Thursday, 21 June 2012


There are today among us too many people who have grown lazy through antiquated mental habits, [and] who will use our orientation towards traditional thinking as a way of attempting to impede the course of spiritual development and 'history'. With stupid and preconceived references taken from the storerooms of academia, they will attempt to cloud the waters. Like the fortune-tellers in Dante's Inferno, these people meet the future with their heads turned to face backwards: not through wisdom or in order to experience that which has been created, but only because they are urged on by a desire to deny every new enterprise. But since this is by now a vulgar axiom where intelligent people are concerned, we must examine what originality is. Perhaps originality constitutes the greatest most disquieting misunderstanding to emerge from the studios of the artistic peasantry in recent decades. It is considered bitter for the sensitive man to see how arrogance, ostentation, snobism, frivolity, vacuity, wantonness and every excess nowadays are the most positive characteristics of today's artists. It is precisely this mania of trying to seem original that prevents contemporary artists from realizing the varied graces of linear relationships, so essential in the production of that magic enchantment which used to be familiar to us and which is the foundational ground for any possibility for genuinely original artwork.

So it happens [that] while on the one hand we consider irksome the closed orders, the arthritic systems and the dead forms of the past, which the academic world of art seeks to put back into circulation, and on the other hand we see those artists who neglect the most elementary awareness and absolutely every necessity of study to follow their own fatuous whims. To run joyously towards certain intoxications shouting "long live" or "down with" according to one's sympathies or antipathies is to lose contact with actuality. Therefore it must follow that if one cannot reasonably isolate the examination of a single part without considering it's particular effects on the whole, the idea imparted by all the parts, then one cannot form a general idea of actuality. This general idea that bears such truth is understood by few, partly because it is of very little advantage to those who use it. It is obvious that technological civilization corrupts men at their birth and consumes them, letting them believe [that] for them, sweetness is reserved for the future, for their retirement into old age. Thoughtless natures like this imagine art and life to be divergent and contradictory or they even consider the aesthetic of true art to be an ill omen. If this is not admitted openly it is because no one dares to do so, it is through pure courtesy towards the few men of [real] value who have preferred study to the movies, television, sports and sensory indulgence. Apart from this what on Earth can this, our prolonged effort, our subtle intellectual work, so in contrast with worldly ornamentalism and sensualism possibly mean to ordinary humans? And [then] of course, to smile at this grave labor is easy, costs nothing and endows the smiler with a knowing air.

Women, children and the primitive natures of worldly men are subject to puerile criteria of value, and can ask nothing of 'ordinary things' apart from a certain immediate utility to fulfill the mundane. In fact, when the eye of such a person rests upon concrete objects his diatonic indifference towards everything appertaining to pure taste would soon lead to an abundant dose of boredom and monotony. Hence we must affirm that the spectral eidetic vision of reality is reserved for rare and completely rational individuals; phantasmagorical illusions are for artists of minor psychological discipline and spiritual vision. Nonetheless, we too adapt ourselves to these deformed times, and almost without visible repulsion we attach tendentious labels to all things just as contemporary customs and traditionalism demands. We know that it is unbecoming to lead one's own defense but every hour that passes reaps words spoken or judgements cognized which resound malignantly against us and our undertakings. And so here we are again to declare that it would be a great fortune if one could succeed in discovering the essential motives that inspire and move a true artist who, incidentally, seems to be the most fragile soul among his contemporaries and the one most often beaten in the [social] competitions of life. And this is partly due to the very nature of the discoverer and is even more the result of a false elaboration of values to suite the expectations of today’s people accepted without insightful examination and this is what has led to so many gross misunderstandings that should be eliminated. The consequences of these grave misunderstandings will go on making themselves felt for a long time in the present Babylon unless we learn to distinguish and divide for ever things that are different [by nature] just as the true is different from the false.  As is obvious, to those not suffering amnesia, we see that the new tyranny has already vanquished the old one. Well away from all conventiclers we can discriminate the true and the false better than most, but since we do not feel inclined to reprove the childish lunacy of those who inflict witchcraft and superstition onto art, we do not ask ourselves whether the present conditions in which we live, as unworthy as they are, will presage the abundance or the total decline in spiritual art. But, for God's sake, these are things that frenetic imbecility cannot concede even if they hurl stone after stone of fuming acridity [by] stinging us with that incipient scurrying about and tossing of crude and incontinent judgments. The same one's [will] return again later to give credence to words of wisdom for the sake of mirroring their own spiritual ineptitude, the same way a man attempts to remove sawdust from another mans eye even when he unknowingly has a log in his own. [Clearly] the fact that we represent anything [at all] is evidently one of our many faults.

All the somnolent zombies felt duty-bound to convince us of the insane use we were making of our time. The ridiculous exaggerations, the explosive anathemas, the shrieks of all those pretentious and licentious dwarfs, were merely the external manifestation of the attitudes of the rest of that educated mob which attempts, in scholastic silence, to destroy our aim to give back to the [consumptive] massess that spiritual consciousness that originated in us and was robbed of us. Such mutinous passivity displayed by [commercial] critics speaks of jealousy as well as alienation from the works of genius. Among them are the usual angry little academic lackeys with their convulsive shudderings who, instead of keeping their impotence to themselves, devote themselves to covert and overt intrigue, and seek to mask their spiteful intentions from those ordinary men who, though their souls may be alien to distinguished achievements, nevertheless show an appreciation of those who toil for spiritual art. Among them [too] is the usual deadbeat who is authorized by those jealous artists of perfected snobism who are currently full of Moslem fury against the unfamiliar images of new art and who [instead] uphold with frantic and immoderate love the impulsive aesthetic which pushes every dead matter the artless weight of the painter as the highly skilled composer, engineer [and] craftsman of decorative painting. But, my God, these are people in almost every country in the world who possess as much imaginative power as they do vigorous good sense (see the smart one's are listening.) You no doubt had your eye on this rabble of young monkeys when you attempted to express what was most immanent, what came natural to you, and slipped up on one small necessary piece of information for the sake of conciseness, as it was demanded, and that no doubt nourished misunderstandings and lead to all kinds of troubles.

See I, like many others today, don't mind 'throwing' pearls to swine but I do refuse to go through any undo effort to 'deliver' pearls to swine either by a [so-called] professional art career or anything else belonging to the current dying market system. If it isn't going into the history books as official progress following a mature assessment, and since there is no longer such a thing as an ‘official art establishment’ to make such an assessment and write such a history then it's a waste of my output and energy to bother with even the most menial venues of exposure. But speaking of pearls, you can always leave it to the swine to misunderstand everything significant that you attempt to share or bring to illumination, even the simplest and most irradical things are misinterpreted and something of the opposite is projected onto you as the perceived response. And then all of a sudden they're having an argument with an imaginary villain, an imaginary father, mother, authority figure, an imaginary boss, an imaginary whatever you can imagine. Once they detect a weakness, something that can be misread will be taken literally and unreal figures [are] projected onto you the further from [social] convention and closer to [real] integrity you approach. Only because they interpret the world through the grammar of their own [doxastic] self-deceitedness does it make it impossible for them to home-in on the whole, wider, collective instance of what one actually intended. But [instead] great acts of love, sharing, integrity and heightened grace are interpreted negatively as engendering bitterness, alienation, egoism, prejudice and condescension.

There are, however, men whose greatness is inevitably associated with certain misunderstandings that arise during or after the evolution of their work. These misunderstandings are created by false interpretations of their art by prudent or unintelligent critics and admirers. The commonplaces born of such misunderstandings, the tone of the praise paid to the above-mentioned men, and especially the category of men who pay such praise, leads to these men acquiring a reputation for exceptional intelligence, and a good nose for talent. Those affected by such compromising praise are regarded with diffidence and kept at a certain distance. The shrewd avoid speaking of them because of a sort of prudence, or rather through etiquette of a cunning clique. The market has become so overpoluted with the opinions of these straw dogs and mindless sheep who are incapable of making anything but the most baneful decisions when it comes to fundamental moral aesthetics.

