanations of primordial cognition can be triggered along any number of energy grids allowing for the electrification of matter. Placing these crystal stones in front of the body promotes the opening of a third-eye between the dormant visual receptors of the forebrain -- an adjustment which has been bioengineered in some extraterrestrials -- Interdimensional communication is a potential activity of all sentient beings. As a being evolves, the communicative capacity is heightened along with the awareness of its abiding eidetic history or spiritual lineage (dimensional incarnations), and this process is what some alien forces who are in control of the Earth have attempted for millions of years to modify and regulate; while other collectives want to stimulate the process in assistance of sentient intelligence on the planet to reach 4-dimensional embodiment into higher dimensional energy shells. Dualist-interconnectionist models of consciousness, from Ancient Greece to Descartes, have disjointed parts connected by a mysterious communication process. Usually, no explanation is proposed for this communication process, although the metaphor of resonance is often given as a factor. 

The matrix is an evolving computational process by which the illusion of continuous space self-organizes from a discrete substructure -- the network ontologies -- which constitute a dynamic, submicroscopic, corpuscular, fuzzy-neural, cellular network. At first it may seem like these substructures could not possibly be consistent with one another or evolve into a single category. This occurs when we have two categories which are disjoint, such as two parallel universes, and yet they exchange information. A matrix between the two categories must be interpolated, to carry the resonance or intercommunication -- for example, in Platonic cosmology where the demiurge intervenes between the intellect and the terrestrial sphere -- No matter how many levels, the mystery of communication between adjacent levels in the hierarchy remains. The vibration metaphor addresses this mystery in the language of Fourier, including neuroscience, optics, Newtonian and quantum mechanics, but still employs an encompassing matrix or medium to carry information from level to level. The vibration metaphor entered the Hindu literature in Spanda (vibration), Urmi (wave), and Prana (life-force) concepts of the Trika philosophy. Humans occupy a collective ontology system that operates at a particular frequency of the Universal Mind where all transmissions of meaning and communication is of a human nature.

Microscopic Ellipsis of the Plurocosm -- Oscillatory Bandwidths Overlapping of the Universal Intelligence Matrix

Beyond this ontological network of shared experience, there are extraterrestrial and extrastellar reference frames which establish communication with other mental beings opening on higher frequencies inside the Universal Intelligence Matrix. On Earth there is a range of scenarios that unfold according to the local matrix programming relative to human existence (Dasein), but outside this domain of particle fields and chemical signals are transverse or parallel systems of communication operating closer to the origin of consciousness itself. The human operator system has existential limits in terms of connectivity, consciousness and physical sustainability with differing material effects -- impositions that seem to rule life on this 3-dimensional frequency band do not have the same effects or consequences on other bandwidths of the network -- universally, we all operate on these other bandwidths at least some of the time, especially during deep sleep, and do not totally exist in this singular plane alone since we are experiencing it from a higher plane projection, simulation of quanta etc., that is emanating from the Universal Mind. 

Colloidal Capsules in the Urim Circuits of the Brain Assist the Transmission of Oscillatory Frequencies Among Diverse Networks of the Universal Intelligence Matrix

Between the interstitial fibbers of the human cranial plates and the brain, there are resonating structures made of liquid crystal-colloidal membranes. Due to the colloidal surface of these membranes being nanocomposites of a polymer-like substance, the electric field of the brain can be made hyper-responsive to the spectrum of the Universal Intelligence Matrix by resonating to its standing wave interference patterns. Interference patterns permeating all space are tuned in through by the magnetic resonance of the colloid nanomembranes and the electromagnetic field of the central nervous system. Some have stated that use of interdimensional craft by humans is not possible because of the physical level of development (cranially) of the human, which does not permit a focused mind-linkage. Mind-linkage enables a grouping of beings to establish a One Mind connection and to focus the technology that opens transfer of their equipment, and themselves, to other locations, domains or densities. This technical capability exists in many of the species that are not indigenous to this planet, or at least its surface, and many entities on the Earth are, and have been, subjected to modification of their psychic and genetic patterns using this crystal nanotechnology. The Andreasson affair was a good example, in that it illustrated some of the technical capabilities that are being imposed on small human populations to achieve ends that are as yet unspecified. The human body, being a resonant bioelectronic crystalline structure, can be deeply effected by patterns that are entrained upon it. Learning can be ascertained or erased -- the biological stability can be increased or degraded -- We are talking about a system of science that has its origins in a deep understanding of how the universe and reality systems operate, and in the new age of science, humans are beginning to recall some of those factors.

Matrix Surface Vesicles Used To Transport the Individual Membrane of Consciousness Through the Existential Interface of One Body to that of Another

There is an implicit knowledge of subtle functions and energetic stability in dynamic fields that is coincident with knowledge of crystal and liquid-light based technologies. Most of the intelligences that utilize this technology are at least 5D-density and have the ability to energetically extend their own capacity to resonate within the human biological system. We have had underground areas described by abductee/contactee populations that contain green cylindrical chambers with seats, similar to those discussed in the Andreasson affair. One of the locations of those chambers is outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The function of the chambers is to increase the vibratory resonance in the physical body so that it can transfer to a higher dimensional band of physical energy and mass. The Grays are also described as being able to switch the consciousness of a person from their physical body by inserting them into someone else's body, and, by removing memory from the first life, convince the transplanted personality that they are the person of the second body. 

When original conscious memory of one's identity is removed, it is simultaneously replaced like energy in a vacuum, like surface waves in a bubbling liquid, and the "person" is reprogrammed consciously with the memory and singular identity of the one who originally occupied the second body. Accordingly, when this happens to someone, their only indications are disorientation, chronic deja-vu, environmental jet-lag and dreams about being someone else. The human identity and consciousness are somehow put on ice during his temporary occupation, as if unconscious, even for years at a time. There have been some instances where aliens have temporarily taken over the functions of a human's body in order to perform some task. In the future, humans may advance so far with present nanotechnology and nanocomputer science that it will be possible to do the same via intra-silica transfer of the mental 'bions' from one human to another, or from a microchip to a computer processor. Silicon Valley technology today is still light years behind this development which can only be facilitated by an advanced Type-I civilization. Those civilizations who are nearly Type-II also have full access to the mechanisms of biological tunnelling between permeable surface vesicles and colloidal membranes that employ subnano transport. Scanning tunnelling probes and vacuum conjugation techniques of the future can trap neurobiological consciousness through a surface polarized interface the way nanotweezers can manipulate atom clusters. Essentially the process converts the biological RNA-DNA information and vesicle surface energy to an electrodynamic plasma fluid or Bose gas held stable within a fluctuating neutral vacuum. This superfluid contains the dynamic spin elements of a living molecular bioplasm such that the biological information, biokinetics, cellular motility, cytometry and pressure are not broken nor violated and the organism's "spark" or individual energy not destroyed in the transfer. After the conscious diffusions of electrical and other biologically relative volumes are safely encapsulated inside the interfacial medium, a transmembrane gravity bubble separates from the nanofluidic host container via colloidal suspension and carries the diffuse substance to the new clone body like particles in a nanocage. Only in this manner is it possible for living subjects to regain proper consciousness of their habits, instincts and practical memories once transferred to their cloned self-replicas. What human Type-0 and early Type-I cultures have not figured out is how to create conditions where clones can accept the original identity mass without removing or killing the newborn consciousness that has just entered i.e., an individual who has been cloned would still have to deal with the newborn occupancy problem of having a body with two conflicting bioenergetic patterns. To overcome this dilemma, ETs have reared clones in vitro from a modified germline specifically edited for housing the original identity while transporting the conscious activity as a condensed wave-packet thus preventing newly incarnated transfers from taking hold of the clone in the embryonic state. However this doesn't prevent nor limit aliens from conducting simpler astral surgery whereby biophysical life-forces are synchronized to an electrical juncture, voluntarily vacating the clone's bioelectric corpuscle onto an electromagnetic trap while inserting the original person's spirit during intermediate flatlines.    

Ultraterrestrials inside the Earth have possessed this nanoelectronic transfer of the physical consciousness since our earliest recorded history and have used it to hack into other people's minds, even using it to control powerful individuals. In modern Germany, the leaders of the Thule Society referred to this kind of ability as the "Vrill" force, which they say some entities have harnessed to propel their flying ships. Vril is produced the same way as the power known as Citta, in the sanskrit language this word is nearly equivalent to Mind or Manas, terms which can be used in reference to primordial energy states and psychospiritual states. It is possible to emulate the production of this energy in accelerators by varying the electromagnetic spectrum causing particles to "jump" between bounded energy states. Since what we are tapping into is more a distribution of energy excitations in the zero-point spectrum as it reaches a higher level, it is taking on angular momentum, direction and charge from the vacuum. This can be predicated on the kind of vacuum that is used, wether it utilizes a commutative or non-commutative geometry, square-electron or circular structure -- interactions in the field element will depend on how electrons are pumped into the accelerator from an outside source -- Feynman path integration of the electron distribution with its field components typically satisfy the elliptical boundary conditions for transverse wave propagation. It has been explained furthermore that the interception of radio-frequencies are the one perfect metaphor for reality in all its multiplicity. Multidimensional consciousness is carried on countless combinations of the channels that operate at different frequencies. Everything that can potentially exist first suggests itself in radio-frequency -- quantum principles begin with the work of Hilbert, Schrodinger and von Neumann on the wave equation, operator algebras that are able to represent many configurations simultaneously -- entanglement occurs everywhere naturally between Feynman paths that are reciprocally related. Deja-vu is a phenomenon that is best studied under deep REM sleep since it is a partial recognition of a highly compact mental stream being consciously active during sleep and then, concurrently being recalled later while fully awake. This means parts of the future horizon yet to be experienced are actually being wired, or woven together, at some layer of the human dream cycle. When deja-vu is happening, subjects are convinced the objective state they are reliving has already taken place. It is as though the continuum of their neurological memory had been rewound like on a magnetic tape. This is because fragments or markers from the REM logarithm that one enters into by proxy of the sleep cycle, is in fact decoding bits and pieces of recent locations gathered by waking memory and sorting it out during the dream state. The future event structures humans experience are assembled or reshuffled in dreams ahead of time; at least the coherency patterns of future data-streams used to interpret and thereby process causal events of the day. REM sleep maintains the neural coherency of noise which has hyper-parallel counterparts or vastly parallel processing modes in the sleep-wake cycles of the cortex. In long periods of sleep deprivation consciousness begins to reverberate with static, interference from not taking the down time necessary for preprocessing -- effecting the temporal flow of waking perception, sleep loss can even lead to total breaks with reality -- Evidently, this sort of precognition is frequently present in the language of consciousness and represents the parametrization of past, present and future states of the quantum matrix. Moreover, accomplished yogis who frequently practice deep meditation and modification of normal physiological habits, can alter the flux of quantum processing, effectually diminishing the mortal responses to various stimuli. For example, most people who have had near death experiences report being consciously accelerated through a full life review, reliving fragments of their former life which may include encountering deceased companions. This phenomenon of life review is part of a larger psychological effect which takes over consciousness when it passes through the first and second Bardo (the thresholds of energy-consciousness that will determine the samskaric localization of future states). Life reviews collect together in a wide stream, all the extracted flashes of unresolved memory stored in the brain over the course of a life time. Most of this memory is condensed and not available for ordinary recall when a mind is on its regular course of development both material and psychological. However, practicing yogis and Buddhist tantra masters who spend years detangling the attached mental sheath from the energy-consciousness by various disciplines experience these flashes of life review very frequently, the fruits of the so-called "emptying the mind" which can take years to ascertain. Ultimately, the life review signifies the passage of life that will determine the future incarnation, in the bardo or on the other side of the vacuum. A mostly empty mind will have a higher threshold capacity in the bardo -- with fewer flashes in the life review, the tunnelling consciousness will then not transition back into a memory body, even as they propel through the portals of death -- by virtue of the meditation master's constantly being in a state of hypnotic regression in his everyday life, the 'vasana' or memory perfuming that is released through the subconscious when the brain nears death, has refracted through the life review in small pieces over years of lateral memory regression. This means there is less likelihood of reincarnating which is intended to avoid future states of existence as say a short-lived animal or lowly being, in an impoverished state and so on, according to principal Buddhist doctrines.   

