Saturday, 16 June 2012


One of the things to remeber about (human) ignorance is it's complexity. Ignorance is not for a lack of understanding the world alone for which it would be impossible to ground common sense in recognizing the universality of ethical intelligence as wisdom; it is the senseless, inconscious mechanisms of the (animal) ego that blind those men of the lesser wisdom into confusing the intelligence of wit as an intelligence specific only to man. True ignorance is not disposessed of knowledge or cunning, it's complexity lies in the logic to wit. The complexity of wit deceives by mascarading around wisdom in an ignominious effort to surpass wisdom.

This is the gaze and posturing of the human. Now, I love the human. That the human loves me is my own empathy giving subjective meaning to it, the human like all machines (and most animals) is self-preserving and narcisstic, it's creative powers are minimal to it's basic survival, it repudiates all truth and yet thinks the universe of itself.  The closests thing humans have to love is the narcisstic adornement of themselves. Whatever they may claim, enact, or portray.

They say there's a reason for everything and that everything has a reason. Therefore it is allways best to weigh out all possible causes of a problem or situation before jumping to any conclusions in order to calculate the most justifiable reason for something. More often than not, however, the reason is a very simple one: people are stupid. Another way of stating this "stupidity" is that "they" do not apply sufficient reason. Instead what you get is jumping to irrational conclusions and over confident assumptions that they drive on about without posessing the natural, thermal, ethical, or "God-given" right to that self-selection of judgement. Of course, it isn't their opinions or beliefs or false sense of judgement that is unerving it's the very fact that such warped personas could exist in human form that perturbs and offten causes anxiety since it defies all rational anthropic laws. But with this you will find yourself taking flax from anti-intellectual Dark Agers who seem to think that scholarlship gains them the proprietary right to judge the status of those who outrank them. Animal intelligence has never been bright enough to 'aperceive' the fact that what they take in air to be established authoritarian intelligence by the educated of academe, in todays cluster culture, is our diagnosis of neo-Medievilism. You worshipp the ground we walk on! you worshipp not an elite! you worshipp sticky Black Velvet on the ruines of a long forgotten bar floor! Real humans of true intellectual grit don't spent all their energy building up gamuts of artificial wit and post-popular wordplay for they are more concerned with the profundity of life, in advancing the fundamental rather than progressing and over-processing the derivative.

The latter view of human existence is that homo sapiens were conceived as spiritually inept cultural animals with extremely limited connection to the essence of reality. Exceptional genius in recent history has demonstrated the potential for the psychological evolution of human animals into their completed form as unconditionally wise and mature sapience would have intended by natural law. Be this as it may the overwhelming majority of the species could only hope to grow up. The self-destructive mechanics of the animal-bound intellect self-compromised the irrational self-disconnection of humans from their natural sentience. Natural sentience would equate with empirical "human potential" or the possibility of ritcheous and balanced entityhood that knows the truth of reality and acts upon it ritcheousley without intellectual or cultural contamination.  Maturity is defined culturally. Every culture has it's own common sense notion of what constitutes an existence maturity. Ultimate maturity (divine maturity) comes only after freeing the mind from all world culture, religious or secular notions of human maturity and integrating all aspects of culture into the greater aspect that transcends human consciousness. Natural genius however is rare and human consciousness can only hope to attain that level of evolution. The pressence of genius in the world is meant to signify a movement or an emancipation of itenerant humanity towards divine abiding.

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