Of those scattered, itinerant, wandering blighters who can hold to important memories just as irregularly as they can be expected to keep to the very social order they would profess to be natural, when in truth; one would assume they were socially handicapped. With fumigant and mighty slothness these yawning idlers expose their truly extravagant hubris and brashness in the bitter effluvium they eject in every self-assured polemic against what is, otherwise, absolutely rational. After every facet of a debate has been covered these apathetic mules refuse to come to terms with themselves and all their numerous errs. With their mulish souls posed like a cobra ready to attack they sing the hushing lullaby of negation with soothing antipathy assured that this can sedate [all] reason and subdue the will of thought. It is only because of their exhausted efforts [to stand] against absolute reason that reality passes through their little minds like a porous media. Their expectations for providing rhetorical proof against their accepted notions are infinitely greater than they [themselves] can fulfill in a lifetime. Like a sponge they absorb all social information in the world as culturally relative value so that their tolerance to [real] value is an illusion of their tired attitude towards objectivity. Substantial value, meaningfulness, true art, real social dynamics; everything morally defensible is put on equal par with everything morally bankrupt. But having placed the moral authority into the hands of indiscriminate infants one cannot expect no less than even the most basic human perceptions of value  for what is worth defending  is going to be followed beyond an immediate and passing recognition of our corrupted culture.

The repetitive experience of being misjudged, the recurrence in life of the same obtuse, faulty perceptions, the incontinent judgements and outbursts passed over our gracious intentions by these folks, whom encompass all levels of society from the [brutish] snob to the refined and [appearingly] virtuous elites, makes real people sick enough in the inards to crave their own death. And that is the end result, the remainder and dividens of them: death and self mortification [is] what reflects them most appropriately. Is it not then that being graced by wisdom and genuineness, by what is truly of balance, and not misjudgement of us on their behalf what ultimately disgraces their petty egos? [And] is it not the quality of an intolerant anality of resitivistic sapience, with all its confused and distorted 'sociocultural' principles, of traditions, the opposing end of a mentality which engoverns the petty ego allowing it to inflict all these self-mortifying acts upon the enshrouded individual whose laws of freedom have been rebuked by it? Surely the repressive act to deny [natural] thermal law its right, to be repressed by the disestablished, deconstituted law of societal authority, is a [sociological] phenomenon whose ethical principles certify a long dead historical recreation of what are [ultimately] Medievalish values of leftist domination. However, history has repeated itself in reverse symmetry this time as the scholasticism of the theocratic Dark Ages is now a [postmodern] scholasticism of technocracy. (The postmodern, techno-social codes of moral intelligence.) Today these scholarly [academic] values of materialism are continuously proven through direct injections into human society by posh-academic authorities who collect their cheques from the wealthiest financial Empire of a now decaying ultra-elite (the House of Rothschild.)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Problematics of the Old Secularism in a Postdigital Age (Part I)

The technocratic elite have set themselves up as defectors of the new world, perceiving through the myopic lens of technical discourse and criticism, they select statistically improbable interpretations of history and science. These they have limited themselves, for the sake of extreme careerism and fashion, to the collegial fundaments of closed, favouritist, secular education upon [histories] which they have also contributed heaps of discusion. Their undoubting, faithfull followers, deceived by appearances of material power, remain locked in finitude and the being of appearing, position themselves, into corruptive action. Corruption, the itinerant self assuredness of one's own (secular) amoral authority that performs its life corruptively is fortified in them as an unconscious moralism and a right on [established] grounds that can only perpetuate themselves inconsciently because of a lack of reflection — all disposed to the material desires of the unconscious without [material] self-gratitude and self lustre, deceiving authorities cannot pander to their puppeted mass support and without mass support, without interest in the market system, they cannot mirror themselves in the material glamour that reflects in each citizen that admiration they depend on. Unconscious matter propells these one's into action, into the animal mode of power, to exccersize their propositions of bad faith beastial machinic power of course without a [human] nature to correspond to that bodily materiality that they cannot escape being. History repeats itself concomitantly with the death of empire affter empire while every economic generation of change [today] repeats the same social and cultural mythologies in increasingly weakened forms. As an existentially neutered monkey, the postmodern homo sapien arrogantly inferiorizes his past 'modern humanity' as a point in historical progress that it wishes to exfoliate into a politically corrected and psychologically sterillized existence at the hands of his technological self-mastery hoisted within a new social collectivism The psyche of modern humans has since become a subjective object of mental diagnosis lacking as it should in degrees of social cunning; the objectivism and rationalism of modern humans is not recognised by postmoderns as being socially compliant with the [collective] organizational-survival strategies and hegemonies played out by the closed and limited personality type. Humans, phased out by the [posthuman] sapient animals they have become, are now dominated by them in the technical and material competitions of life. The established authorities representing the codes of societal normality today represent a technically self-defined, spiritually deteriorated specie one that is posthuman and postmodern having been existentially neutered by progressive [technicist] thought and devices in an age of technical rationalism with its distorted social logic. This loss masks an insecure repression of anthropological desires but mostly it is a repression of the aesthetic translation of desire and its creative expression in life and society.

A social and political opressiveness now reigns in the air at mico and macro levels of the social order. (Postmodern opressivity, disinterest and denial of radical, flexible, deep-thinking subjectivity i.e., natural, maturely integrated, utmostly civillized [human] existence.) This opressiveness of humanity is a sociological problem which should be diagnosed by a mature and exact anthropology utillizing rigorous methods. Insiders who have received thorough briefing on the current state of our knowledge concerning the species accept the facts; that this was the result of our sacral exonerance of ourselves vis-a-vis the new technological powers developed in the world durring the postmodern period of [liberated] capital which the innocent minds of the sapient race has (progressively) fallen to its own detriment. Since the invention of the digital transistor computer from the 1950's onward the superstitious future myth of "change" has been caried through the decades as a slogan of accepting this uncertain but ultimately detrimental fate of the species that is both irreversible and having within it's core severe consequences with respect to animal bodily death in homo sapiens. Since the detailed physical-scientific reasons for this severity are far too cumbersome to outline one might leave an indication instead from Voltaire's summation of Christocentric philosophy from the Philosophical Dictionary;

"Gospel: signifies good news. The good news that the gospel of the Christians came to announce to them is that their God is a God of wrath, that he has predestined the far greater number of them to hell-fire, that their happiness depends on their pious imbecility, their holy credulity, their sacred ravings, on the evil they do to one another through hatred of one another,...and on their antipathy for and persecution of all who do not agree with them or resemble them."

This comes as a cost of an extreme naivete to postmodern sapience, an anthropological fallibility on a socially collectivised level of difference to genuine humanity. Social, political and cultural normalcy is one of these falibilities of sapience that in any given social group, culture or era (i.e., abstracted, reified, collective survival consensus) makes their decisions for them, directs their thinking, judgement, their sense of aught etc., in relationship to what is, not a natural truth, but an artificial network of [derived] falsehoods, deceptions, symbolic translations, political charades and agendas driven by the dark unconscious.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Modern French Intellectual Chivalry and the Gods of Earth

The revolutionary momentum in France during the 1970s amongst the rural intellectual community was a partial phenomenon latent with Spartanism and the neo-chivalric political philosophy of France often attributed to the 'Priory of Sion'. That chivalry of the French Revolution was strong in liberal intellectual society of France during that time period was also copied by the neo-conservative (ex-liberal) political elites of America. [For chivalry (is) the true gesture of Christ: the French conception of the evangelical will of Christ is not one of a soteric god, a saviour of man or a "bleeding heart liberal", as pessimists would conceive it.] Instead it is the reverse; Christ was the great executioner of original intellectual chivalry who employed his wisdom as an Erasmian weapon [a.e., "the pen is mightier than the sword"], that he used to throw off skeptics and their demagogues. The titanical philosophy of the great intellectual chivalrists of that era was one of egalitarian devotion to Christ and protection of his genealogy. Their work was later misread by patriotic nationalists who found a perfect source for intellectual exemplarism in support of their militarism. Leftists today only recollect their legacy in the image made of them by the American patriots and have been labelled as possessors of titanism. Titanism however, in Masaryk's interpretation, is essentially atheistic. Wether fairly or unfairly, Masaryk uses the example of Nietzsche and of his superman as the embodiment of titanism. The Nietzschean superman is but a myopic fighter without reason, a miniature titan, an anti-man of mere negation. Phlegmatic, opulent, adipose and hypertrophied the titan resembles less of a man than a creature of the sea; an ichthyocentaur, as depicted in Raphael's Triumph of Galatea.