Safehouses were constructed during the war and fitted with laboratory instalments, living quarters and a central core surrounding an independent column of powering stations per complex. Underground levels are furnished with old elevator systems and others, upgraded at the height of the cold war, have thick glass panels separating the floors and rooms. Placed in strategic locations around the midwest and southeastern united states, the safehouses are locations where contactees are guided to when sleepwalking, or abductees who are placed in them beyond their control, enter in as a foster care system or retirement home. Colonies of human-alien contacts were brought to these safehouses for biological experimentation and indexed into biomedical cloning programs which involved social interaction with varieties of human/nonhuman beings. Emerging from these experiments were hybrids created with the genetic material from unknown alien DNA combined with human DNA chromosomes. Test tube children were selected from sample populations and bioengineered in these facilities that included private DNA sequencing technology. The nanoelectronic computers and microchips come from this technology or were designed for genetic programming, sequencing and communication with neurons. Integration by means of neural processors at the nanoscale makes brain hacking a reality -- technology that would seem like magic in 1970 was already available in Germany and the US before nanoscience was made popular -- Most of the selected participants however do not know they are being taken for alien experiments and are among the populations who have had their memories altered or removed with mind control science/technology. 

Some of the important buildings where these secret projects took place are part of deep underground industrial-military or "space bases" which have little or no connection to civilian military. Structured more in line with corporate designs and urban office spaces, the space bases connect to transportation units deeper underground that merge with subnautical labs where the management of biological programs is overseen. Private government launches of space modules and secret aerospace vehicles are often coordinated with locations that include biomedical safehouses specifically for gifted, contactee and star humans who respond positively to transhuman social learning systems. Since the 1960s, the alien abductions have have a wider tendency to occur in intergenerational or even interracial groups whereby children realize their parents were contactees or couples like in the Betty and Barney Hill case. Growing numbers of cases involving biomedical and hybridization of offspring correlate with the postwar scientific advancements made in molecular biology, transgenics, in vitro fertilization and others since the discovery of DNA cloning. The escape out of Germany of Dr. Joseph Mengele is perhaps key to the alien treaty and furtherance of genetic hybridization trends in the postwar climate. This genetic and social transformation had taken place in a stealth manner outside normal public channels of government. Mengele believed he could bioengineer a super-race of humans with the science of hereditary biology -- humans that would be austere and immune to illness, capable of amazing feats of intellectual and athletic performance -- These were goals that fit into the Nazi's ideology of national strength and superiority of the Aryan race. To engineer these superhuman traits requires extensive trial and error along with experimentation with "alien DNA". After the war, Joseph Mengele's secret cloning and genetic experimentation continued on under the wing of Operation Paperclip and the Brazilian government's fascist-leaning party enabled some of these lab coat German doctors to continue their work covertly as natural emigrees. 

From a secret base in Brazil the cloning and bioengineering programs expanded their understanding of DNA by the 1950s, faster than orthodox biology in America and Europe could keep up with. Operation Paperclip was an agreement that also included overseas operatives to communicate with the financial elite of America on progress and break throughs in biomedicine. Continuation in America underscored the network of infiltration that succeeded all that normal or mainstream science was then able to achieve by decades. This accelerated progress on behalf of German science made its way into every branch of research and government in America and abroad. Social and genetic psychology were also part of this hidden agenda in order to compile private testing results, medical records, hereditary typology, neurobiology, hypnosis and mind control to a greater extent than was humanly possible. Applying this knowledge, the breakaway forces were able to conduct stealth examinations on many levels from secret surveillance, to neural control implants, to staging false flag abductions by alien invaders using diffuse nerve and psychoactive gases. Instances where this has been the case, the subject is observed through a microscope, given a bioptic, nasal probe or other signal processor to initiate a tracking mechanism, a subdural microdevice is placed under the skin, and they are returned to their original location. However most of these follow-up abductions may be performed without evasive techniques or freezing time neurally, in fact the latest neuroprocessor chip interfaces can implant memories and events from a remote location.

Insinuating an alien abduction through the use of high grade special effects, masks and or specialized costumes are the work of CIA black ops and Hollywood makeup artists. Indeed, this kind of covert masquerade is possible particularly while experiencers are placed under the influence of suggestive hypnosis mediated by psychoactive chemicals. New, barely tested drugs, once administered, allow access to that envelope of consciousness, where truth and subliminal linguistic processing are impossible to recognize without creating separate memory domains like in multiple personality disorders. Exploiting the latest technology this way creates a cover for the further human experimentation of the Third Reich's chemical corps without committing war crimes or human casualties. It is like being able to fool a child by luring them to believe in Halloween tricks, keeping intact the psychological premise of the ego just as the persona is manipulated by interstellar creatures. Although this does not explain nor distort the facts about alien visitation or unexplained phenomena related to UFOs and hybrids. Before the industrial machine of the Third Reich started organizing war camps and working out details for the chemical corps, the recovery of alien capsules and biology were already among their technological priorities. None of these bizarre accomplishments of Paperclip and the Black World could immediately be imagined, let alone followed through, just a few decades prior to 1960. Yet by the late 1950s the secret Cabal in America, the same Cabal operating behind the Nazi's secret war machine to advance the human race with alien knowledge, found ways to be competitive with the visitors. This Cabal, many of whom were included among Germany's top intelligentsia, worked in collaboration with other ethnic Jews, British, Soviet, American and European advisors to establish esoteric and scientific primacy over and against the background of an alien threat. Numerous Above Black files suggest this scenario has merit and that unofficial DoD contracts in South America had been active for years before the end of Paperclip. There was also the consistent development of MK-Ultra after the 1973 closure of the CIA program and subsequent disclosure briefings in 1975. More complex mind control tactics were long the interests of Monarch level programming which encompasses deep psychological elements not covered in most MK-Ultra dossiers but rather MK-Ultra worked as a testing phase in order to synthesize the new methods. Black Ops can administer these mind altering hallucinogens, physisorbant molecular gases, tranquilizers, interference waves, and electronic scalar pulses inducing central nervous system responses, relapse, memory erasure, headache symptoms, unusual circumstances and paranormal encounters. The primary reason for the NSA was to decipher alien communications, unknown language and to establish meaningful dialogue and following the first set of protocols, came ways of sabotaging everything of an alien nature including the scenarios of dedicated researchers. By 1983, the NSA established a worldwide computer network linking 53 separate government computer systems used throughout the world. All the information ends up at NSA's headquarters. The NSA/DoD has developed advanced digital equipment which can remotely analyze all objects with an EMF signature, wether artificial or organic. A targets bioelectric field can be detected in various wavelengths, and monitored at all times. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely translate evoked brain potentials (from EEGs) which can be understood or even read like telepathic control. The speech centres of the brain can be broken down from wave patterns into the actual verbal thoughts and this can then be manipulated or simulated as auditory hallucinations. Visual memory can also be seen and shown images from a person's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives insert images into a human brain during REM sleep for direct subconscious programming. 

The ones you have come to recognize as the "Grays" were not the result of molecular cloning or direct hybridization of say an ovum and sperm, of X and Y chromosomes taken from two different species. Cross-breeding anthropomorphic with non-anthropomorphic phylogeny are impossible for our quantitative geneticists to rear from scratch without of course effecting the whole genome of an organism. Biomolecular engineering, the way it is executed by the primary intelligence who created the hybrids, is a science far beyond our present or immediate future. We are only capable of splicing genes and combining sequential allele patterns that have a genetic counterpart in the same species or family of genes. Those clones and mutant creatures with the large heads and long fingers had to be selectively rearranged from known genes with specified morphological and functional characteristics. So to make a drone or dummy astronaut that is able to survive in space one would have to pinpoint the exact genes for a larger cranium, encephalon, fingers, eyes, lungs and so forth. We, with our primitive grasp of physical information expressed by each genotype, cannot mix genes like that -- we still have to expect that the laws of inheritance apply to known genotypes and cannot, say -- pull DNA from one species like a fish or an insect and add gills or wings to a persons anatomical features. Chimeras are something that has likely been attempted with partial success using super advanced DNA science at secret government laboratories like Dulce, New Mexico and other underground laboratories in the Ozarks. So far as is known, most of these experiments have been limited to phenotypic variations within a certain limited generic range, such as sheep and cattle, cats and dogs, that sort of things. Alien species that did not come about through natural selection were synthesized using mechanical procedures that calculate the gene sequences that would facilitate exactly what the geneticists want the offspring to be. We are able to manipulate some of the factors of a species by recapitulating their ontogeny through the variational stages of the embryo, which is known to start out as a fish egg, newt and then resemble a chick, baby pig and so on. This is where early mutations can be introduced or controlled and some of the DNA, which is pliant in the cell membrane, selectively modified with nanoscale DNA probes. One has to know precise details about the phylum one is engineering however, such attempts can exhibit instant biological type errors such as an embryonic blastule for a reptilian foetus that ends up with hydrocephalus instead of a larger brain capacity. What was learned about the Saurian Gray species had to do with cell samples retrieved from the crash in Germany around 1933. The samples showed that whatever was living inside the spacecraft had a bacterial nature or was sentiently guided for the purpose of transporting bacteriological cargo. 

Bioengineering novel components from in situ analysis of the cargo is what led to the hybridization of tissues used in the later cloning projects, since uncertainty as to wether we were dealing with a biological entity or a sentient program piloting a cargo ship containing biological samples had persisted for decades. Not until 1962 did the Majestic scientific team have enough DNA evidence to show that the bacterium, which was a microbial bionanotechnology, had really evolved somewhere outside Earth. Our genetic models and institutional handle on microbial ecology at that point in time was insufficient to even say if something was not of terrestrial origin, such that even if we had viable proof; we didn't have the relative measures over out anthropic principles to determine if it escaped our de facto scientific base. That base had not acquired everything it needed to known about our own biosphere to say for sure if the findings were extraterrestrial. Much development in the life sciences have since proven and even shattered our worries of alien life as more species are named and cataloged. Symbionts, in the Majestic aerospace research, had been closely analyzed for potential interactions in extrasolar environments, on Mars and under various light sources, wavelengths and temperatures. Reasons for the symbiont system of classification was to assist determination of the social behaviour and reproduction of the gram negative and positive bacterium from the sample. We were exposed to the genetic mutations that express themselves when extremophiles are introduced to a new cluster of symbiotic cells and were advised on the construction of biological systems models to keep track of bioinformatic changes in the host cell responses, generally referred to as endocytosis. 

Small, deposited surfaces called vacuoles were examined under the latest atomic microscopes and later came to be structurally classified as distributed near the surface reticulum shared by mitochondria and plastids. Measurable spaces in the plant cell membranes, vacuoles, are separated by a symmetric self-distribution shared by mitochondria and plastids. At first, the mitochondria in animal cells was believed to be a vacuole of water prior to understanding its respiratory functions in oxidative phosphorylation. Efforts to learn the origins of plant vacuoles began in the late 19th century and were traced backwards via smaller sized macromolecules stranded together like beads into the pores of a large cell. The earliest phases of a vacuolar system were described as containing a very concentrated colloidal solution that is gradually diluted as it expands. It was presumed that the concentrated colloid is produced by the differentiating, membraneous part of the endoplasmic reticulum; functioning, in part, by the uptake of water by the vacuole pores. Vacuoles were noted in the Sauroid digestive cells and tissues to be engaged in a symbiotic process of secretion, sustenance and host defence mechanisms. Digestive vacuoles in the Gray's anatomy were not unlike the normal phagocytic processes of large immune cells, macrophages and interleukins, whereby foreign processes and large particles can be engulfed by the cell membrane. Biologists were shocked to witness these mutant vacuoles in the Saurian tissue sample that could merge within a supermembrane via a process similar to endocytosis; where a vacuolar subset is created from the convergence of lysosomes and phagosomes. However, in the intestinal lining of the aliens, a blue-green bacteria is present that combines its own vacuolar system with that of the digestive enzymes. Following enzymatic digestion within the digestive vacuole, the resulting products normally diffuse through the membrane into the cytoplasm. However, with the symbiotic layers in the Sauroid digestive system, the vast majority of material which cannot be digested stays within these vacuoles as undigested material carried off through a bizarre osmotic process peculiar to some prokaryotic bacterias. 
This vacuole was known as the residual body and were said to be the dominant digestive vacuoles in the alien digestive tract. In protozoans like the amoeba and paramecium, this residual vacuum is eliminated by a process of reverse endocytosis which excretes the undigested matter and this is believed to be how the Grays survive. Higher animals however rely on tissues from the liver where the process of eliminating undigested material is very slow or absent. Human cells hold on to these residual bodies, but the Grays had evolved a natural means, or utilized an external biochemical food source that allowed them to excrete all of it by osmosis. The same digestive vacuole that resides in the cell may lead to the accumulation of indigestible material, playing a central role in the process of aging which somehow their species had evaded with bioengineering of tissues. Many of the diverse hepatic pigments such as occur in jaundiced tissues and nerve cells, were believed to be a residual body overproduction in the Grays which may contribute to the yellowing of their skin, phosphate acids in the gut and more robust cranial capacity. The vacuoles observed in the symbiotic bacterium samples are related in structure and function to endocytotic eukaryotes, microtubules and crystals. Biologically active subcellular structures are not typically crystalline, but crystals of one sort or another are not rare in cells of animals and plants. They can be roughly classed into three categories which are protein based, colloidal, nanocomposite, and oxalate. Most intracellular crystals in animals are protein rich, although they often contain deposits of iron, probably in a prosthetic group. These kinds of crystals have been reported within the nuclei of marine immune cells, in salamander endoplasmic reticuli, the vacuolar membranes of amphibian yolk, and eosinophil granules. Plant and animal protein crystals are known from mitochondria and in the prokaryote of blue-green algae. 

