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The use of 'reason' to imply 'ratio' as the correct degree of correspondence between two or more disparate quantities, objects or functions like chemical configurations of temperature and solution gradients, orbital distances for planets to their masses and so on are encountered as separate but integral parts of an equation. A ratio of a synapse is taken as the amount of voltage (mV) deposited through a transmitting and a receiving ion channel connecting neurones. The resistance and conductance frequencies vary their bandwidth according to the rational indices set to the type of channel gated by units of cations, of Na+ or Ca etc. The open, blocked, permeable or semi-permeable channel is described as chemical potentials in the logic of fuzzy variance, translating to rational binaries of Open (1), Closed (0) and gradations of positive and negative 'possibility' states (-1, +0). Thus the synaptic ratios are structurally wired to the plastic composition of fiberous neurones. These connections are well modelled onto spin-glass and Bayesian networks with rational path vectors for sums containing neurodynamic electron clouds. Associative neural memory (ANM) are a well research paradigm for Boolean array architectures and are cross-correlated to other whole brain models in the field of neural networks. ANMs are prototypes for actual self-organization of neuronal masses inspired by the concomitant neuronal coherence and comprehension field of intelligent organisms. A human brain is saturated with multiscopic webs of associative memory structures on the axonal and synaptic level of transmission. Embedded into the fibres of the neural web are natural associative lattices of energy revealed in the field components that process millions of synapses across the gated thresholds of cation channels. One might even compare this latticework to coupled arrays of Boolean ultrafilters (defined in metamathematics and model theory) that collectively perform adaptive filter functions for theoretically modelled unitary cell functions. Information processing in an artificial neural net made from ANMs depends on the spatial pattern of these distributed cell units which allows for the instant autoassociation of algebraic coding rings binding inputs, diagonal and horizontal matrix triangulation of units etc.. Nonlinear dynamic states processed by these associative lattice structures are naturally adaptable to integral spin-glass models that describe the statistical mechanics of rational functions in the brain and in adaptive neural networks. Reason in cognitive computational terms is considered the proper metric distribution applied to the associative filter that compiles, decompiles, selects and maps all higher gestalt associations in the empirical domain. Just as neural nets have synaptic transforms that one can attach to a perceptron system, the human brain performs highly robust tasks of approximating its environment because it utilizes an integral containing its own unique probability filters -- something hardware systems can only be analyzed as exhibiting through stochastic methods and other statistical performance tests -- the living brain processes information at a variance gauged to neurotransmitter populations, i.e., a probability of interactions between synapses and neurochemical charge complexes. Machines presently limit their degrees of varying information and filtering feedback through semiconductor switch logic built on binary relations with some other fuzzy connectivity rigged through its neural net's computation hierarchy. When the human mind is awake and engaging in rational decision making with its environment we usually say that the cognitive parameters of thought are in a state of 'association', while in altered states or states of rest, hypnagogia anesthesia etc., we say the subject is in a more-or-less 'disassociated' state and that rational functions involving accurate degrees of objective discernment and representing states of affairs with proper language may be low. Again, higher states of association to the contents of the environment and to the inner self-organization of these contents, meanings and qualia, arise in connection with increased conscious awareness. Thus, associability, rationality and consciousness are naturally linked through the brain's organic memory storage and nonlocal cell composition. For the the sufficiently rational long-range dynamic processes exhibited in Alpha-primary EEG states, the attractor types monitored on CAT scans fall under the range of Brownian paths at their collapsed wave function attractor sets i.e., a rational, expanding, rising space-time gas follows motions in the isoparametric vacuum state. A super-Bayesian distribution of point masses will enter the system as one of a normal semistable equilibrium series that is closest to the moment of its final thermodynamic state also resembles a Brownian state following visible wave function collapse. Ground state particle approximations of density, location and kinematic motion are predicated on their past high-energy distributions. Thus, if the brain optimizes its own nonlinear environmental capacity to naturally associate coded neural contents and explicates reason with floating, fuzzy-intuitive cognitions; the correlating long-term oscillations of brainwaves at different measures of the neural ensemble (whole brain) will be confluent to a critical mass once the CNS is energetically decomposed at death. This convergence to critical mass is the jump frequency of a naturally occurring chaotic attractor for the entire CNS. When all electrons separate from the corpus of brain tissue and the semistable wave collapses the density functions of decaying electron clouds jump to a higher energy state than the total ground state, carrying off in the Fokker-Planck equation to the kinetic manifold for floating Brownian gases.  As is known, the Brownian gas behaves the same in a hot, expanding state of physical space-time as is does in the space-time of the vacuum or lowest decoupling states of electrons from their nuclei -- Ground level electron composites will rise or descend under EM gravitational forces depending on their distribution vectors such that a Brownian system that was immediately ordered from the final attractor dynamics of a super-Bayesian one will move upward to the local dynamic resonance or greatest mass from its point of exit through the corpus. Similarly, for macroscopic Boltzmann molecules or other fluid particles the vectors in the final state show a direct correspondence outside their pressure frequency and or energy level spacings (oscillations, ground state particles). If I shake a soda carbonate whose fluids are confined to the canister, a mild amount of shaking will cause the stream to enter on semistable energy paths causing the beverage to spray upward in a constant trajectory that is farther and of greater density-direction than if I shake the canister to the point of exploding or foaming in all directions; the stream in this case sprays sideways and has little or no shot trajectory. The brain's own dynamic energy field responds similarly when the system's energy paths of moving electrons enter onto the final state death-attractor correspond with ground-state low mass zero vectors, like the sip hole of a soda can once its been opened; their direction as a collective system of distributed destinations will depend on the chaotic motions they obeyed or were subject to while still confined to the CNS. Even when in the lowest energy states, passing through the bodies own dense matter as zero vector eigenstates and through solid objects like walls or the electrostatic pull with the charges to earth's gravitational-magnetic field has nearly equal potential of bearing on the forces acting close to the bodies neural EM energy spin states. These oscillating corpuscles of energy and wave packets we call N-electron minima contain in their field components the whole field of conscious thought and five sensory modalities previously linked to the brain's architecture and nervous system dynamos. Statistical mechanics predicts the wavelengths for large particle systems with different behaviour, the systems of mass and directions of energy under varying constraints may as well be mapped to the larger bodies of moving behavioural systems we call social systems or behavioural pattern formations. All of these considerations place social systems in alignment with other communication processes including information, coding, control and institution cybernetics.  Social economies regulate, prohibit, influence and attempt to linearize themselves by socialization schemes imposed on all acts of communication in labour networks, ergonomic systems that confine the dynamic behaviour of systems to a linear minimum of their average potential as i.e., a long Markov chain, a static or discrete point process, a continuous contact process, a nonfluid memoryless process, rapidly declining normal distributions, differential quasi-ergodic process etc. They do not approach the synergetic equilibrium of naturalized population structures described by stochastic converges of recurrent networks, Hardy-Weinberg formulae, evolutionary dynamics, branching algorithms, Bayesian covariant matrices etc. Intimating the true meaning as a biosemiotic or eidetic signal, intersubjectively communicating with the Other as an extension of ones individual consciousness. Undermining the thermal thresholds of dynamic quantum matter, neural oscillations facilitate the long-term and potential long-range habitual field determinations of composite neurocognitive events over periods of time, cycles of energy, into totally summated wave patterns as individualized as a DNA strand is for the entire biological organism belonging to some genome of a species. Macroscopic dynamical patterns in the brain's CN electron system contribute evenly all of their habitual neurocognitions as domains of vectorial brain activity to an isolated encephalographic chart mapping the input-output patterns of fluctuating waveforms describing the neural field. For a single individual this can include ones entire neurocognitive behaviour habits into a unique compression wave; the Fourier sums of all continuous waveforms distributed in and expressed by the integral neural-electromagnetic field of the brain can then be decompressed into signals of binary code or syntax patterns that trace linguistic or associative habits of learning. The temporal sum of this neural field which has a changing Feynman signature itself decouples from the neural system and couples to a whole attractor type at the period of passing when the electron charges of synapses enter a low energy state exiting the local field approximation towards the cold vacuum. Dependant upon the superstructural oscillation "final readout" from the brain, is the localization variability for all stable and unstable unitary vectors in proportion that compose the momentum probability sum and rest mass of the brain's entire vector field. At death we say that it is this final state attractor field that ultimately gives way to a Brownian semistable condition for an upward tunnelling of low density states from their zero ground states (electrodynamic potential charges) -- comparisons to meteorological pressure, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones and wind storms to tomographic imaging of the brain's real time motion patterns illustrates this abrupt 3D chaotic change from a long pressure period to, say, a jump frequency state. Never forgetting that when we die, passing away not the cold vacuum state of the electrical energy band, our fate at that moment is determined by our total neurodynamic behavioural and habitual output which is the summation of wide spectrum (compressed) neural oscillations i.e., we are not judged by an intellectual power, God, superstition or by our religious choices, affiliations, specific beliefs or even actions, crimes committed or otherwise not committed against good or evil -- in the end we will be judged or causally destined on primary philosophical grounds of our information ontology or ontopathology, of the genuineness of our life's will and energetic output as a feedback response to semantic input -- wether we slip downward to a resonance band that pulls our sensory field and systemic electron body into the molten, hellish core of the planet; or if our good reasoning and empathic stance to environmental feedback has been relatively consistent in this life may the energetic packets of factored electrons reach the complex attractor distributing proper limits placing them to an upward path of Bayesian-Brownian resonant transforms to the heliosphere of our Sun. For it is in the Sun that the heat of nuclear bombardments of hydrogen and helium are so intense that electrons are instantly neutralized of all their mass converted into photons or Bremstrahluung radiation. Our Earth's hot interior however is electrical in nature, it does not have a nuclear core so that instead of being a converter of electrical energy potentials it is a conductor, a molten rotating superconductor. Once a dead animal or human accidentally ends up inside the hot mass of earth their vacuum electrical potentials, like electrostatic energy that jumps far distances, is conducted to flow through the dense materials coupling the electrons of the body to the atoms of these Earth minerals. The intense heat is sufficient enough to create excitons from the vacuum state i.e., dormant low energy electrons coupled to a vacuum filament inside a cathode tube that are activated or 'turned on' from their zero vector ground state by the action of a very hot flame, high degrees of rotary friction and or kinetic energy.  We say that the intense heat of Hell is what triggers the 'body' to exist there because the Earth's molten rocks coalesce to an extreme pressure gradient that also acts to electrify the gravitational field adding probability for the tunnelling of linear entropic energy into its geophysical torsion field of pressure and heat. This is equivalent to being melted physically into a ball of neural flesh and descending into ever hotter states of torcher, being stuck with infinitely complex fiery blades, warped and disintegrated head to toe into a disfigured somatosensory pain field. While the standing habit of the localized neuroelectric system is its nervous structure and five sense modalities with arms, legs and head all as extended parts of the sensory field's complex dynamics with the biological brain -- these extensions stay together as long as the brain's composite electrical potentials stay together once they are delocalized from the hardware of the body. However when the conductance band enters into the close tunnelling region of death via an attractor, its nonlinear vectors that determine its location will correlate to the weakest force in the gravity-electroweak coupling constant such that it falls out of the brain and into the next largest system being the central solar distance for a long-range potential and in some cases the low-range to the earth's core. The 'system' of complex neural events and perceptions is delocalized and becomes part of a determined outside system (Earth, Sun system) within a resonant period of traversing the death attractor it can attach to magnetic moments, conductors or even have Near Death Experiences while it decouples from the brain attractors 'life' domain of attraction it can even be collected in an electromagnetic vacuum seal with special materials utilizing high energy gating mechanisms preventing bombardment with the torments awaiting complete death Earth 'Hell' or solar 'Heaven'. Within the periodic resonance band of the stable attractor pole and the unstable attractor poll a multistable attractor tunnel releases the local energy from the brain at some point following clinical death of all vital functions and instantaneously relocalizes to the corona of the Sun -- in the reverse instance a hyperpolar attractor results in dephasing the potentials of the brain's synaptic gating so that it falls into the orbital periods of the Earth's core rotation field i.e., as the resonant band of its valence electrons falls inward with the resonance of the core geophysical pull. The orbital dynamics of the planets facilitate this envelope of localization where the jump frequency is reduced or widened as a measure of the relative distance from an observer on the far edges of the solar system, our activities on the Earths surface comparatively like electrically charged atoms on a monoatomic surface, the planet itself is the layered semiconductor acceptor of electrical currents into its mantle through the porous resistive medium of the crust. In systems as complex as the human brain, where the wiring invokes super-embedded processes of quantum field potential with dynamical chaos, the classical trajectories of more massive objects are part of the gauge invariant parameters of the neural quantum field. This means that the electrodynamic potential in the brain obeys correspondent Feynman paths with the energy density functions of its atomic structure even as it approaches the ground state, these structures are determined by the electron number, spin and orbital ratios that stay locked in the field. We know that the various states of consciousness inside the brain are given in the coherencies produced by the distributed electrical spin orientations of populations of field-dense electrons as they 'localize' in the many dynamic sections of the brain pulsing and sending charges to various patches of synapses. Populations of bosonic and fermionic electrons orient themselves into coherent field strengths according to the polarization of their magnetic spin interactions. Such interactions form coherent states much like in condensed matter fields of many-electron systems (i.e., Bose-Einstein condensates, vacuum field particles and Brownian gases.) When such systems are free they demonstrate long-range action potentials that are not visible while contained to a compressed medium or by magnetic confinement. A long-range interaction can be unpredictable or predictable depending on the initial state of its trajectory and the associated dimensions of heat, capacity, mass and volume of distributions. Solar plasma jets and solar flares are examples of long-range action potentials that abruptly shoot waves of energy into very far flung distances ejected from their corona. Bose-Einstein condensates are a liquid matter that can rise like condensation or behave like a gas, ionized plasma etc. Electrostatic potential is bounded to an invisible field before being manifest through the electrical conductivity in an atomic medium or lattice that sends it instantly jumping long distances in a room before being absorbed by a wall or insulator. Each of these coherent states is a configured distribution of electron frequencies that make them quasistable and local, like the ionization of a plasma the electrical spin orientations are necessary variables to the density and property of its macroscopic effects. It is also a measure of the coherent distribution of the magnetic field strengths parameters that define the distances between atoms giving their degrees of randomness, chaos or unpredictability even at different scales. In this scale difference we find instead more self-similarity such that condensates in stars and galaxies can have long-range interactions and coherent processes on Earth can with the Sun at different phases of their dynamical interactions. Coherency in the case of human bioelectrical conductivity is a factor of the brain's complex chemical wiring or ion channels that extend to the smallest synapses in the body. At the larger scale of hemispheres it is a matter of conjugation between multipyramidal, multilocal areas of the lobes that the field echos these action potentials between millions and billions of connected neurones. Decoherence of the electric field in the case of the brain only enters another mode of coherence after the tunnelling of all its electron eigeinstates through the vector field of the solid state vacuum -- this is like induced coma, which is unconsciously alive, but not dead since once it dies this induction of unconsciousness wakes up in another state of coherence. For simpler organisms and simpler dynamical systems like a jellyfish or your desktop computer when I pull the plug on its lifespan the hardware shape and field particles decays into negative entropies, i.e., the electrons Higgs field loses localized coherence as its density states are carried off to the core to be recouped to the magnetically superhot atomic nuclei.               