   Lured by the beauty of myths humanity holds so dear, the imagination is left to wander in an enchanted world of divine and human mythology. This harmony between gods, men, beasts, centaurs and chimeric beings should make clear that the gods of mythology could just as well have indulged in the sordid, confused passions men often attributed to them ([i.e., breeding or intermixing their genetics with the creatures of the Earth.)] In actuality, the gods and half-gods were human only in appearance. In reality they represented the ideal of humanity. Nietzsche's superman, the ideal man of exalted and glorified nature, is kindred in spirit to that of the genius of divine tragedy. Van Gogh; the self-martyring artist, banned from the rest of society, both aped and envied, forced to self-martyrdom by his own admirers he becomes an object of glory for all those who deceptively placed spiritual illuminations and halos of superstition above their heads. This is the age-old dream of solitary madmen and of the more dangerous ones who combine to form clandestine and elite secret societies. The members of these elite societies are individuals who, with inflamed passions, seek their ideal in the living mind of the divine genius, the master race, the breed of lords of the Earth to which they believe they belong, and which, in their opinion, existed formerly and will exist again on the Earth. They turn to palaeontology and to the palingenetic theory, rearranged to suit their own purposes in order to persuade themselves and their flock of the truth of their faith. If it were not for their extremely innocent and childlike minds these men would not have been so deiceived by the unexplained and would not have used deceptive methods of propaganda against their mass. Absolute power corrupts absolutely but so does secrecy and deception. Only an innocent mind, an innocent group of illumined men, could be so deceived by an alien presence, which neither they nor the public understands fully, that it would seem natural to attribute it to themselves and to a philosophy of change.

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Capitalism was the bride of Marxism just as Postmodernism is the bride of Modernism.  Modernism was the product of all the mechanical and scientific innovations of the industrial age (1850-1950). Postmodernism is the product of all the productive technological addvancements in the post-industrial or technological stages of what is now called late capitalism (neo-capitalism: 1950-present). Everything that preceeded the industrial age can be regarded as 'historical', pre-modern, Classical, simplicial, archane. Essentially only the revolutionary spirit of the modern industrial era was different from every other era that came before it including the postmodern and Renaissance periods. The postmodern represents a phase in the cultural breakdown of this rupture we call modern industrial society. It is the logic of industrialists to curtail this integrated society in which the organization of the private and public psyche are to be managed.

Our Modernism was a rupture in the classical homologism of early market capitalism (16th -19th centuries). The technological economy of the new information based society, in a world dominated by global democracy, is the primal servicer to the logic of late capitalism.  Does it have as it's unconscious drive the predetermination to give itself over to its own death by the total collapse of the global economic system (of neo-capitalism). If so then the theoreticians of Marxism and post-Marxism esp.the Frankfurt school would have been correct in their analysis of the historical process of political economy. What does this mean? Where will this leed? It means that the machine will win out over the catastrophe of the technological device. The machine will win out over the tautology of the human device. The consuptive masses, with their socialist democracy, and the corporate elite with their autocracy. The machines made use of the liberated output from all the discourse of the past 60 years, durring the post-modern condition, that allowed the primal dimensions of man to become signified in the modern language of the machine. As a product of this eccentric change in aesthetic value the linear would be found in the nonlinear, the biological in the cybernetic, the personal in the transpersonal, the psyche in the psychedelic, and of course the modern in the postmodern. If it had not been so, if the machines had not allowed for this progressive development of their original principle into a hypertechnological system, then we would not be here and neither would history. Revolution is the turbine inside which capital flows - revolution is not an incident or rupture of the system that merely returns when it is needed to expand the system through reformation. It is the system that exists inside the mechanism of revolution. If it were not so the world would fall out of existence for us. The lethargy of (communitarian/post-Marxist)  neo-capitalism to fade away into revolution as would be expected has not occured since it was not programmed to survive another cycle. Instead it is programmed to fragment itself; to collapse and recombine into a new machine world sometime in the early 21st Century. This is the exact formula advanced by the political science that went into making the The Matrix films -- with it's themes of a cataclysmic future where intelligent machines control the destiny of the human race who are plugged into an artificial world. -- The diminishment of the 'real' and, indeed, our own fading away into dissapearance is a possible side-effect of our relentless efforts to counter fate in this technological burn-out, this economic bailout of historical materialism. History itself, as a comprehensible sequence of events intricately effecting eachother, is dissapearing as well. We can no longer cogitate history or anything about the historical which can be referenced within us in an inherent empirical knowledge. It is because we are using our devices to their own ends which is our prophetic insight on what is to become of us. We allready know ahead of time our fated constitution and we would rather vanish into nothing than exist in an artificial reality ruled by our own means of producing.  Neo-capitalism hides beneath liberal democracy not by the culture or appearance of capitalism but by the reorganization of capital itself. 

The reorganization of capital develops through a mass financial medling of economic value through the use of commerce to displace the established value of products into the hands of the middle classes (middle class values). The people then become the unwitting participants in the flow of unbounded social capital. Social capital operates under the illusion of political freedom from the ruling class and from profit hungry monopolies. Beneath this friendly illusion social capital is marketed towards the spread of the techno-capitalist or neo-capitalist system. Social capital is a model for a single program of profiteering which is anchored into the expanding economies of newly developed social territories that emerge from social networks. Such territories that are contingent upon their social networking capabilities are later drained for their social capital that is their ultimate use value. The labour theory of value is replaced by the friendly laws of social capital that, in the long run, fortifies the future survival and growth of oligarchical monopoly capitalism. In this case the value of 'labour' to service productivity becomes the value of 'social networks' to service consumption. Labour must eventually be reduced to social networking if the social theory of value is to make sense. Networking and socialitism has a final outcome in the economy -- the expansion of commerce into a supercorporation capable of bankrupting producers, buyers, and investors.

When social networks get too big productivity is overweighted by consumption. This leeds to a state of overconsumption where supply outweighs actual demand. To cure this overconsumption problem producers of goods have manufactured demand through commercial pooling and marketing their products as an appeal to the enhancement of social capital. A society plagued by overconsumption will centralize all it's finantial power to the commercial superstructure that alone has the ability to crush finantial markets with the eventuality of a colapsed currency.


Utopian socialism, with it's positivistic belief in human progress, displaces the essence of God as the essence of man but an essence freed from the limitedness of the individual i.e. the essence of the given social whole of the species. Religion is a product of social development - the properties of God change in accordance with changes in the essence of social man. In religion man is not conscious that he is deifying himself, he is giving his own essence objectivity in the name of a progressively evolved tribal myth (Christianity), conceiving of and revering it as a separate being distinct from himself and more powerful than himself. He is dividing and devastating himself in the process, attributing to a higher being his own social human properties. The fallacy of religion is that it damns in the name of salvation and commits cruelty in the name of felicity. This fallacy gives rise to a series of existential contradictions or inauthentic mental conditions that entangles human beings in a world economic system fulled by a reversive and irrepressive narcissism. Narcissism wether individual or collective always involves a psychology of war. As an example one must understand the logic and art of war from such writers as Sun Szu (The Art of War) and Clausewitz (On War) To guarantee a programmed defeat of an enemy it is necessary to build up the enemies own powers. Supplanting of political ideologies and modern ideals to the people of so-called 'developing nations', the selling of arms to militarily inferior national powers and so forth. Similarly an ignorant or powerless enemy instigating war with a superpower can only do so by entering a sufficient level of rankage to allow for the game of competition. His ignorance must be trained through knowledge, his power overshadowed by political negotiating and initiatory 'Alpha male' psychology. Trade tactics are another aspect of Western democratic imperialism where social connectivity is established between different geopolitical and ethnographic majorities. Western democratic imperialism also supplants propaganda to strategically dissolve all constitutional republics and other governing forces that grow out of a system of national autonomy.

'Brainwashing', 'social programming', 'propaganda' - these words are quickly disappearing from the vernacular of acceptability, their crude and harsh pretenses are insensitive to a much more troublesome problem that relates to transparency in social control. Whenever we use the word brainwashing we are describing a general state of psychological disintegration being induced onto subjects via the mass media, political rhetoric, advertisement, and speculative economic discourse. The 'market of manipulation' avoids criticism by the diversification of a single, opaque, and salient power that is the relatively new and developing quality of the media in it's ability to inflate real events and situations with the paramount magnitude of religious dramaturgy i.e revelatory.apocalyptics, exodus, tribulation. But this quality of inflation we see in the world is just as much an economic reality as it is the fantasy of all syndicated media. Moral criticism is rendered senseless in a system where the media has diversified itself financially into the capitalist system. So-called alternative media, honest event reporting, is absorbed into the capitalist system and thus it's manner of social representation is jaded by invested commercial affiliations. In this state or condition not only can the mass media inflate the value of political events it can also trivialize their importance and tricate a left, right and biparty system so that they have little if no value in the public mind.