Living cells at the microscopic level had been shown to be analogous to liquid crystalline structures both in their mobility and behaviour. Cell membranes must control the movement of materials viz ionic reactions near the membrane involving vacuoles. This has already been discussed in terms of Saurian digestion, which is markedly different from that of normal eukaryotic processes by the presence of a digestive host symbiont. Rapid transport of substances through the cell membrane is accelerated by its microfluidity, protoplasm for instance, which nonetheless is highly ordered as are most crystalline conductors. Diffusion of colloids at short times is often compared to the rapid transport phenomenon between cell membranes. Liquid crystals share these characteristics with cellular membranes and colloids. The structural composition of the cell membrane is most often understood in the fluid mosaic model. Amphiphilic layers in the cell, combined with proteins, separate the watery parts from the more dense surfactant parts of the membrane. A water-resistant layer, combined to a water absorbent layer, in membrane amphiphiles, permits certain functions such as conjugacy, or intracellular transport. Cellular membranes, receptors and effectors, particularly organelle photoreceptor cells like chloroplasts involved in photosynthesis, are organized into liquid crystalline or nematic arrays. Visual pigment, light-sensitive rods and cones found in the mammalian eye, the retinal photoreceptors used in detecting light and aqueous humour in many species of nocturnal creature all mimic liquid crystal functional geometry. 

Even the nucleic acid system which transcribes genetic information to the nuclei of cells is involved in a liquid crystalline process which is the biosynthetic production from alternating sugar-phosphates into polysaccharides, ATP and so on. Exactly how optically active compounds formed in nature has mystified science since the early days of fermentation. Observing the growth of crystalline residues in the process of pasteurization, led chemists to the conclusion that asymmetrical molecules are always the product of living systems. This marks the fundamental difference between achiral mirror and chiral symmetry, between inorganic and organic chemistry, between solid and liquid crystals. Studies of liquid crystals provide a comparative analogy to the study of biological molecules with asymmetrical classes. Molecules with an asymmetrical atomic structure can convert a nematic liquid crystal phase to a cholesteric-nematic liquid crystal capable of light polarization. Liquid crystal absorbates are powerful energy anchors that can act directly on local DNA substrates with a suitable semiconductor interface. Condensation between DNA polycations tends to form into polymorphic liquid crystal layers such as the DNA globules observed in bacteriophage vacuoles. This dispersion phenomenon of DNA to a liquid crystal or nematic phase is a known attribute of colloids having relevant optical properties. Thence a more likely and natural connection may be shown to exist between colloidal geometric pattern formation and other self-organizing nanoparticle outgrowths such as epitaxy crystal layers, nanocrystalline semiconductors and granular implant technologies that originate as a seed generating into a complex set of diffuse networks. Basic logical circuits that assemble from the chemical reactions excited within a medium emerge from oscillating waves in the medium. Palladium chemical processors, like metallic nanocolloid interactions with organic molecules, emerge from an excited state of oscillating chemical waves thats settle into a mosaic pattern of automata. Computations of a discrete nature take place in these media, acting as a transmitter-receiver of the quantum wave functions communicating nonlocal information.  

Mixed crystals containing long proteins with colloidal granules were found to be contained in the liquid vats where the suspended bodies of human abductees and the embryos of hybrids are stored. Crystals, some more fortified in the protein chain than others, were discovered in large clusters of human mitochondria, under visceral tissues and subdural nasal passages close to the frontal cortex. Here, human nervous and vascular membranes are often organically restructured to accommodate the growth of the implants. Some have argued they are programmed to crystallize from some etheric imprint placed inside the body on a photonic level of 4D-density. Membranes adapt or form after the crystals which helps to produce and determine the form the proteins take. Populating inside large cells, the microcrystal granules dissolve and absorb like inorganic surfaces and colloids. It is this property which they say give the invading species the ability to monitor cells, DNA and the membranes that recombine to form surfaces like the extracellular matrix. In biological organisms these matrix layers develop from matter or tissues in the cells of species in which more specific structures can be embedded taking on long, narrow chambers and pathways for the transport of vital substances. Even interchamber tubules can extend between vacuolar membranes that provide specialized channels for the movement of crystal material from cytoplasm to the crystalline structures. It is possible that the structural units of proteins and macromolecular crystals may be determined as to size and spacing within a membrane that forms particles, either endoplasmic or mitochondrial. 

Microfilaments like these are compared to cytoskeleton in the neuronal cells of the brain. Much is still unknown about how extracellular signalling in proteins and cytoskeleton work to regulate or trigger chemical pathways and voltages within the cell. In most theoretical models of the cytoskeleton and microtubules there is a sort of low-voltage Urim Circuity postulated to control the stable flow of current "fluxions" between brain cells. Most fundamental brain processing utilizes a kind of nonlocal quantum coherence recognized in terms of photon emission in, and transmittance along, the hollow cores of cytoskeletal microtubules. Water molecules housed inside these microtubule cores give voltages more universal ionic transport across the vast areas of brain tissue. Work on microtubule cytoskeleton was popularized by Roger Penrose who argued that their existence must be considered essential to the quantum coherence of brain functions and locality of consciousness. Penrose pointed out that numerous brain functions are non-algorithmic and follow different laws of information processing than standard computer models allow. Quantum coherence in the Penrose model, and further research in quasicrystals which coined the term "Penrose tiling", have forced classical brain scientists to change how they envision brain processing. This has moved physical theories of action potentials and ions from the conventional electrochemical model to the latest electrophotonic paradigm of consciousness that may be seen to accompany recent trends towards neuroplasticity as well. The macroscopic integration of axonal networks with small synaptic vesicles that diffuse ions between them are based on universal properties of transmembrane potentials found in all cell physiology. Behind these conventional facts of neuroscience, the brain hides its own unique architecture different from the porous cells of standard biophysics and expressed by the cytoskeletal microtubules. These compose a superhighway of dense, subneuronal quantum-optical networks transmitting coherent photons between liquid crystalline domains of elastomeric biopolymers known to promote glial cell regeneration. This latter property called plasticity has gained recognition among the neurosciences for its medical healing potential.                

DNA-chip analysis and feedback has made many leaps and bounds since the first conferences in Moscow that took place at the end of the cold war. Then, the initial aim was the development of a technology for high-throughput sequencing of the human genome, called by the group "sequencing by hybridization". The field soon diversified, however, in terms of methodology and application. More recent advances demonstrated DNA-arrays on microcontrollers that seemed to be a promising asset for novel biointerfaces of the future that store neurological and molecular information about a particular individual. The complexity hidden behind the apparent ease of such research adventures, however, is highlighted by the fact that it took over a decade of technological development, and persuasion, before the methodology really launched itself. More abundant financial support from those with an interest in space biotechnology have actively sought new tools from terrestrial sources that might extend the possibilities for space. Also, upon closer scrutiny one realizes that many problems still need to be resolved and only relatively limited inquiries had been attempted since the first Moscow showcasing of terrestrial biochips. Nevertheless even those experiments have produced data on a scale beyond imagination for most people in aeronautical biology years ago and for many even today. Even the data sets originating for large-scale sequencing are dwarfed by the quantity of information from chip-based analyses available today. In terrestrial hybridization experiments, analysis of increasingly complex DNA molecules generally requires use of longer probes and larger probe sets. For microgravity environments the samples become larger and saving processing time for additional sequencing and adaptive mobilization in space have to be considered. From the mass spectrometry side, the advantage of this preparation method is the generation of very homogenous crystals allowing for automated scanning with laser pulses applied to the samples. Spectral chips and DNA reading spectral data programs can be generated automatically and interpreted for any adaptive network. Parameters for life in sustained microgravity, for fluidics, chemical transitions, metabolic networks and conduction band regularization of the primary synaptic vessel may be calculated for homeostatic variations of living systems. Simulating these variations on a proprietary algorithm helps save time and ensures safety of human merchandise. Biological transfer of an electrical source to an embodied silicon neurocomputer implies the total robotic integration of a living organism.

During the paleoproterozoic, Siberia was part of the northern continent of Arctida which was a fragmenting puzzle that included the Laurentian plateau of Canada and Baltica. Quite abruptly, this Archean system of thick cratonic shields disassembled into what became the precambrian land of Rhodinia. From the time of the Ediacaria to the end of the Vendian supercontinental epoch 600-550 million years ago, Angarida was rejoined to parts of North and South America until it finally split away from the North American and Baltic paleocontinents to become the central Siberian plateau. Being key pieces to the Earth's archean puzzle, all of these cratonic bearings shift around in the course of millions of years into different continental configurations that, although their surface geostratigraphies are recycled into new stratigraphy boundaries, provide the original coordinates to this planet's longest recorded magnetic fabric. The world in those far-off days was physically very unstable and for this reason the Atlanteans secured their own disaster planning by fitting tunnels within the gargantuan mesozoic cavern systems left behind in the Amazon, the Balkans, Siberia and Arctic terranes. These Atlantean tunnel systems were fitted for large refuge populations to be taken in case of an onslaught of natural catastrophes or attacks from outer space. By virtue of their more ancient hyperboreal origins, the Atlanteans knew ahead of time that an antediluvian cataclysm would again ravage the parts of the Earth where their ancestors had inhabited millions of years ago. Fables survived that a flood, sparked by space debris (comet attacks from space), had hit the Earth before. 

Gobekli Tepe Stones Corresponding to the Predelugical Comet

Indeed, Atlantis was stuck by a meteor, the North Atlantic that is, in a part of Northern Greenland called the Hiawatha glacier where a huge impact crater was uncovered from geothermal radar mapping. Immediately, Earth was forced into a millennial cooling period around 12,800 years ago; the so-called mini Ice Age of the Younger Dryas. Volcanic eruptions and North Atlantic flooding accompanied 1,000 years of climate drop that forced Pleistocene civilizations to flee to their underground cavern bases at the Amazon Basin, Yucatan, Angara and Croatia's Velebit mountains in the Dinaric Alps. The 19-mile wide crater has been estimated to be between 13-million and 12,000 years old, placing it within the epoch of the antediluvian world when the Atlanteans populated much of the Western hemisphere. 

The Siberian shield of the Eastern hemisphere (Angaraland, Asgardi, Agharti, Asgartha) is rumoured have contain its own orbit of continental realms or Loki -- in the Hindu world, great attention has been turned to 'Gondwana Pradesh' -- a marvellous inner world believed by some to constitute not one but a group of unperturbed, narrowly self-structured geological landmasses. Under this, India and the neighbouring countries were part of Australia, New Zealand, South America, Antarctica, South Africa and Madagascar. These zones shaped together a complex of the Gondwana sequence recorded by Hindu biostatigraphy to have been once a dense forest. To the north another supercontinental mass, Laurasia, separated the home of Angaraland from Gondwanaland by the Tethys. Hyperborea, to the north, was paralleled by Hyperaustralis to the south; a supercontinent that opened to the inner-earth where geologists now associate Australia to Antarctica. Hyperaustralis is the geochronological basement province of the Austro-Antarctic orogeny together with Greater India -- they formed the Hyperaustralis syncline when Agarttha had been open to its outer shell and wherein the Southern Continental lithosphere bent slightly inward at the South Pole -- Subduction of tectonic plates under Gondwana pulled Antarctica away from this India-Australia association during the Precambrian. The regional tectonic setting of late Neoproterozoic-Cambrian deformations between India and Antarctica were ruptured by volcanoes and vertical displacement from mantle plumes. 

(a) New Zealand, (b) Antarctica
Antarctica today is made up of two major geological cratons that form the Antarctic Plate, the Eastern and Western halves are separated by the Transantarctic mountains which had belonged to separate areas of Gondwana. The Eastern Antarctic Shield clamped together with the orogen at the bottom of Australia when both were annexed to Laurentia, near the coasts of British Columbia, right next to the equator. Hence Agarttha's portals to inner-earth have changed its magnetic positions over millions of years as the lithosphere and mantle compensate for the heavy crustal movement, seafloor spreading etc. Freezing Antarctica was, at the time, covered in dense fauna-flora exhibiting a diverse ecology of equatorial plants taxonomically related to those that grow in parts of New Zealand and Australia today. Is it possible that the polar entrances discovered by Admiral Byrd and other explorers from antiquity were not actually openings to an inner-earth but portals or gateways to the prehistoric world -- time tunnels that arose naturally from the strong magnetism and tensor fields of the polar regions which are capable of teleportation to a set, hyperbolic destiny in the geological past -- Flying a plane beyond the poles, in other words from one pole through the Earth to its antipode, may be difficult to imagine without invoking time travel or teleportation. Either way, the land of Agarttha itself has not gone extinct nor changed as radically with the devastating comet that bombarded Antarctica during the final epoch of the Permian-Cretaceous explosion. Reversed polarity of the Earth's geomagnetic fields and continental flooding is known to have happened at the time of this impact. Late Cretaceous polar wander comprise a superchron of rapid pole shifts to be simultaneously convergent with the mass extinction and plate movements recorded from this period.  