There is more to the reality presented to us and inside our own neurons than we are wired chemically to perceive and this currently existing area of Interface is superceded by a deeper substratum of coded forms we rarely glimpse in our hyper-functional lives. Animals, who are not mentally wired to experience intellectual conceptualization of non-functional environmental stimuli, do experience more of the raw phenomena of the coding. We humans were deprived this when we exited our prototypical human descendants complex brain connections and DNA representations and began inventing languages -- with the conditions of language laid out in our perception-targeted neural connections to words, we reproduced these as representations of the world viz-a-viz functional cognizance. Our functional cognizance is the state of immediate consciousness that has learned all the countless measures and complications of existing responsively in the modern economic and social environment through the coding-recoding principles of language. Without this ability to attach logical grammars to the environment we would not have developed vectors of preconception and conceptual cognizance that saturate our immediate experience of the world with symbolic overtones, over-referencing, and habitual mental abstractions (from) sensible philosophical truths to those of material speculation and linguistic artefacts mixed in areas of the brain that are non-intentional. We are not wholly informed of the intrinsic state of our reality as an immanent fact of our bio-sensory resonance to metaphysical intuitions about essences. Instead we look at the dirt residues stuck on the stalks of vegetables as a conceptual clue to a realistic and imperfect world of indeterminacy and uncertainty. Non-verbal creatures had no immediate concept to judge the detailed, harsh reality of the world because for them the world was given in its totality through instinctive sense perception. Most animals will only recognize instinct-targeted patterns stored in the brain and respond to cues belonging to their built-in adaptations to a predictable ecosystem which they also belong to as contributing self factors. For them the simulation is not discernible from primary considerations of objective graininess or of being a particulate biological existence thrown into an atomistic world of potential, random fields preconsciously intellectualized as some machine. An intellectual mind that can grasp its existence as a realistic simulation can also grasp it as a material accident of uncertain randomness. Though they have no intellectually produced concept of living in a simulation, the animal sees more coded meaning as an unspeakable sense because they phenomenalize more mental representations in the primal state of gestalts, smells of olfaction and visual adumbrations where only vague structure is received and filled in with free sensation ’tones’ such as texture or ’green’ patches. For them accepting life is a simulation is theoretically easier since their rational biocoding is simpler they have no need to prove or confirm it as a material fact. We humans are naturally condemned by the matrix to see hollow word concepts stuck to microscopically reduced and analyzed things with social and worldly values such as ’celery’. The overrated stereotypes and reproductions of things crowd the brain and nullify the simplicity and potential true essence of living experience. Instead they aid nihilizing scepticisms about true immanence.                 
  Your brains orthogonal wave resonance to the randomized quantum environment transforms continuously the summated ratios of segmented, syntactical modes into circumambient white noise in the waveform output of EEG to a unified Markov spectrum of the whole wave trapezium being the triangulated lobe and hemisphere functions acting in unison. These areas are less likely to be interpreted by Fourier analysis, because they are not wave transduced as quantum incoherencies in the square-integrable Hilbert spectrum. Noise is the remainder of incoherent syntax encoding, information overflow and decreased interpretation or decoding of raw data into semantic webs in the cortex. Those with very low noise output are most likely to have psychic potential and be sensitive to environmental stimuli and dream recall because of the presence of these coherency waves in the EEG readings that depict sine wave recurrence over long periodic whole-brain oscillations. Quieting the brains productive use of interpretation schemes that encode environmental and linguistic stimuli into socially useful ‘behaviour‘ patterns, empties its synthetic architecture of the constant syntactic referencing process to simply experiencing meaning alone. As an example, the difference here is reading aloud in ‘words’ vocalized or intonated by the brains auditory centers, which executes heavy syntactical signal processing, and reading silently with the eyes that comprehend only the meaning of the words seen which is totally non-verbal reading. Temporal processing is slowed down and the whole CNS and biomagnetic field emit’s a higher oscillatory rate of coherence patterns. Meditators and uncontacted tribes exhibit this neuroethological ‘empty fishbowl’ consciousness because they do not have the heavy data load of today’s people. With the modern world’s communicational advancements over the past 150 years, human tasking of large amounts of data and information referencing has clogged up the natural responses to the environment and desensitized the brain and CNS innate capacities for intelligence, intuition, synaesthesia, psychenoetic and artistic consciousness. Although with greater verbal skills a person can better represent their experiences with a degree of accuracy to others, their memories, mental clarity and account of facts is compromised by the predominant cultural and social pathologies created from the complex interactions of concrete syntax with the fuzzy neural processing, emotion, and cultural memory naturally recognized by the brain. Technological neurosis plagues the postmodern world to such an extent that its average model for brain wave normalcy is detrimented by the expectancy of white noise in the readouts. White noise is also a signature of being inundated with too much information that time does not allow it to be properly interpreted into biolinguistic meaning. Exposure to novel information and new kinds of events, social and cultural values that demand a new set of references are substituted with stochastic ‘incoherencies’, in other words, random chains of free associations that add noise to incomprehensible meanings. Examples of this may be attempting to read pages of a foreign language using only vague grammatical associations to one’s native tongue, or attempting to write algebraic equations with only a knowledge of multiplication and arithmetic.  Regardless of the incoherency of the attempt to form sensate meaning and ‘perceive‘ the knowledge given, the information and some intentional syntactic processing opens the encoding dynamics for neural comprehension to this assault by information. What results is a mostly meaningless transfer and tasking by the brain that thinks its processing tangential meaning in the environment which is biologically useful but is only a burden to perception that laden the brain’s reception to its foci with noisy signalling. This fast intermission of disorder is a direct product of encoding with high filter errors in the linear overflow. We call the latter over-coding when the need for corrections in the processing of large data sets increases the system entropy.   
  Debates over the computational nature of the brain range from anti-computational neuroplastic models to cybernetic models of information processing in machines and cognitive animals, however settling on a totally representational or a totally computational theory is an inaccurate understanding of the system in question. A brain is a highly integral, dynamical processor and in only hyper-conditional states imbued with linguistic syntax does it employ a measurable degree of linear information processing. Linear processors are the kinds encountered in most CPU and VLSI applications, in simple calculators and machines operating on concrete logic set to their internal wire maps, junctures and transistor gating systems. They all share the common description of being mechanistic in their mode of handling information. A single neuron operates in ways no hardware even analog nonlinear devices can only compete to perform. The fact that the brain is a multilayered soft medium means it is wired for soft computing operations whereby its fuzzy-logic gates carry the nonlinear signals of indefinite, uncertain or ’quantum’ observables. Microscopic uncertainty, in the brain, gears the whole functional mechanism of human intelligence for rapid nonlinear decision making and qualitative perceptual organization. Neuroscientists and physicists can predict dynamic signal processing in the brain on the basis of Schrodinger wave mechanics because neural connectivity is expressible as an innumerable series of coupled nonlinear oscillators with Hilbert space operators to normalize the infinite probability. Fuzzy logic accounts for the dynamic connections made between many neurons which process very large sets of gestalts that are missed by concrete logic even though the latter is definite and the former an indefinite classifier. Machines have to be entirely programmed to route tasks and select data from algorithms. In this regard the vibrational signals in a cash register, a magnetic tape computer, a calculator and a CPU are roughly the same type of linear waveforms. A brain learns from experiences that draw upon its sensations and intelligent reasoning from huge cognitive maps of its environment. These highly nonlinear kinds of super-integrated processes can only be demonstrated in dynamical processors in part by some selective feature of human intelligence. When the algorithms in a nonlinear processor are converted to a linear processing mode by linear programming it alters the frequency sign neuromodulation of inputs to conform to the linear insistences of the programming. This process is called linearization and in highly nonlinear, dynamic processors it changes the wave transforms of its data processing. The brain can wire itself and certainly give false output when it is forced to process too much linearized ’syntax’ from executing intellectual tasks without sufficient downtime or biological recuperation.  
 Precritical mentalities seem to reject the fact that life after death questions may not be framed in 'spiritual' or 'religious' areas of questioning and forget that the life after death issue is a materials science and a physics question. Albert Einstein's famous for his view that life must continue on after physical death since the physical energy of the body cannot be destroyed in the vacuum. However too many people naively ignore the possibilities of quantum brain dynamics and the existentially harsh truth of nature that could be in store for many wanderers into this material universe. No matter what spiritualists and theologians alike say about it, someone who is not informed on the physical experiments confirming what really happens when we die cannot claim to have more than a living phenomenological account of near death experiences and observable brain states. This couches itself into being really an ethics, linguistics and psychophysics issue if not even a political one. But realistically speaking it comes down to the energy density functions of many-body electron states in their field components as carried by the nervous system which can be propelled in the empty vacuum to either an approximate decoherence 'graviton-hadron' vacuum that spirals into the earth with all the energy of the electromagnetic body, where the localized brain reduces to a countable element Schrodinger wave after the wave function collapses or 'decoheres' from the neural cell body as a wave packet or a quantum reduction of N-electrons. On the outside of this wave packet, electrodynamic system, the field of the body can still be recorded as an electrostatigraph or electronographic residual image. Even as the body's vital signs vanish and the life force delocalizes gradually from the domain of attraction to its corporeal forms eigenstates, thermoregulatory habits and so on, can be captured shooting up leaving a weak electromagnetic heat signal on a plate of quantum dot superconductor microcathodes -- effectively what is left in the conductance band of the dot arrays drain areas are the momenta imprints of energy localization at that instant -- a silhouette of the individual figure close to its posture at the moment of death. Medical physicians and other electromechanical engineering experts have photographed this in private research funded by the church and other organizations to investigate the biophysics of the afterlife. The reverse scenario was found to be in some case studies nearly as common in the double blind tests on the dying, a downward localized imprint enters the plate for 1:5 a sec, and cannot be rerecorded.                  

  Societies afflicted with the spoils of advertisement culture, social memes, propaganda and the solicitation of organically disconnected flows of inner and outer chatter, conditions negative feedback to the human linguistic processing centres of the brain that control and regulate all the other sense modalities and cognition areas producing in themselves bad energy flows reviving a zero potential gradation on the entropy threshold. Total resonant cognizance naturally concurs towards the asymptotic cusp of homeostatic ratios between relative and absolute truths sufficient to predicate rational decision making and fluid environmental communication for adaptive feedback through organic Bayesian filters (fuzzy variant judgement).  Our assumptions limit themselves to certain contextual domains down to a fine area of potentials beyond which moral, context-dependent or qualitative judgements ordinarily draw natural boundaries for intellectualizing, reducing, speculating or cutting with Occams razor. Beyond such boundaries, unless otherwise provided a justifiable cause or given a probable measure for further investigation are considered 'unbounded', 'abstracting from necessity', 'deriving', 'undermining' or attempts to 'get out of a situation' which has been conclusively analyzed or weighed in statistically. This weighing in on evidence is intuitively grounded in a kind of common sense: we simply home-in on the resonating gravity presented by certain truths or possibilities, knowing when further speculation ought to be frivolous or when such extended odds are already outdone by the fundamental likliehoods in a state of affairs.  Statistical machines handle numerical data very well and can recognize statistical errors or true patterns and graph large spectra for analyzing applicable odds in continuous time. Expert statisticians may input large datasets for solving exact likelihoods for events based solely on their quantifiable, numerical dimensions. For example the disappearance of the Malaysian Flight 370 and that of Flight MH7. With both their numbers of incoming and outgoing flights truncated and tabulated statistically, their periodicity functions and range for flight paths from the date of the first disappearance to that of the second catastrophic explosion where the plane was shot down over a said warzone in Ukraine; we may come up with statistics that resolve our speculations and demystify what taken as a whole most seemingly suggests a controlled experiment, hijacking or inside job of a government. Synchronicites of this sort are not recognizable to hard models that linear data analyzers can graph with the total-fuzzy picture as its reckoned by a rational human intelligence. Variables for the planes make and model, the Airline, the timespan of disappearance and so on still cannot compound the qualitative dimensions we humans verify as empirically relevant to the describe recurrence and or the nature of a system, in this case the meaning of their being two 'Malaysian' flights, that the first flight vanished without a trace in supposedly shallow waters that defied all efforts to locate, the bizarre scenarios of the passengers fake passports, the pilot and comparing to other missing flights on record with reliable statistics, the fact that in a wide search area and nay a small passage of time another that vanishes over a conflict area, to our context discerning marinations it would be almost completely absurd to say the liklihoods of the two events unrelatedness can be proven with a statistical probability that a single formula or software can comparatively graph. Again, the qualitative information we discern is too novel in connection with all other possible data gathered on numerical grounds that it at least doubles or triples the unlikeliness of the quantitatively analyzable data being coincidental. Thought it may seem a simple distinction not to ignore to the properly educated, it is often dismissed by some sources that feed public relations for example that wish to dispel public worries on topics like terrorism or UFOs. To attempt a characteristically divergent hypothesis by over-intellectualizing whereabouts or what can under some unconsiderable circumstance occur still obfuscates the remaining clues, the added suspicion and overtones from media to the war in Ukraine. Qualitative signifiers are not reducible to numerical values in direct statistical computations at least not with additional factoring. An intuitive sense of this quality-quantity difference might be made by imagining a 2D image consisting of tiny red and blue dots. To the naked eye I see the colors of each dot as accounted for simply by using a magnifying glass I can count their quantitative configuration as say 140 red and 210 blue circles -- However once I put on the 3D spectacles, I now can visibly experience this 3-Dimensional picture. Now, if someone were to replace some considerable number of the red or blue dots with yellow ones and obstruct the depiction of the image that I see with the glasses -- this is a qualitative difference only recognizable with the 3D specs; I no longer can make sense of what the imprint is suppose to reveal even though the quantitative array, positions and number of dots have not changed. The quality of color alone makes the difference between seeing a 3D conceptualizeable figure of a bird or some squiggly lines. Yet unless programmed to see these qualities the machines misses the whole point. It is suitable to say that such data is not quantifiable unless it is qualifiable -- qualification is granted a higher position by testing, usually, in social systems and as such may fall entirely under quantitative limitations of being rendered under irreducible character prescriptions -- or finite test parameters structured as self-emptying linguistic commutations.  A system with a set of parameters ordered with total loop commutivity has no conceptual boundaries i.e., its finite representations of verbal structure and question arrangements all signify difference and sequential segmentation of objective themes, however the indifferent automorphic links between the whole sections of the test, their sentence structure and content layout are commutatively organized to a zero sum or dissonant frequency of word arrangements. This leaves the system open to infinite interpretations and intellectual dissipation, it leaves it open to imagined abstraction because it has none of its own which most essays and verbal compositions do possess, so that readers can sustain era underlying resonance to differentiated focus areas-- whereas total computational equivalence across separate symmetric areas of language resolve to zero, to symmetric indifference, to a dissonant effect on intelligence.