The corporate platform of society wishes to abolish the utilitarian praxis of government responsibility - it claims to favor economic diversity against totalitarian government. Hence it must market and finance via commerce the models of an autocratic social utopia that can only be perpetuated through constant democratic reforms. However this invisible transnational power is made up of a diverse field of multinational corporate entities who do not belong to themselves nor to any basic mode of autocracy. These entities would rather pool themselves together as strategically as possible to gain greatest permeability into the social and political process of the masses. They market an ideal society as one of total indivision; a transfinancial, transocial, transnational, transethnic and transexual worldview in which the qualities of individuals can be reduced to the pursuit of a consumer based endemony i.e. manufactured happiness. These are the aesthetic properties of naive social utopianism, the said 'revolutionary' ideologues of the world banking institutions and think-tanks for socialization, education, and commerce.

For those of you in counter-intelligence will recognize such language from the syndicalists and social zionists. We, just as much as they, are aware of the S1 and S2 programs. For those of you who may have only partial education on the historic development of this program I will summarize what you probably know already. The assertion of S1 and S2 goes something like this: We will witness the fall of treasury (capital), the devaluation of credit and the credit system, paper (cash), of insured property, both of private and corporate (legal) stock values. A new security state will rise from the military-industrial complex with gold being the only standard currency that can be traded. The value Earth's raw materials and energy will be measured against the only real commodity of rubies and gold.


As we know, the first real example of a corporation was that of the Jesuit Order, the first organized body of members of a sect to function autonomously. Globalism also makes it's first appearance in the 16th Century with the creation of the Jesuit Order: The coordinated international missionary efforts.  Modern globalization which began in 16th century Europe was the invention of the 'corporation' (corporeal organization) and concerned the Jesuit missionary networks around the world, from Spain, Portugal, China, India, Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, and the Americas. The corporation in its original inception as a corporeal, foundational, philanthropic social collective developed into the Collegio Romano and intellectual priesthood. For the Jesuit order was not established as an incorporated body of say protestant and Roman Catholic members but as a corporeal (material) order with the academic practice of strict observance of Jesuits to the ordinate teacher. For this reason it is easy to say that the Collegio Romano operated as the first academic corporation in the sense that all student capacities where equally subordinate to the head of the organization in a top-down centrist 'monarchy' - incorporation (non-material integration) was never a set in the constitution of Jesuit educational structure. If the corporation is truly a materialist system of order by its mono-archical service of subjects to the corporeal-atomic superior objective then its function to the material restoration and preservation of the immaterial/incorporeal interests of the Roman church places it in the realm of a statist, military, and global functionary order. Material scientific, organic knowledge and cultural diplomacy have always been the main forte of the Jesuit occupation.

The Jesuit Order had maintained success through generations not simply due to the fact of it’s complex politic-transformative program of organization but as a process, the order has aggregated and extended itself as an intelligent organism upon the Earth. In this sense the order is organized like an organical, intelligent, system – an artificial neural network. Technology and cybernetic-capitalism has absorbed the hierarchical model of the Jesuit institution and has aggrarianized this process by the linkage of rural, public, governmental and corporate technological space. This has gone to the point where even the natural environment has been simulated and over-glossed so that reality is imperceptible to those who do not know how to access it’s memory field.

The Society of Jesus has been from the beginning a technological instrument of the organic church, its emblem, its signature, its counterfeit. Its true power today is not found within the order itself but in it’s societal dispersal into digital government and business management, all of this by code of social and political programming. Ever since the decline of influence and membership in the late 1800s and early 1900s the order has influenced the intellectual and power repetoire of state governments around the world so the point that the invisibility of the order, it’s scholarship, is directed and dictated by its embedded history into the political system. This is one level of the genetic programming of historical process by master programmers – the historical impact of the Jesuits on the heads of states has made their influence indivisible from the network model of the past. The process governing the society has been blended together with their social and political a-cole but today the functionality of the network has left any sign of the significance of ‘process’ in the category of minds of the people entertained by media government.

Thus we find once more in history that delirious illusion of uniting the world under the aegis of a single principle - that of a homogenous substance with the Jesuits of the Counter Reformation; that of the genetic code with the technocrats of biological science (but also linguists as well), with Leibniz and his binary divinity as precursor. For the program aimed at here has nothing genetic about it, it is a social and historical program. That which is hypostatized in biochemistry is the ideal of a social order ruled by a sort of genetic code of macromolecular calculation, of P.P.B.S. (Planned Programming Budgeting System), irradiating the social body with it's operational circuits. The technical cybernetic finds it's "natural philosophy" here, as Monod says. The fascination of the biological, of the biomedical dates from the very beginnings of science. It was at work in Spencerian organicism (sociobiology) on the level of second- and third-order structures.

Here there are several prophetic allusions 1). the Jesuits of the Counter Reformation had already organized the simulated projections for the WTC and 9/11 around the third IRCC (International Roman Catholic Council) in 1962, their personification was also a simulation for a 'Neo-Counter Revolution'. Y2K was the blanket for a revolution, a re-enactment of the Hegelian end of history that was also co-established in the second IRCC of 1869. 2.) Post-revolution Jesuits (Jesuit postmoderns) are dispersed reverences, a kind of Jesuit diaspora, acting outside the order and beyond the registrations to the Roman clergy and the Holy see. You find them in the invisible churches ; institutional social networks that ultimately register themselves in the gene banks of biomedicine and molecular biology. Their faith lay in the 'Oratory of Divine Love', in the code of the Reformation at the heart of Jesuitism. Indeed the lifting of the skirt of secrecy was among the greatest social directives post-9/11. Out of this unveiling, simultaneously crossing it's path with the ultimate event, we capture the congressed emblem of socio-genetic utopia, a utopia both there and nowhere and without an ultimate power that is not itself socially registered in the nowhere of theoretical cyberspace. The antagonist of the work itself would appear to be theocracy however this is also smudged away by the Leibnizian social code that we find in a world of expanded government. 3.) Sociobiology reduces social meaning to the impulses and structures of organismic contact and the mathematical-statistical processes of contact in biological organisms. Total simulation of social relations of their own will become sociobiology after the ecstasy of communication. This then circulates into a kind of social virus in which the program rejects communication and meaning, the sociobiological glitch expressed by subtle bio-phonetic adjustment; an ostracizing of the semantic, the human organism can no longer cope with the emotional and psychological overtones of communication and expressive meaning.

Simulation retracts from original meaning and manufactures a phonetic-syntax where the 'body' of the social, it's emotive acts and spiritual goals are drowned out by the implications of the speech act i.e. that of excess and the religious fear of excess. Conditioned by the sociological mechanics of cybernetic devices, ones that operate under a different thermodynamic modality of contact and process, the overlay between the organic and cybernetic device produce the repetoire of social contact. Evidence of this contact is animated internally by the cross-connection of spatial nodes that signify originary social states of shared importance. Cybernetic social space signifies social events of mundane simplicity or simulated tragedy and the network arrangement of the algorithm nullifies the meaning of the event and hence stipulates an enigmatic signifying of the social as 'the social'. Wherever the social is taking place there is an irrationality as well as the incongruent factors of a potential manifestation of this irrationality like pataphysics. Yet even before the explosion of the internet (redirect - the internet is yet to crash) cybernetics, the space of networks, was already interlaced with social history and the notion of national security as well was being transposed in the typographies of media archives (McLuhan). This notion can be supported by the fact that the internet was created by the Defence Department for public/corporate interests of national security.

Public deterrence towards the media is as old as the cinematic renderings of the aghasted spectator flipping through the newspaper. Somehow this deterrence fortifies the social consent to give-way power to social control.  The space of networks is alive in media archives and has been so since the Stalinist regime over Eastern Europe.  Cyberspace is a perfected social space because it's construct is designed from social contact networks, nothing of real social nature nor psychic life can survive in cyberspace. Beyond the cultures of mathematical history mathesis specialis begins with Euclid and the application of the elements to greater forms of social complexity. Each of the objects of geometry exist a priori (in the Kantian sense) as with the space of lines, points, and the Newtonian ideal surfaces. Within the space of networks there is no transcendental, there is no experience of proof since there is nothing of it's opposite to compare it to; there is no falsehood that can be made visible because transcendence has been inverted into the immanence of social computation. The algorithm is not encoded to recognize reality, in algorithmic run procedures start and end replace true and false. Several examples of sociobiology are present in calculation machines from the honeycomb social order of a bee hive to Pascal's triangle - neural networks follow a similar pattern of placing sets of binary digits within sets of organized triangular switch systems that compute by simultaneously assimilating and simulating each other across a network. The illusion of the end is the illusion of a total removing of a finalized worldview, the illusion of a total revolution, of an absolute reduction or withdrawal from a 'most likely case scenario' that we are calling (affter Baudrillard) the social genetic code. Most of the DNA, that is without a nuclear function, is indistinguishable from the phenomena of capital when considering it's procession towards the end. Function, purpose, reason; capital, though the brainchild of reason, has none in it's finality.