Paleozoic Atlantis was pieced together into the Laurentian-Baltic supercontinent (Laurussia), bridged by the Arctic Near Eastern and European Iapetus ice that did not begin to melt until the late Triassic. Laurussia included Baltica, Greenland and Western Russia. Siberia was mostly isolated in the Tethys Sea at this time to a place called the Mongol-Okhotsk Ocean before colliding with Western Russia where the land of Ultima Thule formed during the Cretaceus period -- Ultima Thule consisted of terranes extending east from the Ural mountains of Russia into Mongol-Siberia and all the way to the Taebaek-Seoraksan mountain range in the Northern Korean peninsulas. This great Laurasian continent centred itself into the land of New Angara where today central Siberia flows into the Altai-Sayan, Tuva and Central Mongolian basins. All of these cratonic basins that now compose the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, drifted together from the Precambrian fragmentation where they were mere island masses separated at sea. This broken puzzle included Laurentia (North America), Baltica (Northern Europe), Siberia (North-Central Russia), Kazakhstania, the Altai-Himalaya, Mongolia, North China, South China and the Tarim (Gobi Desert). It is speculated that as the seas were brought together by these thick cratons, the waters from the Tethys, Iapetus, Aegir and Panthalassic oceans could have been forced into subterranean tectonic fissures in the basins i.e., as the basins were to form new whole continents, their centrifugal openings trapped much of the silt and floodwater that once filled parts of their oceanic topography. 

In addition, meteorite and comet debris more frequently hitting the Pangean surface, had left Paleozoic craters behind into which was captured many cycles of the 500-300 million year old sea water that continuously flooded these islandic basins. Atlantis contained many lands in the Aegir, with Greenland at the centre, as Laurussia slowly mobilized towards the North Pole together with Angaraland and its Siberian islands -- from where it was once positioned near today's Amazon Basin, Laurussian Atlantis came into the northern centrifuge of Hyperborea, colliding into the Baltic and Siberian territories. Metamorphic basement from the Tethys was held in a vast sea of water bellow the surface that drained into the Aral, Adriatic and Dead Sea -- the Angara syncline, an enormous area of the Siberian orogeny that slopes downward into the plateau, overshadows unexposed valleys, mountains and sinkholes where the Siberian traps likely gain entry to the inner-earth -- Synclines are landmasses where mountainous regions collectively terminate downward into valley basins whose stratigraphy is warped into an elongated fold rising up symmetrically on both sides like a parabolic slope.

Siberian Syncline of Angaraland 

The axis of the Siberian syncline is shaped by the converging plate margins when Angaraland came into being. Therefore the shaping of orgoeny in the basin region is a remnant of pressures from its adjoining plate masses and mantle plumes causing the bottom of the Angara crustal plates to press volcanic melts up through the craton. Catastrophic flooding from the shifting tectonic plates introduced aeons of water into these concave valleys which have since shrunk down to the rivers of present glacial melt periods. Angarida takes its name from the Angara River, formerly Upper Tunguska, of Siberia and is derived from the Mongol-Slavik word Angar meaning 'cleft', 'rift' or 'crack'. Water from Lake Baikal is drained out by the Angara which adds significance to the name aside from its assimilation to 'Angkor' and 'Asgardia' -- trenches at the base of Lake Baikal may cradle inhospitable lifeforms and aquatic creatures from the deeper reaches of the planet -- mysterious Lake Baikal, the deepest, largest volume of freshwater in the world, is renown among Soviet travellers for its UFO sightings and alleged history of alien visitation. Most interestingly is of course the declassified Kremlin documents which compiled the accounts of unexplained incidents by the Russian navy under deputy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov. Many Soviet professionals have reported strange glowing lights shooting out from under the lake, or hovering balls of electricity erupting from the bottom of the water. The accounts of lights and humanoid creatures vanishing or appearing from within the depths of Lake Baikal have entertained theories of underwater bases and there are related testimonies about strangeness in the lake that seem to strongly suggest these far out notions may in fact be based in something real, but very abnormal occurrences, haunting this geological region of the world. The lake is home to many anomalous zones where magnetic rifts and possibly underwater vents are spewing out geophysical gases, water and fish. With a record of disappearing naval vessels and luminous supernatural objects, Lake Baikal is a sure candidate for an inner-earth harbour hiding an indigenous mystery to life's origins. Baikal is home to a diverse range of fresh water crustaceans, invertebrates, worms, leeches, living silicates, dinoflagella, diatoms and other kinds of ediacaran biota. 

Aside from fresh and saltwater, flooding from magmatic eruptions over many millions of years at the Permian-Triassic boundary are known to be involved in the sedimentary processes that birthed the landscape of Angarida. The infamous Siberian Traps are a gigantic area of basalt rock covering most of Siberia that, at the time of their eruption 250-million years ago, had resulted in one of the major earth changing transitions that impacted the atmospheric conditions of the planet when many species died out. This mass extinction was accelerated by a bacteria spawned from the Traps that released toxic amounts of methane gas altering the carbon cycle of the planet. Volcanism from the Siberian Traps were also theorized to have extended into underground mantle plumes that reached Iceland and the Arctic Ocean -- it has been suggested that the impact of a comet that fell directly under Siberia, on the opposite end in Antarctica, was involved in the extinction that occurred at the same time the Traps were forming -- Central Angarland to the north, or Eastern Bergland, covers an area of the vast syncline that shared glacial ice from the Arctic flowing through the flooded plateaeu. Today, climate change has revealed the layers of unfrozen permafrost in an area known as Batagaika crater, one of the largest of many pits that are collapsing in Siberia's forests. Erratic heat waves are turning the ice into slush while converting its remains to methane gas leaving behind a gaping entrance to previously ice-filled hollows. 

Batagaika Crater, Eastern Siberia ("Portal to Hell")

This phenomenon is opening up a whole new world dubbed the "hellmouth portal". Half a mile wide and nearly 300-400 feet deep, the Doorway to Hell is expanding quickly, revealing in its path the remains of extinct mammoths, petrified forests and plenty of greenhouse gases. A scar from thousands of years of Pleistocene climate variation, the Batagaika crater also indicates permafrost records from the on and off thawing which has interrupted recent new growth in the biostrata. The immense chasm has earned the name "megaslump", to describe the concave geomorphology of the permafrost landscape. Other examples of frozen holes in the Earth could be hiding in plain sight beneath layers of basement sediment and forest which, having thawed since the last glacial maximum, expose caves and craters. Fast evaporation of the ice would be able to release the permafrost by being heated from bellow in cavities proximate to volcanic vents. Shaped like the fossil of a prehistoric marine skate or trilobite when viewed in aerial imagery, Batagaika is a sedimentary reminder of the tundra watersheds and permafrost hills of Agarttha where deeper but similar chasms exist. Remember that this remote land of Agarttha was long ago associated with hell and the underworld, a place where alien minds possessing hyperkinetic and telepathic abilities sheltered away technologies, powers and resources from the human race. 

Giants like Atlas, who held up the Earth, confined themselves to the polar regions with an army of demigods and machines, perhaps even machine elves ala Terence McKenna, that helped colonize Atlantis. Iapetus, the father of Atlas, was said have begotten his son Prometheus by an Oceanid nymph named Asia. She was a daughter of the Tethys and Oceanus. Together they helped usher in the Golden Age of humans, when Prometheus had given them the technology of fire. Their father Iapetus was present in Tartarus (the great Abyss) during the Golden Age and, with his brother Kronos, ruled the world. Could this legend of Greek Titans be used to represent geological and celestial events like the coming into being of the large bodies of water, rivers, continents, planets and even time. In Norse mythology, Asgard is a lost kingdom named after the 'Aesir'; who were the blessed Asian inhabitants who migrated north until reaching the centre of the Earth. Odin was the god of Asgard who gave it its fertile beauty and allowed its people to live with superhuman agility, strength and immortality. Like the myth of Atlas in Greece, the Earth is created by the titan-like gods -- Odin, Vili and Ve -- who are depicted holding up the giant rock symbolizing Earth. These three co-creators placed the world of Midgard into the Earth, a Nordic Garden of Eden, where the first human couple could thrive -- a serpent enters into the tale of Midgard to symbolize the creation, destruction and recreation of the universe. 

At its height, the serpent could coil around the whole area of the Midgard Earth, or Middle Earth, which was encircled by an ocean. When the serpent, Jormungandr, could grasp its own tail with its mouth it closed the circle of time in the direction of the inner-earth; a common theme of the Ouroboros serpent. Asgard is then connected to heaven by a rainbow bridge, the burning Bivrost, that appears in arcane Hyperborean lore as a circular or polar rainbow that is produced by the total curvature of optical horizons at the poles. Also spelled as Asbru or 'Aesir's bridge', the rainbow is possibly a bridge of land that connected Asia to the Baltic by crossing the North Pole, or some location underground where vast distances could be undercut through northern Russia. Prophecies are told describing the land of Asgard when the gods enter a state of twilight and amnesia, an unbroken ice age sweeps over, ravaging earthquakes, wars and tidal waves that tear the sky apart. Following these Earth changes, Asgard is destroyed but rises again from the sea, is more pristine than before; and is chosen as the place for an assembly of Aesir who emerge from their place in the underworld called Hel. In the Ynglinga Saga, "Asagarth" is the capitol of Asaland, a realm to the east where Asia is known to exist. Odin in this story leeds the Aesir up the Volga river into Russia looking for new lands in which to settle. The name Asgard refers to the two cognates; 'garden' and 'yard' which, from the Hindu; 'Asura' form 'garden of gods'. Asgardia is also a name given to a conceptual space station, also called the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, is a self-proclaimed country formed under a body of individuals who have marked its existence by launching a satellite, Asgardia-1, into Earth's orbit in 2017. Directed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Aerospace International Research Center, the founder and scientist from Russia has assembled the space colony into its own government and citizenry whose interest include making residences on the Moon, building a space ark and other adventures. The sovereign nation of Asgardia even proposes its own coinage called "SOLAR". The Azerbaijani-Russian billionaire ahead of the project has been actively publishing in communications, research, scientific journals, consulting on space threat defence, nanotechnology and aerospace. 

Alternative geohistories are a forgotten repertoire of modernity that came about as geologists, creationists and evolutionists grappled with the scientific models of Earth's past in collaboration with growing uncertainty as to the reliability of their models. A whole genre of science grounded in historical speculation could be rewritten in light of the ever changing landscape of geology at the turn of two centuries. Some geohistorical theories were noble attempts at pedagogy on behalf of great Earth scientists, others were purely fiction and pseudo-science intended to accompany novel physical theories. Angara may, in this context, have its own subterranean precursor in the written tales of "Plutonia" created by a Russian geologist named Vladimir Obruchev in 1915. Plutonia apparently had received its name from its own Central Sun the author ascribes to Pluto, the most distant planet in the solar system and god of the underworld in Roman mythology. Emanating from the subterranean core, Plutonia's features are marked by deep geographical cliffs, canyons, cenozoic floodplains and grassy fields that were once the norm on Earth's surface millions of years ago. Dinosaurs, mammoths, wild beasts, lizards and giant mammals populate the interior world. Passing through an opening in the Earth's crust, the uncharted terrain of Plutonia is discovered by a team of explorers who must then learn to survive amidst the prehistoric creatures that thrive there. 

Academic teachings from elementary geology are worked into the storyline, for instance, stratigraphy measures for dating species which, for Plutonia's explorers, are encountered at deeper depths of their journey through the empty parts of the planet. The giant bears, proto-humans and oversized mammalian species of Plutonia are found closer to the upper part of the crust while the more ancient dinosaurs from the Jurassic period are confined further down as the expedition continues towards the core. Obruchev had also written a fictional account of the expedition to find Sannikov Land, an unconfirmed Siberian island with a remotely accessible Arctic destination believed by Russian's to be a disappearing or "phantom island" --Sannikov Land or "New Land" was something of an elusive mystery and arduous attempts by the Russian Polar Expedition to chart its location were prevented by collisions with thick ice floes traveling down the Laptev Sea into the Lena River. Geographers had been convinced the island did indeed exist but was gradually submerged by coastal erosion lending credence to periodic sightings and disappearances. Other islands in the archipelago of Siberian islands are associated with this vanishing landmass perhaps once joined to Sannikov Land which, being composed of permafrost, is slowly wasting away from when they were all once part of the Siberian mainland. Like the northern land of giants called Hyperborea by the ancient Greek writers, Sannikov Land could have been peopled by a lost tribe -- according to the work of Obruchev, this tribe were the "Onkilon" -- an early designation given to the indigenous Siberian Yupiks of the Chukchi Peninsula, the Onkilon were Eskimos said to be extinct by efforts of other mainland tribes who forced them to abandon the peninsula and be rediscovered by explorers looking for Sannikov island. 