  Statistical demography and reason itself must save us from the absolutist claims of mathematical statistics when their methods of deducing qualities of likelihood are allowed to speculate in isolation from the formal categories of rational thought -- i.e., as they have been misapplied in explaining away all behavioural and sociological models of interactionism. To these fields they employ the engines of disqualified quantification (even among the improbable tree can exist a statistic). Such models gain their substance from the ironic law of society and mass accumulation which they are imprisoned. In postsocial modernity the laws of statistical speculation also lack a coherent order of resultants. Even as they confirm prejudices, uphold naive 'wishful thinking', and remove professionalism from utilizing innate rationality, the quantitative misanthropy of statistics to social theory, law, anthropology and psychology is continuously unable to learn, forsee, or judge based on qualitative 'trends' or coherent pictures. This precisely due to the fact that mathematical statistics only deals with numerical statistical objects, public quantities, and has no inherent program that recognizes unique 'qualities' (such as the human will or choice variance). Its limitations are, again, subject to processing relavencies for considerable sums of instructions they require. Completeness is never sufficiently met, wholes fail to make legible appearance. The powers of discernment are spectrally narrow and fall inevitably into the dark hole of invalidation.  
The higher functioning child cognitively know the tests and school assignments being presented to teem are moral, unintelligible pocus, that their grammars make no immediate sense, and often contradict modern common sense, along with the impressions provided by common literacy and the linguistic order of information to organic human biological signification. Because they are manufactured directly out of the rogue, corporate rebellion machinery of folk industrialist psychology -- from the 1960s onward, from a period of institutional, state run programs, experiments and human rights abuse. Thus do corruptible state authorities fail to recognize the sharp difference that is alluded to in intellectual critical analysis of all state proxy, what is maintained as epistemological by them is a mistaken act of cognitive fudgery invalidated by rigorous comparative studies of modern scientific method and the linguistic circumvention of evidence done by postmodern corporate animals. Entities with no scientific or moral restrictions, that is corporate information, monetarily avoids concrete hermeneutics -- by its abet; to be inconspicuous in its forgery of factual knowledge -- comprehensive, true, authoritative educational learning, again, is deconstructed in the vacuum of dissociative indices governing its corporeal machinations. Theres no beating the fact that the system is ADD, obsessively compulsive, to an unconscious displacement of pathology, hypertensive and paranoically focused on securing its plastic system of truth. The mass mind suffers an obesity complex, growing in mass and iterating all its iil formations into its adipose to the point of metastasis. At this stage of collective neurosis people are no longer actively electrostatic , that is, they begin to submerse their energies into inertia. Metastasis predicts this inactive or phantom movement of the diseased ego. No longer the sane ego of a quasidestructive or potentially imbalanced rationalism -- the metastatic self is inert, subsumed to its shadow in its entirety. Plagued by modern terrorism 'society' progresses in an immobility of dangerous signs, or bad omens. Inert personalities are comparable to the shadowy outgrowths of terrorism manifested in cataleptic hysteria. Such zombific persons may partially be products of the information bomb, of networking and general hypermodern annihilation on the other hand the neurotic who is unresponsive to empirical evidence is conditioned to respect test results, credentials and social status over reason and value judgements, which he lacks (and facts which he is not conditioned to understand, is in tandem to and self invested in circular logic and lost to the complexities of mathematical science.) Speech confirms authority, sentence structure plays with rationality like grammatical algorithms inside machines form a programmable response base, in scholarly acumen and in literature effectiveness which the outsider to intelligence blindly pretend to honour and uphold as virtuous. Like a software virus that obstructs a functional system with near silent authority -- the autistic symptoms exhibited by machines indefensibly evade a categorical imperative to self deference and so organically consciousness (human original nature) has weakened immunity and at a process level of confoundment stirs inferiorizing, internalizing tendencies towards conformity to a digital silence. Naturally, accountable minds avoid all-out discussion about the declining unstable conditions of human behaviour and the system -- it is taken as not only a contemporary given but also as a reparation, a compensatory measure of displacement in a system adapted to an average of increasing depravity. In an age of postmodern industry, when nearly every aspect of the system both public and private demands thoroughly descriptive criticism to gain any intelligible sense the learning curve of statistical inference continues to demand a pointing-out of every last necessity and every last issue they problematize; such that, now even the institution and its retrograde schematism of testing require explicit debunking (its not enough that the miracle of life is a provision for the miraculous as such, now the miraculous itself must prove itself from a realm of man-made fantasies about, not improbabilities, but impossibilities). Each and every device must be deactivated and defused in the light of common sense and asymptotic total perspective. Then the factical basis of intelligence must be established after falsehood becomes obvious. Terminally ignorant silhouettes of the Id have originally spawned these demonic devices as a defunct mode they were conceived as high-strung perspectives of myopia. Describing the system with respect to its terminal errors must imagine the human race as like an infatatuous, insatiable compulsively driven of a half-blind behemoth. Its that skewed perspectival myopia where everything they syndicate as concept, every link they draw between subjects and their respective contexts are a belligerent inverse of sound judgment. Most insinuated by the selfishly-absorbed mendaciousness of their projected personas, mistakes his own logged eyesight for another man's saw dust, is the insult to injury that can be psychologically crippling to raw rationality if you make parasites your company.  Arbitrary economic agents of mobile capital. Pigs don't have a higher rational-principle of intellectual sense, they don't have wings either, you can never expect that a logical materialist or limited reasoning person or animal is enabled to relate to the complex matters of sense endowing big picture reasoning, empirical intuition or the higher perceptual faculties with a rationally spectral grasp of the cusp synchronicity that determines how advanced human decision making is instantly homed-into as a minimax approximation of the Bell curve. 
  Verification and empirical measurement are not the same thing per se as a demonstrable proof, rational fact or supportive evidence for a claim. To confirm an infinitely verifiable piece of factual evidence it has to be cross-examined by different sets of analysts, scientists and legal professionals in some sort of court that gives the evidence independence from conspiracy, opinion, fault or contamination. Most instances however require only a sufficient degree of assured reasonable doubt to disclaim or negate them, and, conversely a claim that can be ethically upheld in a court based on reasonable certainty can be also be judged with statistics and probability that supports its certification and thus evidence is inferred with applicable science. Miraculous claims require special attention to the laws of quantum mechanics, applied statistics and applied probability. Under the laws of quantum mechanics no true states can admit what we call miracles so long as miracles are a dubious imposition to the laws of quantum mechanics which we define as making the improbable of a given conditional a probable reversal of the laws. By definition a miracle is already considered impossible, that is, improbable -- so that no probability (can) potentially exist as a conditional expectation -- it would violate the first premise of the quantum measurement paradox whereby such a miracle may be observed to exist, seen on film from a distance, or otherwise loosely graded with some analysis, to verify with total exactitude would cause such an observable to immediately jump to an eigenstate of least possible verifiability. Thus, quantum measurement makes fixed measurements exceedingly improbable. I might be able to witness a yogi levitate, a crowd even might be able to witness it, but can I measure it with absolute validity, present irrefutable film evidence that is measurable electromagnetically, or confirmable by separate teams of scientists in a repeatable environment? In most cases it is assured under Murphy's law that on that day of measurement planning, the device would fail, the eyewitness would be hit by a bus or have some entanglement preventing the probability of the measurement from being procured. We have never consistently verified such events as miracles because of their very nature upsets the boundaries of physical, macroscopic observation. At the quantum and subquantum level however, where probabilities rule, the dynamics are different and the large numbers probabilities has greater frequency. This allows for calculations of perturbations which we might use in real time for large conditional expectations. Thus, it must be likely that (some) unlikely events do occur. We have probabilistic arguments that more than prove this in some cases where low probabilities are confirmed with combined statistical evidence over time that occur around singularities, such as the visions of psychics or remote viewers. On the other hand, good odds can be disturbed by bad statistics where pure calculations forget to rig their measurements to an asymptotic condition of the relative and absolute expansion congruences. This happens a lot in pure statistics which do not apply to physical objects as events in 3-dimensional extended space-time i.e., a statistic that is "just another statistic" in the negative sense, it is an absolute abstraction of the supremum without an infimum boundary rule. Statisticians and probabilists do not commit this error when making physical calculations but pure mathematicians who do not know how to apply probability theory to communications, information and the theory of physical fields and have not been trained to reasonably apply it to real events in 3-space or to large sets of data that are interpreted, stored and processed in physical memory. An example would be the 200-digit number viewed on a satellite by a psychic. Although reasonably very low probability relative to the reading of this number is likely at the quantum-information level, yet there is still some variance for its possibility. I can disprove this as having higher odds than it does, or bound it to infinities in a physical argument that ignores the physics of information altogether as having value using argumentative proofs, and say that large numbers are totally dependent on human perception or interpretation. 
  To a flatlander a sphere is an impossible object to imagine. When a 3D sphere enters the plane view of a flatlander all he sees are the stereoscopic circles change gradually from a small circumference to a wider central limit back to a small circumference as it passes completely through his dimension. In order for the flatlander to know what has taken place he has to rely on reason alone i.e., adding together all the circles that prove that a sphere was present. He also has to trust his probabilistic learning brain, which states that every time a sphere does enter his plane and can be counted as circles changing width, that indeed statistics implicates the sphere (again) was before him. Sometimes we forget the range of our perceptions and immediate grasp of phenomena. Wild animals for instance cannot determine events that are miraculous or outside normal probability because their range of rational judgements is limited to domesticated logic. In fact wild creatures have to be domesticated in a human environment to even ascertain real-world logical conclusions and assumptions built on perceptions made in their surroundings. Cats can notice certain illogical events when the parameters of their surrounding environment are altered. Wild animals however cannot notice any defiance of normal events because they can only apprehend what is in their environmental instincts to recognize. A human being might be recognized by a deer or wild moose. Man is perceived not as a species or individual but as a foreign invader, mammal predator etc. The fact that they use smell more predominantly than sight to locate food also indicates they will miss a person's visual essence. Even if a person were to completely dematerialize in a flash before the eyes of a moose, that creature will not count this as something out of the ordinary because it has no reference in its instincts to be concerned with it. Most wild animals know only how to locate food and care for their young inside their regional ecosystems which they are self-contained and belong. The deer cannot discern solid objects passing through other solid objects let alone the miraculous or magical property of it since it does not utilize such things as tools, its intelligence is limited to what its instincts are programmed to recognize and interact with on the surface. Wild animals lack this logical device that pertains to visual perception in a natural living space so that all they can see are grass moving in the breeze and sunlight giving off light and heat. It is to be validated by the same token with humans who are not accustomed to reasoning how all this works according to relativity and quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics discludes in its formulae the observation and measurement of miraculous states like physical bodies moving through walls without the mechanical assistance of a quantum technology. For a human being in a classical universe to do so would immediately destroy the physical fields of the body, cause electrical burning of the flesh etc. Walking through a wall would be impossible even for God in a universe where God incarnates into a body i.e., since such a God is already expected to be omnipotent without mankind's free will being involved, he would have no need to and we would have no free will. We are given a choice by faith to accept or deny what our rational potential allows us to since we are partly evolved and partly divine probabilities. If only God could do so then there would be no reason for him to have ever created the physical universe, or us, since we are being allowed free will to evolve faithfully and rationally, if we had not this degree of free will we would have no reason for existing as such with any free will and there would only be immaterial fields, constant miracles, and an omnipotent God without gravity. Thus our degree of free will is quantified by what limitations God has imposed upon him by humankind's gravitational doubts and evil contradictions, if we have no free will at all and no say in the matter, then God becomes omnipotent, its human free will that contributes to limiting Gods powers to deliver miracles (again man's choice).

Weaponized cybernetics seeks to rescind man's humanity to a point of entropy, where value judgements are no longer necessary and the state of holding conflicting thoughts to the status quo, has no effect on, and is no longer relevant to--the self preserving feedback of the system itself. Regarding sociobehavioural testing; these little behavioural tests can never be considered as 'assesement' serving some higher authorian or social function (the presumptions and parameters are ungrounded) can be illustrated as a method of inserting an imaginary proboscis so they can extract the blood of some self-desiring attention machine. The basis of their 'behavioral tests' may mean that on their terms theyre attempting to map some fulcrum of behaviour in actuality it is morphologically similar to tactical mosquito vision, sensoring in the behavioural plane, for this inserting of a self-distancing proboscis of inhuman speculation. That is a survival code ultimately the joke is on them, these rogue behaviourists who execute practice outside the inner reflective grasp of scientific Skinnerianism; theyre the ones being assessed and classified. A mosquito cannot produce rational assessments of a human consciousness or intelligence, its self-heightened squaring of intelligible phenomena manufactures the illusions of power and subjection to diagnostics. The 'sense' that their 'assessment', being useless, makes sense to them is mere parasitic sensor-homing to survival codes (empty of being and essence), but functions on the ontological plane of a primal sapience, one corrupted by autoneurotic desires and their deep (digital) repressions into the mammalian instinctive matrix. The idea that their conducting anything like a real valid assessment has sense for them only as a model and only insofar as it triggers the parasitic survival code of their own environmental-behavioural feedback blueprint as transecological, cybergenic parasites of an otherwise human society striving at some level to exist in balance. Tests unlike many other intellectual devices are unimmune to methodologies however. What is targeted is also arbitrary (i.e., power is freed from stigmatized oppresivity only when its direction is controlled by the opposite of power values).  Since they do not strategize but only appear to do so as the shadow of their real goals; they build opinion machines so that the bulk efforts of strategies can be comported, accumulated, classifiably banked and reduced to the flow of proximate likelihoods, optimizability, networks etc. In retrograde testing the subject of the test is always the test subject and never the test content or its superfluous response criteria. Testing is poised within the ancillary phenomena of control, i.e., it concerns what is indirectly related only by negative association in the compartmentalized expectations of the system it is modelled onto. Thus the system is symptomatic of unconscious behaviuor in cognitively active feedback machines -- the posthuman unconscious 'operates', it does not 'organize' like a natural system or psychical organism resting on total connective parallelisms. The associative rational nature is thoroughly superseded into broken lines of digitized operative theory which it is made to deal with in cyber-instituted life. A double disconnect in the testing space is obvious in that testing assumes no knowledge of its subject, it ignorantly conducts tests to ascertain what it cannot know by its means of apprehension. Just as all tests are derived to minimize efforts of gaining knowledge directly, reducing human efforts to rational output and the competence of judgments to simply gathering test scores and allowing the sum game of the scoring numbers to determine say comprehension is no exception. But it also constitutes its question and answer schema on the entangled basis of ancillary unquestioned or 'trick questions' hidden or embedded in its folk (corporate) grammar. These syncretic variables of meaning test other forms of comprehension and focus indirectly on the stated questions themselves. Disoriented focus and loss of objective knowledge regarding the contextual setting and goals of each sequence of test questions must be the normal effects institutional tests delay individual knowledge of their exact parameters as deeper questions arise during testing that place the aesthetic-ethical grounds of ambiguous language into doubt resulting in anxiety. Conscious trust is necessary in eliciting the fixed binary logic expected of tests question-answer schema. Failure to design a test on its own contextual basis will be reflected in the level of performance and accuracy of test results because one needs to know the intended repetoire facilitated by the test. The majority of institutionalized, industry-standard or retrograde tests are empty of intelligent design; they are adapted to gathering statistics and to inventories of result metrics derived thereof. This may have some underlying cause for the repeated idiocycracy in the thematic structure of tests where the givens of the questionaire itself are presupposed to be at a level of naivete and folk language use unshared by the wise who are forced to question the givens themselves. 