OHSP (One Homogenous Substance Principle) extracted from M. Blavatsky's theosophical 'secret doctrine' is the principle of the one in the many, echoing the Monadology of Leibniz; the omnipresence of a single consciousness, a single (homogenous) cosmogonic substance into which all souls or celestial bodies are referenced. "It's impersonality is the fundamental conception of the System". This fundamental principle assures both the creation of the universe, placing all organisms into the same causal nexus as God - the infallibility of human beings as well as the incorruptibility of the cosmos. What it affirms may as well be true in part for cosmology, politically however OHSP simulates a Medieval conception of the universe and of human substance, a spirit-dialectic that is driving the social elitism of the economy i.e. the mass liberation of capital. Today we have the reanimation of pre-Reformation substantialism through the network that operates via OHSP. Since the new sociobiological imperative is codependent upon the encryption that is the network (the code) is putting-into-motion all the previous clandestine theology and cosmology of the Counter Reformation into a new substantialism that codifies the liberation of the political through cybernetics.


Science as the abstraction of knowledge. An abstraction in the sense that immediate human experience does not predicate itself as knowledge, it instead constructs allegories of immediate experience, of Lebenswelten (metaphors and mythologies.) These could even be classsified as the original abstractions: signs, mythical representations, metaphors for novel experiences which co-created or invented mysticism and religion. As s a product of the semiolinguistic process, something outside, something external to the mind is pulling in all this experiential momentum of identity while the primary factors of the language-acquiring intelligence are attributing signs (referents) to the immediate experience and from these signs become everlasting objects of myths. So the remainder of cultures, the cornerstones or status of cultures are part of the topology of culture that transforms the state space of historical time. If the category of knowledge is the ultimate piece of philosophical abstraction (we could speak of the 'concept' of knowledge) that we have no epistemology, no knowledge about what knowledge really is or even what any thinking about knowledge means when it seeks to identify or posits questions about the meaning or essence of knowledge. 'Knowing' and 'knowledge' are grouped among many of the terms which came from nous, that Greek word for 'mind'. 'Knowing' is essentially non-different from 'thinking' or 'endowing'. 'To know' is 'to think' and thinking is conscious of its object. Knowledge is always on the approach of time and the continuation of thinking inside time. Science is that even more abstract mode of knowledge that is derived from thinking. Methodological science which grew out of a crisis in scientific thought and the organization of nature with the physical problems of geocentric cosmology and anthropocentric theology. The need to reduce science to a method, taking it out of the realm of human thinking about nature and or natural philosophy and natural science. 'Scientific method' is the self-distanced, external mode of empirical science. Empirical science becomes the image by which the scientific method itself is produced. (Out of empirical evidence is, again, the abstract experience of proof). Systems are built, out of 18th and 19th century sciences, using a different kind of method of organizing knowledge and determining facts. The organization of scientific knowledge into sets and subsets that is founded on a non-empirical evidentness and is idealized as being self-evident knowledge on the basis of a kind of historicism that is practiced in order to classify the embedding of scientific knowledge (organicism, evolutionary biology etc. as examples.) This abstract view of scientific knowledge is echoed in Foucault's equation of "Archaeology of Knowledge". And this equation comprises his work as a vortexual formula that focuses on the morphological similarities and the historical traits of the archeological method of producing evidence with how the notion of linguistic structuralism is pervasive in scientific literature. This Foucault draws out from a descriptive history of linguistic structure from the theme of the archive, its ordering principles - (and archeology with its stratigraphic modeling of time.) These two quantifiable terms are extracted in the process of the work yielding a singular phenomenon; the being of the lingue. The descriptive phenomenology of science is not invisible within the encyclopedia system of Hegel.

Following from an eidetic perview of the Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences we can say, after reading Hegel, that science is the 'natural history of abstraction'. Since it (science) progresses according to it's own natural history of it's discoveries by modeling the natural world; the generalized and secular categories of natural history are always reached from immediate experience. Like empirical knowledge abstract knowledge is not sequenced in linear time. Like natural history, science constructs it's generic hierarchies and organizational spheres from various periods of scientific discovery which does not progress in an exact sequence. The re-modeling of the historical, which archaeology illustrates by rediscovering meaningful artifacts for progressive scholarship to analyze and draw conclusion, is the necessary program and mission of the modern natural sciences as well. Post-industrial historiography generates the storyboard of science as universal and without ceasing to be scientific in a time of mass technological application. Scientific discovery was not the result of a constant use of method that progressed in a linear sequence through human history. Instead it barrows it's concept of being scientific from the social and dialectic order of abstraction. Hegel's compositional logic is the autodactic testimony of this abstracting done by science as a social program of correspondence discourse. History of science is hierarchical and cyclical in the post-industrial age where it takes off from the model of production maintained by the previous industrial revolutions. As one of the left-fields of capitalism the discourse known as history of science adjusts itself to the perspective of Galilean physics, with it's geocentric departure point, from which it reconstructs the progression myth of eminent science. Science depends on this selectively remodeling of itself based on the history of science that educates it.

Encyclopedic knowledge is first confronted in Hegel's Encyclopedia of the System of Science by use of Hegelian compositional logic. It is here that Hegel affirms that encyclopedic knowledge is a representation of scientific method, but only as a motif that lives within a connected model of logic and the history of philosophical sciences (i.e. the works of scientists such as Francis Bacon etc.)

Pataphysical JibJab

Such threats of violence could become a strategy of disgruntled workers, who have detained managers at factories across the country in recent months in a spate of so-called "bossnapping" incidents. War and conflict are the the remainders of simulation, the cyrptic-death of the real. Legal processing, combat, oppositionality in politics and in games, competition, if not post-human reactions to the damage caused by simulating reality they are models of it. Militarism is itself a product of simulation; the war waged on the illusion, battle against the logic of simulacra. As the world becomes more and more pseudofied by information networks and the complexities of new legalities in security discourse, the heating up of civil unrest and conflict on all levels of language and society - the survival instinct (id, superego) become interfussed and inseperable from the order dictated by the intellect (ego), now driven by warish intention, the ego draws upon all the old hopes and values of the social and the sensual. Such values as opportunity, protection, security, civility, these now become the shell, the makeup that covers (without separation of it's elements) the elements of the ego or rather the reverse - the ego covers up the other two. Now indistinguishable, there is no functioning psychology, the logic of the mind is now in exterior drives, and it freely exploits humanity to the ends of it's own snakey-logic of innocence.

A budgee bite (attacked by my budgee)

Rising mayhem (will any survive?)

