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Had a separate intelligence greater than our own happened to come across our planet in some nearby survey of the universe, I am not quite certain the response would even be to exterminate the humans! Not because the human species appears harmless or that to exterminate humans might pose an immediate technological threat. My speculations are more of the order of an existential-psychological reception of the human race following a rational assessment of our potentials and present state of invention. Our planet could be seen as a kind of pathological singularity; upon contact with the infinitude of our hyper-neurotic machinery, our expressions of self-narcissism, apophasic self-contradiction, political and religious deviance, the very fact that since the turn of the last century we have not moved properly to the next stage of energy and material consumption but instead remain in a complex, concatenating cycle of synthesizing natural substances with our own signature traits of spiritual decline and decay, the principle expressive meaning and aesthetic 'energy' we emit through our rapid socialization, industry and methods of waste production and pathogenic waste animation-annihilation, the hyper-processed nuances of every object, exhibition, impulse. This radical evil, this cosmic deterrence of our making as is, alone, may be shocking enough to induce noxious existential fears, intestinal vomiting and an instinctive need to flee the star system. I would not be surprised if our entire galaxy were at some point abandoned or if knowledge of earth caused some extinction of rational faith in the Good. For the shear sight of our swarmly madness would be reckoned only by vacating the scene. Just as if a scientist had uncovered a den of giant spiders on some alien planet, if he had began to study an arachnoid intelligence of very fat, supersize, dagger-legged, spindly, upright walking, furry spiders with red and orange polkadotted abdomens and a visible protruding stinger that sprays deadly venom. These creepy-crawley's, if they could speak and produce noises like low vibrating guttural responses, if they sprayed their bile, faecal defecation and venom on the walls of their web spun cocoons, were scatophagic, self-worshipping, infinitely ignorant, imorally-unethically self-contradicting, and determined to destroy and mock all rational intelligence and divine Goodness, while claiming to be all these things with a self-deluding vengeful narcissism; I do believe their vehemence would issue a deeply nauseating existential fear complex enough to prevent any desire to exterminate us. If the extraterrestrial species in question had assessed our development and had to manage us forensically as a raw modal datum under the natural value judgements produced in rational psychologically self-clarifying Beings of self-protective and divinely inspired instincts maintained by the evolute laws of patterning space-time, then I do believe the immediate reaction would not be to flee to some safe distance and organize an attack to exterminate human life off this planet -- as this would not only entangle them in a web of incalculable ecological considerations. If, on the other hand the human species were found to be enriching themselves on nature at say the level of growth consistent with the first industrial revolution and had not reached a Type-1 level civility, then this may not be cause for any concern and we might be logged among the developing worlds soon to figure out new modes of production and free energy. But given the fact that humans never moved into the Tesla period of energy production and consumption we became isolated to a kind of pathogenic process of extraneous means of self-maintenance that fudges temporary violation and avoidance of structural info-thermal laws through the extremes of the artificial and did not make decent approximations or sustain the evolutionary tools to social integration. As a virus producing numerous environmental cancers, uncountable mouldy outgrowths that tower to the clouds, mixed with our own intellectual vomit, self-infatuance and infinite self-contradictions, it is likely to assume a monadic species of upright developed intelligence and advanced space-travel capabilities might be inflicted by existential doubts at the very sight of us and would not even engage in any thought to tamper with such a hyper-complex and radical evil. The calculated response of weeding out our species from the ecosystem may present various imbalanced equations that, if we were to be selectively terminated by a introduced plague, possibly this upsetting the present biodiversity and the dependencies of all life on the human lodgings in this anthroposcene system. Thus to destroy us would cause an immediate instability threatening the natural course of life as well presenting unfathomable complexities of disturbing the fate of species and the karmic sensibilities that are natural to more evolved creatures. One must imagine that revulsive anxiety induced by our terrible majesty of technological apoptosis to a harmonious future intelligence which humans had at a point denied themselves, would likely be enough to disturb an unconscious realization of evil in the universe -- for at a stage in their survey of humankind the outside intelligence would have shared in a degree of transferrant human understanding and existential emotionality, would feel the sickness and contradiction in our drives, ideals, positive attributes and failure to