  Intelligence avoids public actuality the way truth avoids crime. Once the Cold War momentum of liberated culture collapsed into regimented policies and thus propaganda at the digital extreme did so in spontaneous loss of critical vigour. The urge to assume power now follows what is most typical of the human social rule prevalent amongst neo-liberal corporatizing objectives. Until they actually learn to begin the process of communication the paranoia of objective irony continues to be the progenitor of archaic, hyperrealist association. So again, as political metaphors and geopolitics go the roots extend back to many semiolinguistics problems in the Francaphone tradition. 
  Today the orders teach by elaborate confusions that eschew the mind by instant redundancy -- such ecclectical, residual values of the culture as print and photoprint one encounters a gross loss of resolution not in the image but in what it traditionally is to represent. Traditional human values, as values practically 'applied' today are the values practiced in the recovery of capital (from capitalism) and the story of its liberation in the Bourgeosie market culture. To the extent that the Bourgeosie represented something originally French, as a remainder of the revolution and of the intellectualized class, that Bourgeosie remainder may be looked upon today as a last vestige of a cultured sense of revolution in a world lost to a dehistoricizing process which involves revision through revolutionary Marxist policies. Liberal humanism, liber humane as it was understood to the great French writers of the 19th and 20th centuries, gaveway to the biological naturalisms and anti-government protests of the 1960s. 
  France gradually displaced what it had retained of the revolution but in no immediate way did it surrender its art (art never surrenders it only pacifies whatever power it divorces itself from or allies itself to, such as in all revolutionary war. No longer the revolutionary outbursts of events -- for every revolutionary event rests in the shades of production (studios talk shows and public space) untold in exclamations that reverberate unconscious history, enlivened not by life or events but the apparitional forms of their past narratives rest on the mental unconscious scenery. Without a vacuum to contain them, the voices of the revolution make themselves heard in reference to acts in the social. Although today the acts of speech roughly contain the vacuum they carry unintended sentiments that give instantaneous eulogy towards events and those of the revolution. Just as the revolution announced itself in the cooperative vacuum, outside forces, very external to French puritanical thought attest to lifting what is most familiar from its totemic epicenism, the same way psychoanalysis erases the relation of the unconscious drives to oedipal figures.    
  The law of the masses preordains the rights of secrecy and of secret organization for its custodians who are to be responsible for the social, political and ecological future safety of humanity from the hordes. This law states that an incorruptible power must exist; that as population grows in continuous irresponsibility by an entropic principle, survival, procreation, so the uniqueness of individuals decreases or goes into servile decline -- that is just a statistical rule of variance wether in human populations or gravitational masses or random numbers. Thus if man is to be a unique creature and survive the forces of nature he must overcome anthropic tendencies to maximize the lower drives determined by the hidden rules of stochastic nature and look instead to inward self-consciousness. The more there is the less there is that shines forth and this is true of dynamic populations. Units of mass fall to the lower centre of gravity as a product of the average distribution which follows the law of conditional expectation based in the statistics of large numbers, the conditional expectation of the single gene and the collective mass genome. All corruption resides in the percolating areas of mass accumulation and socialization. Human destiny must be reconceived away from the vortex of anthropological conjurations of the majority, if soveirgneity from brute forces is to market the survival of brute forces it has to be arranged in secret and humans have prospered all through history from the simplest social groupings to the present by forming decollectivized circles from diviners, shamans and omens to philosophers, monastic orders, esoteric churches, conclaves, guilds and secret societies.  Dispensation of divined knowledge and social order by wiser human beings has infused history with a geschick of its hope.  Statistical physics and sociology reflect on the probabilistic structures of space-time which instil these laws to economic animals. Human beings create or tend towards self creating individuation in manifold ways -- a creating is not to be confused with self-determining if by 'determining' is meant prepredicated causation which would imply an original fixed nature. 
     Free will and causal continuity -- what are the limits of human will, is all human will entirely determinate or are there instances where this determinism is transcended for a power that we call choice or freedom? What is the difference between deterministic force, machination and free will generated by the power of conscious choice? If I am given a population of 4, they're all going to be gods, If I have a population of 1000 they're all going to be genius, If its a population of a million they're all going to be bright, and If its a population of several billion than I have to weed through the ignorances. Uniqueness in a given population may be determined by the number of people in the population as a social average humans tend to define their uniqueness statistically by copying others, by unconsciously allotting to their environment learning curves which are not always practically evidenced in situations, statistical learning is not attributed to conscious reason in postmodern society; it is managed by the unconscious distributions of memory in the brain's vastly connected areas, postmodern rational thinking is replaced by social knowledge, beliefs, consensus, floating opinions, language comprehension and obviously practical logic and conventional thinking that can confuse grammatical definitions and wider logical-gestalt contexts that demand a more associatively connected rational-neural degree of harmonization to detect and specify. Historically a rational being was steered by his intuition of this statistical space of associations where learning about the environment and self education takes effect. We call this an example of neural connectionism but may equally be applied to distributed networks that delineate monkey-see-monkey-do and 100th monkey behaviour memes. 

We entered a dehumanizing age of postmodern economic staleness, ritualized moralism and dissociated information reduction to the laws of entropy that are falsely consuming the once complex inner dynamics of the soul as a bioenergetic and residual metabole phenomena of cultural, ethical and spiritual postings in the semiotic interpreting mechanisms of the brain and central nervous system. As a habitual species we are digging our collective burials to Hell by denying that habit even exists. Though we cannot touch or smell habit we know it is a real phenomena because we observe it -- habit is expressed as the increased likelihood of occurrence dependent on past behaviour in a system, its likelihood of repeating a specific act, of craving certain experiences, of averting certain signs or feeling the pull to do something or to avoid something is a natural function of learning and thus intelligence both sentient and dormant. The increase in the number of events also increases their capacity to repeat, grow or reside in the memory of a system at an exponential rate. We thrive in a mechanical society that conditions us to accept bad habits -- populism survives on the same statistical grounds as those that arise through the formation of habits -- but habit itself is irreducible to the qualitative multiplication rules of large, increasing numbers since it is an invisible tendency of systems qualitative measures such as its genetic memory that determines the rate and the depth of its learning potentials. Humans forget that, essentially the brain in-itself is an organism, that learning goes on epigenetically, (much like a plant), and that human language i.e., illicit social behaviour is totally foreign to the genetic imprint of the CNS, its nature and objective drives, that are simply causal-rational in purport lacking in any collective, populist self-instantiation to laws of identity and symbolization of collectivity. The gears of the distributed neural functions move in accord with their specific, interrelating environmental requirements we call this cognitive representing of real and social space in neural space. 
  Populism, idolatry and homogenous society in capitalist systems is the decay rate of postmodern crisis. Some are so incoherent in their pseudojudgement and placement of fundamental contexts that they cant even form useless, but rudimentary, public opinion because they depend too much on the given popular networks of self-identity and formation of mass judgement belonging to the infant nation-state: such trolls must immediately revert to childish name-calling and the mustering of senseless pigeon-shit ideations from their active grey matter when they're unable to adjoin their perception of reality to any personal opinion that can be rationally argued with empirical sense. Empty of even a capable voter's range of public opinion, infinitesimal trolls fish out avenues of verbal graffiti in order to vent the anger they lack and are emotionally incapable of experiencing in rational accord to casualty, or giving a determinate cause for manifestation of original judgement. Appearing instead as mere barnacles riding on bad polity, as biproducts of informal governance or a failure to govern statical herds of goslings. They're countable refuse as a raw statistic can be predicated on inferior methods of educating and enstating social roles to thinking Beings. A reminder that all that they teach, everything they believe in and posit in vain is absolutely false, heretical, naive and a constentation to what is good, true and valid knowledge. The political rights unholy war on truth, goodness and natural right runs counter always to the default laws of physical nature and man's capacity for rational survival within the environment. Would be extinguished if social and biological cognizance did not align to his decision making apparatus governed in full scope observance of reality principles. For surely he would allow himself to consume the manure of livestock if his elemental-paganical psychological programming could argue for it in the name of his own self-deifying conceptions of omnipotency. The environment itself is self-identified in reverse of its fundamental essence as a causal continuum containing a priori laws of comparable logical categories -- instead it is idealized to a level of the personal godhead and childish phantasm, a skepticism of profound, irrational measures destructive to the forest of probable events which his arrogant omnipotency divides, conquers and denies thermally with the suicidal razor of Occam.  
  The brute, insensate, neurolinguistic mechanisms of human actors are destined to atomize their legal functions from the neuroplastic frequency of linguistic order and gauge to entropic attractor states that drag their neural field components into the superdense thermal fluctuations present inside the earth conditioning their electron from a ground (dead) energy state to an excited (alive) state where 'conscious suffering' or 'burning' of the spherical bodymelt in situ. This demonstrates itself in the way that do-nothings do nothing, watching on in all idleness as their own communities crumble disastrously or are looted by petty thieves, in such manner calling upon the names and virtues of salvific Lords, Buddha or Christ, they refuse to act as human beings with the simplicities of moral eyes and conscience; stuck in the trickery of the trickster with his false values of society, they give a blind eye to desecration at the helms of foolish deceivers and ideologues who dictate negative usurpations of truth, positivizing what is empty and stale while thieving through self launder and conglomerating all the world as belonging t the infant ego's twisted logic of phantasm, these scavengers of toil are ruled by pinhole perspectives that barely reflect the light of truth, and follow through dead-end unorthodoxies that conceive the world upside down and to a reductionists myopia they insult the spirit of rational holism dragging others down into the atomized void of an ancient and amateur mode of skepticism which is divorced from any probable or rational sense. Corporate capital inculcates the evils of mass economy and the mass market of technocratic and theocratic states. Negativity in these situations can turn easily on the more commercial and even organic aspects of liberalism as a kind of misanthropic response to corporate capital and materialism when genius is left to sink bellow the cracks. 
Memes are the electrodeposit patterns (Electric Meme) in a medium (language, brain, neuro-glossemy) containing charges of symbolic adaptation to stress (verbal pathology). Meme vectors can be collectively decomposed into space-time stress tensors and their behavioural magnitudes of affect accurately predicated by the random generation of linguistic objects. It is easy to predict the outcome of a target meme by building a social engine with phase variables that terminate at the point of meme contact with a series of structured symbols (contact process, epidemiology, coupled automata). The result is that the 'truth', the original morpheme structure, the 'meaning' is compressed to the outline of symbolic structures and in this regard one may say that 'knowledge' pertaining to the symbols is repressed or hyper-repressed (if our meme compressor is an agent of biopsychological constitution and organic brain dynamics than 'compression' is a circumscriptive 'repression'.) Many kinds of stressors can be pseudointegrated by correct meme conjugacy such that when morally objectionable stress arises or when environmental meaning such as social or class related stress handing contradictory traits, uncodedable anisotropic displacement, from interpreting computer language etc., memes will edge into these stressors its own social monologue of accredited lingoes to the shockwave. Once social agents collectively trade about these meme cofunctions the field of memes add negative, dystrophic feedback to the agents neural pattern (symbolic) organization of information-entropy ratios, and this mutation classifies as a primitive pathology of inorganically coded social mimesis entangled to human behaviour. For every self-coding large structure there corresponds an aberrant waveform coupled to neurodynamic interactions. Iterations in the waveform and the wave's general serial arrangement of gaps reflect the miscoded forms of meme language. Language comprehension for example produces quantifiable neurocognitive spikes whereas 'processing' without comprehension reveal significant differences in waveform spike signals throughout the pattern's continual evolution. Memes condition an aberrant Markovian chain of miscoded neurodynamic waveforms in the areas of language comprehension and perception. In this sense memes may be discussed as social pathogens of speech and expressive social animation to a linear manifold of socioeconomic mechanization, they reflect the truly machinelike manner that populations configure, imagine, perceive and codify their environment and all sociable contents including knowledge apprehension, fashion, learning, politics and sexuality. Machines, like compact memes, are as bizarre extensions of the nervous system as cybernetic equipment, made to append its work efforts, functional reflexes and dynamic operations to a cheaper, more economized medium of communication. Being extensions of virtual space-time machines that mimic human activity in a totally linear, hypostatic assemblage based in cybernetic laws of conservation and statistical mechanics; the meme is a hazardous tool of progressive social evolution that quickly vaporizes neurolinguistic meaning into expendable entropy. In this sense memes might be imagined as virtual machines inside language co-operating in a field of neurosynaptic feedback loops and incipient upon real neurolinguistic stress they mediate the complicit breakdown of reason and all rational association to the natural physics of linguistic and environmental structure. Only some populations of memes act in discordance to the social-economic drives of modern societies, most contribute to its central progressive drives and collective desires which are disharmonious with the thermal equilibrium of the biomass. One may even say that they aid in deconstructing rational associations from even sequences to odd bridgework but because most average collectives sustain their relations of labour towards social mimesis i.e., they exhibit behaviour as an individualized symbolic element, it is difficult to show their dissociative quality. Fragmetned languages cohere to stronger social mediums, to symbolized behaviour where affect travels as an incommunicable motif of symbolic cultural identity (markers) with no real existential-subjective currency. The latter is attributed to states of rational ego-reflection where linguistic acts are produced just as they are being observed. Perhaps this extension of language reduced to fewer descriptive terms, nuances etc., in an alloyed medium of speech polarity, automated to behaviour, that itself curtails intimate communication involving elaborations of descriptive variances with fewer showy behavioural affects in speech regulation. hence, an instantaneous organic fluidity emerges when the spoken dialect is focused with its content in a higher mental sphere of thinking, exemplifying and delineating meaning that transcends what linguistic rules can be mimicked by machines, to historical, cultural denotations refferenceable only in the human collective morphogenetic field -- this flow of enumerated values describe the dynamics of living or organic speech and cognition as separate ethological dimensions from the linear processing and rigid consistency of primate behaviour patterns. Today, we have mastered the emulation of organic speech synthesis to elemental behaviour patterns but in reverse order as historical and cultural themes repressively tamed with fashion provisions, and carried as cliches in meme society. Socially transformative utilization of novel technologies designed to augment and employ natural behaviour, ideas and organics are progressively eroded by the micorcapitalism of miniaturization and functional compartmentalizing. Speculation and its cult of slate business modelling, networking and monetism etc. dominates the sphere of social capital as a neo-Darwinist engine against the patterns of social development. These facilitate cultural entropy against reform power and creative substance. Technological paradigms remain fixed in tarpits of their speculative circularity when visionary products and paradigms accede to outnumber creative, rational processes. In other words, even when capital desires to invest itself in progress its result is always one of 'progressivity' and erosion of cultural and social substance -- real advancement on the other hand originates in artistic inventions that prevent human creative destruction, adding them the necessary ecological dimensions to technological and social structures -- capital tries to own futural notions but it resists fundamental transformation because the means whereby products are invented fail to fully involve the rational and creative means of production into working-class economies of convertible libidinal energies. 