The heat radiance spreads up from the earth

Educate the mug

Do not allow fissure to occur in the crust

Digby evil in a yogurt to spill on all

Sicle fever! no more with the sicle fever

Feed death feed death give no sicle fever

Give wrenching illness, give horrid omenicy

Water on disc - actual salty water is eating error corecting surface

Reverse the complicity band <there is axhaust fumes, that these exghaust fumes rise, that polarian contractions give way to this pheomena is one of which our flesh is responsible merely to absorb>. The duck army found a hopping banshee and knocked up the banshee. There was no further response from the afftermath that came to feed off the badger-skunk mutants ssecret army. Everyday is a new life. when there is more tie to figure out how to write fsster on a fucking annoying kwyoard then maybe madness wouldnt develop as a result of proximity of face to board plus screen holographic eye fucking damage. Beware of securitistic way of folk me lorder. Make-of-water the hitting insignations of a hijacked semiosphere. You need to see a neurologist, an electrician, a Pavolovian psychologist, and someone who can burn you a new CD. The repetoire of the cipher is not universalizable. Space does not consume it's own dust maid. Without some level of relaxation no pujorative legality will account for the earnest efforts to battle the negentropic cipher. Psychophantic mechanization from the sinomatic relay. Emergence, madness, agency, existenz, technomancy. Globality is state of the contaminance that we call semiosphere. Conflicting truths, conflicting realities - it's globality that brings us to these. Conflict itself is a state design geopolitical obsession. Both these are intellectual dedications enacted by militaries that go beyond material world. Stroke is capable of taking one from here. Nothing stops the animals warm blooded thrust for technical-prosthesis, the nanomous vapour spirit animates his thought process as does the ongoing bust. Once the place was a gambling market, a syndicalized reality of communicational prophecy. Written on the cosmic hardrive 'SYNDICATED REALITY SPECTRUM'. Free gambling machine use, loose all gain some. Triangulated beyond the birthing plunum- suspended in the complex agricultural base, beyond the effects of phase-glitch puffdiving. Rimmed zoning of space is soon to be. Information crux. Bio-energetics investigates the contributing health risk associated with physiological effects from interactions involving externally applied electro-magnetic stimuli, either as a matter of intentional use or environmentally-imposed factors. What must I do and for how long must I do it for? The time cell continues on this way beyond the avante gardist dreamtime of mid-80s Euro-Armenian surreality. All those patient monkeys who waited for commitment, as the machine devoured us. In the dreamscape there is hope once and for all (then the solvent world man has created from his impecible logic beckons a controlled reaction of wakefull participation.) There is no freedom as of yet. Still the tormentation of the people of the land like the savage in Goya's Colossal who is no doubt chained to a space of inactive solitude forced to accept his freedom by the opressed landowners. The continual calculation of finite numbers in the cell of indefinite tommorows and forgotten yesterdays. There can be no movement only the morning cramps induced by obsessive yoga. No I dont think she got it buddy. She didn't get it? (no shes still off in her lah lah land with all the other troubles that led to this situation). No respobnsibility! Just a radical syndicated society full of trained peasants and expendable sheeplings. Do any of them have any real sense of culture or social fabric atoll? Because it is all a game of logical circularity, the hopeless test, the learned fool who thinks he is capable of judgement. No position in the world can ever garnish a subjection to it's principled reasonings. The asusmotion that every position holds the memory, the keys, to it's historical wisdom is utterly foolish. For every cognizance, for every head full of a perspective initiated upon what it experiences, for every micromachine who invests their sense of judegment on the social trends of this genetic culture, there is a finite rejection of state. All of these systematized views slotted in ignorant separation from the whole universe of responsible truth from the history of respectability, accomplished fact, reason and reaction, ''somebody" doesn't mean anything these day's. Nothing escapes existential-phenomenological fallibility at the root of life. Torn from existence, desocialized by the benefaction of cybernetic speech culture. Out performed by death, out perfomed by carelessness, out perfomed by the ocean that suffocates every bigger fish. 

There is it would seem to be no stopping at all untill every last vessel of transmittable concept has been outmoded by the scientific-biological politics of interpreting the potentials of future humanity. For the future of humanity is allready disposed of in the politics of interpretation in biological science and bilogical statistics that operate at the finest levels in the social state of the world. Life ceases to develop accordingly, with the empty shimmer of opportunitism blinding the organic image, blinding taoistic reason from the source of life beyond the confines of any praxis. Nobody with a clean heart wants to share a room with George Washington anymore. Was there any such thing as opportunity? Wasn't it originally just the joyous platidudes of machines? A synthesis of technological-effective primate semantics. In otherwords the plea is an enactment wielded from human madness. You must support your govorner, supply the representationality of comfort, collective national spirit etc. But there is no unconditional sense, as soon as responsible natural virtue begins to flow all the plots of derision and the lighting of the explosive fuse here and there make their mark, show themselves (even in the face of a fearless destructive power.) The scamer, the pretender, the one who sent to measure and insure (by a partial simulation at best) everything in it's value could scoff off a worthless half value reply. Enough can never be said regarding these dead things. Indiginous religion has prevailed for years, the dominant culture of human death and all the crass that remains in it's erudition, in it's ascent to freedom. The variability of original created form, a simulation that set itself to copy and pattern the surrealist object, the randomness of the real, on it's very principle, approachig the simulacrum of incomplete randomization. Put on a pedestal as a bonus in the market of excused reasons. reasons to nullify the law, reasons to nullify human life, speech and fullfilment of purpose.

Decades pass in this mode. The goodness within slowly waxes and wanes away, giving way to an impasse with the sterility of the system, belief in it's cleanlieness, it's escapism, it's sinless syndication of raw thermal fact - tricked by information, linearized and proped up on the hook of time and lifted to the ultimate smolder. The Aristotelian machine never did die, it kept rotating in the matriarchical conjugation of emergent reasoning and emergent cyber-humanic agency. Systematizing the show for androids to judge, providing processed judgement to a farm full of cattle manipulated by the hands of their devices, men born of genetic fabrication in the cosmic soup; lied to about legal process. Telecommunication stepped over psychoanalysis where it is now not possible to validate the effectiveness of the method on all those robotized neurotic freaks that still dwell in the ransid sewers, all temporality dissolved, flowing nowhere. Even down-to-earth communicating, or heart-to-heart discussion is a cybernetic tuning device made to orient the subject to a power notion. Purchase a tested and tried reality scenario, a satellite system full of computing models sending out their deterencies on every front, buy or better be a figment of simulation. Throw away modernity by sterilizing it, pretend that hypermodernism is modern, forgett about postmodern utilities, supplant the logic to wipe away all the utensils of benefit, supplant the logic to wipe away all that is negligable so that negligence may overturn the holon of a good thing once begun. Take minor criticism of initial positive steps as a reason to abolish them so that no growth may occur. Theorize to the ends of your wits and use theory to inject abolision into society saying that it simply wasn't meant to be that way, perfect imperfection with dirty utensils wiping away all perfection in the process, sponsor this and call this progress. Gain control, consent, innovate on consented methods by disrupting the peak experience, ending the peak experience, calculate and model the downfall and wrap this up into a binding defensive for future nullification. History never stops re-enacting it's sins, constantlly putting into motion the politics of historical errors, elucidating systems of social welfare that will go by the banner of contemporary wisdom (such as downward-causation) yet only promote and respect the same old fragmented biases of the past. Make sure your schismatics and charletains are aware of themselves and act out phases of trial and error so that proof can be derived that there is such a thing as modernity. 
Fabricate the illusion of purchasing positivity by manipulation so that good people feal like they depend of the fallen consents of society for good will is now dependant on the defence of social class. Nobody could ever see anything, it all ran through the clockwork of the man who holds on to your voting slips. It is his wisdom that must run through good analysis of intention, one must perform on his ballot without recognition of the obvious. that he stands in the midst of an orbital system, just one microsystem of a finite set all interacting with partial holonomy of agreement and an isolated ignorance of the whole and all that it knows. There is no point in pretending or even of focusing on any one practicum of value-purpose, that teleonomy of any kind of secular vision is broken by the eventual global wisdom of the secular now, the recipient polist must eventually admit his game of defending the state rather than accepting the union and keeping the state clean. For those moments in history when such gratitude was socialy acceptable, before the mass crossfire of global tangents entangled the process towards overdevelopment. Astronautics died to the political propogation of this developmentalism as a national interest of tellecomunications industries with the rise of internet. Organic, inquisitive and intelligent science, the practical magic of the imagination put into effective technoologies, all of these spirited ideas never got the attention of any generation of adventitious corporate enterprise. They were absorbed for their facticity and purchased, consolidated, so that big buisness could continue, leaving past generations of enterpreneurs in debt. I watched it all, felt the furvour of internationalist advance, back when the subdivision of corporate technologies meant greater spread of contact, the end of the cold war, the decentralization of communications; now it is nothing more than a political-linguistic tromp de'oele for the political economy of media simulation, a mass frenzy of ass-aholics ready to bite the first piece of fake meat that enters their fishbowl like a group of pirhannas. Enticing this frenzenic mayhem (what signifies the same activity complex as combat zones in a simulated virtual boxset reality), givenway to this mayhem by coding linguistic power to some destiny defined by it's transformation in the circuit logic of Laplacian operators. Systematic knowledge is worshipped, and this is what is so fascinating to intellectual minds. We are not interested in the systematic just for the sake of systematizing the linguistic circuit, we aren't even brought to alternate ideas or introspect on what kind of knowledge about systematic constructs can enlighten; not the systematic, not the systematic architecture of how systemic information is embeded or organized, that framework has allready been framed in various discourses. We look at the architecture between the systematized, we do not divulge on fruitless knowledge-building schemas to investigate how to rule the logic of a game. It is the architecture of system as a composition of enumerable systems with all their economic and political errors of representation, the ultimate gestalt of what it all insunuates provides a map of the overall intentionality of a species. We will now spend years of uninterupted time working to hack this new confinement where random process expands in confinement, expanding the space of confinement. How much time must pass before any one moment returns to being a moment?