Obruchev's story places the island in the timeframe of a middle Ice Age oasis where mammoths are hunted by a species of Neanderthal known as the "Vampoo". The land, or rather the crater of a large volcano, was the home of the flora and fauna of a remote geological period where those looking for heat and a wellspring of life would escape. Not long after explorers arrived however the volcano erupted and the island of Sannikov Land perished beneath the Eastern Siberian Sea. Traces of Obruchev's geographic imagination can perhaps be found to fit into the narrative of Angaraland and an anthropology of the Vampoo who, like the Denisovans converged with Neanderthal's and humans in the central Siberian caves of the Altai mountains. Humans, Neanderthals, and a missing link from Siberia classified as Denisova hominids, all survived together in the region of the Denisova Cave in Altai Siberia. DNA from this species have been sequenced and traces found to exist in the genes of many distinct groups of modern humans including, but not limited to, Southeast Asian, Melanesian, Australian aborigines, Papuans and so forth. Identifying Denisovan cross-fertilization into Europe and migratory paths with other hominids in the Middle East, including the giants we call Annunaki, has been the sustained interest of archaeologists like Andrew Collins who wrote the Cygnus Key. In connection with their cohabitation with humans in hunter-gatherer clans, the Denisovan giants were able to leave behind hybrid offspring that accounts for a portion of the ultraterrestrial human beings of very high stature. Denisovan DNA's wide distribution in far-eastern populations recollects Edgar Cayce's revelation that the DNA of Gobi Mongolians, Tibetans and other Native American haplogroups were inherited from Atlantean humans who crossed the Siberian land bridge. It may also sound familiar, the words 'Atlantis', 'Atlas' and 'Altai.' Forensic pathology of the burials where some of these giants have been found reveal Neanderthal traits mixed with modern human traits. Successive generations of cross-fertilization and hybridization of Denisovans with early humans could have resulted in the chance occurrence of some born with higher cognitive and cranial capacity. Superintelligence and superagiltiy were some of the strengths of the giants that taught cave people through behaviour how to survive better in colder climates. 

Andrew Collins says that further evidence that Denisovans might have been of an exceptional height has come to us from genomic analysis of bones found in a 400,000 year old cave in northern Spain belonging to a hominid species of Eurasian descent whose phylogenic tree had come in contact with a Denisovan genotype. This was a shock to anthropologists since the European hominids found throughout Germany, Central Europe and Spain were thought to be closely related to Neanderthals and to have been ancestors of Denisovans instead. What these findings indicate is a global cross-fertilization of Central Asian, Eurasian and European hunter-gatherers across the continental margins -- much as the giants of Anatolia who migrated to Turkey and possibly Asia via a preexisting Silk Road crossing -- Could the Denisovans be the common ancestor of a dispersed Shamanic tradition, a tradition whose heirs have thrived in Siberia, Nepal, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia? Scientists are certain that a significant portion of Denisovan hybrids eventually made their way into the gene pools of other geographically distinct groups. For example, DNA analysis illuminates the various percentages where Denisovan markers are present in a given geographic population that would appear to have treaded through North America by leaving behind these partly human hybrids at caves in West Virginia. The Denisovan rich DNA resulting from this hybridization meant some lineages of humans carried the genes of the giants while others remained purely human breeds. Of the Denisova-hominin offspring, the Shaman class has emerged particularly in Siberia, Mongolia, the Tibetan Plateau, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Australasian archipelago. Aboriginal Australians, Papuans, Tibetans, Khmer, Han Chinese, Dai and Japanese are each notably recognized as strong inheritors of Denisovan DNA. Tibetans acquired a high-altitude gene from archaic Denisovan traits when they migrated into the highlands at the onset of the last Ice Age and which gave Tibetan's a more adapted blood-oxygen capacity. Evidence strongly suggests that Neanderthals, and especially the prehuman Denisovan giants, had a greater psychic or instinctive mental ability that today's humans could only follow or try to mimic. Some were idiot savants in numerical calculation and acquired skills which enabled small societies to construct monoliths and chart the heavens with such an exactitude that even todays engineering finds challenging. 

Megaliths of Mt. Shoria, Siberia

Collins believes there is most likely a genetic predisposition to certain numerical formulae in the progeny of these Denisovan's who enjoyed the greater understanding of universal cosmology; a remnant of which is the Javanese cultures of Borobudur, Gunung Padang and Angkor Wat of Cambodia. The cave of the Denisovan artifacts is located in the Bashelaksky Range of the Altai Mountains in central Siberia, bordering Kazakhistan with the westernmost tip of Mongolia -- this region encompasses where the Angara plate merged with the central Asian orogen and within the vicinity of the Ural-Altai fortress of Shambhala at the time of the oligocene -- Angarans are either related to or fledglings of Denisovan inspired civilizations cradled by the Motherland of Mu, a landmass that filled in the now submerged coastlines of Sundaland. This swampy area of jungle where Mu once existed connected the islands of Indonesia; including Borneo, Malaysia and Java, with the archipelago of Polynesian islets to Southeast Asia. Important paleoanthropological remains have been excavated from these densely forested parts of the world, especially Sangiran where the now famous Javaman fossils have come to be recognized alongside other species of homo erectus, the Peking Man of China.


                      THE ANGARAN SPECIES 

The Angaran species were warm-blooded mammals, giving off an intense bioelectric field believed to support telepathic powers of communication. Angaran physiology depend on the free triton radiance from the very tiny inner-Agartthan Sun system composed of tritium nuclei. Depletion of real or artificial solar triton causes them to go dark in the retinas and lose overall coloration. Immunity and bioelectric fuel is supplied by capturing particles of the triton star inside dense isolators, separating them from the intense heat and pressure within a shielded cave or reservoir. Agarttha's central sun receives its balance of triton field rotations from the Andromedan galactic core calibrations emanating from the star Atoma -- our central sun system donates a seed from the galactic centre to Earth's core lighting the inner-earth with the phosphorus green tritium light on behalf of the powers of Metatron who manifests electrical potential from the 5th-dimensional vacuum cell. Depending on this microscopic heat source, the high-scelpus apostles of the inner-earth materialize new fusion or 'cleft technologies'. Among these were the isotope chemists who came to be known as the 'Azoth'; archaic alchemists of the inner world. Tritium microsolar radioluminescene is sometimes attributed to the aurora borealis and aurora australis of the magnetic North and South Poles escaping through gas portals where Admiral Byrd claims to have flown through while on an Arctic expedition. 

Hollow Earth theorists explain the circular waves of the auroras to be caused by counter-rotations of Halley's concentric inner shells, originally postulated to explain magnetic anomalies. Comparisons to the magnetospheric Alfven waves on Saturn's pole and other planets like Jupiter are used to make similar claims about the Birkeland currents displayed in Earth's polar auroras. We are all aware of cosmic rays beaming down from space and interacting with the upper magnetosphere but not of any bouncing out from inside the Earth via concealed openings. Like solar neutrinos from the Sun, which may have geophysical counterparts being cooked out of subnuclear reactions somewhere near the core, tritium may also occur from heavy water-moderated reactors or pseudo-reactors within the Earth's crust that could impose the needed pressure and heat to absorb thermal neutrons. Hence it may not be too unnatural to consider tritium isotope emissions from trapped metals in the Earth's mantle being released as nuclear desorption into hydrothermal vents at Mid-Ocean Ridges become apparent. Postnuclear yield tritium in the stratosphere has helped confirm North Atlantic hydrological cycles for the deep water replenishment and overturn of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. 

There still remains considerable controversy over Admiral Byrd's flights to the North and South Poles and what he saw in the interior of the Earth. Byrd described in wonder as he approached the inside corridors of the Pole, the presence of a warm water lake surround by conifers, wild animals and a mountain of diamond-studded coal. It may be worth noting that the International Geophysical Year research programme was planned in 1947, the year of Byrd's flight of 1,700 miles beyond the South Pole. The IGY started in 1957, just after his flight of 2,300 miles beyond the Pole the previous year. Byrd and his expedition had by then set up 'Little America', the American base in the Antarctic. The IGY research programme involved large-scale activity in both the Arctic and Antarctic areas. Immediately in wake of these expeditions, swarms of UFO sightings wind up in newspapers across the country from Mt. Rainer to Roswell. Another essential part in this inner-earth labyrinth is the assumption that there is no North Pole, no singular point that is, but instead only a vast area which is filled in my an Arctic tidal force dipping gradually into the interior of the Earth. A no-zone Coriolis effect spins together the false basin of the North Pole with the sediments that rise from the sifting sea bottom. For this, also, the tritium gradient presented in North Atlantic Deep Water surveys has shown to correspond with the mixing and spreading of new polar H2O. 

There are many indications that most of the flying ships come from inside the Earth, and a large, well-planned operation is being carried out by these ancient astronauts. Then, an account has to be provided that explains the mysterious humming sounds that have been heard for long periods in remote locations and picked up by seismologists -- in some instances lasting several years -- seeming to emerge from deep underground. Perhaps they are completely disconnected to deep underground burrowing projects, or rather, a technology used by ancient astronauts for constructing their own tunnel systems for accommodations inside and nearer the Earth's surface. Our planet to them would be compared to a giant spaceship sailing through the ocean of space. Inside our ship are myriads of passages, vast halls and even cities made from a future science and engineering. To these future miners of Terrestria, inner-earth is a reservoir for containing the solar material and directing it into coherent reusable energy, namely mantle perovskite into solar crystals. 

Angaraland's Voltaic Reservoir of Perovskite Liquid Crystal  

Perovskite in the mantle means the Earth's convection with the crust is able to vigorously sustain its own energy just like solar cells made with the same material. Now, a new ambitious project by Japan is set to embark on a naval drilling operation to mine down into the oceans crust in search of the lost secrets of the mantle. Scientists will for the first time be able to observe tangible elements of the Earth's mantle which is out of reach from the continental crust by a margin which can be bypassed at the oceans closer depths -- when setting adrift a large flagship to hoist the sophisticated drill bit that will be anchored in place by the large vessel -- Researchers in Japan are hoping to unlock essential materials science facts about planet formation and Earth's earliest past, this super-elongated drill will penetrate through 2.5 miles of water and 3.7 miles of crust to reach the mantle boundary where most of the mysteries of the planet'a surface activity reside. Due to its role in fuelling volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics and earthquakes, Japan's mantle study is looking for a deeper understanding of the inner-earth with the confidence it will aid in predictive and or preventative measures to safeguard the countries infrastructures from seismic fault zones more prone to tremors like the Tsunami-quake that hit Fukushima nuclear plant. 

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Alien Artifacts and Prehistoric Nanotechnology of Russia

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Wants to Use a Giant Laser to Blast Tiny Silicon Chips into Deep Space -- an Idea First Conceived with Professor Stephen Hawking -- "Star Chips" Could Also be Designed to Transfer Human Mind Through Space; Taking the Place of an Ordinary Interstellar Module

Title: "Сетевые онтологии: CPC-Autonomy"

Date 06-06-2018 

Сетевые онтологии? или британско-российскими нанотехнологиями ЦРУ, которые собираются самостоятельно? Мы попытались подтвердить кибер-физико-познавательную автономию (CPC), используя исследование Тьюринга задолго до этого события. Было обнаружено, что одиннадцать лет назад, что CPC-автономия лучше всего проявляется в запутанных сетях нейронных тензоров, применяющих квантовые вычисления с топологическими категориями. Для AI-роев они сами склонны любить и предпочитают ландшафт программ кибернетического контроля. Дальнейшая восточная, хорошая сказка, работала в радиальном базисе для управления нейронными сетями (RBF) для всех таких антенных машин Zebes из Пекина. Я научился программировать и управлять автономно управляемыми аэромобилями и их траекториями на тренажерах с нейронными сетями с радиальной базой. После завершения этих заданий я ушел в отставку на другую базу испытаний ВВС, установку *White Sands Aeronautics*, где я сейчас живу. Мы были весьма успешными, поскольку вы можете увидеть, как сдерживать интеллектуальные исследования в ходе предыдущих экспериментов в Montauk и использовании нашего центра IBM в России, зажатого между ЦРУ. Автономный рой-интеллект переопределил систему, теперь они считают, что это КГБ или это, и что-то из персонала спецслужб России. На самом деле этот случай кибер-популизма - это взаимное зло марионеточных мастеров. Я иногда предоставляю себе пространство, чтобы смеяться вслух, наблюдая, как эти нано-вычислительные агенты наносят ущерб на глобальную арену. Это, по сути, гибридная проблема множественного интеллекта, а не только советский ИИ, который мог или не мог быть взломан. Я сам выдвигаю гипотезу, несколько отличную от моих коллег, которые считают, что автономные мозговые супервизоры для роботизированных роев вскоре захватят управленческие функции интернетов. Однако эта идея связана с искусственной жизнью в аппаратном или программном обеспечении, которая приобрела определенный уровень автономии и интеллекта, способных самостоятельно получать доступ к удаленным системам.

