Saturday, 16 June 2012


When you attend a bourgeois university, in this our present day, you are not learning or receiving knowledge from serious professionals. What you receive at the end is a diploma but you do not receive initiation by an intelligent diplomacy and thus do not gain true knowledge of politics or history . What you learn is peripheral to human studies and research and is at best a derisory form of education. The educators, most of them, are people outside the tradition who, more often than not, have their own politico-academic agenda to indoctrinate with the secular, and usually “liberal“, account of history. Then you have the dandified, worldly, cosmopolitan posturing that eschews the fundaments of criticism, the clergy of the university who are fostered by corporate outsourcing and seduced by political agitators etc.. But at the same token the technical colleges and universities today mistrust intellectuals as dissidents of education when they ought to realize that any solution to today’s economic problems will rely on substantial budget plans for education to grant intellectual professors the social status and freedom to educate the public on these complex matters that require more than a secular or orthodox approach to education. Interdisciplinary studies, communication between academic departments and mature, open dialogue in lecture courses has seemingly been blunted by the boredom exhibited by the student body. No doubt the climate of academic life today bears itself upon the mentality of fundamentalism which is a result of the extreme state of politics. It is for this reason that the growing crisis in the top rated universities in America, since the mid-1980’s, has left students in disparate fields of interest unable to see what there is to gain by looking at one discourse from the point of view of another.

Rather than being trained in the sociology of politics as a single course you take sociology and political science as separate courses so that in the end your account of political history is pre-critical and ultimately inaccurate. It is symptomatic of the whole post-contemporary condition for which institutional technocracy, as much as the cult of alumnism, has left astray those great minds who crave true knowledge. True and useful knowledge today can only be supported, and hence learned as fundamentally important, in secrecy -- cut-off from the distasteful social pressures of academic elitism that has set up laws of programmation to drown out free-thinking with the purulent medium of scholarism. But on the other hand the liberation of thinking outside the university has also become the breeding place for philosophical and political authorship that is overcrowded with academic punditry and charlatanism. These authors are most often post-scholars who, with regards to academic concerns, wouldn’t know their chalk from their cheddar.

To receive a ’secret government education’ or a ’Pentagonal education’ is to be trained in the very specific knowledge that covers several interdisciplinary areas of discourse from philosophy to medicine that has been passed down from generations in absolute secrecy and is of utmost potency and efficiency for influencing the orthodoxic intelligentsia. This is not kids stuff, is not ‘political academicism’, ‘ideology with an agenda’ nor worldly epistemology. They say that if you want kids stuff to go to a university. Our interest is to know and understand the inate essence of Being and the hidden truth about reality, and most importantly, what reality is in-itself, not what history represents as linear progress and or movement within the logocentric domain of reason. We want answers to universal questions not academic fodder for children caught in the grips of it’s own conditional history. Our goal is to understand the form and substance of existence, it’s origins, and of existences beyond the culture and society of obviousness.

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