How many machines must die from inferiority complex before the speed of processing returns to an average. In irrational Disneyland of suspicious existentialism we interpret states of affairs, summate them, give impartial data, distort the intentions and the chain of events, then affter our little interpretation we transform the raw data into an artform, applying instances of sponteneity with the stroke of method, then we entitle this work as something historic to attach in the chain of dramatizations and lies. Each for every vindication of incorporated genetics. Suffocating balance by it's ratio, we syndicate everything to defend our immediate faulty consciousness, grabbing on to the Skinnerian, Bergsonian, Watsonian idea of our political necessity to be in this process, this market of men and machines. Dependant forever on the glam of repose, the government that owns your ego and all the other psychological components. Forever assigned to a pseudo-power of lust and supression, polemical indaviduation, far left or far right, syndicated or serving a hidden agenda. The great unconscious is a dessert of speculation, thematizing history and virtualism where people taste test possible futures as a lifestyle. In a sequence of positings the child grows up to become a syndication of his culture, accepting all the fabrications of Way, including the wisdom of death. Cultural growth has ceased, at once some residue of truth could be reclaimed by a customary set of ideals now stagnates in suspence waiting for the regeneration of a process that had ended a slow death. Nothing for the future of idle salivation will be left. The future of syndicated bullshit has allways loomoed over all heights of energetic awareness, a stupid clown still waves and perpetrates his act, only now everywhere you go this clown has left his stains, his beastial mark sits in the center of every citizen. The course of events can never be reveened or the slate wiped clean without conditions; there is allways a lingering responsibility wether it's to the psychology of self determination or the conviction that besets this verbal war. Allways histories pass and demolish themselves based on this lingering omenic time bomb that refuses to be oppened for deactivation. Like the mime who carries the abuse of his caretakers without memory or reconciliation, all his acts are imbued with the methodology of executing a destructive vengence on humanity, he is a perpetual, unconscious, time bomb waiting to annihilate his audiance. Nobody would suspect the mimesis of his revenge, that his silence signifies the act of terror. For one locked into this place the reallization of titanic philosophy, the overbearing monstrosity of truth (which is how you must cope in the day to day) crushes the capacity to manage such truth within these constraints, social , environmental and otherwise. Has it not allways been this way? Still very little humanity survived once we were over the 80s. Now the situation is like necromancy, you can only tell the future by the manner and direction in which the dead are situated, by the omens of their inrefferentiable political and ideological speech. None of which refferences any intention of truth or reality anymore.

We absolutely must stop developing, culturally, and commercially, just stop. Commercial development of technology for public entertainments and cultural development and fusion all should just retire now - progress was completed in the 80s. We will never recover. Period. We will never recover healthy social ties with the current attitude STILL, even affter all the derrangement, we remain this way with this shallow social attitude, even affter this whole demonstration and war, the bullshit show continues on playing the same retard cards he was playing in 2001. How to settle? How to fucking settle down now? How may we settle this, how may we settle down into fucking history, the big war ended, then we had all this fistfucking insanity with vietnamme and the gulf and iraq. It's about time we settle????? Can we plossibly settle? can we get cosmic existence help here??? is it possible to unwind the thermal outlaw? Why can't we ever just settle, I mean the continuation of this dice throwing and market advance and prices continuaing to inflate and wars really when will this dumnshit monkey learn to settle down???? You get the last line of mutations and then you gotta figure that its going nowhere, it has no alibi, it cant push for further redeptions, it's whole state of cognizance is ill and enstatic - there is no act of power on their behalf it is all machinated and without concrete horizon; a herd of bulls that dont stop untill they are gunned down. Nobody understands fully in retrospect (at least as an ephigy - we have suprisingly vast knowledge) how this random backscatter we are looking at; the ....

Ive been told to entrust the maleficience of others, ive been told I have no choice, ive been told to sit here while the system works itself out. Waiting in awe as the disease of socialism spreads ammongst the masses giving the irresponsible name of cancer an astronomical home in the stars, in the cold dead of space where we continuously die over and over in rewinding all the experiences of life untill finally we must burst into eternal flames. Pay heed good warning to those sleepless dreamers content on watching the clockmaster run his game on your little planet. For at once it will be Yahweh who shall send his bombers into the sky to drop serenade on the people who barrowed time without returns. Their unholy conglomeration of deception, their machinist reality of microbiological industry, of micromen and micromachines, all this hard effort will be deconstituted by the one highest law of the supernal universe. Before the system of men has a chance to tap it's own wisdom by the intellectual device

Something has been thrown to the mind, all love, all empathic states will be desisted, the falsifiers can have their dramatized love shows as a stimulus. But remembering that all stimulus which is packaged in this irresponsible run-off echoes precisely that cold the fragile irresponse of Skinnerian stimulus-response psychology, awaiting the warm reaction/response from the test subjected society. Since the true nature of this bailout is to model economic response and a test to see where people choose their investments all predicated on initial constraints of bankruptcy the mechanism, the remainder, is the normal distribution i.e. the natural result of throwing random money at empty economic entities that is entities that have overbanked their economic status. The elite economists and market professionals and other agencies that withold capital place investiture on where this fluxant economic state will level in the various programmed terms of active spending. This becomes the capitalist devision system of market gambling functioning now in a random enviornment seeking to corrupt the control instruments of a keynesian ideology by the random illusion of interventions. You see the natural flow of economy allways distributes wealth at the top, by stimulus, all investments can't escape their being capital. Only by placing protective measures on this mechanical cash feed is it possible to see a downward hierarchy of cash distribution in the investment cycles for each years flow. Surely the world economic situation is a technological problem, surely this has less to do with socioeconomic principles gone haywire and more to do with the impeding status of technological advance wether we are thinking in terms of microelectronics, optics or industrial instruments. The very programming of this 'collapse' is ushered in before the event spoiler (bailout) hits the HD screens as it is fed into perpetual speculation by it's own logic, a logic of random variables timed in reaction to eachother and clocked into their magnitudes by small addjustments suggested by the established giants of economist world. The socioeconomic dimension must insist on receiving share hours for entering into Xenophanes.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Politics of Narcissistic Mimesis
What is to be demonstrated in this is the manner in which a political animal can be immediately disgraced - when one has the chance to view the political actor, self protendor, revert back to his true state i.e., that of a raw animal of political ineducation (or, speaking of the false power of the ineducated, of corporate and academic groupies who have been brainwashed by the politics of vanity; there we have exemplified the queerness of contemporary political miseducation.)  This queerness in contemporary politics is localized and most concentrated within the subsistent irreality of social mimesis: that omnipresent and constant dialogic between mass political acumen and feudal rhetoric.  The grand stage of it's absolvency is the corporate, cosmopolitan, dandified, lobbyistic authoritativeness of the mass media.  This authoritativeness that excretes from the transparent bowels of socialized journalism and reporting figures into the equation of what defines political narcissism.  We can now safely say that the silent majorities are no longer silent. All of the diahrreal exaccerbations of public opinion and feudal rhetoric that encircles the mass media is absorbed by it for it's use as manipulation to uphold it's own principles by agravatation.

Political narcissism today is a sickness thriving in the possessive spirit of the cultruraphants (those who believe human culture to be sacred) as the omnipresence of social mimesis lurks over social networks. Prevailing the world system the procession of social networking gives rise to it's own mimesis i.e, the mimesis of society, of repressed frustrations, that gets along with itself all the same without subjective inclusion and hence all thinking subjects are reduced to de facto repeaters of exact mimesis. Disintegrating the individual, excluding him, incapable of referencing the subjectivity of the individual as a thinking, creative subject. Social mimesis replicates into an innocuous force insusceptible to understanding truth and reason. The one who stays out of politics and who is politically indifferent yields greater political power in today’s active social polisae. The political, as it relates to overcrowding of ideology, speaks it's failure to benefit man’s conditions, survival, and the idea of progress in the soliloquy of political responsibility. As Leo Strauss had taught, alluding to Plato's Republic, that philosophy has always advised and informed politics - and for the atonement of personal transgressions, the original political transgression, politicians for their part could forebear themselves the burden of political responsibility under the refuge of philosophy either their own or someone else’s. Karl Mannheim had stressed the importance of political education that of course precludes thorough knowledge of the history of politics and so obviously most essential to such an education is the social history of philosophy.