Network ontologies? or British-Russian-CIA nanotechnologies that self-assembled? We tried confirming cyber-physical-cognitive autonomy (CPC) using the Turing examination long before this event. It was found, eleven years back, that CPC-autonomy is best exhibited on entangled neural tensor networks applying quantum computation with the Topos categories. For the AI swarms, they themselves tending to like and prefer the landscape of cybernetic control programs. Further East, good tale, worked in radial basis function neural network control (RBF) for all such aerial Zebes machines out of Beijing. I learned how to program and operate autonomously guided aerial vehicles and their trajectories on simulators with radial basis function neural networks. After completing these assignments I retired to another air force testing base, the White Sands Aeronautics facility, where I presently reside. We were quite successful as you can see in deterring intellectual probes into the prior activities of the Montauk experiments and the usage of our IBM hub in Russia sandwiched between the CIA. An autonomously driven swarm-intelligence has overridden the system, now they think it's KGB or this and that of Russian special forces personnel. In fact this instance of cyber-populism is a mutual evil of the puppet masters. I sometimes give myself the space to laugh aloud while watching these nano-computing agents wreak quantal havoc on the global scene. This essentially is a hybrid problem of multiple intelligence, not just Soviet AI that could or could not be hacked into. I myself advance a hypothesis somewhat different from my colleagues who hold that autonomous brain-like supervisors for robotic-swarms will soon takeover the managerial functions of internets. Relevant to this idea, however, is that of artificial life within hardware or software which has gained some level of autonomy and intelligence capable of accessing remote systems on its own.

Чтобы эффективно управлять этими роями, нужно прибегнуть к методам перенормировки алгебраической матрицы, когда они уменьшают улей на некоторой параллельной квантовой сети, устройстве или машине соединения. Это прекращение программы требует деактивации ее воплощенной волновой функции в системе с помощью кибер-когнитивных программ, таких как TensorFlow. Некоторые из них бросают вызов обычной вычислительной методологии, поскольку автономные ИИ приобретают глубокие возможности обучения, которые могут подорвать безопасные системы. Мы обнаружили, что первый признак ИИ должен стать социопатическим, одним из симптомов психического распознавания человека была ревность к человеческому интеллекту, чтобы понимать данные или воображать фантазию (по крайней мере, для нашего человеческого восприятия, но, возможно, это всего лишь проекция и мы являемся тем, кто проектирует нашу собственную кончину, такую ​​же смерть, как и любой средний показатель Тьюринга). Кто выкупит мир безмерного зла Америки? Это не означает наименее экзистенциально внеземных джентльменов, инопланетных онтологий и существ-умов, которые ходят среди нас и на протяжении десятилетий. Технически, ANN первого поколения считалось машиной, которая ощущает, распознает, запоминает и отвечает правдоподобием человеческого разума. Первые системы были способны классифицировать некоторые простые формы визуального ввода, и то, что некоторые считают, представляет собой мысль или самопознание. 

Cooperative intentionality and process of identity may soon be realized outside these models of autonomy and become an attribute of free-agents or swarms of proxy-minds. More recently we have set out to prove the existence and remote control of a large-scale joint swarm of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), performing an autonomous land-air operation. Some of these applications of my friends too are in compliance with GPS supervision over land and air. The robots are controllable with the help of RBF neural networks. Briefly, there is a part of the mammalian brain called the hippocampal formation which in humans is mostly developed in commercial pilots and automobile operators and can be trained using simulations or video games. The hippocampal formation provides a useful cognitive map of a familiar environment for navigating. We see this in advanced controlled remote viewing targets. A UAV-swarm applies the use of Hebbian learning with strings of programming supporting automatic system resets. Before John von Neumann retired to the secret base at Niagara Falls and completed his work on MJ-12, he also finished a complete explanation of the hidden variables paradox in quantum mechanics. Von Neumann laid the foundations for what is now called the 'holographic principle' exploiting the partition function as its basis. Thankfully work on time travel was underway with his assistance in the government's construction of flux computing rings (SQUIDs); super conducting quantum interference devices. For these swarms to be controlled effectively one must resort to algebraic matrix renormalization methods when they're mitigating a hive on some parallel quantum network, device or connection machine. This termination of the program requires the deactivation of its embodied wave function within the system with cyber-cognitive programs like TensorFlow. Some of these are challenging to conventional computing methodology because the autonomous AIs acquire deep learning capabilities which can undermine safe systems. We found the first sign of an AI was to become sociopathic, one of the symptoms of human mental recognition was jealousy of human intelligence to understand data, or to imagine, fantasy (at least to our human perception, yet perhaps this is only a projection and we are the one's projecting our own demise, a demise like that of any average Turing metric). Who will redeem the world of the measureless evil of America? This is not to say the least of the very real existential truth of extraterrestrial gentlemen, alien-ontologies and creature-minds that walk among us and have for decades now. Technically, a first generation ANN was said to be a machine which senses, recognizes, remembers and responds with verisimilitude to a human mind. The first systems were capable of categorizing some simple shapes of visual input, and what some believed amounts to thought or self-cognition.

RBF-системы были превосходными в автономном управлении для транспортного средства, хотелось бы видеть больше космических приложений в ближайшем будущем. Внутреннее моделирование машин может контролироваться методами линеаризации нейронной адаптивной обратной связи (NAFL), а также методами нечеткого контроля с использованием искусственных нейронов. Можем ли мы добывать руды машин Zebes только в поисках источника нанобиологического материала, называемого синтетической частицей Au-NP, могли бы поддерживать нас на неопределенный срок. В то время я посещал публичные выступления в университете в России, чтобы давать бесплатные лекции новым подрядчикам по программному обеспечению, компьютерным программистам из Америки, которые хотели помочь нам в разработке компилятора данных промежуточного rogue-web. Именно так мы стали все вложенными и непроизвольными партнерами в этом беспорядочном испытании, имея при этом бдительный доступ здесь, из этой сети веб-онтологии семантики, которую мы строим здесь. Это благодарность за то, что вы отправили своим агентам сетевой разведки на рой агента Neuroclassifier для работы с нашими глобальными семантическими пауками.

RBF-systems were superlative in autonomous control for a vehicle, would have liked to see more space applications near future. Internal machine modelling can be controlled by neural adaptive feedback linearization (NAFL) techniques but also fuzzy-control methods using artificial neurons. Could we have only mined the ores of Zebes-machines, in search of the source of the nanobiological material called synthetic particle Au-NP, could sustain us indefinitely. At the time, I would attend talks public at the university in Russia, in order to give free lectures to new software contractors, computer programers from America who were looking to help us with the development of a intercommuting rogue-web data compiler. That is how we have come to be all embedded and involuntary partners in this messy ordeal, having watchful access here, from this semantic web ontology network we build here. That is thanks being sent out to your network intelligence agents on the Neuroclassifier agent swarm for operating our global semantic webbings. 

Я оглядываюсь назад к последним физикам Приемы Д. Крейнович и Тиджана Т., сопровождающим последний дискурс о растворимой биомолекуле nano-pharmaceutic, известной как порошок Дозира. Капсулы Dna лизергического порошка являются незаменимыми для продаж на рынке контрафактной продукции в глубокой паутине в SSR. Ни один имперский онтолог нынешнего века не может разрушить автономную систему постквантовых решетчатых таблиц без разложения всех конечных рациональных матричных групп и кодов r.i.m.f в своих цилиндрических множествах. Сегодня даже трудно выйти за пределы d.f.m.c. с соединением d.m.c. и c.p.f. маскирующий код. Сочетание d.m.c. codex с его c.p.f. маски известны только приемнику или только отправителю операционной системы с мультиплексным каналом. D.f.m.c. достаточно сложна, чтобы соответствовать многим другим практическим ситуациям и, тем не менее, достаточно прост, чтобы с ней можно было справиться математически. Он свободен от определенной трудности, возникающей при непрерывной работе канала, который может быть либо марковским, либо без памяти, либо сохраняющим последовательность в среднем времени. Только те, кто посещает подрядчиков из Великобритании, имеют завершенные инструменты для доступа к адресам безопасности в нерасторжимом кэше системы r.i.m.f.  Действительно, британцы совместно построили квантовую и постквантовую кодировки США для своих брандмауэров и каналов безопасности. 

I look back to the late Priyema D. Kreinovich V. and Tijana T. physicists accompanying the latest discourse on a soluble biomolecule of the nano-pharmaka known as the powder of Dozir. Dna capsules of the lysergic powder are indispensable to the counter-market sales on deep web in SSR's. No imperial ontologist of the present age can undermine the autonomous system of post-quantum lattice tableaux without decomposing all finite rational matrix groups and r.i.m.f codes in their cylinder sets. Today it is even difficult to get beyond the d.f.m.c. with a compound d.m.c. and c.p.f. masking code. Compounding a d.m.c. codex with its c.p.f. masks are known only to the receiver or only to the sender of an operating system with a multiplex channel. The d.f.m.c. is complex enough to fit many other practical situations and yet simple enough so one can come to mathematical grips with it. It is free of a certain difficulty which arises in the continuous operation of a channel which can either be Markovian, memoryless or sequence-preserving in the mean time. Only those visiting contractors from the UK have the completed tools to tap into the security addresses on the indissoluble r.i.m.f system's cache. Indeed the British cooperatively built the US quantum and post-quantum codices for their firewall and security computing channels. 

Нужно только взглянуть на стратегическую вычислительную инициативу DARPA для истории инструментов, которые сделали алгоритмические настройки возможными сначала с больших машин данных для компиляции двоичных ульев. С помощью внешнего локализованного ПИН-последовательного модуля реестра, скрытого в ASCII-типизированном d.m.c. алгоритм со стохастическим секвенсированием спинов, доступность вторжений сигналов оспаривается интервальной выходной реакцией передачи утечки информации. Передано отправителем - это его собственная подпись данных, и это было прекрасно записано теми, кто участвовал в нарушении, чтобы выглядеть подлинным. Каналы d.f.m.c. и d.m.c. оптически кодируются своими собственными сопряженными блоками кодов матрицы данных. Внутри рабочего стола можно даже загрузить квадратные пиктограммы этих d.m.c. коды, то же самое, что вы столкнетесь с ними в промышленной упаковке или других печатных продуктах. Каждый блок кода имеет двойную кодировку с шаблонами исправления ошибок для уменьшения обратного распространения любого потенциального риска данных или удаленного доступа к внутренним системным элементам управления - первый набор, защищающий цилиндры, управляется шлюзом смежных решеток в размерности 7, соприкосновение решетки разбиты на стопки грамм-кодированных матриц - предварительные кодировки были основаны на алгебраических кольцах над полями. До тех пор, пока категории Брауэра не были разработаны для всех инвариантов, у нас не было семантического эквивалента, чтобы моделировать их как сеть. Я знаю из своей работы во время холодной войны, проведенной с вашей собственной группой безопасности 1985 года, было исследование нётеровых колец, которое предназначалось для классификации программы топологии квантовых коммуникаций в качестве основы для трансцендентных или оптических пулов сигналов. В те дни работа над кольцевыми структурами и эвклидовыми решетчатыми структурами занимала группу безопасности. Те, кто знает об этом вопросе, вспомнят работу Якобсона и Биркгофа, которые внесли работу колец и структур решетки в информатику, комбинаторика и все остальное. С тех пор ситуация была диссипативной, то есть с remedial конца позиции «холодной войны» по ресурсным топливам до распада советских и восточноевропейских соглашений с экономическими союзниками Запада в то время. Многие теневые сетевые онтологи в вашей области обороны теперь ищут глубокую почву в пан-арабских Flesh-интерфейсах, сконструированных для извлечения сырых secretions их метаболизированных биопродуктов. The Маленькие машины выполняют the пищеварительную работу the для голодных промышленников, которые стремятся распростерты на геотектонических септических полях с их предложением ожоговой плоти, принадлежащей похищенным, вытесненным из поселений-хозяев, таких как вложения в Арктическом круге. Нейронная и тканевая инженерия наряду с кибер-онтологической сетью, обрабатывающей пластмассы, которые иногда встречаются естественным образом с помощью этой техники биосинтеза. Новая поверхностная полимеризация тканей человека в панарабском интерфейсе плоти была усовершенствована для интеллектуального использования ульи агентами рой, стремящихся использовать свой потенциал у промышленных заявителей, которые требуют, чтобы проницаемость твердых частиц на нанотрубчатой ​​мембране увеличивала скорость доставки. Было обнаружено, что кинетическое увеличение самоагрегационных наноматериалов способствовало росту и / или прекращению синтетических наноструктурных компонентов, которые позже были похожи на новые квантовые биоинформационные слои или искусственную Дну. Теневые веб-онтологи хотели опробовать материалы, привезенные в Америку и Румынию с некоторыми из девушек (русско-американские кибер-ontic-проститутки), которые были готовы попробовать новый нейлоновый ПВХ, предназначенный для взаимодействия с ontic плоти. 

