Sunday, 17 June 2012


Utopian socialism, with it's positivistic belief in human progress, displaces the essence of God as the essence of man but an essence freed from the limitedness of the individual i.e. the essence of the given social whole of the species. Religion is a product of social development - the properties of God change in accordance with changes in the essence of social man. In religion man is not conscious that he is deifying himself, he is giving his own essence objectivity in the name of a progressively evolved tribal myth (Christianity), conceiving of and revering it as a separate being distinct from himself and more powerful than himself. He is dividing and devastating himself in the process, attributing to a higher being his own social human properties. The fallacy of religion is that it damns in the name of salvation and commits cruelty in the name of felicity. This fallacy gives rise to a series of existential contradictions or inauthentic mental conditions that entangles human beings in a world economic system fulled by a reversive and irrepressive narcissism. Narcissism wether individual or collective always involves a psychology of war. As an example one must understand the logic and art of war from such writers as Sun Szu (The Art of War) and Clausewitz (On War) To guarantee a programmed defeat of an enemy it is necessary to build up the enemies own powers. Supplanting of political ideologies and modern ideals to the people of so-called 'developing nations', the selling of arms to militarily inferior national powers and so forth. Similarly an ignorant or powerless enemy instigating war with a superpower can only do so by entering a sufficient level of rankage to allow for the game of competition. His ignorance must be trained through knowledge, his power overshadowed by political negotiating and initiatory 'Alpha male' psychology. Trade tactics are another aspect of Western democratic imperialism where social connectivity is established between different geopolitical and ethnographic majorities. Western democratic imperialism also supplants propaganda to strategically dissolve all constitutional republics and other governing forces that grow out of a system of national autonomy.

'Brainwashing', 'social programming', 'propaganda' - these words are quickly disappearing from the vernacular of acceptability, their crude and harsh pretenses are insensitive to a much more troublesome problem that relates to transparency in social control. Whenever we use the word brainwashing we are describing a general state of psychological disintegration being induced onto subjects via the mass media, political rhetoric, advertisement, and speculative economic discourse. The 'market of manipulation' avoids criticism by the diversification of a single, opaque, and salient power that is the relatively new and developing quality of the media in it's ability to inflate real events and situations with the paramount magnitude of religious dramaturgy i.e revelatory.apocalyptics, exodus, tribulation. But this quality of inflation we see in the world is just as much an economic reality as it is the fantasy of all syndicated media. Moral criticism is rendered senseless in a system where the media has diversified itself financially into the capitalist system. So-called alternative media, honest event reporting, is absorbed into the capitalist system and thus it's manner of social representation is jaded by invested commercial affiliations. In this state or condition not only can the mass media inflate the value of political events it can also trivialize their importance and tricate a left, right and biparty system so that they have little if no value in the public mind.

The corporate platform of society wishes to abolish the utilitarian praxis of government responsibility - it claims to favor economic diversity against totalitarian government. Hence it must market and finance via commerce the models of an autocratic social utopia that can only be perpetuated through constant democratic reforms. However this invisible transnational power is made up of a diverse field of multinational corporate entities who do not belong to themselves nor to any basic mode of autocracy. These entities would rather pool themselves together as strategically as possible to gain greatest permeability into the social and political process of the masses. They market an ideal society as one of total indivision; a transfinancial, transocial, transnational, transethnic and transexual worldview in which the qualities of individuals can be reduced to the pursuit of a consumer based endemony i.e. manufactured happiness. These are the aesthetic properties of naive social utopianism, the said 'revolutionary' ideologues of the world banking institutions and think-tanks for socialization, education, and commerce.

For those of you in counter-intelligence will recognize such language from the syndicalists and social zionists. We, just as much as they, are aware of the S1 and S2 programs. For those of you who may have only partial education on the historic development of this program I will summarize what you probably know already. The assertion of S1 and S2 goes something like this: We will witness the fall of treasury (capital), the devaluation of credit and the credit system, paper (cash), of insured property, both of private and corporate (legal) stock values. A new security state will rise from the military-industrial complex with gold being the only standard currency that can be traded. The value Earth's raw materials and energy will be measured against the only real commodity of rubies and gold.

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