Prefatory Notes on the Psychomythic History of Corporate Logocentrism (Reflections on Corporate Mass Identity.)

The beastial icon of the corporate is not only sacrificially worshipped but identifies the corporation to it's consumers while being given primacy over the actual subjective content. Everywhere there is the elicitation of the object, of the logocentric interpretation of language: in the zealotry of the market, in the hypermania of advertisement, in the bombastic cultural relativism of the media etc. It also co-represents itself in it's logos i,e,. it's identity is conferred to that of a beastial image. Because the corporation has no individual function or single personality the body politic of a corporation must embody itself in something financially impersonal, commercially diffuse, and therefore detaches itself from more obvious emblems that would symbolize or suggest classical aristocracy, what the majority would still identify as being synonymous with capitalism. The kingdom of the new corporation is the entire world, it is transnational, it's king is not a ruler or philosopher but a conglomeration of forces of autonomous personalities. In this sense a corporation, unlike a government, is established upon the progressive mythos of it's past developments. A business firm over the course of a few generations changes shape however this is not perceived as a loss to corporate identity for the corporation has nothing and nobody to pass on any form of noble sentiment. If the history of Washington were reflected today in any sentimental medium, of a political anachronism ever rising, then this is to be attributed to the treasury given to it and thus it gives itself over to the mythology of those corporations and banks that fuel it with it's power, financial support and directive.

Corporate power is not concerned with it's own power for it is unconscious of the rules and laws. Although most corporations could not have been successful, as transparent ruling bodies, without having a subject of cathexis. In order to sustain it's power of transparency, the corporate world must vampirically extract the psychical power that emanates from the realpolitik of philosophers, intellectual advisors and artistic subjects. Although the psychoanalytic pathos of cathexis, the kind attributable to possessive identity crisis, is only the starting phase. Today's corporate cathexis has a transversive or unilateral affect in the psychological dynamics of corporate egalitarians, apertheidic philanthropists and or banking-politicians to their recipients. The transversivity of the corporate decision making apparatus, public relations etc., will accept neither an idolic humanity, a God of mandation, nor progressive or honest redemption.

Transparency is not a rule but a property of corporate power; such entities feel threatened and egoless when negotiating with bureaucracies, religious institutions and juridical defenders. Any operative sector, the public sector, of a corporation involves people i.e., it's employers, personnel, distributors and consumers. So-called "productive forces" inherently know very little if anything about the historic mythos of the company that employs them and are unconscious of it's (their) own agenda.
A corporate logo symbolizes power and prestige to sell to consumers who are without it; Ferrari, Porsche use emblematic symbols of beastial power - beasts and not men represent the dialectic alibi of corrupted business. Corporate history, in this sense, is a plentiful source of modern drama and myth. The mythos of sacrifice is the antithesis of it's own individualism which it lacks. Although it solicits that individualism as democratic progress to the masses who share in the corporate platform and ideology of progress towards more prosperous roles in a society that ultimately reaches beyond to their own deceit. The self-deception of the masses, in this respect - for instance, in all present day democracies - is highly advantageous to their enslavement by future corporate progress: making people small and 'governable' is hailed as progress. Under the banner of freedom Western social democracies limit the power of the bureaucracy and the state giving that lessened power to 'the public' including, of course, corporations that are not attached to the government. This then allows for the deregulation of corporate rule and corporate power, rule by deceit, that eventually dissolves all personal-public liberty yet frees the flow of corporate capital.

Transparent corporate power protractively dispossesses itself of all individualism and services only the profit-God that is it's own accumulative banking maxim. Branded individualism of the progressive variety is the feedstock fed to the masses that has been effective in disempowering them spiritually, nationally, and thus making it impossible to establish any sound basis of self-government. As a result it gives commercial companies greater control through the consumer brand of capitalism that collectively overshadows them with the mental attitudes of necrotic materialism i.e., the status quo, the 'elite' and the international free market system. The immediate, individual sense inherent to self-identity is compromised for the narcissistic sense of an animal ego as something collective that has been turned into something more archaic as it encompasses a world constructed of technological as apposed to traditional collective symbolism (logocentrism). Animals have always been forever confined to their internal narcissism. Freud however observed this animal narcissism in the mechanism of recalcitrant denial against self-reflective analysis. In this respect the beastial and the sadic are inseparable components in corporate psychomythology and following an analysis of the corporation comparing myth with punishment, present in the writings of de Sade, it becomes more obvious. Self-deceit and self-punishment replaces mythic sacrifice of the corporate body i.e., it's profit is not given away to any justifiable charity while self-punishment atones the transgressions of zealot greed. Corporate entities are, by proxy, sadic: The self proclaimed ‘filthy corporate animal’ would request “inflict punish upon me, defame me, degrade my person, extol maturation and growth upon me and my enterprise" in other words "empower me."

The mythical progeneration of this polarizing drama originates out of the hidden history of Wall St. vanity and promiscuity all of which is compelled to follow from the logocentrism of the Enlightenment. The logocentric worship of beasts as men and men as beasts (the self-maximizing political animal) serves not only as propaganda and a politically safe alibi for the disembodied establishment but it also relates to the mythico-sacrificial characteristics of corporate psychology. Sacrifice of a beast, of ones own family, fratricide, betrayalism, and the punishment of it's demigods is paralleled in the giving up of workers, clergy, business members or sacrificing the entire company to the conglomerate pervades as much of the world's myths as it does the activities of the modern corporation. A megacorporation will sacrifice everything to the profit-God even his own personal existential worth, his home, his family life, his workers, product resources and land.

Competing illegal enterprises after the great depression - the growing corporations and the mafia, dually sacrificed corporate life to the profit-God by killing off competition or members of the business hierarchy who steered away from the capitalist order of their fellow bankheads and goodfellas. In the underground myth of New York's Constantine the CEO is in debt to a financial sect of the mafia headed by Falcone. Constantine was spinning on his last; feigning, looking to turn out his cash raw while disregarding the dues he owed to creditors and shareholders who had ties to Falcone's mafia. One night Falcone's men entered his home interrupting his bathing ritual as he was receiving favours from his personal masseuse. In the epic scene Falcone's hit men empty their guns killing Constantine and leaving his mistress psychologically traumatized. The representative character of sacrificial murder, glorified by Hollywood filmmakers, cannot be separated from deification of the sacrificial victim, from the fraudulent priestly rationalization of murder through (mythical) apotheosis of the chosen victim i.e, corporate-animal logocentrism.

Today's corporate politics represent the teleology of the corporation itself, i.e., the corporeal (physical) means and ends of physicalistic materialism. It is a naive philosophy dispersed throughout institutions and embodies a social attitude of confident positivism, a positivism concerned with the good, positive, and confident interpretation of progressive social and technological change. We see the non-cultural moraless preoccupation with over-processed entertainment, with irregular and chaotic news media, the politics of contradiction, idle novelties and cheap thrills. All such idle mediums act as smokescreens to guard the political system and it's institutional establishments. Using such methods it is less painstaking to censor criticism without the need to push for new laws that would enforce it and this prevents the possibility of disturbing the calm from influencing the spread of any real criticism concerning democratic socialism or the mechanistic problem of society. (Enthralled by the coming age of a new consciousness being brought to the masses through the deceptive instruments of technology that ironically are the instruments that erased it’s consciousness.) For the damage done in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan the degrees of corruption is incomparable to the millionsfold damage incurred upon humanity from the culture of consumer technologies, the depersonalization of humanity that has come as a result of social networking. Today, the new corporate powers, the new demiurge of 21st century fallible politicism, has superstitiously manufactured the myth of the elder capitalist model that it vilifies as something we wish to change. It fails to recount it's obvious history to admit that change has already done it's justice to the injustices of the past. Channeling the anachronic historical issues of the diseducated masses, professional political rhetoriticians and argumentalists have herded the people together into a bloody tribe of solicitors who now promote all kinds of superstitions. Already we see the stigmas that precede the devolution of social order into a neo-Medieval condition. Having realized it's historic errors and prejudices the politicizers rearrange society and public attitude to these historic issues that triggers impotent oral revolts towards the long dethroned leadership of previous eras including all the benign power that once promoted solidarity. Political economy now moves along in a flawless immorality moralized by the culture of technological reason; a non-culture or techno-culture.