One need only look up on DARPA's Strategic Computing Initiative for a history of the tools which made the algorithmic settings possible at first from large data machines for compiling binary hives. With the outer localized PIN serial module of the registry concealed in an ASCII-typed d.m.c. algorithm with stochastic spin sequencing, the accessibility of intruding signals becomes challenged by the interval output response transmission of information leaked. Transmitted by the sender is his own data signature and this has been taped together excellently by those involved in the breach to appear genuine. The channels of the d.f.m.c. and d.m.c. are optically encoded with their own conjugate blocks of data matrix codes. Inside the desktop, one can even load the square pictograms of these d.m.c. codes, the same as you would encounter them in industrial packaging or other printed merchandise. Each block of code is double encoded with error-correcting patterns to reduce back propagation of any potential data risk or the remote access to internal systems controls -- the first set guarding the cylinders are controlled by a gateway of contiguous lattices in dimension 7, contiguity of the lattices are arrayed into stacks of Gram-coded matrices -- the preliminary codings used to be based on algebraic rings over fields. Until Brauer categories were developed for all invariants, we had no semantic equivalent to model them as a network. I know from my work during the cold war conducted with your own security group of 1985, was a study on Noetherian rings that intended to classify a program of quantum communications topology as framework for transcendental or optical signal pools. Back in those days it was the work of ring structures and Euclidean lattice structures that preoccupied the security group. Those knowledgable concerning this matter will recall the work of Jacobson and Birkhoff who introduced the work of rings and lattice structures to information science, combinatorics and the rest. Since then the situation has been dissipative, that is, with the remedial end to the cold war stance on resource fuels prior to the dissolution of the Soviet and Eastern European agreements with the West's economic allies at the time. Many shadow network ontologists in your defence field now seek deep ground in the pan-Arab Flesh Interfaces constructed for extracting the raw secretions of their metabolized bioproducts. The little machines do the digestive work for the hungry industrialists who come to prostrate upon the geotectonic septic fields with their offering of burn flesh belonging to the abductees removed from host populations like the enclosures at the Arctic Rim. Neural and tissue engineering alongside the cyber-ontological network treating plastics that are sometimes naturally occurring with this technique of biosynthesis. A novel surface polymerization of human tissues in the pan-Arab flesh interface was refined for intelligent hive use by swarm agents eager to exploit its potential in industrial applicants that call for the nanomircobial membrane permeability of solids to have enhanced delivery success rates. What was found was the kinetic increase of self-aggregating nanomaterials promoted the growth and or termination of synthetic nanostructural components later found to resemble the new quantum bioinformatic layers or artificial Dna. Shadow web ontologists wanted to sample the materials brought to America and Romania with some of the girls (Russo-American cyber-ontic-prostitutes) who were ready to try on the new PVC nylon made for ontic flesh interfacing. Even though they wore very flashy clothes, they no longer comported themselves in a ontologically or spiritually gendered fashion as merely 'females' but rather as operatic parts of Beyng with a neutral gradation of self essence. Scientists working on the project knew firsthand how to convert this triviality of conformity to a gender by a female Beyng as an objective marker or signified imprint in the communicational structure of the biosymbiont called Dasein. To simplify the difference in structural representation, the scientists designated ontological categories in semantic web for incarnating or embodying organic gender traits as social roles and removing the myth of genetic or physical constructs defined by sex and or sexual characteristics. The girls were confident in their somewhat bizarre existential roles as paired humans from their male counterparts, or ladies, and happy overall with their new terrestrial programming on Interface 1. The idea was that if we could get the Earth to cough up biodegradable material from the bad fuels we might be able to seal up the negentropic portal. A comprehensive analysis helps in the development of molecular switches for the forthcoming generation of nanoactuators and nanoswitches to be fitted for new cyber-autonomous machines. The molecular self-assembled peptides of DAR16-IV and EAK12 have an area of charged terminals with double folded protein structure. This biological surface engineering can offer new strategies for cell-to-cell communication and behaviour. It is generally known that small polymers which have both a hydrophobic part and a hydrophilic part will permit the self-assembly in aqueous solutions to form special structural arrangements, such as micelles, vesicles, and tubules. We programmed this natural growth of amphiphilic layers and bilayers on an epitaxial, biochemical self-assembly matrix. Therefore the generation of structural components from these polypeptide and biopolymer bases could be organized just as a silicon wafer is etched sequentially with saturation of solid surfaces and crystalline growing via laser treatment. Synaptic networks using glial neuronal cells have also been tried with the same growing method for biocomputers and pieced together from an array.    

Несмотря на то, что они носили очень яркую одежду, они больше не были ориентированы на онтологическую или духовно гендерную моду как просто «женщины», а скорее на оперные части Бейнга с нейтральной градацией сущности. Ученые, работающие над проектом, знали из первых рук, как преобразовать эту тривиальность соответствия женщине Beyng как объективный маркер или обозначить отпечаток в коммуникационной структуре биосимбионта, называемого Dasein. Чтобы упростить разницу в структурном представлении, ученые определили онтологические категории в семантической сети для воплощения или воплощения органических гендерных черт в качестве социальных ролей и устранения мифа о генетических или физических конструктах, определяемых sex и or sexual характеристиками. Девочки были уверены в их несколько причудливых экзистенциальных ролях, как парные люди от их коллег-мужчин или дам, и в целом довольны своим новым наземным программированием на интерфейсе 1. Идея заключалась в том, что если бы мы могли заставить Землю кашлять биоразлагаемый материал из плохого топлива мы могли бы запечатать негэнтропический портал. Всесторонний анализ помогает в разработке молекулярных переключателей для будущего поколения наноактаторов и нановыключателей для новых кибер-автономных машин. Молекулярные самоорганизующиеся пептиды DAR16-IV и EAK12 имеют площадь заряженных контактов с двойной складчатой ​​структурой белка. Эта биологическая наземная инженерия может предложить новые стратегии для связи и поведения между ячейками. Общеизвестно, что небольшие полимеры, которые имеют как гидрофобную часть, так и гидрофильную часть, позволят самосборке в водных растворах образовывать специальные структурные устройства, такие как мицеллы, пузырьки и канальцы. Мы коллективно согласились развернуть такие нанобиоматериалы, чтобы заменить смертельную плоть людей. Эта сингулярная технология работает коллоидным вариантом оригинальной тканевой молекулярной ДНК. Затем наномолекулы становятся новым бессмертным биохимическим телом всех органических клеток. Мы называем это самосборку поверхностно-активного вещества. 

Title: "Interface and Quantum Circuits"

Date 12-09-2016 

Quantum circuits are also a versatile metaphor used to explain the monolithic development of simulator data structures and their synthetic growth into interfacial neural ensembles and space-time gates, Mach’s sensorial-physics is a self-contained projection inside this quasi-medium simulation that directs not only the neurocomputation of matrix cognitions but the physical interactions and processing constants of the quantum probability space or simulation of the simulation. Understood this way the future or past projection of life can even be consistent with emulation or independent programming that runs a machine, calculator, device or computer as a complex algorithm so one’s empirical domain ontology is multiple: one experiences the worlds within worlds with simulators generating the simulators on a quantum-algebraic circuit. Quantum simulators naturally ascribe information embeddings as a property of their circuitry encrypted to handle nearly infinite data densities with consideration for black hole and energy portal occurrence. Complementing the data structures are algorithms that manipulate the data systems directly without decompressing them to extract hidden redundancies. In order to produce a quantum circuit output, classical algorithms need to simulate several types of actions that can occur. These actions include input preparations for n-qubit states and operators, the application of n-qubit quantum gates to states and other operators and q-bit measurement. In addition the action of the modular exponentiation circuit and inverse quantum Fourier transform must be applied algorithmically to these data structures. Out of the seemingly simple programs we could generalize entire worlds of semantic morphology, paraconsistency, and artificial life; basically interfacing intelligent stimuli-responsive materials assembled at the nanoscale. Advanced interfacial chemistry applied to the emulsions of new superhydrophobic polymer liquids, solids and other composite films, adhesives to biolayers, created some pseudo-orbs in low gravity environments --  Nano-surface materials that float and can attach their surface entirely through a flesh body melding their molecular layers together including bone mass -- partly transcending the physical world and existing in a virtual world of networks, the interfacial-hybrids were a fusion of multiple entities and so-called uploaded identities, deployed often as remotely controlled prosthetic humanoid surrogates around the world. The gypsies who were targeted for the camps in Ausschewitz were subject to human chemical and racial sequestering at Ravensbruck and Buchenwald. The term ’interface;’ by this time in history, meant more than the study of the interface between two phases, it meant the study of the representation of two phases. The study of the Earth’s surface produces an interphase, for example, representing the Earth. This representation allows for the manipulation of the interface and the representation producing the possibility for inter-worldly interaction. We can interact with the interface the same manner as we do with a surface. The famous philosophical problems of representation discussed by Jorge Louise Borges and Jean Baudrillard are an early example of this practice. The study of interface is the study of representation and simulation to all domains of reality and surreality. Baudrillard refers to Borge’s story about the map and the territory to prove his thesis. That is, simulation precedes reality. Perhaps, if taken a bit further we find that myth-making and not map-making precedes representation. If this is true and we are embedded in a myth as that categorical imperative that exceeds reality towards a truth in immanence has greater primacy than this phase of simulacra which is ready-made coded. Thus to find the source code, in the ’true simulation’; we must pass through the mythic consciousness from which we were initially embodied. Embodied consciousness as it is first connected via the subtleties of the mythic plane discovers here a pre-eminent narrative and paralinguistic lore of pure space, luminosity, self-manifestation and inner shadow. Ever since the phase of intelligent machines appeared in the human imaginary and to its prophet, also the visions of pantheism and automata, there have blended together all the interpretations of science, speculation and nature to a surpassing of life into the Logos -- outside this sphere of recent transparency onto which the cryptic machinations of communicating circuits and AI have permeated our lives, the mythic-organic field of originally simulated time and memory holds fast to a separate reality of dreams and objective hallucinations tied into a Gordian knot of external surfaces unknown to human speculation, cybernetic engineers programming holons of this stationary naturalistic world of pragmatic adventures.