reconcile these with a sense of purpose and fulfilment of their most fundamental premise -- one must conclude that this study reaches a point of deciding simply to maintain an absolute distance of oneself as far as possible from the human hive planet. Though it is likely that such contact and knowledge of our existence may be cause for some incurable future ills and a course of evolution now intellectually incapacitated with nauseation and cosmic fears, from believing in a divine-rational principle integrating fields of advancing destitute to now facing perceived reasons to doubt it. While simply annihilating our monstrous deterrence from the cosmic gallery may speculatively invite worries as unsettling the dragons den, when you come across such a vileness the putative fear of its evil potentials distracts from any necessary decisions to exterminate it. Not out of any sense of superstitious consequence that would preclude a full understanding and unconscious acceptance of our modality, but not being locally able to justify on our terms especially the retched complexity of our fatal shortcomings. This deterring power of radical evil spreads its concerns and drags downward like a gravitational vacuum all harmonious order in its vicinity. Thus the desire is to enter a new vicinity maybe even a new universe would be in order of our discovery. Simply put, our evolution was compromised and put off course; now because of the past, traumatic reality and disconcerted history, we are left with the morphogenetic imprint, the neurotic effect and culture of irrationality which we mend by building scaffolds of mimesis and repetition, inauthentic withdrawal and ritualized mourning which has become our only hope of essentializing truthful social order. This proliferation of ethical themes and territories of communication technologies, sociocultural postmodernity becomes our hopeful complex as the new garden of modern liberty, religiosity, and their revolutionary Enlightenment values prior to the world wars cascading us into this integral oblivion are once more invoked and fervently pulled apart by our politics. But it is not only our politics, it is our greed, our shear numbers, our distracted moral conscience, our flakey idealistic speculations, our debasement of education and co-participation, lack of environmental awareness and disclosure of the situation.  For today it is our masking the Good, our positivity that upholds the sickness and need for retribution which we represent a fear of turmoils that war brought us to this point seeding the negative dialectic of evil. Every indecision is governed in the attitude of a low functioning rationality -- the hook of conditions that cannot be dislodged by following either direction must invite alternative processes even proxy wars seem to have greater psychotherapeutic value in the anecdotal profusion of the image than repressing in the present what was our condition, the content of the post-war neurosis that is remedied with cold war tactical accents and the integral conflict of ideas, morals and intelligence that enforces their global sufficient use, posing a reminder of their proper representation and stabilization of natural environmental, sentient and standard domestic responsibilities. 

  Because of the present political crisis with the gridlock of populism and statecraft that has subsequently been fuelled by industries and information control networks, the interest in allying power to alien intelligence comes as an exigent measure where all political, geopolitical, historical, rational and philosophical possibilities have systematically failed thee own means; economies rooted in an exploitative, ethical record conversely ones that are morally blind and negate humanistic historical truth from the formula of governance tend towards generating revolt, environmental repercussions, deregulation and violation of infothermal laws. A parasistic complex of human nature, verses animal instincts, neurosis and world order controls has but one outside uniter who sets the tone for an emancipation of the rational human animal from its technical barbarism and from its need to be economized: The alien invader. Only the exophilosophy created by this alien force that resides outside the orbits of political earth is beyond the bounds of the brute, artificial designs that enslave thinking man his divine humanity and right to rational conscience. In so far as the unconscious imagination of the populace can home-in to what is of central importance, albeit by force of an existential biohazardous threat to the artificial and handicapped intelligence of the common man, an immediate recognition of the correct mereological-holonic perspective integral to reason shoots up to the side of the neurocognitive foci. Pure modality (absolute modal judgement) computes their existential misconception, ontopathology and aberrance to the cold ionic vacuum burns of hell following final arrest of all vital functions.  Though I don't think I care to spare the time to waste phenomenalizing their (retched) presence, I will say that overgrown toddlers tendency to grasp onto power sources, they can psychologize as reason or ground for devilish conjuring, grabbing desperately to the things frightful to them, the morally naturalizing things childish intellects cannot grasp. Yet vocally animated by the long drag it takes to reason the hardest way, insufferably existent fools rush to the embers of the inner-earth with constant affirmations of their fantasied flight to the fight.   

