Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Problematics of the Old Secularism in a Postdigital Age (Part I)

The technocratic elite have set themselves up as defectors of the new world, perceiving through the myopic lens of technical discourse and criticism, they select statistically improbable interpretations of history and science. These they have limited themselves, for the sake of extreme careerism and fashion, to the collegial fundaments of closed, favouritist, secular education upon [histories] which they have also contributed heaps of discusion. Their undoubting, faithfull followers, deceived by appearances of material power, remain locked in finitude and the being of appearing, position themselves, into corruptive action. Corruption, the itinerant self assuredness of one's own (secular) amoral authority that performs its life corruptively is fortified in them as an unconscious moralism and a right on [established] grounds that can only perpetuate themselves inconsciently because of a lack of reflection — all disposed to the material desires of the unconscious without [material] self-gratitude and self lustre, deceiving authorities cannot pander to their puppeted mass support and without mass support, without interest in the market system, they cannot mirror themselves in the material glamour that reflects in each citizen that admiration they depend on. Unconscious matter propells these one's into action, into the animal mode of power, to exccersize their propositions of bad faith beastial machinic power of course without a [human] nature to correspond to that bodily materiality that they cannot escape being. History repeats itself concomitantly with the death of empire affter empire while every economic generation of change [today] repeats the same social and cultural mythologies in increasingly weakened forms. As an existentially neutered monkey, the postmodern homo sapien arrogantly inferiorizes his past 'modern humanity' as a point in historical progress that it wishes to exfoliate into a politically corrected and psychologically sterillized existence at the hands of his technological self-mastery hoisted within a new social collectivism The psyche of modern humans has since become a subjective object of mental diagnosis lacking as it should in degrees of social cunning; the objectivism and rationalism of modern humans is not recognised by postmoderns as being socially compliant with the [collective] organizational-survival strategies and hegemonies played out by the closed and limited personality type. Humans, phased out by the [posthuman] sapient animals they have become, are now dominated by them in the technical and material competitions of life. The established authorities representing the codes of societal normality today represent a technically self-defined, spiritually deteriorated specie one that is posthuman and postmodern having been existentially neutered by progressive [technicist] thought and devices in an age of technical rationalism with its distorted social logic. This loss masks an insecure repression of anthropological desires but mostly it is a repression of the aesthetic translation of desire and its creative expression in life and society.

A social and political opressiveness now reigns in the air at mico and macro levels of the social order. (Postmodern opressivity, disinterest and denial of radical, flexible, deep-thinking subjectivity i.e., natural, maturely integrated, utmostly civillized [human] existence.) This opressiveness of humanity is a sociological problem which should be diagnosed by a mature and exact anthropology utillizing rigorous methods. Insiders who have received thorough briefing on the current state of our knowledge concerning the species accept the facts; that this was the result of our sacral exonerance of ourselves vis-a-vis the new technological powers developed in the world durring the postmodern period of [liberated] capital which the innocent minds of the sapient race has (progressively) fallen to its own detriment. Since the invention of the digital transistor computer from the 1950's onward the superstitious future myth of "change" has been caried through the decades as a slogan of accepting this uncertain but ultimately detrimental fate of the species that is both irreversible and having within it's core severe consequences with respect to animal bodily death in homo sapiens. Since the detailed physical-scientific reasons for this severity are far too cumbersome to outline one might leave an indication instead from Voltaire's summation of Christocentric philosophy from the Philosophical Dictionary;

"Gospel: signifies good news. The good news that the gospel of the Christians came to announce to them is that their God is a God of wrath, that he has predestined the far greater number of them to hell-fire, that their happiness depends on their pious imbecility, their holy credulity, their sacred ravings, on the evil they do to one another through hatred of one another,...and on their antipathy for and persecution of all who do not agree with them or resemble them."

This comes as a cost of an extreme naivete to postmodern sapience, an anthropological fallibility on a socially collectivised level of difference to genuine humanity. Social, political and cultural normalcy is one of these falibilities of sapience that in any given social group, culture or era (i.e., abstracted, reified, collective survival consensus) makes their decisions for them, directs their thinking, judgement, their sense of aught etc., in relationship to what is, not a natural truth, but an artificial network of [derived] falsehoods, deceptions, symbolic translations, political charades and agendas driven by the dark unconscious.

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