A primitive, wild, antiassociative schitzotyping, paranoiac awareness hovers over all political and social progress, preventing the necessary cultural processes from taking effect. This is the nature of isolated states whose archaic means of controlling resources, people and ideas inflict protest and the language of revolt which is the language of archaic monopolies and petty baron states. Enculteration follows similar but more abundantly grounded historic memes of social connectivity. Memes in this regard are detached from historical contexts and cling to gross averages as a secular variant of 'culture' in population statistics. Thus likelihoods that depend on established truths are forfeited and the dominant scheme becomes that of semantic reduction of the values endowed with descriptors and essential meanings -- To reduce language down to a non-empiral base where events, states of affairs, human shared experiences and testimonia can be programmed into a chart of statistical averaging acts to superficially disqualify valid probabilities, such as guilt or innocene of a crime, competence measures and psychic or intelligence outcomes. In truth, this tests the meme itself dissolves on its own mirror imaging in test functions. Many may argue correctly that memes are the posterior mechanisms of recessive genes, or areas of bulk DNA as some other process, directed towards a synthetic process of evolutionary development without any target, evolutionary goal or primitive drive the meme is an itinerant nomadic wandering agent of desultory linguistic genesis that coincides with mammalian neuropathic onset. Peculiar to social behaviour in not only animals but simulated population dynamics in software drives can also mimic disorganization of network functions close to attractor sets. The model of meme evolution itself is based in the statistical thermophysics of information. A meme is a gene product that denies any reliance upon metabolic self-regulation via feedback with temperate environs, or has no sequence of its own involved inn cellular programming, signalling, instruction or nucleoprotein synthesis. Ordered phoneme and morpheme structures in natural languages display idiosyncratic properties congruent throughout the verbal hierarchies of world languages. Primitive cell cultures are excellent analogies for memes spatial self-arraying, as a medium of their expression, content layering and as bactereogenesis, provide a model for inculturation and the spontaneous innovation of symbolic cliches, mass culture, etc. A social connective property which traces out territories in environments by numerous electrical depositions of shock, resistance and stress adaptation. 
  For the case of chronic language comprehension deficiencies or for corrupted verbal envelopment in attention skills this behaviour f conjoining the consensus value of a meaning or a version of truth to a private conception, a conjured derivative value of the actual common meaning belonging only to eclectic corporate think-tanks and cryptanalysts follow the algorithms generating the web of decontextualized values in odd sequential form from the valid domains of argumentation recognizable to natural pattern analysis. From an obscurantists interpretation of corrupt legal argument one can simplify this method as an obscurantist conjoining of fallacies to well defined event structures. Using psychoanalysis and deep structure analysis, a linguistics of decline emerges from the telescopic view of verbal performances in large, drawn out legal schemes, and juridical case studies. From the transferal of psychic energies of a power that abides in a hidden dimension of legal necessities to that of a noble judge, educated jury or seal proof authority these manipulative obscurations of legal and factual language are cause for anxiety since they cannot be pinned down as readily with scrutable radar according to classical argument terms. They act as fallout for incoming gravitationally objective argument, power-conjuring fabrications and narrowly focused, self-telescopic perspectives built on frivolous plights, of falsely associated suppressions and corporate cliques belonging to some obscure, elite circle of legal semantics derived in private offices. For sure one can diagnose the failings of contemporary legal jargon in the digital age to be antagonistically derived and conjured through the discourses of memes i.e., being a symptom of moral decline and value uncertainty the unconscious elicit function of a mass agenda to break with the sensible common values of 19th century language and standard practices.  Thus do we see the contaminated spectrum of genomic reference. Memes do not depend exclusively on their store of genetic references, as they are discrete units of repetition that copy syntactic relata from outside sources they can also be compared to information compressors that process live data yet in their extrapolation of value adherently produce n coherent sense or meaning of the picture or live reality. Being anticoherent, their 'sense' of truth is not collectively grounded but rather social at least in external purport adhere not to history but to the order of groups, business clubs, pyramid schemes and private interest circles.               

It's a longstanding thermodynamic fact of the biomass that energy surplus as it is utilized by humans in the current energy paradigm based on nuclear power, oil and fossil fuels is itself a deadened philosophy -- fuelled by the supportive envy of postmodern decline in the oil and gas sectors where the present economic-energy platform and infrastructure was initiated following the war years (1942-1972) is destined to self-destruction or to be replaced by new post-war infrastructure paradigms. Any thesis or probable modal argument for the present cycle of consumption and commercialization is doomed to topological entropy. Systems of capital cannot reject nor disprove these facts and it has become standard currency to  build modal norms of argument on an existential logic or ontology that naturalizes itself to interpretations of these facts. Hopelessly, today's neo-con / neo-lib political establishments place their bottom-line on a foundation of control logic. Cybernetic theories of the postmodern institution tend to mass contemporary psychiatric attitudes of homogenous capital, corral identity, affective psychological fitness and the cartoonish cognitive ethnologies into circuits of qualitative behaviour. The idea that a servomechanism embedded in human neuroenvironmental space vectors responds to meaningful stimuli in disequilibrium to receptive decision making, in other words macrobinary machines that resemble evolutionary genetic programming or the rigid body dynamics of primate limbic motor impulses are first-order social machines indexed to first-order representational labour economies.   
 Homo sapience in posthistorical reality is a human animal possessing sapience but no humanity. They are homos sapien but not (human) Beings outside self-definition by technicity and anthropological science i.e., non-rational creatures with no aesthetic or cultural sense -- When we attack certain issues with extreme veracity and it seems like radicalism, this has its source in the extremism and dissonant immodesty of the times. Before the days of the new media, the growth of mass media and TV tabloids, entertainment, industry, production, automation, overpopulation, global warming and social networks, there may have been room to spare certain indulgences of the past, certain policies, opinions and modes of approach were allowed, they were 'afforded' because it was the past. Before Henry Ford and the auto industry for instance, or the oil crisis and Baby Boomers, the world in its totality was much smaller and technological growth much infrequent by comparison. Today's world can no longer afford the additional self-fixations and illusions of populism, of ravage capitalist free-enterprise and other free market values. It can no longer pretend to live in the ancient state model of social hierarchy and capitalism as anything more than a model or a frame of reference the way modern monarchies are established with professional classes of administrators. Electoral tradition has laid down the figure role of the president as a vocal figure of the crowd, the podium and the ancient tribe of Rome. We as citizens quickly lost the validity of this role with the advent of cameras and modern television and radio, when it was no longer about entertaining the organized crowds on location but the entire nation fed and enthralled through electronic media. Now, these traditions and forces inspire bad behaviour, they leave their mark on society and global culture, they alter the course of social monetary power and the perpetuation of degradative spectacle, consumer habits and mental attitudes. Its like the derelict without a valid excuse, the rebel with no cause, the devils spawn with no Alpha traits. Now, someone with a flaw or a few forgivable flaws who has redeeming qualities or an alibi is not equal to someone who is a wreck and serves self only, deceives everyone who is gullible enough to believe him as a means of survival and is a scammer, a charlatan, an imposter, an empty suite, a conman, a living auto-denigrator. 

Subjecting to total scrutiny all purported endeavours at the systematizing, deriving and anchoring a new set of fudged rules and escalated measures of social production, the magical-unconscious laws of strategic self-assimilation aimed at the environmental foci of affect responses are these political self-charicatures emulating desire that misacheractarize real things, like the 'political right' verses the real distribution of what is rightly grounded or reflected through scientific knowledge, confirmed as rational fact, (there is the facimilated 'culture' of right duty and right order) which radically surmounts by displacement all of its own essence above factical right in the manner it discludes or sets aside the most fundamental energetic or power laws, exiling from mind the original culture of its descent by selective denial. Thankfully for all singularly focused on objective survival that medical science is governed above all in the execution of sufficient reason and that the total account of scientifically referential and recoverable states of reality are not blindly turned over by the impulses of human intellectual distortions carried by the unconscious of some discombobulated psyche. Righteously so that what is independently true of all political factions is governed in what is most sensible i.e., rationally verifiable by sense experience, and not in what wildly exclusionary personalities and informal cliques designate the 'political right' as a kind of polarization of the factual, otherwise political humans might not occupy life in its full extent. In these archaic practices of many Western political economies the sentimental serpent of the right-wing is played out against that of the left and democratic programs like two buttons on an ice cream machine containing the wrong formulas behind each of the flavours false labelling.  But the complacency of the neo-classical economic machine is that its ancient values happily assimilates or exchanges one for the other by public request, insofar as it enjoys the obstructed sustenance of dysfunction by controlling the representatives on the ballot and can excuse itself of these cheap tactics in privation of its needs supplied with all the fake melodramas and infantile psychophancy common to all disingenuous governments that are hoisted in naive populism, rooted in capitalism and share all the same neo-liberal puritan values of the bygone middle class. This exchange creates social and economic chaos in which it takes cynical pleasure in excusing as an alternative effort to its incompetent attempts at mass governance.     
Tests and destandardized platforms for technological prioritization blind human judgement with their detached, squidish, inhuman and demoralizing promulgations of 'monkey fiddling calculations', sublimating, liquidating human aesthetic judgement, solidarity and biorational substance with their anal-moralizing zealotry. This hyperplastic, over accumulation of social and communicational networks freezes the social bond potential as an environmental distortion of social energy; a loss of narrative filled in by technology, and weakened by the loss of a unifying spiritual principle -- the organic social matrix of reversive-narcissistic biosocial codes is disintegrated into an affluent mixture of crowd-mind tendencies and positivistic Id-affirming fantasies of intellectual-spiritual 'independence'; a complex of once rationally integral joining is now detached from any intersubjective 'ecos' of the natural biosocial 'life' codes, is also detached from any mutual potency of a personal self-efficacy, and in infantilism it self-operates in an atomized state of organic separability of the coherent truth that is wholly accountable and maintains this false dignity of itself via operant codes of signalling that forbids all healthy, rational, heteronymous transference in the psyche relation. A multistable degree of controlled entropy consists in that movement predicated by the system as necessary for its disguise, survival and write-off potential. Tactics that might arrest the development of the system's progressively -- its erroneous logic governed in narcissistic Ego-automaticity -- can never iron-out the political or economic semiodifferences that would otherwise correct its logic, its programming, its autotyrannical self-itineration, and return to a naturalistic human economy based on organic modes of exchange of raw self-governing capital viz., the rational working class of traditional European states, the pious, or practicing proletarian, the de facto 'citizen', arousing solitary faith in a naturally intelligible, heterogenous ecos of man. Perturbing the symbolic order and the automatic simulation of digital productions is already a tedious endeavour, but the political structures of world events taken in situ, the violence of discourse and consumption refutes by its false ordinance, the very possibility of integrating its diverse modes into a properly unified, orthodoxic system of dynamic forces and free exchanges grounded first in traditional rational values and rooted in historically authentic Being. Economy no more refers to its honest revolutionary topology nor gives spontaneous homage to its true, living network of ecological-organistic culture effects. Thus, anarchists and other active intellectual forces wishing to undermine these problems to a movement towards the real dynamics of global, national interactions and inclusive hierarchies persuade people and governments, know that there is no fertile ground for creating a multilateral, global universum of exact exchanges in historical truth, in ecological reference to historically valid space with revolutionary transcendence of the oppressed language, to an artform. Political systems and governments designed for the public do not equalize any power in harmony with the enveloping problems of wealth expropriation and the impoverishment of culture, with glaring assaults of digital, high-fidelity amateur prorating -- knowing that an ideal political state built on a correct doctrine of applicable communications, laws and traditions to the wide mixing pot of emergent economic properties, is unrealizable in any real geopolitical program, anarchists and intelligentsia look instead for abstract routes, not to fix the system in place but to give due trial and error, to engage difference in the shattering the comedial 'naive' models of industrialization, as a metaphysics of political action and historical criticism. This logic also runs counter to the success enjoyed by undoing crowd-mind falsifications such as character assassination, smear campaigns, trolling and freakly scandalization schemes that feign ungrounded character judgements in a jest of personal desperation -- setting the record straight does next to nothing to challenge the systemic imbecility of such persons -- being that what is true, normalized to some law of value, is already its standard and this obvious even to the homogenous labouring of fearful crowds. Unveiling beauty has no shock value -- it does nothing except defer any critique of popular values about the hypothetical beautiful which are established in modernized histories of critiques concerning 'norms' set up by genuine capital to set the stage for mans developing world order. A majority of this anthropic mass cannot be designated properly as fitting the theosophical, spiritual or rational definition of 'human', only archaeological and scientific fact defines their homo sapience as a technical term belonging to the body.  On the other hand it is praised as a sign of intelligence if you apply efforts of wisdom in such a way that turns the trolly moralization of evil in temporary agents of responsible humanity i.e., psychologizing their immoral rule-governed intellections with reactions towards unitary servitude. Positivistic dysfunction sees its contradictions, its folly becomes a desire to see further into the light of philosophical truth (as radical, enlightened human beings -- autonomous collectives however reject association to their righteous gods, a sovereign order of natural providence, and autocracy which is starkly opposed only because it is the theoretical enemy of collective freedom, but collectively the denial of self-determining, consciously individuated, self-conscious, ethically grounded self--governance goes downstream with rational clarity and conscious existence. They would rather cogitate in empty commands that nuance to themselves that they are conscious but they are not, they believe themselves to be the end product and determining factor of evolution and divine choice but are not, they believe this absence of self-determining qualities equates with selflessness and wisdom but panders only to an immoral self-negating creative responsibility. They are that unnatural, radical evil that rots in the core, spinning uniaxialy like a melted ball in all directions of that molten commiseration of hell dwelling bellow. In their godless reticence they accept radical evil as whores of the devils technological ramifications of life. The mouthpiece of idle speech, false talk, is the conventionalized praxis of corporate propaganda. Every selfish accident correlates to a cusp of catastrophic self-distraction, intimating human moral sense; the laissez-faire cover adopted by the corporate monger-mogol typology can easily be deduced from an economic-monetary process that harbours the elements of corruption, socialization of meaning and the infothermal law of average distributions that follow the entropic paths of immoral, ungovernable self-agency -- this tensional irrationalism represses normal Ego drives and the Id, in a strained integration of the law of contrary logics that distances also these two functions of the cogito, a pathological regularity through self-emulation and surreptitious use of intelligence, normatively cons by organized falsifications. The slow burn neo-Darwinian, socialized global use-value output of state market structures implicate themselves as individuals in a collective mode of shared behaviour patterns and intensions reflective of the greed and maximum self-interest rules of base genes and this, as a genomic game of repeating collectively individualistic mimicry, also self-organizes into corporate 'normativity' as the direct inverse of a sociometrics of crowd pathology. These utilized control proxies regularize difference and classical psychopathic complexes in society as their self-redeeming benefactors. A critical, classical difference of genuine madness and ingenue denial is the latters effectiveness at deceiving its positive position as emulating good will in the same way that radical evil, hiding behind its grinning masks of deceit, rises up from its status as info-thermal aberrance to take on the position of "madness", which has meaning for it insofar as all psychopathology should be 'classed' as undesirable, non-sociable, misanthropic, disorderly behaviour.  Breaking a rule designates for neurotics some momentum of transgressivity towards order which they praise as calculable social expediency in the law of end goals to social control. Absolute regularity of all systems would naturally pose as a global risk to system stability -- regularity defines the accomplished goals of the system even when the organizing principles of the system are homeostatic; disequilibrium being modified so as not to be visible in optimized control networks. Disharmoniously out of sync with the thermoinformatic premises of organismic self-dynamics (and natural language) the mass species are confluent n artificially self-generated social networks that cover this sociobiological disharmony. Although its effects pile-up in reports n the environmental chaos and psychological epidemics, market inflation and housing crisis, as an undeniable fact of rational sense -- the termite colonies burrow themselves into their supple of resources, extracting life to support dead ends - the closed-loop intellects of the self-desiring capitalist machine, industries of conglomeration, contrived corporate base logic, is a deafly animated infinity of self-absorption and flatus neutrality, the 'spiritual machines' of the intransigent apocalypse -- with the unceasing industries of psychological trash-stats and transgressive advertisement that demote and ameliorate the negative dialectics of control. 

