Friday, 7 December 2012

Fine Art of Cynicism Upon the Pathos of Today

By taking the words of their historical idols at face value, vainly applying them to today's problems of ignorance. In the present crisis, a Dark Age of scientific and technical reason, has replaced the previous Dark Age of absolute theocracy. Again as before, the previous history has been displaced and naively interpreted, lost to the new crisis of reason just as then it was a crisis of knowledge. What really concerns the dismal fate of today's world is the decline of philosophical thought. Thinking is shunned as a remnant of the past, as obsolescence. Philosophical language has lost priority in the minds of the public over and against the predominance of ignonimous political power, societal assemblages, and economy just as it had in the Dark Ages. Thus a Dark Age aught not be diagnosed by the predominance of either a theocratic or a technocratic worldview as from the abssence of philosophical thinking in civillization wether it is supressed by religion or science matters only to philosophers. Prior to modernity, Medievils and ancient stoics entering into the age of reason compare today to posthumanized and postmodern peoples coming to terms with European modernism or new age spiritual philosophy. One must not deny that a patient and meticulous study of reality, if it is well detected, cannot but have some results in the development of civillization — philosophers would continue to be the prophetic makers and shapers of forseeable history and civillizational development in the Occident even if their pressence in the world were to have gone unnoticed.  

When we talk of tradition I mean to reaffirm ancient and universal principles, true for all times, climates and latitudes, and I do not do so not out of a macabre fancy for reincarnation. We detest the bloodless products of a 'progress' without novelty, revolution or movement, without warmth and without life. Let the barometer of absolute reason show stormy weather. The tummult will pass and be succeeded by calm. Let us not forget that certain infantile paradoxes engender more evil than is believed. Justice is not a pleasure, let the brutes be brutish, and let us rather confess that we too have nourished many heresies. If we have never given in to Lady Industry, we confess that we are not indifferent to the attractions of Sir Progress. First we must conquer in ourselves the heresies bred of drunk passions, since before we can make demands of others, we must first be severe on ourselves. Even if no glory, no esteem, no memory remains of us, we will endeavour to represent in our minds the dispositions of the souls of those who in the silence were able to give us that sound, restorative truth that constitutes one of our greatest glories. What does it matter if these words seem dry, or if all spoken facticity falls upon deaf ears; the vein of imagination and discovery is not dry, even if the most gifted doctors show impatience and make speeches fit only to give vent to an infinite series of personal opinions. He who works for the recovery of the honesty that is essential and indispensable for the nourishment of the absolute truth needs very different support. How noxious is the constant drip-drop of conjecture. These are really authentic misdeeds that only a sharp jerk on the reins of reality can contain. Ah! the anthropological fantasies of the cosmopolitan daemos and 'universal democracy'. What is meant is 'universal confusion!'. Everyone says that we are a specie fed on vain hopes and you humans accredit this defamatory legend.  In the past, since World War I, leftism has been a suspicious entity for European humanity even before it's rise to power durring the Nazi occupations. The liberalized, cosmopolitan class were depicted as being stupid, semi-conscious, self-empowered animals hell-bent on arching themselves over the bar of reality, pushing forward false precepts of reality in contradiction to their own gut instinct. Surmounting lies upon the truth, indefinitely, they would go to any measure to outdo the inevitable for the sake of tranquil gratification. Their extended efforts only raise the indefinite debt of inevitability. The manner in which they regard truth, beauty, justice, love and honesty as mad, childish weakness, brings up the numbing stench of their own infantalism.

The mass duplicity of technical progressions is a serious issue for contemporary anthropologists who have yet to properly diagnose it. Machines have evidenced their power to control and direct the thought of men and this is a sign of the deceivable, weak qualities in them. Truly any intelligent person with real courage would address this deceptive stance in humans as it precludes any rational study of society today. Again, truth should be preffered to the political agitation and ideology which detests it. The degrees of imorality that exists today in the field of the so-called 'arts', especially in the globalized countries, is incredible. These humans who wish to be artists and are aware of their spiritual-imaginative impotency are full of subdued frustrations that shows through all their mechanical efforts to construct works by selective craftsmanship.