Due to the detriment of an automatic society, to entrenched digitization and social automation the postmodern anxieties of a brain encapsulated in the ferments of a machine succubus are made real at the synaptic level of ligand diharmonics -- repetition now hardwires itself into the changing brain's neuronal eigenvectors. Without altering any fundamental physiological parameters of the (animal) brain mass exposure to artificial socialization, and denatured environments with rapidly divised functions imprinted onto the brain's dynamic machinery as wave-patterns, ultimately shock the rational flow of atunement, that is, the 'natural equilibrium' producing keen judgements and executing accurate big-picture decisions that harmonize within benefiting the whole, socius, environment, system from the inner Bell-curve peaks of intuitive feedback. Though the sociocybernetic human of modern industrial life shares a macroscopic equity with historical human neurobiology in this, the anthroposcene variety of dynamic co-functioning, breaks down at the microscopic neurocognitive order of the complex microdynamics. Having wandered far from the trail of revolutionary history, breaching our organic links to the embedded ecologies essential to neurocognitive environs of unity, from the philosophy of nature to rational intuition and our placement historically in the natural world space -- this curtailment of the termite wood colony metaphor that ingrained the modern pleistocene has since overwritten the incorruptible fine-line from a semitoxic to a hyperalloyed supertoxic automaton collective that co-creates the anthroposcene complex with nature. The once rational animal of intellectual sense and rational-sense synthesis is now an upright evolved wood-burrowing insect intelligence. 

 Genealogically, the simplest common ancestors of the small monkey's, gibbons, sloths and lemurs were the armoured scale wood-burrowing insects including termites, bark beetles and aphids. A long phyletic transformation from these insect species branched off into the morphogenetic classifications developing into what we call rats, marsupials and small spider monkeys. As specialized plant parasites these species pose the most serious threat to forests and to the agricultural economy worldwide. Their cryptic and concealed methods of disguise makes them a top ecological hazard to not only the green leafy plants, trees and crops but to higher mammals. Several groups of tropical and subtropical monkeys such as spider monkeys and chimpanzees exhibit distinguishing recessive genetic traits carried far back to their insect heritage. Dwelling in trees and consuming or making use of woody materials the apes common ancestors of humans have as their main dietary staple the aphids and termites that are the primary genetic markers of human collective destructiveness. Insect parasites are the top ecological hazard to originate on the planet next to humans and capable of destroying by themselves most of the biomass. Excavated larval mines and bore tunnels created by wood eating insects resemble networks of convoluted pathways -- roads and freeways, cities and the metropolitan areas of large industrial centers. Collectively the human industrial society foreshadows a vast and monstrous Id instinct turned wrong and whose residence is taken up in the genetic stock from chimpanzees back to bark beetles and termites. This inhuman nature or recessive tick hinged upon man's genetic and genosemantic expression is dismissed by the well socialized modern anthropologist. Genes inherited as additional codons resulting from proximal homozygotic breeding produces offspring more akin to the behaviour patterns of burrowers. Genes inherited as additional codons resulting from proximal homozygotic breeding produce offspring more akin to the machinic unconscious that transduces with itself in the anthropoid network like herds of locus exhibiting the behavioural patterns of burrowers that threaten crops, tree growth, and as humans; deforestation. In other words, humans can reproduce homozygotically in such a way that their genes mutate to a more expressed form of this prehistoric ancestor which is known to eat wood and is part of the diets and ecosystems of cohabitants like the sloth and other small tree monkeys. The total collective assemblage of cybermatic sapien flows, an economy of virtual spatial trajectories delineated by invisible signified enfolding within the anthropoidal pathways of sociobiological and ethological metabolosis -- interfacialy embedded in the unconsicious.       