  It use to be that the neurotic traits of regular citizens and technically that of ordinary patients in the age of mechanization would manifest in outward confusion, hysterias and nervous ticks. Today, as with every other process and phenomena undergoing reversal and revision, the situation shows little signs of this distraught character, hysteresis or neurological disorder typical of classical illness -- the disorder is more or less sanctioned as an element of structural survival in the mechanical social economy -- often as abnormal or 'progressive' ideation of ego values -- psychology thus launders, redeems, the response to de facto neurosis as one of cultural assimilation and sociological averaging computable statistics. The psychoanalyst can more readily be accepted now as the one who still resists assimilation, as one exhibiting, if only pseudoclassically, true symptomatic behaviour, i.e., as the rational spirit of true praxis is continuously suffocated, the one still under the spell of disillusionment, that yields power, may behave semineurotically, appear distressed with the conditions of patients and the meandering, itinerant behaviour of those very antirational agents of society whom inflict him with this curse. Reason (as praxis), is once again dropped for the spirit of reason (as value). Today, values are drastically warped and displaced elements, economically speaking, the people arguably find little agreeability on matters of value, for all language, all discourse has reached a level of debasement by total exchange through the politically 'bureaucractized' grinder of 'rights' and correctness scams. It matters not what is true of values but what can be correctly represented via mutilation, as such, with the eradication of basic social laws and ethics, moral traditions like marriage and literary, religious and work ethics go hand in hand with the vast political dissonance that misrepresent any proper formula for the factual. Style matters more than originality and often even more than functionality, even when it is neurotic style it is destructive invention. In such a debased mind state, no recognition for necessity turns up or puts into action the common good will to attend to the principle of reason -- necessity is put on par with perfectible or extravagant interests -- 'perfectionism' and 'obsession' become the new subtleties of a society that averages out its nuclear elements and averages itself as well on depraveous   standards, not because the accompanying drive to complete tasks is overtly idealized, but because it is shunned, banished from completing its existential task to total rational fulfillment, that this imputes self-defining acceptance of illusory eccentricities; an open political association to an oft personality type that is not accurate to oneself.  Beginning in what is mandatory to a culture or to its task, like cutting keys or copying passcodes letter-for-letter a scenario in which there there is no room for error as the nature of the task would be defeated otherwise. There are moreover still those who playact with the adventurous wordplay that an uncompleted task or truth of such requirements has been partially completed, effortfully, and that the underlying necessities are negligible. This veraciously stupid attitude implies a kind of callous madness -- a displaced and empty wound in the unconscious that infantalizes the reality principle to a rational response as a kind of anarchy against logical self-preservatory direction and a blunt disregard for all facticity. Sexual repression of organic desires projects into the figures that resemble displeasure, often associate to these detracting signs and antirationalisms, insofar as sensibility should be liberated from non-sensuous disharmoniousness in language comprehension. 

Explicating civilization and contemporary socio-economic functions with the proper balance of natural-anthropic order ins following the correct formulations of numerical densities, policies and communication structures - maintaing a proper balance is integrally managed with holistic measures that are as resonant to the brain's normal oscillations synchronizing to the exterior foci (environment) to neurocognitive feedback with the necessary ratios as a Pavlovian bell ring is to canine salivation. When this balance is obstructed we get environmental and social chaos. While the corporate modalities of business and transnational enterprise seek a network of hegemonies to control the global quantum of karma, to enforce technical laws over moral and ethical realities, that prevent ration punishment, 'divine' justice and fair game, from falling outside their domain of monetary policy. The spatiotemporal gauge intrinsic to Planck's constant and all functional coding laws have primacy over attempts to cypher temporary appearances that stave off negative karmic influences -- the martingale law of redoubling the odds of recurrence over the thermal envelope increases with infinite time based on prior patterns of equivalence, that is, quantitative measures determine numerically fixed odds. A harmony preexists and endures in both the terrestrial biosphere and the human rational-intuitive mode of creativity and figuring. The intentions of the naturally occurring fruits of life are obvious to holistic reason -- our place in the solar system designates terrestrial functions to aid mankind in this monadic development towards cosmological knowledge and singularity. 
  Disharmonious social, economic and religious systems that reject the viability of neo-Marxian, or some intellectual self-governing cold-war principle, open themselves to fundamentally negative critiques like the demonic pact of pagan Rome that adopted Christianity as a state religion only to use its fundamental (paganized) assertions against non-Romans, Christians; who could not be assimilated to the gods and the goals of the Republic. This same faux republican method scours up whatever it possibly can, with a parasitic sort of predaciousness; it tags anything once connected to itself -- like corporate conglomerations -- that will misread, misquote, mispronounce meanings intentionally so that they become trivialized and openly prey to instant assimilation, buying-up and merging to a maximum of value, and leaving behind the carcass of quality and human essence. These self-organizing mass systems of bureaucracy are forged in the dark shadows of corporate empires. This way Platonism can be stipulated in the taxonomy of items reiterating itself as technically a part of its 'prime directive'. Considering the fact that for every day consumed by vacuous dissimulation into the Turing decompiling process of original semantic coherence, new programming modicum, and books full of completed criticisms must be written daily it seems to sustain a moment of clarity. That the proximate balance sustained on the tightrope act demands extraneous dialectical training to no end -- like a high-strung and senile dog with a choke-chain that can never be successfully domesticated for any purpose is chocked its entire life in order to walk the damn thing. Defeating first the very pretext or foundational premise of Enlightenment, of the resen de ere of the West's own hegemonic stance, that was governed on rational-monadic values situated in once natural conditions (of a philosophy of nature and of natural truth); now must abandon truth for ceaseless expositions and criticism. It is a total self-contradiction of the contemplative-reflective tradition in the West and of the enlightened state itself wether Western or Eastern, Protestant or Orthodox, rationalist or meditative, to require relative discipline and endless words. Reasonable perception is nullified and commonly voided when the tactical derivation of explaining (everything) has surpassed its end but must continue on in order to supply the unenlightened, ungovernable majorities with their daily dose. 
   America today promotes itself as a kind of vampire culture of colourless, inessential relations, repetitive slogans, and faux commercialist social hierarchies that drain the life and class out of the working people and their craft. Like all psychological vampires, they associate to their own vision and spiritual essence everything their eyes perceive, and, the very efforts of artists, everything that comes from the street level, and by sucking the life out of this artistic substance and out of the raw material of nature, they pretend to hold class power, in psychological competition with others among the superrich and the common bourgeosie in Western countries -- The 'political right' contrasts negatively with the Fichtean system of 'natural right' in this regard, that, denotes a negative self-absorption to a self-confirming I-hood. No self-optimizing, ecologically normative, intelligent, willful species would find much more to the human device in its present elaboration through derivative meme society. The true right then hides effortlessly in the centre or in the disguises of the left, hiding from the fundamental heresies and unprincipled witchcraft of the political state. Because the political right is fundamentally, naturally, wrong or 'left' following a critical rational judgement, i.e., wrong by default, and by synthesis to an unholy alliance, a corporate-republic amalgamated in signs that feigns relations to the religious values of the past and to the voting masses -- it may never morally represent what is right even as a political state machine or an act of deference, but in its disdain for nature and truth, practical religion and competent ethics, it mocks the real with immoral delight, with depredations and exaggerations of its progressive incompleteness. True socialists believe in the total socialization of all reality as an artistic-aesthetic philosophy based in absolute animation; in film, stale photography, artless naivete, indeed all industry and artistic functions reflecting life are geared to reflect socialized (artificial) expressiveness; the autosocialization of all functions and processes exhibiting behaviour in the stale mode of abreaction. This behaviour it attempts to limit, as human potential, to a humble primate model of exaggerated clicks and stereotypes. To be always 'humble' benefits this disanthropic equilibria that holds a blind-eye to servitude. Simple despots are most easily obliged then to hire a race of servile monkeys who have rational limitations, can be trained to type on a million typewriters, are lazy enough to harness unconscious powers and the repressed social pathologies that invent cliche, turn their view of the earth into an enterprise, and in this way decommissioning all rational competence. Postmodern capitalism in a few words follows this logic, it minimizes top-down power to a singleton while bringing in a mass market of labouring automatons that undercut competition and expertise. A commercialist or socialist cannot stand the facts of sociological science, statistics, rational psychology or environmental philosophy as it exists in its normal distribution of form and biological temperature distribution. Sociology excoriates their illusion of self-importance and economic self-interest. Statistics decentralizes their narcisstic position as autonomous-autocratic controllers back to the thermal quotient space of biologically average births (This is why much financial support has been provided to mathematize statistics to the point of losing all statistical perspective reducing the measures of validity to escape their natural linguistic categories in infinite algebrizations); ''You just don't understand statistics well enough''or so it is often said. This over-mathematizing of statistics (esp., its language) has the effect of instituting art and the imagery of abstraction as a sustaining measure of truth because when truth is obscured to the point of derationalizing intentions the power to be visually original, or to exhibit some potency as say brute power, falls to a level of mass politik. But in a postmodernity where art is dead this essentially loses its function as well as any defining novelty loses its place in a commercial market based on derivative redundancy.

   The defectiveness I refer to which has arisen in society today as a result of past events is firstly a defection from all efforts, intellectual and spiritual, to form a natural and rationally consistent world grounded in integral values, culture, education and the rebirth of history, authenticity, the ethical law, liberty and scientific progress. Curbing these philosophically inclusive, multicultural, balanced, deconstructionist, pluralist ideals is a constant speculative disorder of consciousness, of a puritanical-neo-liberalist disinterest in political and social radicality and social progress belonging to private corporate interests with an incessant refusal of folk psychologies on the part of past people's postmodern neurotic fashion to embrace historical change and the rebirth of genuine traditions without the invasions of sponsors and fleabag advertisers. This upset in the flow of economic possibilities happens as a corporate or political molestation by the erroneous drives of the neo-capitalist disease, of disastrous anarchy or repressed revolt, and the premature impulses of middle class conservative paranoias, with myopic run-of-the-mill values, middle 'crass' decay etc,. This fearful infantile recidivism is a symptom of not only retrograde culture shock but also is an artificial genetic disorder in man, one which causes irrational and destructive economic behaviour, dehistoricizing with an empty desire for instinctive 'animal' repetition, greed and dull, decadent puritanism. The jittery, Pillsbury-stuffed, aspergery, panic attack, evil genie, sock puppet, jellyroll mental retard who cant stop corrupting systems and refuses to allow genuine systems to be intelligently managed is a useless flaw to society as a world fact.  What is to be regarded as insane is a sign of the times; this cognitively mapped disorder against a normalized natural order that suites the rational instincts of humanity is a kind of impulsive mental illness among the superrich especially that is also shared in the oblique psychic drives of fundamentalist terrorism. These categories of social behaviour do not wish to see any equilibrium of powers, wether it be rational, liberal or communism or a distribution of thought modes and economic possibilities -- this defines the nature of terrorism and mental illness, not the opposite (which is to construct a social order that is a product of terrorism, industrialization of the social and psychological repression that expects reason to conform to the autodeliberate norms of an illness.) This is considerably more destructive to life and biosocial necessities than even genetically modified organisms. Neurolinguistic modification of human speech, emotion, mentation and neurodynamic behaviour with communication devices leads to a disintegration in the organic flow or 'willful' infothermal processing of the neural data-gestalts in all conscious neurocognitive functions since they are all conditioned by the code-sequencing trajectories of a languages syntactic structure we call signal processing or discrete data waveform processing. The language centres of the neocortex are adept at decompiling and processing linear syntax into nonlinear semantic values or gestalts. A kind of Bayesian filter or connection is made between the language retaining activation sites that relate segmented information to comprehension factors like de ja vu or 'tip-of-the-tongue' recognition where a full reference to the syntax cannot be sufficiently established and the mind gets stuck in the limbo of pure meaning without recalling the memory or the word for the meaning. What over-diffuse electronic communications can mean in everyday contexts of events is that people rely more heavily on automated digital productions of meaning, are disengaged from hands-on experiences transcribed in worldly mediums and instead depend on the devices themselves to relay meaningless content, didactic messaging, struggling to type on miniaturized keypads, microscopically focused through a siphon of awareness, self-repetition onto a webcam or digitized literation of the vocal mechanism,  and generally supressed anxiety.  This incipience towards organic communication loses the object and function of communication and reverts man backward to a more primitive stage of signalling and messaging that is unable to facilitate the complexity of the information that is being transcribed; much like depicting robotic automation using a stick and a slab of clay tablet. When the signals become rapacious and jarring in their affective force, when care is not taken to create a stream of filtered data and proper representation the brain is overloaded with a kind of noise, an interpretable signal which is given social function but is devoid of personal value and neurologically relevant meaning essential to building the healthy narratives we call 'culture'.  Language can be central to the entire brains operativity, like the command centre of wave activity language sticks to the human brain because it is a product of language -- we process language in concert with mental or cognitive functions and when the subtle variances of our processed stream of language are corrupt, the electrical wave patterns that describe whats going on in our brain as a whole field of signal summations also is corrupted. Nonlinear pattern recognition and symbolic processing of visual and auditory biological information are examples of this instantaneous adaptation to language -- most animals use it in some form other but in humans its specificity to meaning valuation is essential to psychological development with regards to gestalt contextually and reason. Many judgements made by the human brain that are of a purely psychological or opinion based nature like gestalt figure-grounds, character judgement, and ink-blot tests show as well how many animal species process what is 'real' to them (dogs see themselves as humans among their owners, chimpanzees distinctly recognize familiar faces among their species that to humans appear to be indistinguishable.) The brain uses Fourier transforms to translate symbolic meaning, the raw syntactical shapes of words and speech into meaningful wave patterns, so that when the contours of speech or text are disharmonious in quantitative terms they become or are processed as disharmonious in qualitative terms by the brain. Linearity originally reduces the amount of information a system needs to produce in order to transmit a message (which makes it a desirable instrument of capitalism when applied to economic programming). The fast absorption of visual imagery by the visual cortex expresses a nonlinear mode of interpreting meaning that does not require a linear set of instructions. In text however we are given linear orderings of signs that are universally moulded to a particular native tongue but which have this universality that allows for numerous interpretations. 