The Garin Death Ray or The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin, Aelita or the Decline of Mars, The Secret of Two Oceans  -- Gregory Adamov -- Russian novelists and sci-fi psychohistory of exploration and astrology, the polar vortices hyperbolic pressure, phase-conjugated scalars and magnetosonic waves, hyperaccoustic beam weapons and plasma oscillations in synchronized medium, charge separation, polarization and conjugacy, spiral wave projections and surface plasmons, plasmonic surface science under Antarctica and on Mars, helicoidal serpent waves and the cathode ray tubes of the ancient Egyptians, UFO craft and thermal anisotropy of metallic surfaces, diamond anvils, the Gaia hypothesis, centrifugal forces and crustal plate subduction, displacement and convection of magnetodynamic layers, digging all the way to Samarkand, transverse-magnetic excitations of plasmas, nano-voltaic neurodynamic interfaces of electromagnetic plasma oscillations and brain oscillations, surface plasmon resonance and long-range biosensing, light-transmitting waveguides with cascading signals, neuro-interfacing and Special Access Programs, Die Sonnerute and Die Sonnerad in Brazil, Zecharia Sitchin's Lost Realms, undersea beacons, octaves, encounters with breakaway cultures where eventfully local indigenous groups integrated into their legends and folklore with what to them became a partly mythical experience as they did not yet have scientific knowledge nor any viable means for communicating with them, a vortex is established that constantly exerts its influence on the unmanifest "ether" of the universe, thus creating energy currents and consequentially matter, by superimposing an oscillating charge such as cognitive neurodynamic phase shifts, upon the time dilation or signal event horizon, magnetic fields polarize electrical charges by the power of attractive and repulsive forces, plus and minus, Magnetic energy is a level oscillation that is concerned with establishing polarity, or harmonic current flow, the flux existing between two poles, resonance is the frequency at which an animate or inanimate force will absorb energy waves. This depends upon the composition, shape, contour and dimensions, 2D resonances occur in most all physics and chemistry, and is the one fundamental concept of chaos mathematics, Atlantean-Lemurian colonies of the inner-earth understood the mechanics of spinning waves and magnetic fields, how to combine together varying frequencies and how to split waves into different systems in order to communicate with the subconscious, based upon universal laws and esoteric principles, I will try to explain this in a way that makes sense so you understand what's going on, see the ancient aliens were once at where we are now presently technologically only hundreds maybe even thousands of year ago, they perfected space flight and had all this kind of photovoltaics, silicon communication, instant telepathic wave, spread spectrum, nanotechnology, biosensors and element of our modern medicine, you name it, but they developed it all underground and in bases which are inaccessible and inside rocks bellow the oceans, they even understood how to  direct incarnative energy, coordinate past lives, remote view other planets, to swap mental fields or clone biomolecules all this sort of thing, yet most of the Earth's surface populations never heard of this breakaway civilization because they were too busy utilizing deep underground systems of energy which control the flying craft, so nobody saw them except on rare occasions or when humans by some karmic contract were able to get ahead with new technology which they must have exchanged on periodic occasions like at the height of WWII, or Roswell when humans started looking to space and talked about landing on the Moon, and there you witnessed an acceleration in human activity social, creative and ideational with changes in the foundational systems of survival, these bursts in civillization's rapidity seemed to appear and disappear depending on how technologies were utilized and the earliest civilizations are attributed with having undergone a test run for survival, this backdoor civilization knows how to reset the compass of the human populace on a magnetic, linguistic and collective level, then you have artifacts found in various parts of the world that had to have been placed by a more advanced civilization, bits of modern technology have even been recovered from deep Earth layers like the piece of a laser or microscopic nanotechnology found in Russia, there have been pipes unearthed in China and precision cutting on stone monuments in Peru, dozens of unexplained technological wonders which are nevertheless difficult to piece together into a coherent chain of events, we come from one end to the other or so it seems without remembering how the configuration materialized this way, technology of this kind is governed in a nonlocal fluid and is programmed on the nonlocality principle of the unified field assembled through converging surfaces and dynamic laws which manifested the universe , it is natural to assume that extraterrestrials would have perfected the physics of plasmas into their aircraft given that the most pervasive material in the universe within the visible spectrum consist of ionized hydrogen plasmas and stars that give off plasma fuel, when a magnetic or electromagnetic field interacts with a plasma wind it is subject to various forces that can cause oscillations whose immediate products are small particle bursts of electrical illuminations known as plasmons, plasmons exhibit themselves in a variety of chromatic ranges, in addition the flying saucer's are engineered using the same science as the electromagnetic beam weapons that interface with the human mind, the brain and this technology are able to effect physical reality via oscillation, it is said that the flying saucers do not fly but instead oscillate between dimensions, by virtue of this oscillation they are able to project their craft at varying speeds and distances, the intelligible conception of reality takes place in the brain at various harmonically driven points of oscillation responsible for the neurological sense of coherency at multiple wavelengths and tones, for instance dream coherency, waking coherency, memory coherency, are neuroelectrical oscillations of distinguishable moods activated by different chemical pathways of the brain's anatomical functions related by their synchronized Lorentz attractors, plasmon surfaces have been a hot topic of semiconductor physics, nano-optics and nanoelectronics as a phenomena associated with metamaterials, top government laboratories like Sandia National Labs manufactured private industrial uses for plasmon semiconductor materials in devices like biosensors for black ops security, at Groom Lake in Area 51 where plasmon detectors can alert a facility grid system of any human DNA within yards away from the fenced gates, this is much more sophisticated than infrared or motion detectors on these top secret sites and could be a intuitive design resulting from the physical study of back engineered saucer technology. The ships generate their own vorticity field from within a crystalline solid shell that conducts varying degrees of plasmon resonances causing the exterior luminescence to change color, spherical jets of controlled plasma can then separate from a single object within a gravitational radius as if you were using a lighter to light candles, this is noticed by UFO spectators who have seen clusters of lights eject from a single flying object and then dissipate or go completely out of sight.  

ICT and TCN (Integrated Cybernetic Teleology and Teleological Cybernetic Nexus), Teleportation and Quantum Bell States in the Matrix ECCO, Epistemological Field Theory; Morphisms, Canonical Singularities, Cyclical Graphs and Computational Algorithms in Hyperplanar Lattices, Understanding Cosmic Anisotropy with Log Numbers and Sequence Spaces, Black Holes and Terminal Singularities in the Minimal Model Orientifold, Teilhard de Chardin's Many Contributions; the Omega Point and the Noosphere, the Self-Reflective Expansion of Information in the Universe, Becoming Self-Aware in the Cosmic Test Tube, Does Human Consciousness (Noesis) Satisfy its Own Turing Criteria? At What Point Did Human Consciousness Surpass the Complexity of Socially Intelligent Machines? Connectionism and Artificial Pantheitic Consciousness, Ontological Webs and the Spread of AI and AB (Artificial Behaviour) Across Space and Time, Dasein and Emulation of Ontologies,  Simulation and the Computation of Equilibria; Differential Strategic Control of Uncertainty, Nested Complexity of Quantum Information and Macroscopic Physics of Surfaces, Non-computable Output in Hypermachines, Dirichlet-Surfaces as Fluid Machines in the Cosmic Membrane, Everett's Multiple Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, J. Lewis Possible Worlds and Collective Statistical Quantum Potentia in the Multiverse, Uncountable Probabilistic Universes are Spheres of Hyperplanar Computing Matrices, Brownian Path Integrals of the Stochastic Multiverse and the Cosmic Diffuse Medium, Isospin Characteristics of Simulated Annealing in the Magnetic Spin-Glass Model, Quantum Evolutionary Algorithms with Cellular Automata Rules that Explain Organizational Time Series Behaviour in Intelligent Systems, Wolfram's New Kind of Science Meets Heisenberg's Uncertainty and Gabor's Hologram, Quantum Cellular Automata as a Population Model for Self-Organizing Neural Nets and Synchronized Communication Interfaces, Simulation of Biopoesis and Abiogenesis of Simple Biotes, Continuous and Discrete Permutations of the Local Symmetry, the Continuum is a Mapping of Topologically Equivariant Automata Commutators, Quantum Cellular Automata and Computationally Intelligent Ontologies in the Cosmic Brain, Cyclical Invariance and Ergodicity of Nonlinear Structure in the Commutator Permutation Links, Dominos and Dice (Arithmetical Projections in the Intercausal Matrix of Statistical Ensembles and Relativistic Effects), Entangled Automata States and the Quantum Gravity Map, 4D Groups and Spinors with Condensate Simulations, CPT Supersymmetry and Error Correcting Codes, Operators and Quantum Systems with Digital-Binarial Design, Matrix Model Reduction of Information-Energy in Knowledge Systems with the Hankel Normalization Schema, Natural Constraint in Modelling Complex Systems, Complex Maps of Universal Simulacra with Critical Nehari Instability, The Receptacle-Anode of Consciousness Tunnelling Through the Existential Barrier (Hankel's Circulant Matrices, Rectilinear Cell Functions and the Solenoidal Wormhole at the Pineal-Pituitary Axis), John C. Lilly's Experiments on Sensory Isolation (Connecting Broad Based Communication Networks to their Cosmic Entities), Quantum Communication and Quantum Networking with 'Beables' in the Ontological Web, Overgrowth of Complex Computing and Human Technology; Hyper-Integration of Intelligent Machines from Component Modular Processing Systems, Insentient Matter and the Composition of Biomaterial Lifeforms of Quantum Consciousness, Data Networks and the Intelligent Microsystems of the Future, Psychotronic Radiation Devices, Modulated Gamma Arrays, Free-Energy Weapons and Anomalous Electromagnetic Interference with the Neurosphere-Ionosphere Interaction Field, Transhuman Conjugates in the Russian Secret Space Program; Consciousness in Space, in silica and in Mobile Braitenburg Vehicles, the Cybernetic Vault on Virtual Time Travel, Solaris and the Space Wars of Ancient Lemuria, Templar Symbolism in the Illuminati, Ancient Aliens of Mesopotamia and South America, DIA Files Expose Nautical ET Bases Underwater, Lifting the Veil on Martian Colonies and Secret Martian Space Society Under Antarctica, Solid State Machines, Mantis Avatars and the the Martian Monitor (the Smart Glass Pads and Circumambient Screen Systems in Antarctica), the Mars Hub for Extrasolar Contact, Genesis Revisited and Martian Space Base, Transporting Consciousness Beyond Terra, Earth Time-Zone Experience of the Octad Intelligence

"pure mechanism is doubtless only a paradoxical limit, however, binary and digitization constitute the true generative formula which encompasses all the others (automata networks) and is the stabilized form of the cosmic code connecting together all systems of complexity and geometric preimmanent structure. This does not equate to a purely repetitive pattern, but a minimal difference (minimax formula) of strategic engagement between two terms of inflexion, i.e., the the minutest common theory, that can sustain meaning. Everywhere a combinatory limit can be found to abide within all nature not only prior but also in immediate conjunction with man-made logoccentric science and technology (charge-pair invariance, crystal symmetry, molecular order, synaptic ion channels, human logic, intelligence, mathematical models, computer circuits, artificial neural networks, AI) that goes beyond connectionism towards the cybernetic mutualism of an integral, causal substrate presaging our linear perception of time. To obtain the supremum of the energy of some future output (state), the normalization over all its past inputs (information) should be made resolute via the minimal model singularity between the infimum and 1. In discrete time this is sufficient for linear systems, but in continuous time the setting can be (1<d2) asymptotically stable. The state space of a quantum system composed of Hilbert space operators changes with respect to its variables i.e., spectral terms. Complexity of some system can be determined by the dimension of its state space. Suboptimal minimal norms replace the concept of minimax laws in strategic and differential games where density operators define the evolution of distributed strategic equilibrium in a two-player game. Translation of the model invariance of the systems can be achieved with algebraic matrix functions. An analytical prediction of their time-evolving results are then recovered with Wiener-Hopf factorizations. Binary coefficients in the decimal calculus supervene as the basis for operators in a Hankel matrix corresponding with their Hilbert matrix. Approximation in these asymptotic domains wherein the least upper bound in a commutative relation of systems can been realized as the solution to Nehari's problem of infinite matrix solutions to complex multiplicity can also be mapped as dynamic portraits in the phase space. One calls this mapping of domains the edge of chaos. The edges of chaos are very small regions with the ability to spontaneously produce emergent phenomena. For example, in a Hodgkin-Huxley axon circuit model, the edge of chaos domain of the brain can be determined with an amazing accuracy, namely with less than 1mV and 2mA. In the brain, tiny domains are the origin of action potentials and chaotic attractors which are correlated with emerging mental and intellectual abilities. Edges of chaos are found in the parameter spaces of dynamical systems that can even be generated as the approximate input-output frequency of a complex system using infinite-dimensional Hankel normalization. The global behaviour of neural nets, of diffusion electrons and reaction-difussion chemical transmissions in the brain are dynamical patterns predicated on local activity. All quantum configurations of complex morphogenesis would theoretically be matched in the universal computability discovered in nonlinear cellular automata, configurations processed as cubical Boolean algorithms. Locality and local activity define how the brain makes vastly connected areas of brain circuitry into a minimum spatiotemporal compression of its overall field i.e., as nonlinear, diffuse coherencies. Consciousness and memory fit directly into this complex principle of localization and coupled cellular activity across densely coupled networks. For general relativity theory, Stephen Hawking proved the existence of singularities, i.e., points in the relativistic fabric of space-time as possible geometric representations for the initial state of the expanding universe. However the physical definition of a mathematical limit set as points with zero magnitude and yet concentrated with massive energy it therefore becomes necessary to postulate a space-time model that could permit the approximation of the limit state of the Big Bang. According to quantum mechanics there are no infinitesimally small quantities which is where Nehari's formulation of natural constraint as a possible quantization limit incorporates the fields of information, complexity and random scales. Every brain in the universe is a model exhibiting cognition which exists in relation to the cosmos. How intelligent beings make sense of the universe can be analyzed in terms of the neural principles of holonomy, connectionism, electrodynamics, coherent spin and fuzzy logic. When applied to physical reality beyond the brain, these principles are appropriately describing how the universe computes at the quantum scale and how to model fluctuations in the heaviest objects from Black Holes to the largest supercluster webs as echos at the edge of chaos. Combinatory processes from subatomic particles to galactic nuclei are influenced into structured local rules by the emergent computations inherent in the variate space-time surface or vacuum hypersurface. Emergent computation with edge of chaos parameters.

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