  The root of the word eco comes from Greek (irk) relating the ome, and oikos, environment, to human functionality. To use the word economy the starting point is in the abode of Dasein, the ecos is everywhere human beings have as their relatedness to self-organization, society and every material transformation extracted or nested in the environment to material processes of exchange. Economy s the way in which human interactions with the natural environment yield currencies of language, art, culture and social assemblages which may centre around an object, idea, technology craft or religious practice. With the more recent synthesis caused by the itinerant symbiotic modifications of the biomass from an autonomous system to an interdependent bug-collony of narcissistic intellectives, that human agency coded to a multistable system we call the anthropocene. Within it a definite, systemic incongruity persists throughout all disparate political economies -- the biosphere exists because all ecosystems of the planet harmoniously self-regulate through climate, biodiversity being held together in regional divergence as the continuous ecological transitions enjoined together by the ecological networks that distribute themselves at all critical points of the food chain. Anthropic economies divest themselves of this global equilibrium of systems, national market spaces, and hierarchical dynamics involving competitive survival-adaption statistics from above and bellow. Real ecosystems define their boundary conditions by involving complex synergies with species patterns of dominating and cohabitating. Human social and economic programs and their geopolitical dynamos maintain natural semblance to functional equilibria only in frequent competitive, combative or 'real' dynamics, i.e., when people 'recover' true historicity and psychologically valid memory. Economic conventions, forums and socially governed practices that repress novel human processes of ingenuity generate progressive solutions standardized by the technologies of mass consumption. They condemn in the end their flows of capital to the erosive frackings of perpetualized digital-digestions. This artificially contradicts the routes taken under the thermophysical-environmental laws that govern species such as inter-species interactionism (both predatory and mutualistic self-protection relating to economic competitive states and the equilibria of rational agreements). 

As with the base level brute cogito ; there is operative still only a physical-accidental dialectic governed in commands set to the pain response brute-survival threshold that, standing to reason, must come to terms with it at the moment its head hits the wall i.e., pain and empirically verified bloodshed is the measure guaranteeing functional circuitry responses in disciplinarian persona types, resembling the rational behaviour of natural persons. Because their semicognitive thought is so twisted, because the way they construe reality is so twisted in their heads (as an unconscious construction of false axioms), that abstinent irrational vehemence that ushers through their infinitely self-contradictory opinions. The logic of evil is provided a lawful visage in this denatured matrix of character psychophancy. Animism at some level precludes to its fundamental notion the one that belongs to heretical practices like corruption, greed, planned obsolescence, and restless animalized behaviour. For all its anti-reformatory, anti-revolutionary, anti-enlightenment, anti-cultural conn-tricks; the thesis of an equitable self-dignifying human quality, divinely applicable to all individuals as bare collectives under the megaphone of political emancipation is not only folly but pure ideological poison (at least in the age of late capitalism and environmental awareness). 
Accepting firmly that human folly (and the Western peasantry) to an extent, was never originally intended to be theoretically liberated or economically urbanized as a neo-pagan or christianized, self-divinizing, self-denying anthropologism of the daemos intellect -- prerational people are yet fluent enough in the language of the spirit to come to terms consciously with this sociological fact of the historical existence from the golden age of capital to the protestant decades of American industry that once favoured economies of self-reflection. Possessive individualism and neo-liberalism today typify what is wrong, foundational, with the America's picturesque resemblance to the demoniacal logic of the late Middle Ages and in the contemporary postmodern or post-contemporary crisis its past error of disgovernance carries as an Aristotelian accidental gestalt into the political associationism of mass populist generality. Colonialism and the savage conquests of hegemonic impostors pose as human sellers, buyers, traffickers and traders of human experience as tied to national productive forces and, thus, do they carry that historical impression into this accidental neuro-linguistic gestalt along with all the eugenics scams and ethnocentrism of the national socialist epoch in Germany and America to our present day's mediums of pure praxis, contaminating the praxis at an organic root level they yield neurological recollections of traumas shadow. Possessive individualism and the major protestant economic reforms in America attached to peasant liberation brought about this mass employment of incompetent human workers who were at one time acculturated to various dreams of becoming advertisers, spokespeople, entrepreneurs but often instead given basement mopping jobs, became typists or adders. Only the most deceptive among them managed to succeed to high positions in the financial world. In the past however they were simple peasant workers, they picked berries, stayed home, read the bible and tended to simple matters of life and marriage. Only in todays world do we apply a mass of them into the circus ring that effectively perform functions that lack what is necessary to those functions