Today this prognosis of events has been replaced by the deeply embedded structures of active simulacra. The speed at which technological adaptations have forced the human rational brain to shift its dynamic ecos to an inner energetic dynamic of oversaturated media, segmented processing and social cybergenesis in instant communication overstresses the dynamic threshold of neural evolutions. In other words the neural-encoding genes have not been given nearly the required time to code themselves to this response, f neurolinguistic and automotor-visual affect to the dynamic synapse ratios. Normally thousands of years of linear Boolean adaptations to communication variations are necessary for genes to change in response to this kind of overload. Instead the learning command algebras and self-programations in the fine structures at the brain's subtle processing connections are forced to violate their innate genetic commands bordering on inductions of social psychoenergetic illness. This abrupt enumeration of signs elicits a maldaption wherein engaging an overdosage of neurochemical demands, neuroenergetic functions and socially pressurized or forced acts of behaviour that are not corresponded to rational-emotional states can only condition negative states of compartmentalized functioning in the cyber-instituted economy which violates foundational thermophysical laws of information within the Boltzmann statistics of coding molecular sequences. Steps towards reversing this maladapted habit are of a therapeutic nature, upon abridged primatological neurosis, the Brownian-Boltzmann corollary in spin-glass models of the neuron indicate the natural wiring produced by the constant electrochemical distribution lines or neurotransmission attractor dynamics. 
  The soul localizes its causal effects at the pineal axis in the centre of the brain. Human endochemical manufacturing reserves and inwardly visual (eidetic) perception, facilitates inner-adaption and inner-feedback with this seat of spiritual illumination. Unlike most environmental conditioning, the neurocognitive habits acquired by the brain produce no physiomorphic changes visibly differentiating them from rational or 'normal' modes of brain function. Alterations of large demographics in comparative brain PET image analysis from technologically less adapted cultures varied to a wider spectrum of consumerist or 'digitized' populations show some divergency of the cognitive to emotional corollary i.e., thoughts are not always accounted by their feelings -- a disconnect surely has arisen from how one feels (actuality) to how one thinks (belief) and speaks about their experience within the growing bracket of autocommunicating consumption (smartphones, laptops, micro-touch devices). It is clear that the display of cognitive phenomena that scientists record in gathering studies from populations is augmented by the social, intellectual, technological climate they are adjusted to. As a result tested individuals from six or seven decades ago compared to today are retrograded by the fact that PET did not exist in its present state and that social or intellectual change occurs as a parallel development following the vector of technological progress. As such evidence for the bandwidth gap in scientific data verses knowledge informed from human witnessing of social change is commensureable to that of social attitudes and mentalities fed in an interdependent fashion with progressive communications and data technologies. Certainly the verbal propagation of media, advertisement and busieness that depend on communications for economic survival are least likely to protest their effectual disintegration of human meaning, esp. when no physical or obvious legal penance can be brought to bare on the damages that fall outside the area of immediate measurement. Hence, all moral, collective, qualitative, endogenomic, and structural error with system-wide exploitable capacity is likely to be corrupted in advance. This is something of course condemnable by the most advanced epistemologies; while dogmatic anthropology both structural and post-structural has evaded passing the test of a Kantian rational critique grounded in the transcendental deduction to a rational discourse, their representing of customary, ethnohistorical and ritual behaviour cannot help but impact a derationalization of these categories. Ethology, this even with its limitations of philosophical reflection subtitutes Kantian science -- the new school of political philosophy, social engineering, postfeminist ideology and the rhetoric of ecology and ecoterrorism have been victim of this loss of philosophy in postcollonial studies in particular between historical cultures which it can aggravate but not reconcile the lost empirical datum, i.e., the originary oral generation. 
  We are now the first generations to have no shared sense of an oral history. Before writing was invented it was this oral history that was relied upon as the only history that could be told among the elders of an indigenous-mythic type community -- Even as writing dominated, and later with it printing and book culture, the capturing of orated facts from undocumented events continued to illumine the shadows left by authoritative accounts of time. Each succeeding generation could rely on writing but also speech. With the widespread mass use of sound and video recording there is a decline in human experience as accurately depicting what can be said, testimonialy, about the past or present. Oral history as a social space of recovering what cannot often be encapsulated by one-dimensional, written text has been severed from the dimensions of culture and myth telling, to the media factions of tabloids, gossip and rumour machines. Once speech and hearsay can be mass recorded there is no mental landscape provided by oral history that anything which has not been written down is also not being said and hence recorded as said. The assumption being that everything sayable is always being said, recorded in a medium and relayed for historical analysis. Thus, all is known yet all is lost to human experience. We do not open a space for oral dialogue and confessional speaking about what the unconscious has processed for us in retrospect but cant write; rather we erase this space in advance when we make the assumptions that are always already submersed now in open speech in an age of recording where everything has become transparent. Story-telling and legend represent an area of taboo within the totemic relations of a society; their place in human culture is also a place of deep unconscious tones and values relevant to the dream and to the overcoming of contradictions, prophecy and divination. From the bonfire to the clerical church all societies grounded on the earth tend to return to this circle of myth-making and moral edification with the ritualized form of reading, reflecting past, and regressing of past deeds. As such they are like oral histories of their own secluded to the domesticated space of private, autogenetic, familial domains of relation. By the time that domestic space of the oral tradition of families to the one of communities and nations has been concretized above the capcitabilities of ordinary speech it vacates this space of the private unconscious and moves directly into news, reporting and the personal, audiovisual opticon of computers. The unconscious manifests its anxieties and turbid, unanswered questions in the major news reporting circuits. They are subject to a vast generalization about which the contemporary political apparatus attempts to assimilate and divest itself. 
   Attempting to systematize reality, the axis of the Anglo-American crusades is flipped in reverse fashion from its position during the foundational rational age to signify now an endangering of rational potentials and forgetting the adage of the modern surrealists, namely, that reality escapes all efforts at systematization, a philosophical postulate which the surrealists took rather seriously. Avoiding the pitfalls of adverse calculation and the classificatory missteps secured by beaurocratic science onto exterior contexts -- invite the tools of critical aesthetics disjoining the latticework of an incomplete but well cemented order of thought -- It is true that the heresies of today follow from a logic that negates the natural parametrizing of past to present states developing the philosophical and ethical considerations of technologies. Since orthodoxy cannot be made into a methodology it cannot be applied to a changing world's social and geopolitical landscape. It emerges when a series of problem conditions are comparatively analyzed, pieced together and advanced upon. Interdisciplinary connections between disparate fields of knowledge are fitted at their natural convergence points, and incompatibilities such as error, language impositions are given new interpretation. When a whole category of advance is finished its height of refinement as is with most phases in a technology, it serves its partitioned, practical use and economic focus to be placed on new modal frontiers of invention. One bizarre questionable sign that appears alongside the growth of silicon engineering enterprise in the information age is the tendency for all focus to be placed on extending Moore's law into increasing thresholds of the miniturization schemes consistent with transistor switch logic. A collective agnosis and nearly obsessional fixation with microprocessor evolution exists that overshadows the entire field, past and future of technological ideations. Could it be innately reflected in the total design of reality? that this fixation has immortalized itself as the end finality of technological revolutionary possibilities. Why has not the digital paradigm taken a backseat position and substituted itself with a spaceage vision or some other imaginary in technological thought? This economic imperative to an unlimited field of integration of what can be procesed only by dividing (zero and one -- Being and nothing), underlies all industrial functions of product and production as interdependently forecasting how economy is defined and has such limits of the polar vacuum which divides according to the invariable formula of zero and one. An opacity of human sufficience is accidentally filtered out by systems that seal a vault on subconscious meaning and process. Reason as we know it in the language of immediacy, intuition and the consciousness of events is abandoned by its posessors under the provisions, policies and measures set by the digital economy. Standards are debased to disclude only the empirically valid necessities i.e., the provisions set by human trial and error registries, empirically specific procedures. What cannot be enforced within the base grammar of the law is overlooked with myopia through the eyes of irrelevance until material dramas can be brought to move the repressed domain of influences, or legal arguments that alter the contextual values in statements empowering proxy motions towards rational judgement actions. This accommodates the verbal representation of conscious reasons. Necessary procedures and common sense expectency may be unrecognized or mindlessly unchecked. Too much faith is placed in the limited capacities, sensibilities and powers of machines, the legal process, social codes and the technical regularity of conscious responsibilities given by postmodern technocratic systems. The daemonic pact of Western political parties and corporate agency with their divisive methods, heretical scourging for power and substance in rhetoric and semblance. When the whole as a populist organism refuses to responsibly organize itself into a distribution of rational agents each executing the powers of reason without invoking the collective necessity of say an outside agency, the law or other whole -- then it is said that the moral and ethical constitution of ensouled life, agency, is actively pursuing the status of a peaceful, co-habiting, survival-interested civilization. Beyond rational self-responsibility a destructive tendency hides beneath the technical proxies of legal semblance that allows for the justifying of all the brute forces latent in the unconscious drives to seamlessly expose their tactical aberrance against the human function and against the rational endowments of the living conscience. To each economic derivative of a system that benefits from a heedless manner of organization there lurches an unconscious series of practices intended to incur damages that maximize product dependence. . .  . . . They created the bastardly systems of America, by first liberating the language of the once Western peasants, the majority of historically once protestant classes and inviting this peasantry of workers to be ruled autocratically by a dictate of ideological and social manipulation at the turn of the last century. This brought possessive individualism into the mainstream of emancipatory European liberation and unification to America during the wars. Prior to this epoch of mass change there was the protestant work ethic of the first half of the 19th century that kept a certain culture and stability in place of this old rural, peasant majority. Primitives were, in essence, the same -- non-literate, not yet educated with little or no access to modern social and cultural knowledge. Their personalities were almost completely introverted and acting out in public, laughing or even showing one's teeth was not at all common in non-liberated cultures, unless the customs demanded it. The interwar years issued a fast emancipation of all this into a possessive culture of personality. Photographs of small tribal groups hurdled together with spears in their hands, and those black and white pictures of puritans, and poor peasant families demonstrate this common demographic fact -- people in these societies were straight-faced usually, did not smile for cameras (until Hitler made them smile for eugenics reasons) and had little in the sense of developed humour or other more complex intellectual judgement ingrained in them -- thus when the big change happened it was devastating in every sense. Today, this primitive, mechanistic, amateur lurking behind and within the features of postmodernity never goes away; we see it every time there are errors in processing common sensibility, damaged goods, late replies, rat-race consumer economies, littered streets, smog, global warming and bad notions of time and human purpose. Reversing the Cold War seems to only remove us from an accomplished state backward to a state were we are too technically altered and dependent on newer standards in the present epoch to safely return to that kind of past in any acceptable manner. It takes us back instead to the economic and social horrors of WW2 with a vague resemblance to that eras lack of conscience. Only in our times, this primitive, rigid dynamic does not simply escape into space in our private, oblivion in the natural abode; it spreads into all private space through news, through internet, through the cybernetic conditioning of every braincell with its mechanical wave of saturation and linear indexing of our states and functions. Self-promoting, watered-down fallacious medieavil psychologies. An endless concatenation of postliberal, postmodern marketing schemes and publicity stunts; self-promotion feigns the arbitrary idol delusions of the masses into the marketing of government as a public organism of parasitic human animals.  Anyways, by virtue of all these facts there will never be an official or successful protestant uprising in American political economy, since these groups deny the constitutionality of all major revolutionary principles, values, activities and thinking modes -- which is to resolve existential conflicts that arise from monetary oppression by the state which is populist-fed in all its social artificiality and social artifice -- their function contrarily is to upset the existential prosperity of those who wish to reverse the processes of oppression and repression. With the very suggestion that a historically relevant protestant political revolution could exist embraces dramatized socialization of its theme, self-contradicting even its own political illusion as a kind of iconoclasm. Kind of like Freemasonry in the west carrying on still as if it were a mystical quest among spiritual men; where these practices of religion and mysticism once belonged to natural people who were much closer to nature and regular people who treaded the path of the forest passage, in Europe and old America, now only vestiges may be found genuinely in say pre-digitized Russia. Denying art in the political theatre itself and attempting to falsely humanize capitalism whiled dehumanizing the people who are the clearest channels of those traditional insights and values including political revolution. The French, German, British, American and Russian had their revolutions in economic and social production centuries ago. Since the postwar era these revolutions have appeared in countless other cultures which westerners acceptingly enjoy the social-economic and cultural fruits in their own countries as a kind of return to peak western concepts and peak treasuries that are now past for us. This is why revolution is what it is as something economically very useful, or communist reforms that have an international flavour or bring in international political coverage because it takes their economy and scales it back to a past time. Original Marxism reverses the system back to an age when 'capital' was still a golden age adventure, and Hegel's dialectical history still flourished. Paying heed to no warnings, recognizing no social consciousness of ethical integrity, responding to no empirical law of value, of what we as postliberated people of standards and knowledge deem as acceptable in the light of historical facts, learning next to zero from the symbolic law of natural (aesthetic) associations, the Pavlovian bell rings no resemblance to salivation in the denaturalized gustatory mechanism of the dog whose neuronal connections yield only weak resonance, and in the brains of parrots who thrive by mimicry, by narcissistic mirroring, the pathology of the narcisstic personality obeys no structural law of biopsychology (the amygdala simply fails to respond to learning empirically, with a lower tendency to form habits wether beneficial or recursively damaging to self-preservation.) These miscontextualized aspect of the mind where Gestalten fail to resonate with identity are what allow the meme to thrive in chain-reactionary logics. Acausal (contingent) laws are purported by the low Pavlovian learning curve of repression-empowered wills operating acausally or 'outside the ethical law' of the social intelligence. Thus, biosocially they fail to adapt to new, real-life situations that naturally evolve and rather than thinking through life, must be trained like dogs for every little application necessitated by causality. Like when he or she can pre-cognize that an authority is about to be right again or explain their case with perfectly natural references to events and lived experiences and the hearer cannot home-in to the validity of a claim but instead forges suspect inquiries into their sentence structure or manner of verbally carrying the depiction of events as if it were evidence of really disordered thinking. In most examples the notions of disordered thought analyzed in speech do not apply to the case in point but only to a fuzzy notion of 'disordered' lines of thought i.e., where the thoughts are rational and self-explanatory but the expressions of those thoughts contain gaps and predicated biases or other failures in making them comprehensible -- instead all sounds, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and images in the parrot brain reflect the same serial code of apprehension (the parrot perceives himself to be his master; the dog sees his human owners as himself; chimps are highly distinguishable to their own genotype but facially homogenous to man; species symbionts, neurological assimilations of figure perception -- gays perceive male faces as equivocally all female faces would appear to a heterosexed male, and the same way wild animals experience all humans as identically a species without gender, visually circumscribing qualities or traits -- neurotic people's brains are like that person who cannot see the obvious bat in the Warshak ink blot, who cannot distinguish the hag from the baroque lady, they rely more heavily on coded information than structural features in real objects i.e., biosocial codes are to Americans what Charlie Chaplan's mustachio is to someone trying to disguise themselves as taller, older and more mature. Man is no exception, to him all mammals of the same species look the same, all men of differing morals or ethical interests are entrusted, distrusted and judged the same; the devoted author and judge the same as the thief and scoundrel are his blind bearings for trustworthiness wherein he must smell another man's ass to be certain of his inner character, high-strung dogs who cannot tell a robber from a postman. He makes no forensically valid judgements consistent with behavioural science such as observing reliance ratios, recurring behaviour, sincerity, like one's personal profession and hobbies, or where one's financial income are spent as being reliable, material markers reflecting good or bad character judgement. Instead he trusts shady characters with no organized selfhood that hurt him repeatedly in life and fears all those who display superior ethics. Because of this he is constantly at the helm of government, media and other policing forces who must manufacture his consent that would otherwise fall to belligerence. Having no independent existence through which to clarify or convey this (obvious) state of affairs, the complacent neurological habits of social pathogens means that the proper functional conditioning of the genome which was regulated through centuries of rational-environmental trial and error has been specifically sublimated as a result of oppressive laws of social capital i.e., succeeding decades of pampered leeches upheld under the powers of the servile who are put into the unquestioned position of positive or dogmatic servitude. If not for the fact that all modes of capitalism derive from ancient or barbaric Gangus Kaun excoriations of mineral deposits, gold, land, barbarous snobbism, and human blood labour, the primitive law of servitude that equates to an infinite surplus of self-advantageous, opportunistic psychological miscarriages supplied by the perpetually oppressed would not carry its factors into modern exploits of neo-capitalism. Capitalist vultures look not for reasons and causes but for issues and chain reactions to exploit and support their false claims. This is why their focus is always on the possible mental confusion of past and present tenses in opponent speeches rather than on the presentation of facts and descriptions of reality. To this selfish end, selfish animals who live and thrive day-to-day on the calculated measures to exploit, corner, cheat and secure for their arbitrary and void utility as much of the blood, sweat and tears of originators and other disadvantaged empathizers to their cause, find their means of appropriation are impractical and dependent only on programming. They're very notions of what appears to sound rational is grounded on linguistic programming, following an axiomatic framework of verbal grammars, and not on reasonable cases of facts communicated by human beings.          