Today's young will never know what it was like durring the real revolution, before the War, and hence before the propaganda, madness, death, famine, environmental destruction and overpopulation of the emergent left. Although it was far from the world of the great periods, the post-War period, was still a world a hundred times more respectable and redeeming, a hundred times more worthy of sympathy than the world of today, where the loftiest calculations of the brute-mind; the global media, the digital arts, the music industry, the mass indulgence in synthetic, globalized and hybridized world-culture, are dragged down into the mud by a band of castrated, ineducated people; scortching lava drinkers, real bootblacks, real arse-lickers of everything superficially foreign and who, in a cowardly and criminal manner have reduced all forms of spirituality, art and philosophy to an obscene aping of the most decadent, empty and frivolous things. The envy of this horrible tribe then leads them to attack those in whom they see danger and to attempt in the vilest and most amora fashion, capitalising on the confusion, anarchy, ignorance, indifference and lazieness which reign today in people's heads, to do harm to those who work seriously, to those who possess the balanced solidarity of real humans and not of pederasts, eunuchs, onamists and old maids, to those who are still real and refuse with disdain to join the ranks of the blackguards, the existentially impotent and the imbecilic.  The gut-raking spiritual impoverishment of today's world is an ill omen that echoes the failed political logic of onus sacrifice — economic, cultural and spiritual sacrifice that stems from colonial-imperialist greed. It is a conditional logic that survives in the international financial policies of the Rothschild's Empire. Their monopolistic use of gold to propel or destroy nations pervades the Western world, their dynastic influence extends to the occult powers over the human mind which they have controled since the Baroque age of fashion and which they now continue to instill ignorance into the people's of Earth through the use of materialistic symbolism. The superstisious philosophy behind this covert abduction of the spirit has allways been one of sacrifice and every great war, invasion, colonizing power and impedence of history has based itself upon it. Their legacy in destroying nations has been to install ideologically refined demagogues who feast upon and then popularize the historical prejudices of the people while exploiting them with false claims and promises in order to gain power there. Today, protectionist criticism and congressional impassivity against their activities is often reduced by word to the defamatory image of political despotism and puritanism. But to us it is immediately transparent to see into their empty acts and charades. The table-turning polemics, finger-pointing and the apartheidic mentalities which they engender blindsights the majority. Public jesters fall in-line for the unconsciously generated tricks played upon them by their master simulators in this game which reflects the dialectical adventures of colonial eurocentric impertinence. It is easy enough for the Brill scholar (and those of vast historical knowledge and experience combined) to secure a sound prognosis by detecting from the cultural rubble of today the return of specific public evils, charectaristic attitudes, temperaments and psychological vapours which are present whenever that financial Empire is doing its meddling with a country or unleashing its propaganda on a society. As a result of their work all strata of society today and in all corners of the world have been contaminated to different degrees.
But this prognosis would never be apparent to those who neglect the rigour of 'historicism', nor would it be apparent to the politically versed Litterati in the face of the present journalistic and media powers who prey upon the fecund outbursts of their commentators and critics. Few possess sufficient knowledge to acurately see past the slough of lies and false information.

The good instincts amongst normal dissidents and religiously aware people in general have detracted from the culture of the mass and many have learned to acquire a sense for radical theories, even antithetical ones, however shows that intellectual progress is still immanent. Only certain elder members and generals who have been inducted into the conclaves of the two great Orders share the most secret mysterious of the political and thus have direct insight into the true mechanisms behind current affairs that explode in the media. Independent historical theorists of respectable decree, contrivers offten, including some stick-figure officials, gentile impersonators of Zion, have inadvertently contributed to this mass confusion that currently has everyone in a frenzy. Thus, the acrid censorship of free thought enforced through the libelous confabulations of mass media is itself a weaker spell than the associated vitrol that ushers through the scolex of its parasites.  

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