in a rational human economy -- they become like Cromwell's iron sides, a marching order of men used as such to the ends of their own master in the band wagon of assaults to the nations solidarity -- In such a case it is an information bomb scare that threatens the development of radical democracy. Not to believe in the generalized 'theory' of democracy, but in its radical implementation in liberal constitutions esp., realized through the European and Soviet system of dynamic engagement within responsible and rational systems of criticism; likewise we surely ought to believe in the Soviet vision, in Marxist theory, culture etc., but not insofar as its implementation is to take a militarized, ideological shape based on national concerns, complete control of the press and all of that. Modulating these attitudes and assumptions through different points converging to confronting values is fine, however the future state, the projected order is a brainchild for the circus and only the circus should be left to its devices in isolation from political life.  It should by now come as no surprise to expect (most modern intellectual minds are reared on Marxist principles as a kind of norm -- postmodern capitalist ideals simply lack philosophical interest and depth but may serve some abstract function adapted to a more radical democratic discourse that is open to more enhanced historical precisions of thought. In the deep synthesis of political, social and ethnic contraries that are to be adopted and held in conflicting agreement with each other, a general confluence arises like an infectious symptom to "Just do what is necessary", thus as an anti-virus, as a political function of autoimmunity, this comes about in its own way through communicating modules of government and not by instantiating propagandistic systems based on thought control and financial deregulation. 

Explicating civilization and contemporary socio-economic functions with the proper balance of natural-anthropic order ins following the correct formulations of numerical densities, policies and communication structures - maintaing a proper balance is integrally managed with holistic measures that are as resonant to the brain's normal oscillations synchronizing to the exterior foci (environment) to neurocognitive feedback with the necessary ratios as a Pavlovian bell ring is to canine salivation. When this balance is obstructed we get environmental and social chaos. While the corporate modalities of business and transnational enterprise seek a network of hegemonies to control the global quantum of karma, to enforce technical laws over moral and ethical realities, that prevent ration punishment, 'divine' justice and fair game, from falling outside their domain of monetary policy. The spatiotemporal gauge intrinsic to Planck's constant and all functional coding laws have primacy over attempts to cypher temporary appearances that stave off negative karmic influences -- the martingale law of redoubling the odds of recurrence over the thermal envelope increases with infinite time based on prior patterns of equivalence, that is, quantitative measures determine numerically fixed odds. A harmony preexists and endures in both the terrestrial biosphere and the human rational-intuitive mode of creativity and figuring. The intentions of the naturally occurring fruits of life are obvious to holistic reason -- our place in the solar system designates terrestrial functions to aid mankind in this monadic development towards cosmological knowledge and singularity. 
  Disharmonious social, economic and religious systems that reject the viability of neo-Marxian, or some intellectual self-governing cold-war principle, open themselves to fundamentally negative critiques like the demonic pact of pagan Rome that adopted Christianity as a state religion only to use its fundamental (paganized) assertions against non-Romans, Christians; who could not be assimilated to the gods and the goals of the Republic. This same faux republican method scours up whatever it possibly can, with a parasitic sort of predaciousness; it tags anything once connected to itself -- like corporate conglomerations -- that will misread, misquote, mispronounce meanings intentionally so that they become trivialized and openly prey to instant assimilation, buying-up and merging to a maximum of value, and leaving behind the carcass of quality and human essence. These self-organizing mass systems of bureaucracy are forged in the dark shadows of corporate empires. This way Platonism can be stipulated in the taxonomy of items reiterating itself as technically a part of its 'prime directive'. Considering the fact that for every day consumed by vacuous dissimulation into the Turing decompiling process of original semantic coherence, new programming modicum, and books full of completed criticisms must be written daily it seems to sustain a moment of clarity. That the proximate balance sustained on the tightrope act demands extraneous dialectical training to no end -- like a high-strung and senile dog with a choke-chain that can never be successfully domesticated for any purpose is chocked its entire life in order to walk the damn thing. Defeating first the very pretext or foundational premise of Enlightenment, of the resen de ere of the West's own hegemonic stance, that was governed on rational-monadic values situated in once natural conditions (of a philosophy of nature and of natural truth); now must abandon truth for ceaseless expositions and criticism. It is a total self-contradiction of the contemplative-reflective tradition in the West and of the enlightened state itself wether Western or Eastern, Protestant or Orthodox, rationalist or meditative, to require relative discipline and endless words. Reasonable perception is nullified and commonly voided when the tactical derivation of explaining (everything) has surpassed its end but must continue on in order to supply the unenlightened, ungovernable majorities with their daily dose. 