Some creatures survive only as parasites on the lives of other animals, some people likewise survive the same way on corrupt practices and tactical thievery. Unfortunately, and unlike scavenger-parasites, humans are of no expense to the ecosystem (or man), they are its burden and its debt. There are people who are a plague to nature, to god, to humanity and to themselves. There are those who are virtuous and follow through social ethics while others wait for their compatriots to do everything for them, to demand everything of them, to explain everything to them, to share with them all their efforts and possessions while never giving return or explaining their reasons. Many like this live false lives that are ruled by the unconscious and its intelligent conspiring for self-gain at the cost of honest investors. Such persons are so deluded and semiconscious of their actions that they deny this while calling all conspiracy claims 'paranoia' even when it has perfectly justified reasons for being addressed. There are those who follow what Jesus told them to do who are virtuous because they follow this example, while other wait around for him to do everything for them and suck the living light out of civilized human potential. Only because the Christian right is collectively suppose to be an enforcer of practical morals do we invoke its social politik or announce its representational meaning as an indicator of enforceable social mores. Those in full desperation who hide beneath rocks following only the state trash laws and dilapidated fishhook rhetoricians of those bastardly practices, misconceptualizing standard facts and values that accidentally convict the innocent likewise regard for truth, totality, the democratic process en masse, social justice and present-day standards of conscious freedom in the digital-ecological age, go unrecognized. Some find it still impossible to compile valid statistics without missing the crucial marks that determine accurate patterns of events like place, time, window, duration and contextual complex. Nonetheless they freely scrape the bottom of the barrel bellow the vacuum threshold with Occam's razor when designating inapplicable mathematical statistics to selectively debunk real occurrences that defy natural explanations. A necessary reliance upon sociological and statistical demographics with the shared experience of confirmed likelihood shows rational social phenomena to be consistent with our receptivity to variances. Low functioning habitual-learning curves respond weakly to Pavlovian operant stimuli-associated content and thus exhibit low variance to the recognition of ethico-moral references, truth and cultural demographics -- an elaborately chained Markovian abstraction from holonic associativity defines how the least reasonable mentalities hold together their delusional perspectives into a contorted mesh of logical arguments that impede the natural capacity for environmental experience, physical information and general empirical learning. Of the multitude of possible abstractions barrowed from purely mathematical speculation, the application of numerical statistics arguments that blow out of proportion large number laws can apply anthropic principles to even debunk 200 digit serial matching in psychic tests. There are, in this complacent use of judgement, an infinite use of statistical reductions which lack variance and neural symmetry to the mode of reasoning apprehensions. The falsely over-confident narcissistic behaviour of squidy-spined auto-deliberators, figidy, hyper-vigilant minds who misuse these scrubby, crooked methods as the aid to their opinion, but the algorithm, the pathways into which they arrive at their clearly unthorough 'bottom-lined' conclusions (or assumptions) reflects nothing of the natural structure of how the brain organizes its own language laws, knowledge systematization, and distribution of coherent input-output signals that store otherwise meaningful information. These algorithms hide deceptiveness traits in large vastly parallel links that self-organize around occupational and other systems of exploitation. Thus, their random opinions are as inconclusively self-construed wrenches in the gears of real causality -- like garbage hucked at the truth and burned up in the air by the thermal facts of informational structure. There is in physics, information theory and probability what is termed the "normal distribution". As a more complex spectral observation of space-time outcomes such as coin tosses or random positions where the ping-pongs land through the barriers bouncing across the inner mechanism of a gambling machine; the normal distribution describes the general bell-shaped Gaussian curve of accumulated data, points, numbers or physical vectors. A normal distribution is always expected to be found in any system that evolves randomly over time to reach the balance between the two parabolic sides of the Gaussian. In other words, given the path of a container filled with steel balls which are poured through an aperture, all of them bouncing off an arrangement of stoppers pile up by landing into separate slots at the bottom of the machine -- one can expect an even or "normal" distribution of balls in the different slots, rather than very large gaps or very large, uneven disequilibria. One side or one half of the slots available are not going to be too unevenly distributed with balls when the laws of physical space-time are allowed to organize them as they do under natural causal constraints given by the system in question. Every system in nature from ant farms to galaxies also follow the same physical limits of self-organizing based on the Gaussian spectrum of this normal distribution law. We might venture to extrapolate this law to economic, social, linguistic and political categories as well. In the large, do our combinatorial systems of monetary investments, communication, and public representation reflect a balance consistent with the normal distribution? Experts must confess as a first-principle that capitalism, as a motto, is not conducive to the normal distribution as it would be observed in world economies, social systems and political culture. In fact, it may be argued that we have yet to elaborate (any) of the latter categories into a formula that does equal justice to the laws of the normal distribution as we observe it to be in the natural world. Human systems are augmented heavily by abstract principles and disparate ideologies, by Helmholtz thermal machines, industrial processes upheld by modern pathological neurosis, by heavy imbalances and sociological discordances that modify the natural ethological states of collective groups far from integral-equilibrium. Since human and other anthropic processes cannot be controlled directly using a mathematical formula, by virtue of the fact that they are placed in the thermal environment, it is important to find non-intervening measures for influencing proper functions and normal distributions among dynamic populations. This latter method is the "historical" mode of effecting systems which is very different from the "postmodern" way that involves an apparatus of speculative statecraft formulated and incorporated into organizations to reach artificial consistency. Artificial consistency is not thermally complete i.e., it is not physically viable in terms of statistical mechanics, even though it is sociomathematically provable with some approximations those calculations cannot be demonstrated biomathematically to be realistic for living, physical organisms under the laws of gravity they would be simply non-derivable. From a normal distribution analysis of the output maintained by systems of information, communication, heat production and other complex populations that produce statistical cybernetic activity, the functions of monetary or business speculation fall outside the set of homeostatic relations that define the Gaussian of a normal distribution. Given many structured sets of linear functions that respond in densely programmed social situations, there can only be so many integral filters or sets of measures allowing them to classically define stability in a homeostatic (normal) system of economic functions. It is for this reason that systems must be multipurpose or be self-contained with respect to the interdependence of the many systems that service the necessities of human existence. Except when human populations extend beyond the normal capacitability of the sphere upon which they thrive, or when their rational Egos give way to complex pathologies of objectifying desire into the system of necessities, does this equation become another circumscriptive of cybernetic control that breaches second and third laws of info-thermophysics. In like manner the (human) liberation of sexuality 'from' (animal) reproduction was tantamount to the creating of desire as an object of economy, the transferability of language, meaning and original information laws over to the mass law is beyond the circumscriptive reference of any brain. When most liberal economies successfully, or nearly fully liberated sexuality from the mechanism of reproduction was around the same time humankind became aware of peak oil production and the limitations of the habitat of this planet. It became a theoretical necessity of Reichean mechanics! to put into economic circulation this public norm accepted by the leftist state. However much we try to return the vital liberty of human sexuality (and thus human bioenergetic homeostasis) to the private domain of realsexualitat, the more we feel social repression in arbitrary market societies. Still much of the human population remain in the shadows of a reproductive species i.e., for them the liberation of sexual impetus does not result in the transformation of the reproductive function into integral sexual being, fantasy, Eros, desire, Love, ecstasy, edification or even porn. Reproduction is still linked to mammalian dominance psychology in the anthropological sense and thus operates as a partial extension of Ego, self-reference, self-mirroring, self-multiplication and repetition. These were analysed in the past by theorists attempting to explain the biological roots of industrial capitalism that existed since antiquity and hence long prior to all revolutions. The error is in projecting the private, organic domain of desirous content into the same field of assimilating themes that are enjoyed by consumer economies that want to sell toothpaste and cereal; the mistake is to re-mechanize, in other words, the original function of freeing the human pleasure principle from reproduction. Liberal economies, or more properly 'neo-liberal' economies, abuse this error when they liberate desire into adverts unanimously, habitually emptying the organics of any and all functions to human necessity. Where reproduction was once an animal drive limited only to the unconscious, and organized around planned child-bearing, child-rearing; or to its lower class version as social animal behaviour that randomly makes babies, the new mechanization turns the modern revolutionary focus of producing a psychological synthesis of instincts with libidinal ideations into its own ways of manipulating those ideations. Since the machine wishes to exploit all it can, it moves right into the exploitation of desire that traditionally belonged to the human social sphere of private events that occurred naturally and not by means of an economic order. Does this automata of the machine that assimilates libidinal ideation, Eros and human Love to itself as a measure of its own impulse to capitalize on flows also revert previously liberated (human) sexuality (back) to a lower stage of animal reproduction? Are the modes of mechanism the same in neoconservative brackets of ethical constraint as in the reproductive 'industry' that self-serves gasoline and petroleum? There is no doubt that political economies and political engines have tried to control or subvert human sexual power, orgone energy, as a way to disengender and disempower its citizenry into more homogenous consumers who lack the creative freedom and thus the potency of imagination to escape the monetary framework. If such agents have any iota of brain space for natural learning it is that they have found it beneficial to behave in certain ways. Today, where everything theoretically put into circulation as economically viable is a product of arbitrary business parasitism, there can be very little degree of discernibility between what meaning is human, intentional, entirely circumscriptive, or just monetized hyper-normative acting. Likewise, over-articulated, overtly-polished speech as a deliberation of say news in mainstream media, broadcasting and teleprompting takes on the precessional likeness to automated voice recordings and the implied Orwellian scenarios of this future neoliberal-neocon cyber-state that resembles unconscious dictating or de-liberation of natures and norms (which in itself is a socialist-utopian model of elicit socialization and drowning out all natural human qualities that normally reflect self-conscience, like clearing the throat, accidental stuttering, expressing personal signs of character, making descriptive dialogue, and subjective consensus analogizing). When news and journalism becomes an orbital extension of the advertisement industries following the war-era method of giving a national address to a crowd through a megaphone, 'yaking' uninhibitedly to service a product or some productive goal -- this depersonalized manner of speech is itself a product of the telegram-teleprint messaging services of war-era economies in an age of reporting that once was made to fit the requirements for accurate linear encryption and as such today lacks full dimensionality, and subjective terms for expression. Telemarketing and internet communications came of the same evolutions, and also interact with media to erase the subjective for the objective public speech layout that also guards the individual speaker from any potential scrutiny by the spectacle telescopy of the camera. A recording medium that can be politicized more readily. The private inflation of objectivism is mediated through the politically charged mental atmosphere that falls to the unconscious criticism that must measure up to the new climate of politically correct statements up to a hyperinflation not only of social systems but their cybernetic feedback through the machine medium fulfills the hypothetical dream of technocracy and human cultural conversion to a digitally modified society. Systems become defunct and abrasive because the climate of necon-neoliberal fissured human cybernetics lack all the real compassion, are despirited, atomized, amphibilous and self-manufactured robots with no recognition for bioenergetic laws or human empathy laws. The law of equivalence makes them sustain false reality principles based on empty syntax which is biologically and quantum-systemically a short circuiting of potential complexity in the whole brain and human organism. This outcome of an information fallout is considerably more destructive to life and biosocial values than genetically modified organisms and foods eaten by humans. Not of the same order as a nuclear fallout but much more serious than GMO. Neurolinguistic modification of human speech, emotion and neurodynamic integration with communication devices alters the organic will and infothermal processing of data in all conscious neurocognitive functions since they are all conditioned by the code sequencing trajectories of language. This partially is why they always sound like half-drunk recitals when performed under unconscious pressures, or like hyper-inflated maniacs trying t make amateur films like a pack of disynchronous squelching apes. From this series of frustrations one gets moody, techno-industrialized public animals with no natural grasp of the behavioural patterns of historically rational animals such that defined the 'Good Greeks' as the soul in a mind. Utterly annoying these self-invisible yackers who breathe fakery and reflect their selves outward in reverse of the rational-Brownian order of life. Many seem on the other hand to reach imbalance and instability by some other means such as the silent terrorist who is a product of every single thing wrong with the postmodern world that corners him into oblivion and can be expected to self-destruct when asked what bothers him.                            

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