   America today promotes itself as a kind of vampire culture of colourless, inessential relations, repetitive slogans, and faux commercialist social hierarchies that drain the life and class out of the working people and their craft. Like all psychological vampires, they associate to their own vision and spiritual essence everything their eyes perceive, and, the very efforts of artists, everything that comes from the street level, and by sucking the life out of this artistic substance and out of the raw material of nature, they pretend to hold class power, in psychological competition with others among the superrich and the common bourgeosie in Western countries -- The 'political right' contrasts negatively with the Fichtean system of 'natural right' in this regard, that, denotes a negative self-absorption to a self-confirming I-hood. No self-optimizing, ecologically normative, intelligent, willful species would find much more to the human device in its present elaboration through derivative meme society. The true right then hides effortlessly in the centre or in the disguises of the left, hiding from the fundamental heresies and unprincipled witchcraft of the political state. Because the political right is fundamentally, naturally, wrong or 'left' following a critical rational judgement, i.e., wrong by default, and by synthesis to an unholy alliance, a corporate-republic amalgamated in signs that feigns relations to the religious values of the past and to the voting masses -- it may never morally represent what is right even as a political state machine or an act of deference, but in its disdain for nature and truth, practical religion and competent ethics, it mocks the real with immoral delight, with depredations and exaggerations of its progressive incompleteness. True socialists believe in the total socialization of all reality as an artistic-aesthetic philosophy based in absolute animation; in film, stale photography, artless naivete, indeed all industry and artistic functions reflecting life are geared to reflect socialized (artificial) expressiveness; the autosocialization of all functions and processes exhibiting behaviour in the stale mode of abreaction. This behaviour it attempts to limit, as human potential, to a humble primate model of exaggerated clicks and stereotypes. To be always 'humble' benefits this disanthropic equilibria that holds a blind-eye to servitude. Simple despots are most easily obliged then to hire a race of servile monkeys who have rational limitations, can be trained to type on a million typewriters, are lazy enough to harness unconscious powers and the repressed social pathologies that invent cliche, turn their view of the earth into an enterprise, and in this way decommissioning all rational competence. Postmodern capitalism in a few words follows this logic, it minimizes top-down power to a singleton while bringing in a mass market of labouring automatons that undercut competition and expertise. A commercialist or socialist cannot stand the facts of sociological science, statistics, rational psychology or environmental philosophy as it exists in its normal distribution of form and biological temperature distribution. Sociology excoriates their illusion of self-importance and economic self-interest. Statistics decentralizes their narcisstic position as autonomous-autocratic controllers back to the thermal quotient space of biologically average births (This is why much financial support has been provided to mathematize statistics to the point of losing all statistical perspective reducing the measures of validity to escape their natural linguistic categories in infinite algebrizations); ''You just don't understand statistics well enough''or so it is often said. This over-mathematizing of statistics (esp., its language) has the effect of instituting art and the imagery of abstraction as a sustaining measure of truth because when truth is obscured to the point of derationalizing intentions the power to be visually original, or to exhibit some potency as say brute power, falls to a level of mass politik. But in a postmodernity where art is dead this essentially loses its function as well as any defining novelty loses its place in a commercial market based on derivative redundancy.    

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